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ClearPath Plus Dorado Model 280 Server.


OUTSTANDING OS 2200 VALUE! Security. Unsurpassed security. Transactions. Handles the most intensive transaction processing with data integrity. Availability. Never down capability. Recovery. Transparent, integrated application-independent recovery.

All realized with 100% upward compatibility.

High-end OS 2200 server. The ClearPath Plus Dorado Model 280 server sets a new level of high performance for OS 2200 systems, with scalability from one to 32 OS 2200 processors in a single image. This server also delivers the full benefits of implementing the Unisys Modern Mainframe including Application Modernization, Server Sentinel, Operations Sentinel, Capacity on Demand and an extensive ClearPath middleware portfolio. System highlights. Java for new application development and running packaged solutions. Java on OS 2200 mainframes delivers the STAR attributes of Security, Transactions, Availability and Recovery to support mission-critical operations. Designed for customers demanding secure transactions and seamless information flow

while running business operations that require high availability Choice of adding the latest Intel processor technology for the ideal enterprise server capable of running mission-critical software, off-the-shelf applications and consolidating multiple Microsoft Windows servers in one system Choice of operating systems: ClearPath OS 2200, Microsoft Windows and SUSE Linux Platform Management provides self-managing, self-healing capabilities Capability to redistribute performance across processors. For instance, you can optimize batch processing during one time period by distributing performance over fewer processors and optimize real-time environments in another time period by distributing performance over more processors

c Consulting. c Systems Integration. c Outsourcing. c Infrastructure. c Server Technology.

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Capacity on Demand options available include Temporary Workload, Permanent Upgrade, Emergency Recovery and Disaster Recovery Complete range of Business Continuance services available to ensure continued operations in the event of a disaster Optional IO slot appliance for security authentication (Authentication Sentinel) IO Command Queuing improves mass storage performance Full complement of Strategic Software available: Modern Application Development Tools: Workstation-based environment boosts productivity for new and seasoned developers Rapid Application Development Environments: Business Information Server and Enterprise Application Environment allow developers to rapidly perform system generation incorporating business rules, multiple databases and transactions to capitalize on market opportunities ClearPath Middleware Portfolio: Integrates OS 2200 applications and data with any platform in a heterogeneous IT infrastructure

ClearPath Plus Dorado 280 server: System specifications. The ClearPath Plus Dorado 280 server is the highend server in the Dorado family, available with single or dual domains. It is based on the Unisys Cellular MultiProcessing (CMP) architecture common to all Dorado series servers that delivers both broad scalability and tremendous flexibility. Up to eight OS 2200 partitions can be defined in a Dorado 280 server.

Dorado Model 280 Operating systems*

2200 processors OS 2200

Platform Specifications Processors (minimum active) Processors (maximum) Processor upgrade Processor types Maximum partitions Third-level cache Memory (included) Memory (maximum) IO (included)

2200 Partitions 1 32 4-CPU sub-pod 0.13u CMOS ASIC 8 32 MB 512 MW (single domain) 1024 MW (dual domain) 8 GW One (1) IO processor for peripherals (2 for dual domain) 1 GB Ethernet IO processor (2 for dual domain) SBCON Ultra SCSI ANSI Fibre Channel BMC

Intel Partitions 0 24

Intel processors (optional) Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Comments

4-CPU sub-pod Intel Xeon processor MP, 2.2 or 3.0 GHz Up to eight (8) total 6 32 MB 0 48 GB 0

OS 2200 processors in up to eight (8) partitions: total processor count <32 or 32 Module based

IO options

Up to 72 PCI slots including IPL requirements

BMC channels for migrating older peripherals

Common Specifications Aggregate memory bandwidth Cooling method Main cabinet dimensions Access area Typical weight Power sector

Power wattage per power sector Thermal per power sector Temperature Relative humidity


20 GB/second Up to six (6) impellers (N + 1) 27" W x 48" D x 69" H Front and rear 42" full width 1200 lbs Up to two (2) per cabinet: 24A/50/60 Hz, single phase 200-240 VAC OR 24A/50/60 Hz, single phase 200-240 VAC 5.4 KW 18,414 BTU/hour Operating: 13-350C (550F to 950F) Recommended: 220C (720F) Operating: 10-80% non-condensing Recommended: 50% Non-operating: 95% maximum non-condensing 0-8,000 feet (0 -2436 meters)
For more information about the ClearPath Plus Dorado 280 server, contact your local Unisys representative. Or call Unisys at: 1-800-874-8647, extension 405 (U.S and Canada) 00-1-585-742-6780, extension 405 (Other countries)

* Check with your Unisys representative to learn which of your licensed versions of SCO UnixWare can also run on the Dorado Model 280 server. NOTES: The specifications above do not provide a viable substitute for a detailed configuration, environmental and infrastructure planning study. Power and cooling vary by configuration; the values provided are representative of a large OS 2200-only configuration.

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