CheckPoint: Criminal Acts and Choice Theories Response Criminal Acts and Choice Theories Response Write a 200

-300 word response in which you describe choice theories and how they relate to crime.


In order to complete this assignment I had to break it into pieces to get a better idea of the information requested. It would appear that in order to understand choice theories you must first define and page 82 of the textbook gives the definition as, “A perspective on crime causation that holds that criminality is the result of conscious choice. Rational choice theory predicts that individuals will choose to commit crime when the benefits of doing so outweigh the costs of disobeying the law.” The very definition covers a variety of crimes and asks if the defendant made the choice to commit the crime as a conscious choice.

Describe the common models for society to determine which acts are considered criminal. On page 80 of the textbook (table 3-1) Shows the many different theories and who came up with each of those theories. Society often bases the judgment of what is considered to be a criminal act based on motive, opportunity, evidence, and the often forgotten individuals mind set. Some crimes may not be crimes at all? Well of course there are instances of murder where it could have been self-defense, mental disability; some theorists claim that some criminals can’t help it because of genetics, or upbringing and the environment in which they learned as children.

Explain how choice theories of crime affect society. It is my belief that choice theories help to make laws that protect the innocent and keep certain acts from happening more frequently and criminals from becoming repeat offenders with loop holes to slip through. Each time a case is tried the defendant gets the right to a fair trial so the laws must be created with specific circumstances covered so that they can better determine which criminals can be rehabilitated and which cannot.

Rachel Kershaw

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