electrolytic deposits. etc…). Automatic Heading Hot press Heat treatment Grinding Thread rolling Secondary machining and NC turning Plastic injection Anodizing Electrolytic and vacuum cadmium plating IVD Silver plating Passivation MPI FPI Eddy current Grinding burns (NITAL) Mechanical testing (tensile. . BOMBARDIER. nuts. certifications and the approval it has Lisi is an international group specialising in producing assembly components for 3 areas of excellence : . clip-nuts. creep…) Difused nickel-cadmium plating Hard chromium plating Technical expertise and innovation Over and above its AS9100.LISI COSMETICS: Fragrance and cosmetics assembly and packaging components A top level supplier to the major companies working in these sectors. GEAE… and a quality of product and service which is continually evolving has allowed LISI AEROSPACE to become a leading player in its field. nickel and cobalt superalloys and titanium alloys. UTC. our expertise in heat treatment processes and the most widely used surface treatments in the aerospace industry (vacuum processes. engine tie-rods…. International Innovation Excellence Commitment Worldwide N° 1 in Europe for the aerospace industry worldwide Materials range from low alloy steels to the extremely high performance corrosion resistance steel alloys. LISI AEROSPACE is committed to continuously moving forward and improving on its levels of excellence. LISI AEROSPACE’s range is extensive. Over 70 years of experience Multi-specialist Quality commitment Continuous Improvement Customer Service Technologies With a production capability of over 1 1/8’’ in diameter. it is able to satisfy the majority of its customers’ requirements and demonstrate its desire to be a client-focused. BOEING. multi-specialist group. SNECMA. LISI AEROSPACE offers a range of products which are manufactured from start to finish within its factories. EMBRAER. thus guaranteeing total process control. IVD. gained from the vast majority of aerospace manufacturers. renowned for its customer service and innovative capabilities. from standard fasteners to safety parts. ISO 9001. including solid rivets. As a result. EN9100. excellence and commitment.LISI AEROSPACE: Aerospace fasteners and assembly components .Leading edge supplier Multi-specialist for aerospace More than 70 years experience in aerospace fasteners collaborating with AIRBUS. shear. fatigue. LISI’s values are innovation.LISI AUTOMOTIVE: Automotive fasteners and assembly components .

ASNA. 300 series SS). LN. cobalt-nickel superalloys. cadmium plating. BAC. passivation. aluminium pigmented coatings. anodizing. aluminium pigmented coating. primer paint. dry film lubricant. CRES (A286) G Passivation. silver plating. 12 points…) Various recess available : TORQSET®. high temperature dry lubricant G Diameter : up to 1 1/8“ CLIP-NUTS Clip-on nuts for quick installation G G Quick and friendly installation without tooling Accomodates most panel thickness and edge distance requirements Alloy steel. PHILLIPS®. international or customer drawings (NAS. ASNA. TORX®. high temperature dry film lubricant G Diameter : up to 1 1/8“ STANDARD NUTS Standard nuts according to national.1 1/8“ LOCKBOLTS Pull type fasteners for structural assembly G G G Low installation time High preload Light weight G G Pin : TI6AL4V. CRES (A286. titanium and torlon G G Silver plating. NFL. cetyl alcohol. Inconel 718®. dry film lubricant. flush. nylon. cethyl alcohol G Diameter : up to 1 1/8“ STANDARD THREADED FASTENERS Standard threaded fasteners according to national. ABS. cethyl alcohol G Diameter : up to 1 1/8“ PULL-IN / PULL-STEM Hi-Lites Pull type installation for high interference fit application G G G High interference fit (up to 180 µm) Fatigue resistance Installation friendly G Alloy steel. alloy steel. aluminium pigmented coatings.5V. anodizing. CRES (A286). CRES (300 series SS. aluminium pigmented coatings. series PH). ABS. Waspaloy®. TI6AK4V G G Drilling of threads or head upon request IVD. inconel 718 Collar : titanium 3A1-2. AS…) G G Various head type (hexagonal. cylindrical. B. NFL. aluminium 7075 Collar : monel. cadmium. inconel 718® G Aluminium pigmented coating. cadmium plating Collar : anodizing.10/16“ TAPER-LOKS / TAPER HI-LITES Tapered Shank Bolts for structural assembly G G G High interference (up to 200 µm) Good fatigue resistance Accessibility G Alloy steel. cetyl alcohol. cetyl alcohol G Diameter : 5/32“ . cetyl alcohol. dry film lubricant. TI6AL4V. BAC. anodizing. passivation. passivation. AS…) G Various types available G Alloy steel. MS. alodine. silver plating G Diameter : 5/32“ . A286. phosphatation G Diameter : 10/32“ . CRES (A283. aluminium series 2024 or 7075 G G Pin : IVD. cetyl alcohol. TI6AL4V. B. aluminium 2024 or 7075 G G Pin : IVD. DIN. cadmium plating Collar : anodizing. alloy steel.PRODUCTS FEATURES MATERIALS FINISH CAPABILITY HI-LOKS / HI-LITES Threaded fasteners for structural assembly G G G G G G G Controlled preload Accessibility High resistance and fatigue life Self locking Self torquing Visual inspection of torquing Light weight G G Pin : TI6AL4V. silver plating. cetyl alcohol. dry film lubricant. zinc coated. aluminium pigmented coating. cadmium plating. series AISI. passivation. inconel 718® G IVD. titanium T35. MS.TRIWing®… G Alloy steel. international or customer drawings (NAS. CRES. aluminium pigmented coating. dry film lubricant. aluminium 7075. cadmium plating. DIN. 174PH). passivation.

nylon. anodizing. hard chromium plating G Diameter : up to 2“ LARGE DIAMETER BOLTS Bolts with T. high temperature dry film lubricant. silver plating G Diameter : up to more than 2“ SPECIAL NUTS Special nuts according to national. tubing. 12 points head according to customer drawings… G Various shape available G Cobalt-nickel superalloys. passivation. nickel. inconel 718®. D. NFL. hard chromium plating. AS…) G Various shapes available (hexagonal. castellated. CRES (A286). ABS. spline. cadmium plating. ASNA. aluminium. MoS2. hook head type… Close tolerances tie-rod… G G Many possibilities of high performance special fasteners Close tolerances G A286. cadmium plating. 12 points. BAC. IVD G Diameter : 3/16“ . A286 G Dry lubricant G Diameter : up to 2“ . primer paint G Diameter : 10/32“ INSERTS AND STUDS High performance fasteners for a maximum resistance to pull-out and rotation G G G Mechanically locked against rotation by ring or keys Self broaching version available Mechanical lock or vespel selflocking insert G A286. alloy steel. cobalt-nickel superalloys. Waspaloy® G Passivation.PRODUCTS FEATURES MATERIALS FINISH CAPABILITY 1/4 TURN Panel fasteners for quick installation by a quarter turn rotation G G Quick and safe installation Many possibilities on design according to customer needs G G Pin : alloy steel. alloy steel. H11 G IVD. cetyl alcohol. silver plating. DIN. aluminium pigmented coating. MS. aluminium pigmented coating. inconel 718®. TI6AL4V. cetyl alcohol. CRES G Cadmium plating.5/8“ SPECIAL THREADED FASTENERS Bolts with square. passivation G Diameter : 4/32“ . CRES (A286) G Passivation MOS2. silver plating. passivation. alloy steel. Inconel 718®. Inconel 718®. PH series. ducting and other components away from the structure to prevent damage from vibration and chaffing G G Clip-on. cadmium plating.4/16“ SPACERS / STAND-OFF Hold wiring. cadmium plating. the failure of which would be detrimental to aircraft life or integrity G G G Tracability of each part 100% NDT at each step of the process Very close tolerances G TI6AL4V. silver plating. PH series G Dry film lubricant. H11. beryllium copper. TI6AL4V. inconel 718 ®. D. B. cadmium plating. shank nut…) G Alloy steel. bonded or riveted Many configurations G Beryllium-copper alloy. high temperature dry lubricant… Difused nickel. plastic… G Cadmium plating. phosphatation. high temperature dry lubricant G Diameter : up to 1 1/8“ SAFETY PARTS High criticity fasteners. international or customer drawings (NAS. dry film lubricant. cobalt-nickel superalloys. CRES Receptacles : alloy steel.

red color Collar : red color G Diameter : 1/8“ . release Fast installation and removal High mechanical resistance G CRES G Passivation G Diameter : 3/16“ . black oxyde treatment brunissage Gripper and spacer : anti-adhesive coating.PRODUCTS FEATURES MATERIALS FINISH CAPABILITY BLIND NUTS / BLIND BOLTS Blind fasteners consisting of a ductile sleeve and an expander (more a core bolt in the case of blind bolt) G G G G Blind High resistance to tension and shear Can be used in composite Efficient repair solution for nut plate G G Sleeve : aluminium. titanium G IVD. double action. A286 G Passivation G Diameter : 5/32“ . aluminium pigmented resin G Diameter : 5/32“ .3/8“ ELLIPNUTS One piece blind nut G G G Blind Mechanical rotation locking Light weight G Alloy steel 300 series SS G Cadmium plating. steel 305 or A286 Expander : steel 303 or 301.3/8“ REP Temporary tack rivets G G G High preload Fast installation and removal Possibility of removal by drilling the head of the fastener (aluminium version) G G Pin : alloy steel or aluminium Collar : aluminium G G Pin : phosphate coated.5/8“ TOOLING G G DRILLNG Nut plate drill Mini Quad Pod Portable drills… G G G G G G ASSEMBLY Nut runners Compression riveter Pull-in/stem hydraulic gun Lockbolt hydraulic gun / pistols Hydraulic rams Solid rivet C-yoke and jaws G G POWER UNIT Hydraulic power unit Air-hydraulic power unit G CONTROL Preload checking feature Torque checking feature LISI AEROSPACE designs. dry lubricant G Diameter : 3/32“ .1/2“ HI-SET Similar to a solid rivet but offers the strength of a standard bolt G G Single piece fastener offering good resistance to shear and tension Automation friendly G A286. dry film lubricant G Diameter : 1/4“ . fay sealant flow away or clamping G G G G Controlled preload Maintain preload while the sealant flows away Holding of drilling rack Aligning of elements G Alloy steel G G Body : galvanised.5/32“ QUICK RELEASE PINS Fasteners for frequent and quick installation and removal G G G Different styles available : single action. passivation.1“ TEMPORARY FASTENERS Pre-assembly temporary fasteners for parts positioning. manufactures and sells a full range of tooling specially designed for the installation of its fasteners G G .

Turquie Tel.Canada Tel. No 21 35410 Gaziemir-Izmir .CV21 3 RQ .Spain Tel.06/05 . avenue Didier Daurat . rue de Bercy .Hein-Saß-Weg 36 21129 Hamburg .193.Parc d’Activités F .USA Tel. allée du Clos des Charmes .RUGBY G TORONTO G MONTREAL G G HAMBOURG SEATTLE G G G MADRID COLLEGIEN PARIS ST OUEN TOULOUSE VIGNOUX VILLEFRANCHE NEW YORK G PARAMOUNT CITY OF TORRANCE G G G INDUSTRY TIJUANA G G AUSTIN ATLANTA G G IZMIR Our locations worldwide STANDARD THREADED FASTENERS SPECIAL THREADED FASTENERS TAPER-LOK / TAPER HI-LITE LARGE DIAMETER BOLTS BLIND NUT / BLIND BOLT TEMPORARY FASTENERS SPACER / STAND-OFF QUICK RELEASE PINS PULL-IN / PULL-STEM INSERTS AND STUDS STANDARD NUTS HI-LOK / HI-LITE SAFETY PARTS SPECIAL NUTS LOCKBOLT CLIP-NUT 1/4 TURN TOOLING ELLIPNUT HI-SET G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G LISI AEROSPACE . Quebec H9P 2X5 . rue de Bercy F . Ayfer Sok.California .Fax +44 1788 568183 EUROFAST 26.90509-2975 .Allemagne Tel.77090 Collégien Tel.Fax +33 (0)1 43 40 88 76 BLANC AERO INDUSTRIES Tour Gamma “A” .PICTURES CITY OF INDUSTRY IZMIR RUGBY SAINT-OUEN L’AUMÔNE TIJUANA TORRANCE VIGNOUX SUR BARANGEON VILLEFRANCHE DE ROUERGUE LISI AEROSPACE CANADA © : ATR/EADS .F .75582 Paris Cedex 12 Tel.England Tel.BP 51 F . +33 (0)5 34 60 45 35 . +49 40 743 81800 .com BLANC AERO INDUSTRIES 17.AIRBUS/I3M .Fax +33 (0)5 34 60 50 40 BLANC AERO INDUSTRIES GmbH . 29 3°D 28901 Getafe .Fax +33 (0)1 60 06 12 75 HI-SHEAR CORPORATION 2600 Skypark Drive Torrance .193.BOEING REP .Immeuble Thalès . +1 310 326 8110 .Fax +49 40 743 81801 FT BESTAS Ege Serbest Bol.ARIANE ESPACE . +33 (0)1 44 67 85 85 . +33 (0)1 60 06 96 50 . +1 514 421 4567 .EADS .Fax +1 514 421 4566 mail@lisi-aerospace.CA 91748-1288 Tel.Fax +33 (0)1 43 40 88 76 BLANC AERO INDUSTRIES UK Butlers Leap Rugby Warwickshire . +33 (0)1 44 67 85 85 .Fax +90 232 251 72 74 THE MONADNOCK COMPANY 18301 East Arenth Avenue City of Industry .Fax +1 626 965 5481 LISI AEROSPACE Canada 2000 place Transcanadienne Dorval. +90 232 251 72 72 .Tour Gamma “A” . +1 626 964 6581 .31702 Blagnac Cedex EUROSAGA 33 (0)3 84 21 01 12 .Fax +34 91 601 9025 www.lisi-aerospace. +44 1788 560916 . +34 91 601 1107 .75582 Paris Cedex 12 Tel.Madrid .Fax +1 310 784 4144 LISI AEROSPACE SL C/Madrid.