I See Shapes!



Circle, Circle, What do you see?
1 2

What do you see? 3 Triangle. What do you see? 4 . Square. Square. I see a triangle looking at me.I see a square looking at me. Triangle.

I see a diamond looking at me. Diamond. Rectangle. What do you see? 6 . Rectangle. What do you see? 5 Diamond.I see a rectangle looking at me.

I see an oval looking at me. What do you see? 7 Oval. Star. Star. What do you see? 8 .I see a star looking at me. Oval.

I see shapes all around me! circle square diamond star triangle rectangle oval 9 .

Enjoy! . have them cut each page in half on the dotted lines. 3.Shape Mini Book 1. The student or teacher should use the page numbers to put the story in correct order to be stapled. This can be done as a group or individually. with a partner. Once students have finished tracing/coloring and pasting. or alone. Encourage students to look back to the story to find the shape words. Students can read this book with the teacher. Have them find the correct shape word that matches and paste on top of the shape. Have students write their name on the first page of the book. Have the students trace each shape with a different color crayon. On the last page of the mini book the students are to again trace or color in each shape. 5. 2. 4.

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