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Curriculum Vitae Mr Ross Squires

31 Ryecroft For contact details please E-Mail me

I am a sixteen-year-old Harlow college student, full time and I have secured a good place in my college course, my course is Creative Media which covers a range of different studies such as photography, filming and reviewing. They all cover basic studies of computers and technical work. I know my way around nearly every computer because I have had so much experience in front of a computer. I am a very well organized person and have a positive mind towards all of the work that I do, also I am hard working, dependant and creative when it comes to work. Experience I have had work experience in Hare Street Primary School and this was working 6 hours in a year one class teaching students Basic English, Science and maths. I also write game reviews for a game company called VGM (Video Game Madness) and they have put my reviews on the main page of their website. September 2000 – July 2012 I have achieved many things while growing up and most of them were at secondary school, one of these achievements is being a listener at school which basically means I helped students that are being bullied or just having a hard time keeping up with the work given to them. Now I am in college I have been elected to become student representative, this is basically the same as being a listener but I have to go to meetings and help the college out with problems instead of the students. While being a student rep I have to organize trips and other rewards for the students that have done well in college. I have always been very social able which is good because if you do not speak up you will not gain anything and that is why I am student rep because I have to stand up in front of the whole year in college and show PowerPoint slides and other information that the other students need. I am also writing reviews for console games for a review company called VGM and total number of reviews I have done are four at the moment. It Is hard to write reviews on games because not everyone will like what you are writing about that certain game and therefore will not like some of the reviews. During my time at school students have to do work experience and I chose to be a Teacher Assistant in a primary school. One reason I did this is to help with my vocational skills and speaking a listening skills.

My interests are keeping fit and also studying. However, I cannot always keep up with my interests because of the coursework that I have to do. I like to do random chores around the house and help anyone I can when I can. I also love drawing or doodling when I am bored just to help we practise as well as relieve my boredom. I write reviews for games when I have the time because when they ask me to write them I am always busy with coursework. Grades/Achievements 13 C-A grades including Maths, English and Science also these grades include BTEC. For reference contact my email