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LX Laptop Software Developers Kit

For ClearPath MCP release 8.0


Product overview

The Software Developers Kit for ClearPath MCP (SDK) Release 8.0 is a PC-based software product used for developing, testing, and demonstrating ClearPath MCP-based applications. The SDK enables a Unisys qualified hardware configuration running Windows 2000 Professional to operate as a ClearPath LX server.

The special SDK Demonstrators Edition contains only the runtime environment, making it ideal for demonstrating new and enhanced solutions to end users and prospects.
General features

SDK runs in the ClearPath MCP Release 8.0 Integrated Operating Environment. Tools are supplied for developing, compiling, debugging, and unittesting MCP-based applications. SDK provides an environment thats suitable for demonstrating new or enhanced MCP-based applications. SDK lets you dedicate development servers to integration, system, and performance testing. Licenses are available for discrete versions and uses.
Two SDK editions

The SDK Standard Edition and SDK Demonstrators Edition are both supported with ClearPath MCP Release 8.0/SSR 49.1. Both editions include the Virtual Machine for ClearPath MCP emulation software Version 4.0 SR1.
Common software components

Both the Standard Edition and the Demonstrators Edition of the Software Developers Kit for ClearPath MCP Release 8.0 include these software components: MCP software Master Control Program (MCP) Virtual Machine for ClearPath MCP software SDK Security Access Device ASAP/Application Heartbeat CANDE Cross-Reference Symbolic DEPCON Departmental Server DEPCON Host Software Interactive Datacomm Configurator (IDC) Java Virtual Machine MARC/PCMARC Multilingual System Programmers Workbench for ClearPath MCP

Standard and Demonstrator editions provide specialized environments: The SDK Standard Edition offers software developers, engineers, and support personnel a comprehensive set of development and diagnostic tools and provides a complete MCP runtime environment.

Program Binder Sort Compiler System Software Utilities Win RPC Work Flow Language (WFL) ClearPath MCP software Administration Center CD-ROM Formatter Transaction Center Database Operations Center Installation Center Operations Center Integration Expert Print Center Client Access Services System Management Center End User Center Internet and transaction processing Web Transaction Server for ClearPath MCP TCP/IP Application Services for ClearPath MCP (FTP, SMTP, Telnet) TCP/IP Print Enabler OSI over TCP/IP Services TCP/IP SNMP Agent TCP/IP Interprocess Communications Services Transaction Server COMTI for ClearPath MCP Communications Resource Manager Object Manager MQSeries for ClearPath MCP Transaction Manager 2-Phase Commit OSI TP Distributed Transaction Integration Developers License JCA Resource Adapter

Database, query, and reporting DMALGOL Compiler Enterprise Database Server Extended Edition for ClearPath MCP Database Interpreter DM Inquiry Extended Retrieval with Graphic Output JDBC Driver for OLE DB ODBC Access for ClearPath MCP OLE DB Data Provider for ClearPath MCP XML Provider for ClearPath MCP Tools and utilities Activity Reporting System Billing Support Library Secure Access Control Module ClearPath Kerberos Security Multilingual System Remote Print System Security Support Library System Logger WRAP File Enabler User license keys for eight test/demonstration clients. Client Access Services, file and printer sharing, and named pipes Transaction Server Data Access Connection License Communications and networking INFOConnect Connectivity Services Heritage Host Services Heritage Network Services BNA over IP for Application Hosts Shared Adapter Network Services for Fast Ethernet Virtual LAN Network Services (VLAN) Core Network Services Network Administrative Utility (NAU) Native File Transfer OSI-FTAM IS8571 X.25 MCS

Client software Web Enabler for ClearPath MCP licenses for five concurrent users System management Interface for CA Unicenter TNG for ClearPath MCP Interface for HP OpenView for ClearPath MCP Security software Kerberos Authentication Security Center Lightweight Directory Access Protocol MCP Encryption Option US (Kerberos Data Encryption, ClearPath Secure Transport, MCP Crypto API) MCP Encryption Option International (Kerberos Data Encryption, ClearPath Secure Transport, MCP Crypto API) Single Point Operations Interface for ClearPath MCP
Development software components

In addition to the software components listed above, the SDK Standard Edition includes the following additional development tools: Development software ALGOL and DCALGOL Compilers ALGOL Test & Debug System C Compiler C Test & Debug System COBOL 74 Compiler COBOL 74 Test & Debug System COBOL 85 Compiler COBOL 85 Test & Debug System Editor Fortran 77 Compiler Fortran 77 Test & Debug System NEWP Compiler Pascal Compiler Report Generator (RPG) Compiler Screen Design Facility (SDF) Plus

Optional software packages

Several optional software packages are available with the SDK. These packages include the Enterprise Application Environment LX Software Developers Kit and the Enterprise Application Environment - LX Software Demonstrators Kit. The Enterprise Application Environment (formerly LINC) LX Software Developers Kit includes Enterprise Application Builder (single developer) and Runtime (single user) for the MCP and Windows 2000/NT environments and the Graphical Interface Developer with repository (single user). With this package and an appropriate Enterprise Application Developer license, a single developer can write, build, and test Enterprise Application Environment applications. This package requires the Standard Edition of the Software Developers Kit for ClearPath MCP. The Enterprise Application Environment LX Software Demonstrators Kit includes Enterprise Application Runtime (single user) for the MCP and Windows 2000/NT environments and the Graphical Interface Developer with repository (single user). This package allows a single user to demonstrate Enterprise Application Environment applications and can be used with either the Standard or Demonstrators Edition of the Software Developers Kit for ClearPath MCP.

Hardware configuration requirements

Unisys has qualified the Software Developers Kit for ClearPath MCP Release 8.0 on specific hardware platforms and configurations and it is licensed for use only on these qualified configurations. Qualified hardware platforms, components, and configurations are listed in the Software Developers Kit for ClearPath MCP Supported Configuration List, which is available in the Solutions section, Products area of the ClearPath eCommunity website at
Terms and conditions

For more ClearPath Servers information and our comprehensive, up-to-date product listings, please visit us on the Web at Youll find even more information on the ClearPath Community website at

Important rules and restrictions apply to the purchase and use of the Software Developers Kit for ClearPath MCP Release 8.0 including: Maintenance Support contracts are not available for the SDK. Software Subscriptions (SSUs) are not available for the SDK. The software is licensed as CustomerSet-Up (CSU). The software is licensed only for nonproduction use by a single user. An Additional Terms and Conditions contract is required. If youd like to know more about the SDK, including complete terms and conditions, please contact your local Unisys representative.

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