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Intrinsic Safety for Conventional I/O

Benefits of Integrated IS Interfaces

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Welcome to the new MTL4500/5500

MTL4500 Series NEW series building on the industry standard MTL4000

FASTER to install
IMPROVED performance ADDITIONAL features make for simple project application MORE I/O channels giving the highest packing density

CONTINUED support for our customers installed base of MTL4000 Series.

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Uniformity in MTL Isolator Ranges

MTL4500 backplane and MTL5500 DIN rail ranges coming together

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Universal Housing
Universal Housing and PCB is transformed by the addition of standard components into either the MTL4500 or MTL5500



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2 port and 3 port isolation

2 port isolation (MTL4000)

Hazardous circuits isolated from safe area circuit and power supply

Haz area (Field)

Safe area (System) Power supply

3 port isolation (MTL4500)

Hazardous, safe and power circuits isolated from each other. Safe area (System) Power supply

Haz area (Field)

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Compatible with MTL4000

Product compatibility: Support installed base Extended product life MTL4500 will fit on existing backplanes

MTL4500 builds upon the heritage of MTL4000 and maintains the legacy of the series.

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Compatibility with MTL4000

Existing MTL4000 installations can accept MTL4500 modules Retrofit kit to add the new mounting clips for MTL4500 (MCK45) Installed base supported for many years

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MTL4500 series backplanes

The MTL4500 modules are designed for easy integration with DCS. Custom backplanes carry the I/O modules of the DCS or replace the field termination assemblies. Modularity of the interface matches the I/O cards of the system. Provides both galvanic isolation and intrinsic safety.

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Integrated DCS solutions

Examples of key DCS solutions Honeywell



The major advantages of utilising MTL4500 Series are realised through the integration with the DCS systems.
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Generic backplanes - CPS

Standard range of backplanes with screw-clamp safe-area terminals Mounting accessories for DIN-rail, flat surface or 19 racks Other accessories for tagging and cable screen earthing


4 modules 8 modules 16 modules 24 modules

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Generic backplanes - CPDYN

Standard range of backplanes plug-in connectors for use with Tyco Dynamic series connectors Mounting accessories for DIN-rail, flat surface or 19 racks Other accessories for tagging and cable screen earthing


16 modules 8 modules

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MTL4500 series isolator overview

Different color label for different signal type identification
White Digital input Red Digital output Blue Analog input Green Analog Output Orange Temperature input Grey - Dummy

Hazardous area pluggable connector

Redundant connectors for system cable connection HART connectors for linking several backplanes and also for connection to HART Communication Module 2 x Power alarm contact output with LEDs Redundant 24VDC power input connector Cooper Industries/MTL Confidential

Optional tag holder for individual isolator identification by tag number Various backplanes for: 8, 16, 32, 64 IO points

Clip mechanism for fast installation and removal

Simple modular approach

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Cost and space saving - high reliability

Hazardous area Hazardous area trunking Safe area trunking DIN rail isolators DCS termination unit

Point to point wiring Multicore cable



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Line Monitoring (LFD)

LFD available for all AI, AO, DI and DO 4-20mA has LFD by default AO has choice of s/c only or both s/c & o/c DI has different methods of alarming:
LED only LED + separate alarm relay output (grouped on b/p) LED + feedback into systems control signal via b/p

DO usually loop-powered so LFD not reqd.

But sometimes needed so separate alarm relay output available (grouped on backplane)

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DCS Specific Per Channel LFD

Cooper Industries/MTL Confidential

DCS Specific Per Channel LFD

Backplane allows conditioning components to be used in the loop to promote different responses appropriate to the requirements of the DCS or End-User

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Customised to meets your needs

HART signals Custom FTA

HART Interface

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MTL4000 to MTL4500 series DIs

MTL4501-SR MTL4510 MTL4510B MTL4511 MTL4513 MTL4514

failsafe D.I., SIL3 4ch D/I solid state o/p 4ch multi-function 1ch changeover o/p 2ch solid-state o/p 1ch relay o/p & LFD o/p

MTL4113P --MTL4015 MTL4013 MTL4014

MTL4516C MTL4517
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2ch relay o/p

2ch changeover o/p 2ch relay o/p & LFD o/p


Digital inputs

Phase reversal and LFD on all models Multi-function module, e.g. MTL4510B
1 input - 2 outputs

start-stop latching function

mono-stable outputs (1sec pulse) 2ch with separate LFD per channel

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MTL4000 to MTL4500 series DOs

MTL4521 MTL4523 MTL4523R MTL4523L MTL4524 MTL4524S

loop-pwd solenoid driver solenoid driver + LFD solenoid driver + LFD rev loop-powered + LFD sol. drive, switch & override sol. drive, switch & override

MTL4024 MTL4023 MTL4023R -MTL4021 MTL4021S


sol. drive, switch & override


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Digital outputs

For critical applications loop-power is often preferred for digital outputs Until now detection of line faults was only implemented in bus-powered modules The new MTL4523L is loop-powered and signals line faults when the output is energised

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MTL4000 to MTL4500 series AIs

Model MTL4541

Function Tx. Repeater, smart

Supercedes --

MTL4541AS MTL4541B MTL4541P MTL4544 MTL4544A MTL4544AS MTL4544B
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Tx. Repeater, smart, pass input

4541A with current sink Tx. Repeater, smart, 2port Tx. Repeater, smart, power 2ch, Tx. Repeater, smart Tx. Repeater, smart, pass input 4544A with current sink 2ch, Tx. Rep, smart, 2port

-MTL4041B MTL4041P ---MTL4044

Analogue inputs

Dual-channel module reduce footprint

Also provides 1in2out function

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MTL4000 to MTL4500 series AOs

Model MTL4546 MTL4546C MTL4549 MTL4549C

Function Current driver, smart Current driver, smart 2ch Current driver, smart 2ch Current driver, smart

Supercedes MTL4046/4045B MTL4046C/4045C ---

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Analogue outputs

Dual-channel x549 module reduces footprint New Y version to replace C version for open-circuit only LFD

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MTL4000 to MTL4500 series others

Model MTL4526 MTL4532 MTL4533 MTL4561 MTL4575 MTL4581 MTL4599 MTL4599N Function 2ch relay output pulse input isolator vibration probe interface 2ch fire & smoke detect Temperature converter mV isolator dummy isolator feedthrough module Supercedes MTL4216 MTL4032 MTL4031 MTL4061 MTL4073 MTL4081 MTL4099 MTL4099N

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Other functions

Full range of THC and RTD inputs (Pt, Cu, Ni) with linearisation Fast response to input signal change configurable for 100, 200, 500msec Relay output gives process high or low alarm facility or early THC burnout Dual-channel vibration and temperature modules
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DIN-rail mount MTL5500

Easy to apply by clipping onto standard DIN rail and with pluggable connections. Full range of accessories for projects large or small. Work alongside existing MTL5000 Series to enhance, extend and prolong equipment life.

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MTL5500 features

Full range of application functions, shared with MTL4500 Binary inputs (switches and prox sensors) Binary outputs (solenoid valves) Analogue inputs (process transmitters) Analogue outputs (positioners, I/P converters) Temperature inputs (thermocouples, RTDs) Other I/O signals (F&G, vibration, pulse, relay, etc)

Compatible with MTL5000 protecting existing

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