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Tips & strategies answering English Language Paper (UPSR ) PAPER 2 QUESTION 1

Study the picture carefully. Get to know where it taken place. Write in BM if you know the meaning of the words. List down all the subject ( people , animal ) , verbs , noun ( things , etc). Make sure the subject is relevant to the verbs. You also can circle the verbs. Start construct your sentences. Check tenses , spelling , punctuation. Example : Subject Father Mother Boy Girl verbs drinking putting watching eating sitting nouns (things) food & drinks mat tree park shoes plate glass

Adjectives : beautiful , windy Preposition : on , beside , under , behind

EXAMPLE 1 - ( 9-10 MARKS ) Excellent and confident use of language. En. Aziz and his family is having picnic at the beautiful park. They are sitting under a big shady tree. En. Aziz is drinking a glass of water while chatting with his family. His wife is putting some food into the plate by using a ladle. His daughter is eating her favourite food using a spoon. His son is watching the scenery of the park and enjoying the fresh air.

EXAMPLE 2 - ( 5-8 MARKS ) Confident use of language throughout. The man is drinking a glass of water. The man is holding a glass. The woman is putting some food into the plate. The boy is sitting on the mat. All of them are sitting under a big tree. The shoes is behind of the man. All the food is on the mat.

QUESTION 2 QUESTION 2(a) information transfer Study the poster , advertisement carefully. Get to know all information given. Look at given clues (answers) Dont write all the words in space provided. Check your answers especially , spelling , punctuation. Make sure you score full marks for this section. QUESTION 2(b) making choice Make your choice. ( only one ) Give your reasons. You may add in 3 or 4 points in your reason. (from the table ) Give supporting ideas for each point. EXAMPLE I would choose _____________________________ becuse it is my choice. it is good. I like it. I like it very much. it is interesting. it is good compared to the others. there are many advantages for me.

The price is RM 12.90

The price is cheap. The price is low. I can afford to buy it. I can save my money. I can use the money to buy other things. I like free gifts. It is not far from my house. I can go there with my friends/ family. Blue is my favourite colour.

The discount is 25%

The free gift is pen. The location / venue is at Taman Maju. The colours are green, red and blue.


TIME / LINKERS T Last Sunday



COMPLEMENT C to the zoo. with their parents. very happy.

Salim and Rajuwent They All of them went were

Last Sunday, Salim and Raju went to the zoo. They went there with their parents. All of them were very happy. They went there by car.

TIME / LINKERS T After that

SUBJECT S Salim Raju The elephant

VERB V took

COMPLEMENT C many pictures at the zoo.

was riding an elephant. was very tame.

They went there at eight oclock in the morning. They reached there at nine oclock. There were many people there. After that, Salim took many pictures at the zoo. Raju was riding an elephant. The elephant was very tame.


SUBJECT S Raju Salim The monkey



helped to take Salims pictures with the monkeys was giving enjoyed banana to the monkey. the banana.

Raju helped Salim to take his picture with the monkey. Salim was giving banana to the monkey. The monkey enjoyed the bananas. They were very happy to come here. They hoped that they can come here again. They returned home happily.