"The reason God gave you an imagination and the reason that he speaks to people in dreams and visions

is because those things are not based in logic or rationale. They open you up to a realm of thinking that logic is incapable of getting to!" "We are accepted in the Beloved. We have the mind of Christ. Our only problem is we don’t quite realize how brilliant we are yet.”
“Every “The

situation that we encounter is to be used to express the goodness of God.” church is the only organization on Earth that exists for the benefit of its nonmembers.”

"In every situation we face, God is already in the situation with me, because we carry him in the inner man of our spirit. We are learning therefore that God is not touching us from outside - He is actually rising up from within, because He has already taken up residence in us." "What if all your circumstances - good, bad or ugly - are really a source of strength to you? What if God is using a bad situation to strengthen your belief? Maybe He wants to teach you a bit of patience and perseverance. Just stay close to Him and don’t panic!" "Every one of us has treasure. The Holy Spirit is teaching us to abide so that treasure can be seen and can be spent on somebody else as well as ourselves."

"It's goodness that puts our lives into alignment. When you come into alignment with heaven, you release its resources." "Decide who you want to be and the Holy Spirit will empower you to become it."
“When “If

you are traveling in the goodness of God, you don’t recognize enemies.” we have a giant in our life it is because we are meant to be a giant ourselves. The circumstances in front of us are designed therefore to increase our size in the Spirit. So upgrade your stature in relation to Jesus; and radically increase your power in the Holy Spirit. Or, if you prefer, just quit and never realize your true self and the inheritance that goes with it.”

"God is not teaching us how to overcome negativity. He's teaching us to rise above and ignore it because there's a better place to live from." "Timing belongs to God. Preparation belongs to us." "You should not be controlled by your circumstances. You should be controlled by the experience of God that you’re having in them." "When Jesus comes back, it's not to rescue the church from the world - it's to rescue the world from us!"

"Mediocrity is always invisible until passion shows up and exposes it." "We must be a visual aid to the whole Earth. They don't read their Bible but they do read their Christians. We are the physical, tangible evidence that God is brilliantly, incredibly, astonishingly full of goodness!" "We're learning how to stop thinking in small ways and to open ourselves up to something bigger. If all fullness dwells in Him, then all resources are subject to Him." "Who are we in relation to the people who don't know God? That's the real test of our community. Do people even know that we exist? Do the people around us know what the heart of God is for them and can they see it expressed in the people of God?" "Let goodness rule your entire life. Be filled to overflowing with God's glory. The glory of your God is that He is GOOD." "God wants you to RUN to your destiny. You should match your intentionality to His." "We always give our way into our blessing and our future. Being a contribution to everyone you meet means that you attract favor and blessing constantly."

It's about loving righteousness. how can we expect anyone else to?!" "You have the authority to speak blessing and release it in every circumstance." "There is nothing you can do that would make Gold love you more. It comes with His Presence that never leaves you nor forsakes you. He has dealt with sin once and for all in this world. God's invitation is always present. He does not see anything wrong or negative at you.. prepared for and practiced." "Holiness is not about dealing with sin. His faithfulness.and there is nothing you can do that would make God love you less. It must be planned for. His compassion. This is the uncommon love of God.. His forgiveness: it’s all ours." "We are people called to be happy in God. He will always be like this because He has promised us He would. His love."Everything we do is covered by the grace of God. not an option. if we don’t have joy in our relationship with Him. We exhibit a commitment to all the preparation and training required to get there. His mercy." "When God looks at you. We do not drift to the top of a mountain." ." "Celebration is a way of life. A necessity. and it is our privilege to live there.

It's time we rose up and occupied the place that Jesus died for us to occupy!" "We are on this voyage of discovery and we are discovering just how BRILLIANT we are. I don't care what's in front of me! Every obstacle is going to teach me how to raise my sights so I can see above it." "Life is about intentionality. Everything that comes against me is going to enable me to go after God even more!" "Our highest goal is to be as much like Jesus as possible in this life without any hint of apology. It's time to stop being mediocre in our expectations. It's about the building and the increasing of intention in your own heart.” "It's time to stop being poor in spirit. I am going to follow after God with everything I have. When you are touched by the heart of the Father. We are discovering joy and wonder."There is something about the Father that loves to give. you become a giver yourself." “Grace is the empowering presence of God to become exactly who you are supposed to be. We are discovering just how beautiful we really are in Christ. We are learning the extent of our favor!" .

It is time for us to prosper in our circumstances. It's not an event." "Nobody makes you angry. has power and influence over you. Love loves for the sake of loving!" "There comes a point where you have to pass from faith to knowledge."Joy is the abiding atmosphere of Heaven. you chose it. even if they are against us! It is time to stop seeing the negative and allowing it to stop us. You could have been understanding and generous. it's a lifestyle. No one makes you angry. Joy is always on the agenda because joy is the nature of God. not suffering. Knowledge is an experience of what God has introduced you to." "Love doesn't seek a return. YOU chose to become angry. You could have been loving." "In God's heart. I will never allow my life to be defined by people who don't like me!" "Whatever has the capacity to keep your attention. You could have been kind. good or bad. to see the good in everything and to believe the best." "My preferred way of living is to see the God in everything. You could have been merciful. Faith is an introduction to something." . I will never allow my life to be defined by a negative. Favor isn't a one-off experience.

"Process is the story of our journey. God wants you to understand what they are going through and what their struggle is. and the negative becomes displaced by the provision that God gives you." "When you see a negative in someone." . The spirit of life in Christ Jesus is continuously creative. God doesn't want you to talk about it." "A poverty mindset has nothing to do with finances or economics. Poverty is the willingness to live with meager possibilities. You focus on the opposite provision. It is about how we travel and who we become on the way." "You don't deal with a negative by focusing on it." "Whatever God sets you free from. grace and compassion. He automatically gives you an anointing to set other people free from the very same thing that you were a victim of." "This life is always trying to contain us. Life in the spirit is not like that. The journey is not about reaching the destination. narrow us down and cut off our options. The spirit of life puts you in touch with the huge generosity of God. He is trying to upgrade your mercy. reduce us.

" "What would you attempt for God if you knew you could not fail?" "Your current situation." "The Father is never overwhelmed by anything. whatever it is. You need to THINK BRILLIANTLY!" "The wilderness is a place that God takes you when He is pleased with you. to be at peace." “Do not assist the enemy with the way that you think. Jesus is undefeated. life and thinking. is telling you something about who you are." . We become people of the spirit when we discover the nature of God in the situation in which we have found ourselves."You need to have the kind of thoughts that empower you to be joyful. It's the place where you can discover God the best and the most. The Holy Spirit always leads us in triumph. so that the people around you begin to get the benefit of who Jesus really is inside your heart. who God is and who God wants to be for you. You need to have the kind of thoughts that invite God into the very fabric of your life. Without thinking brilliantly we speculate down rather than thinking upwards. to be confident. to be content.

You are not a victim.” "God wants to give you an inheritance word about your life. Why don't you think from a place where everything can be new?" “I will think about myself in the way that God thinks about me. you must be prepared to do things you have never done before!" . you're THIS. We are practicing the presence that we believe in present." "Don't let your thought processes be dictated by your past. so he is.. you're THAT.. It is so important that we do not live as victims. you're no good." "When you feel at your most unlovely state. It is our place to pronounce grace!" "If you want to see things you have never seen before. He will give you a passage of scripture and that passage of scripture is yours."You cannot live in the favor of God without getting revenge on the enemy. God is astonishing in the way that He will love you!" "It is not our job to pronounce judgment. You practice it. Your inheritance word is the doorway to an entirely different life!" "You don't pray for the presence of God. you are a WARRIOR. As a man thinks in his heart. When you feel like you don't deserve it. that is when God kisses you the most.that is when God will come and kiss you. to read and study and memorize.

It has no possession nor inheritance with us." "Love the promises of God." "What would it mean for you to develop a Christlike consistency towards friend and foe? What would have to change at this time?" “Do not treat disappointments as houseguests. good or bad." ."Somebody else's sin is not your business.it is our response.” "Get rid of all inappropriate mindsets and attitudes. Believe simply. Put yourself in a place to receive. makes a withdrawal on our identity. The Father has great plans for you. There is no one else to blame for this since we are in charge of who we are and how we show up.. expect hugely. Love the process that enables you to see them fulfilled. Your business is the goodness of God. We demonstrate our Christlikeness or our carnality. It is not what other people say or do to us that defines our life.. His intentions say a great deal about you and the quality of life He desires for you." "Every situation. They think ahead whilst also living with them in the present. It's called humbling yourself." "Brilliant fathers have great intentions towards their children. In the Kingdom we attack the negative and we drive it out.

As you look for signs of His Presence." "Difficult people are allowed by God as a gift to teach us how to be Christlike more quickly. he calls you to a relationship. Look for the goodness of God all around you." "To every disappointment there is an equal and opposite blessing. so all of your life is a ministry. That is just the consequence. "ALL of life is spiritual. Respond to the process of growth more obediently!" . When we conduct life from the Spirit. we are vulnerable only to the nature of God and we are open to faith and His character. Say "yes" more quickly."Warfare is not about taking authority over the devil." "When we experience life from an external perspective we are subject to all the stress and pressure from that realm." "Do not look for evil." "Divine Acceleration must become a normal part of your experience. concentrate on that and live in it. Determine the blessing. the majesty and the supremacy of Jesus for you. Power comes from a life lived within Christ and within ourselves. Spiritual warfare is about discovering the sovereignty." "God doesn't call you to a ministry. many more opportunities will occur for you to bless people and share God's true nature.

Rest is a prelude to focus." ." "Do not wait for circumstances to improve before you think about your future." "God does not measure success by results but by the faithfulness that we display. bitterness and resentment will get the better of us. fear. peace. so make it a positive experience or lose control to the enemy. We are prone to worry.. A successful relationship with Jesus is founded on rest." "In Christ we have a delegated authority to destroy negativity!" "Without rest we are bound. Our anger. Rest allows us space to be. bitterness and resentment will not enable us to become Christlike. we need to repent and think again. Tension tells us that we are close to something in the purpose of God.it means that something is happening! It is important that we step back from the stress so that tension does not become a friction. Owning the future starts NOW. anxiety. faith and worship.. Focus is the forerunner of faith. anger. Your future arises out of your present responses."Tension does not mean that something is wrong." "If our normal tendency is to think from a negative mindset. anxiety and fear. trust. Inner space is freedom to perceive a thing as God sees it. Worry.

" "In order to give us a brilliant future the Father must eradicate our past. We do not work hard to acquire rest. in Jesus. Always think BLESSING!" ." "Being anxious and fearful is illegal behavior." "God has ordained that every circumstance is an invitation for you to receive from Him. bitterness or a desire to be vindicated or proven right? If you are harboring unhealthy feelings then the enemy is still beating you up. When we do not cooperate fully in the present we leave gaps in our obedience that the enemy will exploit."You are at rest. We work hard to remain in it. Abide in Him. Now we have love. is there still resentment. offenses and betrayals? When you think of people who have hurt you in some way. Now we have rest. blessing other people and renouncing your own disobedience." "Are you holding onto grudges. THAT is our true nature. The antidote is forgiveness. What joy for him to prevent you from moving on in the Spirit. Stay at rest. It is freely given. now. Now we have joy. Now we have peace.

Passivity. At the very. and that thought alone makes the unlearning enjoyable. where we are a pale version of what we could have been. It is important to lay aside perceptions when they become inappropriate or inaccurate." "Our boldness in coming to God and our sense of expectation will be a huge inspiration to others!" "If we love God with all our heart." "To grow in substance you need a revelation of Jesus greater than your perspective on the situation at hand. very least." . that means we must banish negativity in our minds and hearts. It is where we look back at our fainthearted approach to life and discover how timid we have become. then we must trust Him in the same way. Too many missed opportunities lead us into the valley of shadow. There should be no condemnation. Who is Jesus for you RIGHT NOW? What blessing and anointing is present in your circumstances? What does it mean for you to put off the old nature and put on the new?" "It is much better to try and to fail than never have the courage to go after something. It is vital that our past does not become our future or regret will shadow us all our lives. mind and strength. soul."Unlearning is as much fun as the learning of new things. procrastination and caution are all forms of regret.

Faith is the empowerment to step into an unsafe place (in the natural) because you have permission from the Lord to go there. Love is the result of His smile upon us. The place of worship is the place of faith and trust in God's presence." "Process is a happy event! Joy is at the heart of all our God encounters. Failure is not to be feared. Failure is less traumatic than regret. In the midst of our worship we are renewed in spirit and mind and can easily access a deeper level of spiritual wisdom." "Before we open our minds to think through an event that is troubling us. It takes real courage to try something when the odds are against you succeeding. it is helpful to come to a place of worship. To set the problem aside and just focus on worshipping God."We cannot win if we are afraid to lose. We are free to change and free to think incredible thoughts about ourselves in the fullness of who God is for us!" . Hiddenness is God's training ground. He often chooses to do that in a place of hiddenness." "Faith is the capacity to step out without caution." "Real wisdom is hidden from us until God reveals it to us.

He is not pointing out our sin." "When the Holy Spirit points to a part of our life that is not working. the action of our will agrees with the focus of the spirit and comes into alignment with who God is and what He wants to do. It is the place where we stand and relax in His goodness. spirit and body. He is also pointing out the site of our next miracle of grace. With mental agreement and emotional submission. God steps into all that we are not with all that He is. indicating our next transformation. The instant this happens." . breakthrough starts." "Our worship increases when we are partakers of His presence in our low places. Something or Someone is always going to dictate your circumstances. Our weakness is where we encounter abundance. and the radiance of who God is for us. the beauty. In Christ you are empowered to make the right choices. and we are saved. He is manifesting the Father. He is not exposing us. He is exposing only the warmth." "Our inner atmosphere determines our external environment. There is no performance here."Faith is demonstrated by our entire person soul." "Being loved by God is our starting point for transformation. no earning of love or grace.

The test is present whether you acknowledge it or not. He is interested in what we are WILLING to do. God gives us both a massive harvest to reap and more seed with which to plant. To know God's strength. we discover God's power. speaking from His heart and not our own. When we stop crying out to God in hopelessness and begin approaching Him with thankfulness. If our heart is right before God." "Prosperity is about giving." ." "We develop meekness by becoming submissive and vulnerable to God. they move closer to Him. When we sow."Meekness occurs when we put God first. When they rely on God for His provision.it is strength under control. not receiving. no present weakness can prevent us from overcoming the challenges before us." "Every believer has two options when a test arises. Passing or failing is mostly a matter of the will being engaged with God's purpose. we have to learn how to live in our weaknesses. Meekness is not weakness ." "The Holy Spirit is not interested in what we cannot do. They can choose to grapple with it using their mind and emotions or the believer can take these tests in the spirit.

" "In days of difficulty. We view people as He does and we rejoice in their actual resemblance to Jesus or in their potential to be different. Mercy reigns. The introvert will become bold. The timid will overcome. It is the equivalent of going out and leaving the door open and the light on in our home together with a map showing burglars where all our valuables are located. In this loving engagement. We learn that we are a general gift to many and a specific gift to some. Rejoicing allows gentleness to emerge. Yes. it really is that dumb."It is a wonderful paradox that each of us is made complete by other people. worry becomes an alien experience. The anxious will flow into peace and become powerful. rejoice twice as much. We become softer in the Presence of God. The extrovert will realize a new power in humility. The weak will become strong. God is saying YES to you!" . More gracious. loving and kind." "It is time for an upgrade in your personality. We must be as enthusiastic about the journey of others as we are with our own." "Any behavior that does not take us forward into the nature of God must be discarded.

" "God does not measure time." "I can't remember the last time I asked God to encourage me and He didn't.we speak the same language from the same heart. We are the echo of God . It begins and ends in our relationship with Jesus. He may not speak it out immediately. Prophetic ministry speaks of what God is authoring in each of us. That's just who the Holy Spirit is and what He loves to do." "I believe strongly that the more encouraging." "It is time for people to banish fear forever and learn to live in the love of God!" . and secondly. exhorting and comforting prophecy we have. it works by love." "Relationships are the business of Heaven on earth: that we love one another as He has loved us. the better our churches can be. but He always meets me at the point of my greatest need."Faith is relational. Blessing and encouragement stir up anointing. Our part is to pay attention to His nature." "The Holy Spirit is teaching us two things in life: firstly. how to be trustworthy ourselves. how to trust the Lord. He measures growth. How we respond to a prophetic word dictates what will happen to it and to us.

One of them has to go. learned behavior and wrong thought process." "I can never understand how a Church can walk away from people when God is dealing with their sin." ."The truth is that faith and worry cannot inhabit the same space at the same time. they are mutually incompatible and only one can be chosen. we must stop asking people to pray for us to receive something that can only come through our own relationship with God." "Living in that place where God wants us to be. and we get to choose. We need people the most when we are being adjusted!" "The idea that we can be wholly redeemed without relational involvement with brothers and sisters in the Lord is quite bizarre. will only make us stronger. Likewise with trust and anxiety. Should we pray for people? Of course." "As mature Christians. We have a saying in England: God redeems us 80% and then He gives us friends. But we shouldn't develop a culture that says a person needs that prayer to survive spiritually. no matter what the enemy throws at us.

and He is deeply committed to our ongoing encounter. They understand that shepherding is a metaphor." "Never ask questions until your heart and mind are in a good place." "Immaturity and maturity walk together for a while. Therefore when He looks at us He does not see what is wrong with us. When we encounter the nature of God. He sees what is missing from our current experience in Christ." . not an office. and they need to lead people in the same manner as they themselves are led by the Lord. only relates to our new nature in Christ."Good shepherds do not treat people like sheep. thus enabling us to choose one over the other. Pursue what you know to be true of God. knowing that our old nature is dead. as do childishness and childlikeness. Worship releases fresh perspective. the process is ours." p "Go with God as He goes after your circumstances. Continue in worship and trusting." "The Father. Never allow the presence of a negative to prevent you from choosing and enjoying its opposite. The outcome is God's part. we can stand in His personality and have a better conversation. Shepherds are sheep also.

" . and we must learn to walk in newness of life. The Cross is an end to the old nature. God is not asking us to kiss our brains goodbye! He is requesting that we elevate our thinking to the correct level."The wheat always grows up with the weeds. betrayals and disappointments are still given power by us to affect us in the here and now. and our heart is the elevator that lifts us up into an experience of Presence." "The enemy would love us to live in the present-past. we don't allow the enemy to ruin what God is doing in our midst." "All prophets are concerned with the issue of how to think with the mind of Christ. That occurs when we allow past situations to dominate our thinking. perceiving and living in the present. Farmers do not consider a crop to be spoiled because weeds are present. hurts. Similarly. Old wounds. The old nature is dead in Christ. Our enjoyment of color and fragrance in flowers should not be ruined by the presence of weeds in the garden.

"If you want the presence of God. It's the simple. adoration." "Life in Christ cannot cease to be abundant simply because the world is having a hard time. beautiful demonstration of the fact that my life is no longer my own. learning to dwell and remain in an attentive manner. and meditation." "It's not our job to seek God's will. I choose to spend time in worship. The Lord knows what is coming. but also our testimony. God has provided an alternative instead. It is our heritage to move in the opposite spirit to what is coming against us. Time is precious. and I am confident that He will show me if I cannot work it out for myself!" "Waiting on God is part of our abiding in Christ. This is the currency that our lives run on. 'On Earth as it is in Heaven' is not only the Lord's Prayer. don't pray for it .practice it. Seeking the Lord's face is a pleasure. It's our joy to seek His face." "We're so busy working through the issues of everyday life that we can sometimes forget how to interact with the very Source of it all. To spend time with someone proves that you love them." "Whatever the enemy has planned. It's a joy to hang out in the Holy Spirit. I share all of it with the One who knows me best and loves me the most!" .

While there are many verses telling us to seek God." ."Scripture promises us that we will have the light for our whole lives. God will communicate His will as we develop our relationship with Him. none tell us to seek guidance.

"The assumptions we make become the actions we produce. Restriction without development is punishment. should be a by-product of our lives. and to become the Beloved you must see yourself as God sees you." "Peace is our umpire in the game of life. and we want them too! Restoration is the external consequence of an internal renovation. We terminate people. therefore." "It seems that most discipling involves putting constraints around people so that they do not do things that are inappropriate." . Christians should be the most peaceful people on the planet because we're intimately connected to the Prince of Peace! Peace. That is why we must think BRILLIANTLY!" "When God looks at you. He does not see anything wrong or negative about you. In Christ we get to change our mind for His." "When our mind is renewed it is because we have accepted that God has all the best thoughts. It is His perception of you that must occupy your affection. He is fully committed to you becoming the Beloved. Loving people enough to enable them to think again is a powerful part of the Kingdom. We pull them out of their function. but we do not empower them to change.

we are at peace. He has given us peace. I do not push negatives away in order to obtain peace. It takes us to another level so we can process life in a different way. He wants us to make the right choices ourselves." "Rest is a state of promise for all God's people. It is His way of teaching us sensitivity and maturity. He knows that if He is too vocal we will not make the slightest move without His permission. so that eventually we become it. we stop and ask questions. but it really is the road less travelled. fear." . panic or any other negative to settle in my heart or mind. I HAVE peace. When we have peace. not toward it. Initially we have to work hard at rest." "God is silent a lot of the time in regard to His will. The way of peace is like a higher education. we keep moving forward. "In decision making. When our peace is disturbed. worry."As long as we are fulfilling the conditions for a right relationship with God. I am refusing to allow it to be disturbed. we can trust Him to shake us up when we move out of His will." "We always live from peace. I love the lessons of peace. unbelief. When we learn that living in peace is God's design for our life. God does not have to tell us everything. We practice rest and peace by pushing away the opposites. I will not allow anxiety.

opportunities. not the information you get beforehand. grace. On this road we shall meet blessings. power and authority to name but a few! We shall also encounter great love. Each one is important and must become the subject of a dialogue with the Father. We will also have tribulation. Every one of these situations is designed to enable us to grow up in all things in Jesus. All of these things are good for us. presence. thinks and likes to do things. and it’s what you discover that takes a hold of you."There’s a reason why God sometimes doesn’t give you all the information up front. In our relationship with God we discover how He perceives." . opposition." "It's in our loving. anointing. If you don’t explore then you can’t discover. giftings." "As we pursue the Lord our vision begins to unfold and we set out on our journey. loving kindness and favor at the very least. and that's because if He told you everything beforehand you wouldn’t explore. fullness of joy. The language He uses towards us is the baseline for our own proclamation. persecution and various kinds of obstacles. prayerful conversations with God that we learn wisdom. deep peace.

" . The reason that there is so much joy in Heaven is because God in Himself is fullness of Joy. promise and provision exist in Heaven for someone. If we are going to succeed we must be honest in our personal approach to learning. who loves to move us in the rhythm of Heaven! Everything sings to the tune of His heart." "We each have a certain sound. The Father plays our heart through the Holy Spirit. If something exists in Heaven it can brought to Earth and released." "We are the common denominator in all our mistakes. and Heaven is full of who God is!" "The primary issue of prayer is that if permission. like an instrument in an orchestra. So Joy is who God is. Loving the learning means being excited about developing. It involves asking questions about how to improve and taking responsibility to upgrade."When God comes into a place. He fills it with Himself. then it can be brought to Earth on their behalf. Not to recognize that is to eventually become a failure.

pick up on it. What He wants is for you to share His delight over you. You just want to bask in their presence!" "God loves walking with you." "Sometimes you become so involved with majesty and the magnificence of Jesus. It opens our heart and renews our mind in Jesus. it creates this beautiful dependency because you want to throw yourself on somebody of that stature."Worship enables us to both reclaim and then maintain our inner territory. and then give back to the Lord that same delight." .

"God does not see what is wrong with us because He nailed all those things to the Cross (Colossians 2:14) and has no desire to resurrect them!" "Study the opposite of patience. That’s why sometimes when you look at a sunset there’s just something that rises up within you like joy. Learn to see the good. All our growth comes through learning. in situations." "It is virtually impossible to become Christlike when everything is going well. the other power against." "God filled the world with His joy so His whole creation is joyful. "Take pleasure in everything. Every situation. Learn to see the pleasure.it's EVERYWHERE!" . Life involves unrelenting learning. One provides power that works for us. problem. that’s brilliant!" There’s something in you that wants to applaud creation and the reason is because God stocked the whole of the Earth with delight. Take pleasure in everyone. Learn to see the joy.. He put it in people. You see an eagle flying and it’s like "oh man. Those are distinctive things that we need in our own life because they enlarge us on the inside. and then study patience itself. people difficulty and oppositional circumstance has something to teach us about God and ourselves..

" "You are a created being. God is still creating something on the inside of you and what’s happening with all of us is we are waking up to majesty. to open up safe places.that's an OMG moment. When you wake up to His majesty."Everything comes to us because Christ is in us. it is because we have accepted that God has all the best thoughts and we want them too!" "It is in our DNA to create space.. Brilliant. Ask Him something!" "When our mind is renewed. and to change the atmosphere where we live." "If all your thinking has brought you to a place that you don't like. you wake up to all the delight that comes with it!" "When you choose delight as a lifestyle you enter into a place in the deepest passions of God for all people and all things. I have Christ within?!' Sometimes we seem to forget. it's like you can't lose! Just taking pleasure in being loved by Jesus. is standing next to you. in being inhabited by Jesus. Honestly. my goal is to know love in such a powerful way that no one can affect me adversely.. your Helper." . it's time for a better thought! Right now the Holy Spirit. 'Oh my goodness.

It’s a huge. wonderful and brilliant!" "Maturity is knowing what needs are being met because of God's nature. You become the strong man in the area that affects a whole area to the purposes of God. That’s where you cease to be yourself and you become the giant. but the other side of that coin is we have to learn the power of Christ in us. Start a conversation with God's goodness.."We’re learning about how to be in Christ. exciting. That’s exponential." "God likes to be with us in different ways and the powerful thing about this is you’re never going to get bored! Nothing’s ever going to be the same old routine." "I think delight is a key. rejoicing and THANKSGIVING are the means by which you will both access and appropriate God's desire..and take some notes!" . and how to cultivate our inheritance because of our identity in Jesus. amazing key that unlocks every situation and every person’s heart. It’s always going to be different." "Joy. interesting. brilliant.

fear. Light is essential to this life in the Spirit. anxiety." . mistrust." "Doubt. We are in Christ who is our light and life."When we are moved by love our hearts vibrate to the sound of God's delight. It becomes our joy to delight ourselves in the Lord (Psalm 37:4). tension and apprehension are all constructs of being in the dark. we fight the darkness best by remaining in the light. and we too become delighted.

The darkness that has clung to us must be expelled along with all the negativity that it produced." "Worship should always release you into a place of awe and wonder. predictable. and Jesus doesn’t change people into radicals anymore. Here’s the thing about dullness." "Everything in your life is about the power of the one with the One. You're always bigger than you can imagine!" . When revelation occurs we must step into the light it brings and walk into newness of life. and monotonous."True light exposes that which does not originate in Christ. The church becomes dull. We’ve lost the ability to live in wonder and astonishment." "I think the biggest enemy in the church is not the devil. just nice people. what it means is we’ve lost our capacity to be simple before God. It’s our own passivity to the majesty of the Lord Jesus. At some point the Good News becomes okay news and Christianity is no longer life changing but merely life enhancing. You never walk around by yourself.

prejudices. There’s only one way to live this life and it is to be astonished!" "If you’re easily offended the only thing it proves is that you don’t yet have a good relationship with our Comforter."We must recover delight as a way of life. and you know what? The delight of God is so huge it dwarfs any prejudiced opinion anyone might have of you!" "It doesn’t matter what people say or do to me. You don’t get any air miles for being wounded. Why be wounded by people when you can be healed? It’s easier to get healed than it is to hold a grudge. judgments and nonsense!" "How do you love when love is not returned? The simple truth is that real love doesn't seek a return. It is the key that opens up your life to God. you recognize their right to have an opinion but it isn't touching you because you actually know what it is to live in delight." "Delight is a lifestyle that the Lord really wants us to develop. Love loves for the sake of loving. my heart is set on love. but hey. Love is so great that it sets you on a level way above all differences." "If someone tries to make you an enemy you should just say that you don’t agree. or bitter. You just get prevented from flying." . offended. astonished. just learning to be awestruck. the Holy Spirit. and delight depends upon just getting a glimpse of the majesty of Jesus.

stale and unimaginative lives before God. You learn the process of turning something negative into something positive. Sometimes it just means we live drab. It’s training for reigning!" "Dullness is the absence of brightness in our soul." ." "When you are captured and captivated by the love of Jesus you automatically start thinking the way He thinks. take hold of the promise. you just do it automatically. Sometimes I think that sin is not necessarily immorality or selfishness. colorless." "One person walking with God is always in the majority. People have lost that sparkle and that joy. and step into a provision. We’re learning to turn our back on the problem. ALWAYS. and if you practice that process eventually you rise at a place where you don’t need the process."I like problems because every problem comes with a promise and a provision.

"I’m excited about who I am right now and I’m excited about who I’m becoming in this next time frame. So I’m going to be excited about every situation that occurs between me and my outcome because every one of them is designed to help me become the man that God wants me to be. How can I not be delighted about that?!" "We’re being made in the image of God. That means that something majestic has to happen in your life if you’re going to represent the fullness of Jesus." "You cannot be a son or a daughter of God, a citizen of Heaven representing the kingdom, and have a mindset that’s drawn from the world around you. We’re citizens of Heaven. We do not take our cues from the world around us. We are representatives of a dimension so incredible it takes us to a whole new place of doing life!" "How can I not be delighted about the process of life, stepping into every situation knowing that God is with me?!" "Everything is useful in the Kingdom. Everything is useful for our development."

"There is a power in delight that releases everything in your path. You can completely debilitate the enemy by having a sense of wonder because he can’t intimidate you, he can’t make you fearful, and you change everything he’s doing just by being there. Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything; just you being in a room changes the atmosphere." "The only true safe place is in the heart and affection of God. He loves worship and trust as a lifestyle. He adores one step at a time, relational focus. He wants us to experience Him on the journey." "When your calling, dream or vision comes under threat, that can often be the signal to ask God for more! When the vision is undergoing a contraction, ask for an expansion!" "The best way to start developing delight is to become delighted with Jesus. See where it takes you, ok? It’ll be so exciting, and you will hear God in ways you’ve never heard Him before!"

"When God grants something it is the end of supplication and the beginning of proclamation. We rejoice that we have received and we believe that what has been granted is now our possession. We take God for granted and He loves it! It gives Him pleasure to see us depending on His goodness in such a powerful way."

"We ask God to open a window in Heaven and pour out a blessing. This sounds spiritual until we understand that Jesus IS the door that has been open in Heaven for 2,000 years." "When you focus on delight, you connect with His passion for you. You’ll see things you’ve never seen before. You’ll find yourself saying and doing things that you never thought were possible." "If you really delight in yourself in God, He will give you desires for things and then He will support you and resource you in those things. Your journey will become different and your story will change, maybe from a tragedy to a comedy!" c "Thanksgiving is not causal; it’s really intentional. You give thanks until you become thanks, yeah? That's when everything changes and your whole internal atmosphere changes."

Our ministry is to learn the beauty of exchange." . What is the opposite? Make a second list of opposites and destroy the first list."Life in Christ has radiance so bright that all the dark shadows of negativity become sunspots of brilliance. Find the opposite thought and cultivate the anointing that goes with it. Enjoy this process." "List every negative against you. This is your opportunity to move in the opposite spirit. then to apply those truths to others so that they can be set free. You now have a record of all that God is relentlessly doing in your life. firstly for ourselves. it will turn you into another person!" "Do not confront a negative directly.

fabulous." "You have the presence of God whether you feel it or not. You don’t want to be helping the enemy. He said He’d never leave you. panic. and you understand what He is recovering in you in any particular situation. “God said it. honestly. It’s always going to be enough." "You live your life on a battlefield between God on the one side and the devil on the other. glorious days when you will feel it because God is tangible and He loves to be tangible. so fear. There are going to be great. But you’re going to have great. thanksgiving. anxiety. He’s here. it only depends on a trust. and believing simply that God is good and that’s the end of it. feeling. He’s here because He said He would be."We have all been affected by the world.” And that has to be enough. I believe it. that should be enough. wonderful days when you’ll have to trust that He’s there. the flesh and the devil in the areas of our thinking. rejoicing. doubt: they all help the enemy against you. and not trust on your emotions or your own understanding. that jolly well settles it. but just have that simple place in your heart." ." "The presence of God does not depend upon an emotion. and all those areas are going to be recovered. and willing. What we’re learning is trust. marvelous. That’s why it’s important that you understand who God is for you.

His own darkness is so pervasive he will continually misinterpret events and miss the point of what God is doing."Peace comes from within. You can’t try and bring peace into your life. When that happens all the anointing drains out of the moment. "Conventional thinking always tries to turn an intuition into an acquired rational deduction. it’ll come with thanksgiving." "Jesus said. he would have chopped down every tree in Israel!" . it’ll come with rejoicing. It rises up on the inside of you and that’s why rest never comes by itself. You can’t think your way into peace. We must understand that the development of trust into faith is most crucial to the Father. Jesus is in rest and we’re learning to relax in Him.” Those are the two characteristics that always cause us to walk in victory. because they’re the two characteristics the enemy can never possess." "The enemy is destined to misunderstand God's ultimate purpose. If he had known the purpose of Christ in redemption. “I am gentle and humble.

We are in Christ who is our light and life. which means we have a fixed point to which we always return." "It should not matter how much the enemy spins us around in life situations. that’s the reality that you need to deal with."The enemy's darkness is so pervasive that he will continually misinterpret events and miss the point of what God is doing. He seeks to make us vulnerable to that which he is subject misapprehension. and what we’re learning in the Kingdom is the view that God has of us and we’re replacing our negativity with that one. What’s in your heart should be the most real thing to you because you can overcome anything out there from the place of who you are in here. In Christ. The enemy wants to develop blindness in us so that we are in the dark about the purposes of God towards us. make the things inside of you your reality. the enemy is never allowed to determine our focus. We fight the darkness best by remaining in the light. Christ is the center of who we are. I want to think of myself the way God thinks about me!" . Don’t make things on the outside your reality. We’ve all grown up with a negative view of ourselves." "God has taken up residence inside us. and it’s a weapon that’s going to do damage to your own inherent negativity." "Rest is a weapon that can do damage to the work of the enemy." "The Holy Spirit will always make Jesus our focal point for response.

so you’re postponing your own joy! The whole point of life in the Spirit is you can be glad now no matter what’s going on!" "We should have too much passion in the Holy Spirit for us ever to be stuck in a negative place!" . We should be living by the rules of Heaven!" "The thing I like about rest is it gives me a breathing space where I can gather myself. you have to respond to an internal. We are all going to have some human opposition to teach us how to be gracious and kind and merciful. your heart falters."We are all going to have some enemies that teach us how to love. all the rules are different. you have no assurance. “I’ll be glad when this is over". As believers. and then you’re in the territory where you’re saying. you have dread. I can step back. you have doubt. Those people never come around at a time when it’s convenient to you. In Christ you don’t have to think or behave like that. but if you’re practicing joy and rejoicing you can sense the gift in everything!" "Your negativity creates obstacles in front of you most of the time. you are available. When you have no rest. You don’t have to react to externals." "Rest gives you a capacity to be focused.

and requiring therapy. He becomes depressed by your joy. you are a shipwreck waiting to happen. He’s dealt with it. He becomes paranoid about your peace. peace within is the antidote. depressed. He becomes discouraged by your grace." "Your body is subject to pressure and stress and all that kind of thing." "If you love the power of God more than the presence of God. He’s dealing with your righteousness. Stress is caused by the way that you think about and approach those circumstances. When you're tempted to worry and be fearful and so on." "The Holy Spirit is taking the righteousness of Jesus and applying it to you every single opportunity He can. God isn’t dealing with your sin. You make the enemy tired. but the inner man of your spirit is never under pressure except from goodness. weary." "There are too many people out there right now moving in ." "There’s a place set aside for you in God where you get to make the enemy tired and weary. because your inner man of the spirit lives in the shadow of almighty God."Stress is not caused by what other people are doing or by circumstances.

" "Dreaming opens up your faith. but behaving nothing like who Jesus is. You get to see something larger than you and you get to feel good about all of that." "A people without inheritance have no substance. For people to grow properly we must first change the atmosphere and then create a new environment that produces people of quality. you see how big you can be!" "How do we make the Body of Christ reflect the glorious nature of God? We equip every believer for service and to do work of the ministry." . It opens up your perceptions. you don’t see how small you are. There should be no superstars or ministry elite in the Body of Christ. You get to see something of the bigness of God and when you see the bigness of God. Love His presence and you’ll always have power in the thing that God has called you to do. not just quantity. and that ship is just going to crash on the rocks at some point.power.

" . We’re going to be intimidated by what the enemy is doing. Go and stand as close to that line as possible. we must move from the point of familiarity to a place of inconvenience. around and in front of you that belongs to you but you’re not occupying it because you’re scared of making a mistake. There’s territory in. He’s concerned about your unbelief. Our previous comfort zone becomes a place of restriction. we are going to be intimidated by life around us."It’s very important to know where the line is between faith and presumption." "If we do not progress into a place of astonishment and awe and reverence of God. Your intimacy with God should be the most intimidating thing about you!" "When people and circumstances change. God is not worried about your presumption. Some of us are so scared of being presumptuous that the place where we’re occupying is really a place of unbelief.

One of them has to go. That is our true nature in Jesus. You are designed to travel with majesty that makes you feel astonished at who He is and what's happening in your life. His nature is unchanging."If Jesus cannot give you a sense of awe and wonder. and it is important that we know the difference. Cleaning and clearing our own house is a vital part of our own self control and personal discipline. "Don't get so hung up on your destination that you fail to enjoy the journey." "God works in us and through us. you're probably not saved. and you get to choose!" . otherwise we project our own development needs onto others." "We cannot take ground from the enemy if he has ground in us. They can’t exist in the same space at the same time. He has core values from which He operates that provide radiant confidence to all who know Him and walk with Him. You can’t trust the Lord and be anxious." "Our God is a God of principle. panic and worry. no matter what occurs." "When God is teaching us trust he’s actually teaching us how to kill off anxiety. fear.

Our first mistakes in a new process are more about learning than the error." ."To rest in God's power when your own weaknesses seem to be screaming at you? That's grace! To be confident in who God is for you when you feel overwhelmed by odds against you? That's peace! To stand alone against massive intimidation? That's trust! To know beyond any shadow of a doubt that God is bigger. and therefore you cannot lose? That's the faith that moves mountains!" "If you want to hear the voice of the Lord. When you really rejoice. everything in you opens up and you can hear more clearly. Failure to learn is the only real mistake we can make when doing something for the first time. we inevitably learn how not to do it." "When we do something for the first time. it’s important to get into a place of rejoicing.

experimental experience between people and their God." "We’re traveling with the presence of who Jesus is. Get together. it’s because God motivated them to do something!" "The church is a living." "God wants to increase the level of your smiling and your laughter. creative. but profound about life and relationships. support one another. The blessing in Numbers 6 about the presence of God says that He lifts up the light of His countenance upon you. If God is changing us from glory to glory. That’s the best description of a smile that I’ve ever heard!" “God is vague about organization structure. That experience will lead us to discover Him and what He has given to each of us. Why not make this process of change happy and fortunate and glorious? Why not make it a brilliant opportunity?" "Our provision on the earth comes from our connection to the throne. all change is glorious. patience. not from our connections in the natural. and kindness. learning to precede truth with grace and to follow it with mercy while enshrining it with love. and create! Give each other freedom to love and ."Accountability is about character development – learning to love the truth. If you receive anything from your connections in the natural.

It’s a work of genius.” "If we find it easy to be cynical.relate! Be significant and develop your own relational order to facilitate further exploration and discovery. a time where the enemy has no power to deceive us because we have left immaturity far behind?" "Transition is about forsaking sin and abandoning oneself to the cause of God. we have already traveled a long way down the road of negative thinking.where in His great love for us we could not fail." "What would it take for us to live a life of supreme confidence in God . Some transitions are not meant to be easy but they’re meant to break something that needs to be broken." "Sometimes you travel with tears. I don’t know how He does it. sometimes with laughter. God is going to break you and put you back together. It is about our sacrifice and His glory. . Each time He puts you back together you’re going to be bigger. then break you and put you back together. and sometimes with a bit of both. just simply learn to be better next time.

"Transition is a place between promise and fulfillment where we are tested to see if we can inhabit the place that God wants to give us. Every circumstance provides an opportunity for Christlike behavior to emerge. He died AS you." “Most trials and tests are teaching us more than one thing. make note of the people who behave like Jesus. That is a fact. The only time we are completely balanced is when we stand still." "Total balance is a myth.” ." "Character under stress is invaluable. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says. In situations containing great potential for unrighteous behavior.” Everything has become new and all those new things are of God. and it is also a promise." "Jesus did not just die for you. “You are a new creation. Those who understand and practice this become good at passing tests and are able to grow quickly and properly. all the old is passed away. We cannot stand still! Spiritual balance is about the movement of obedience and the distribution of faith between vision and sacrifice as we move together.

" "That which is hidden has a greater power of revelation than that which is obvious."Every step we take towards God is an offensive act against the enemy!" "Real prayer is preceded and followed by a celebration of who God is for you. It is the digging for truth that opens our heart to it." . not merely picking it up off the ground.

we must allow the Holy Spirit to direct that frustration into something meaningful." . By contrast then. Most people are frustrated because they care about something."When things are working well. we rejoice. Worship has a loud voice!" "Frustration exists to highlight where and how the Lord wants to change you. Be careful not to snuff out that spark. It can either be the spark of life that creates a new dimension or the detonation of all that we hold dear. dance and declare enthusiastically who He is for us. He looks for us to have an increase of vision. we are called at some point to shout. and power." "All revelation of God must result in us seeing His glory and being dazzled by His radiance. Our relationship with God is always extrovert. our blessed state in one area highlights a pressing need in a particular part of our life that needs attention. rejoice. but nurture it properly. sing aloud. No matter our personality type. there needs to come an increase of commitment and character." "When the Lord seeks to move us into a new realm. our blessings highlight our needs. Along with that. anointing. In this way. However." "Working with frustration is the key in turning our potential into something actual.

All opposition is designed for our benefit. by standing in the authority and power of the Lord. Caution knows how to run a marathon so that faith doesn’t run out of steam." . faith will not have the strategy to overcome obstacles. Without caution."Human opposition is designed by God to bring us into grace." "Faith and caution are not in opposition. They are compatible soul mates . Faith believes it can run a marathon and can’t wait to start running.opposites attracted to the same God. while demonic opposition brings us into greater power.

obstacle and opposition . faults and wrong behaviors in people. We must focus on THE NEW!" "If we can learn to see the good in all things." "The enemy’s agenda is the destruction of all that we hold dear at this present time. They forget that He always sees the end from the beginning. It deals with problems. This is called FAVOR." "Make sure that it's not just His power but the presence of God that is your priority. not solutions. the realization of the vision. and start standing and walking in your inheritance.human and demonic. our perspective will be filled with more faith than negativity."People sometimes pray as if they are begging God to do them a favor. but also withholds all the things that God actually wants to release and wants to be for people. He knows all things! The God who knows our journey better than we do has strategically placed a provision next to every problem. and the entrance into a deeper anointing and a more powerful spiritual dimension." ." "There is a time when you’ve got to stop praying about your needs. God’s agenda is life. It creates a religious spirit that makes God in its image so that it can release anger and judgment. All it can produce is a negative mindset that can only produce a negative outcome." "A church that’s totally focused on the old nature can only see sins.

not towards it." “Prophecy talks about the possibility.” "Focusing on behaviors and issues that God has already dealt with in Christ is not Biblebelieving. Romans 6:11 says “Consider yourself dead to sin and alive to God. and more profound in our relationships. We must not throw it away. the enemy is."We fight from victory. Confidence must become our great ally. All personal prophecy is conditional upon our response and our hunger for personal growth and transformation. not the inevitability of fulfillment. when he looks at us!" "We cannot build a church without covenant friendships with God and man." .” We should all focus on what God is actually saying about us NOW. because all the old ways are passed away and everything has become new. we are never staring defeat in the face. better. we need to keep a firm grip on it at all times. Therefore." "We cannot allow the enemy to pickpocket our confidence in Christ. Endurance must be our best friend. We must drop the morality of the world and go for something deeper.

The will of God is first relational." "We must know the relational difference between moving in the power of the love of God instead of just having a love for the power of God."Every one of us in the church has the capacity to prophesy. as we abide. "A right relationship with God is the key to moving forward. how He speaks." . our thoughts and our identity. We can be a prophetic statement of what the Kingdom of Heaven is-. We cannot help but be prophetic. we become sensitive to His heart. Therefore. it is in our very bones. We're a prophetic voice of who God is.showing people what Christ is really like--by our lifestyle. Everything in Christ is "yes and amen" (2 Corinthians 1:20). the Lord does not have to speak all the time about everything. and what He's doing on the earth. our actions.

" is not only the Lord's Prayer. that He would become intimately involved in placing particular favor on our lives. but also our testimony." "You enter God's presence by His permission. This is a disconnect between God's heart and our mouths. You will be wonderfully impacted by His presence spiritually."When we are not sensitized to the nature of God in Christ. "On Earth as it is in Heaven. overly intense and religious in life. we are more likely to become super spiritual. not your performance." "God’s indulgence is where we learn to enjoy the pleasure of His favor. He intends to satisfy a desire in His heart to bestow blessing that is significantly above and beyond our ability to even conceive of it." "Surrender to His life and He becomes the Living Word in your spirit and soul." . emotionally. physically and mentally. Your whole person is affected by His Whole Person!" "Life in Christ cannot cease to be abundant simply because the world is having a hard time. Look to Him and He will accelerate you.

We wonder. graciously. No one condemns the artist of an unfinished picture."Non-negotiable love is being the best expression of Christ to another human being. which is joyfully. Instead. Putting love first and last in every situation keeps us in the abiding Presence of God. it will flow to us out of the largeness of His love for us. righteously. Call people up." "We can be assured that God will always show up and talk to us. We never have to ask for a word of guidance again." "When we give ourselves to a full relationship with God. We can rely on Him. Instead we look at what is there and we picture what it could become. live in His rest and peace and adore His nature. the solution to that problem is that you see them the way God sees them and that you deal with them in the way that He would want to deal with them Himself. lovingly. His will becomes crystal clear. we imagine and we are excited by the possibilities!" . don’t call people out!" "We are a work in progress." "If you’ve got a problem with people. We can be humbled by our weakness and captivated by His strength.

it doesn’t matter if they’re a complete stranger or not. or negativity we are observing a person whose own life has not been upgraded by love. you can say something that will make their day. Something is missing. Truth given without compassion and love may destroy someone’s world.” "Everyone wants to be loved."Every circumstance comes with an upgrade. to belong and to be significant. but also about doing right. What if Heaven has placed resources in the worst possible places in our communities? What if they’re there waiting for someone to step into that place and claim them? There have to be miracles in the places of deprivation because that was the mission statement of Jesus in Isaiah 61. He overcomes evil with good (Romans 12:21). Goodness is the seedbed for miracles to grow our trust and faith. Anybody you meet. judgment. This is your opportunity to win someone’s heart to a greater love in Christ." . people are made whole." "Whenever we see or hear a ministry moving in anger. When acceptance and truth combine with loving kindness. Just stay in the practice of making people’s day and you’ll have your own day made for you!" "Goodness is the fertile ground in which our prayers bear fruit." “Truth is not just about being right.

without Him. We are learning how to see with the eyes of the Father." . With Him. We’re learning to see people’s identity."Love God too much to be worried about making a mistake!" "God has places He wants to take us. God wants to commit each of us to outrageous adventures that. He has a role in the Kingdom that only we can fill. it's fun!" "We have no business seeing problems and difficulties or looking at people’s behavior. We are seeing how to look through Jesus as the lens of God’s goodness in our life. would scare the life out of us.

worship. Everyone’s on a path and down that pathway there are problems." "Contentment is the outward expression of an inward glory. proclamation and declaration. Our role as Kingdom people is picking up the positives and using them to overwhelm the negatives. There’s a positive attached to every single negative that you’re ever going to meet. spiritual things come from God. touch the Earth and return back to Him."If all you ever do is attack someone's behavior then you’re never going to be able to set them free to become who they really are. There are battles.. Choosing not to worry is actually an act of worship. There are victories. prayer." .but how little. Accountability is not calling somebody out on their behavior. accomplishes what He wants and then returns to Him in a different form through confession. Likewise. We are an integral part of this process. There are provisions. it is calling them up to their identity!" "Rain comes down and waters the Earth before returning to the sky in the process of evaporation." "Everyone’s on a journey. His word comes out of His heart.." "The measure of a man or woman is not how much it takes to make them happy. We cast all our burdens onto Him because we trust His great heart toward us.

" ." "God is love. We are not eternal the moment we die."Our inheritance is not given when we go to Heaven in the afterlife. We are eternal the moment we believe. Eternal life is NOW. and the nature of that love must be the driving force behind everything that we do or attempt.

good or bad. It’s been determined in God's heart and in His permission. You have permission to be radically loved.” "It is impossible to grow relationships when living in an atmosphere of disapproval. Believing the best about people is not about ignoring their faults but about recognizing that everyone wants to change and become like Jesus."Every situation. makes a withdrawal on our identity. There is no one else to blame for this since we are in charge of who we are and how we show up. We didn’t think our way into salvation. We are always a work in progress and therefore deserving of mercy." "We didn’t think our way into the Gospel. We demonstrate our Christ-likeness or our carnality. You have permission to come. We felt our way into an experience because God touched our hearts. You have permission to be. He has faith in His own abilities in and through us." "Your present-future has been decided. He created a longing in our heart and we found our heart responding to Him." "We forget sometimes that the Father is a believer too! He loves to believe in us. grace and love." "Why would you not want to think like Jesus? Why would you even want to have a choice of thinking on a natural level when you could think with the mind of Christ?" .

" "The prophetic empowers us to stir up the gifts that are within us. Prophecy provides faith because it reveals the outcome that God has declared will be present for us. Accept His benevolence. People will look at us and marvel!” "Failure to develop a lifestyle of celebration means that we become casual about rejoicing and thanksgiving.“It is my prayer that Christians would become the family. He has set His heart and affection on you. Prophecy can pinpoint where the provision is when problems show up on our radar. It often leads people into living in their circumstances rather than in relationship with Christ. so rest in His desire for you. We do not speak what is true of the old nature that God has already declared dead in Christ! A fountain cannot pour out sweet water and bitter (James 3:11). we will become an enigma in the Earth. and that shows great immaturity. Such people live off the anointing of other people." . the company of friends that God desires us to be." "We speak the truth of our new nature in order to inspire people to grow up in Jesus." "You are the Beloved of God. If our friendships are continually strengthened and stand the test of time.

" "It is important to face everything with courage. When He speaks through Scripture and prophecy. Christians must learn to wait on God for relationship." "Timing and preparation are key elements in the fulfilling of God's Word. everything else will fall into place. otherwise circumstances will intimidate us into giving up and not pressing through. They are only recognized there." "To walk with God in the Spirit. a new place is opened up to us in the grace of Jesus."God longs for us to be wholehearted in our love for Him. Confident people go out to meet life rather than waiting for it to come to them. A prophecy cannot accomplish that. If we seek His face first. We are being introduced to the next version of ourselves in Christ!" "People come seeking prophecy because they don't know God's will and they want a shortcut to help find it. Instead we need to work to reestablish and restore the dignity of their relationship with God. and in our love for one another. not guidance. He does not want us to sit back and withhold ourselves." "Champions are not made in the ring. God can bring us into a deeper existence in the realm of the Spirit. When we live in unity. He longs for us to enter relationships that honor and worship Him. you need to get excited about .

solid in their relationship with the Father. You owe it to Jesus to have a sense of wonder about Him and a sense of wonder about yourself. Everything must be done in love. and we're learning how to walk out into the future. through love.” ." "Only people who are strong.yourself. mind and strength. firm in their faith. soul. then we must trust Him in the same way. and because of love." "If we love God with all our heart. At the very least. and with an appropriate intensity in the Spirit. where our promises are. You need to live with a sense of joy and wonder. Our focus is out there where our destiny is. Those two things are going to collide in your heart!" "The church is a prophetic community in that we are in the present with God anticipating the future." “The law of life in Christ Jesus is that love is the more excellent way. can have the potency to force a breakthrough against the odds. that means we must banish negativity in our minds and hearts.

We are learning to live an intentional life within that plan. our leadership can sometimes be overly authoritative to the point of bullying. It never works. destiny and calling.” . Being a contribution to everyone you meet means that you attract blessing and favor constantly."Luke 6:38 says "Give and it will be given to you". Without creating a sense of togetherness. When we know our identity." “A partnership is a joint approach. walk the streets where you live and work. we then discover the faith. We must see the world as belonging to the Lord and our role is to evict the enemy in the place that we live. Good leadership supports the partnership that creates internal change. an undertaking for a specific purpose. Evict the enemy and call down the resources of Heaven into that community!" "Leadership with partnership is a powerful paradox. your group. but never wholeness. It can produce acquiescence.” "You’re the one that God wants to walk the streets and look around. look around. You and your company. character and lifestyle we must pursue as citizens of Heaven on Earth. It's a no-brainer!" “The Father has designed our path in advance [Romans 8:29-30]. encouraged and favored. see what’s happening. You will always be blessed.

The more mature we become. Come then. We are growing from measure into fullness.only the consciousness of it. We are growing from glory into glory. Therefore everything we say to people should emphatically upgrade their relationship with the Lord Jesus so that they are growing up into everything that He is for them. It is this confidence that He seeks to build into the people He touches with His grace." ." "God is very confident in Himself. the more God wants to give us our inheritance."You cannot lose God's presence . Truth empowers us to become like Jesus. and that is easy to regain. He never doubts anything He is doing. there is something wrong with the dynamic of your relationship with God. The Truth is a person: Jesus Christ." “Be of good cheer! You are the living embodiment of Glad Tidings of Great Joy. and relax in His love!" "There is a huge difference between that which is true about a person's sin habits and that which is the Truth about their new nature in Christ.” "Getting your needs met is the baby end of life in Christ. You must find your happiness from Christ within. If you’re in ministry for twenty years and you’re still praying for your provisions and your needs.

"When we get to Heaven and stand before the Lord." . Rather walk with them in it and enable them to reach their own conclusions." "What do you want to be when you grow up in Jesus? What do you want to be known for in the Kingdom? The characteristics of your choices are cultivated through your intentional cooperation with the Lord TODAY!" "There is only a narrow gap between giving advice and taking control. we should walk in grace before truth. We don't force-feed answers because people do not grow up in that context. You cannot come praying like a widow when He wants you to pray like a bride. Resist the urge to fix your friend's life. Do you want to become what God most wants you to become? Then you cannot come praying like a baby when He wants you to pray like a son. He will ask if we received everything He wanted us to have. In most relationships. That way. we hold on to people as they are trying to 'get it'. He’s not going to be judging us on sin because He’s already judged Jesus.

That’s what reconciliation is. It means they have a really good chance. It doesn’t mean they are saved."The whole world has been reconciled to God. We are saying to people that all the benefits of Heaven are available to you and we are here to connect you with the creator so that you can find Him and discover Him!" . All the benefits of that card belong to you but you can’t activate them until you get in touch with the benefactor behind the card and register. It’s like when you get a credit card through the mail.

Peace does not come because we understand something. We beat down people's perception and dampen faith. it is strength under control. It is present before our awareness is complete. People then focus on sin rather than righteousness. it sets people free to discover the radiant nature of God and be transformed. titles. Peace upgrades our perception." "The peace of God that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7) is what guards our hearts and minds. As you look for signs of His Presence. Inspiration never inhibits.” "When we elevate a negative above a positive. we discourage and demoralize. and what we focus on."Leadership is not about living separately from the people. Platforms. positions . we’re all children of God learning how to walk with Him. Everyone has a story and a journey." . I like getting involved in people’s lives. It’s thrilling. all that kind of stuff. we become.they’re irrelevant in many ways. Look for the goodness of God all around you. many more opportunities will occur for you to bless people and share God's true nature. Good leadership is about stepping off a platform into someone’s story!" “Meekness is not weakness." "Do not look for evil. not vice versa. When it all comes down to it.

" "No one else can make us prejudiced. The actions of others should have no bearing upon our responses."A poverty spirit tells you that you can’t win. Look around you. We do the right thing regardless of people and circumstances because we want to live the right way before God. It’s fixed on recession." . and step into it!" "Difficult people are our shortcut to becoming Christ-like! They present us with a brilliant opportunity to practice love. See what needs to be done. A poverty spirit tells you. That is our own responsibility. even if it’s just for one person. but God works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure. "you can’t do anything about this". There is no longer any opportunity for any one of us to go through each day blind. The real issue is what is God saying to you as an individual.

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