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Chapter 10 1. The ability of an instrument to reveal the minor details of the object under examination is called its a.

linear magnification b. power of lens power 2. If x is wavelength of light then the resolving power of lens is a. min = 1.22 D/ = 1.22 /D 3. The resolving power of grating spectrometer in a. R = / 4. b. min = 1.22D/ c. R = Nm d. both a & c b. R = / c. R = Nm d. min c. magnifying power d. resolving

The simple microscope is used where a. high magnification is required c. low resolution is required b. high resolution is required

d. low magnification is required


The compound microscope is used where a. high resolution is required c. low resolution is required b. high magnification is required d. low magnification is required


The resolution of compound microscope can be increased by using a. red light b. green light c. blue light d. all


In an astronomical telescope the mage formed by objective in a. virtual, inverted and diminished c. red erect and diminished b. real, inverted and enlarged d. red inverted and diminished


The used of blue light increases the resolution of microscope because it a. decreases diffraction c. decreases interference b. increases diffraction d. increases interference


The aperture of a telescope is kept large to a. increase magnifying power b. collect large amount of light d. get sharp image

c. increases its resolving power 10.

The collimator is spectrometer is used to a. provide parallel rays of light b. diffract the rays of light c. reflect the rays of light d. transmit the rays of light


The angle subtended by one side of the eight sided mirror is a. 2 rad b. /8 rad c. /2 rad d. /4 rad


Bells photo phone used a modulated beam of reflected sunlight focused on a. photodiode b. photo cells c. LEP d. selenium detector


The optical bibers have a. much wider band width capability b. no electromagnetic interference c. transmit light around corners d. all of these

14. 38.Multimode graded index fiber has core which ranges in diameter from a. 50 to 100 m b. 50 to 100 m c. 5 to 50 m d. 10 to 100 m 15. In multimode mode graded index fiber the diameter of core in a. 50 m 16. b. 5 m c. 10 m d. 50 to 1000 m

In new system of fibre optic communication the repeaters are placed after the distance of a. 150 km b. 100 km c. 30 km d. 200 km


In step index the information received at the end of optical fiber can be inaccurate due to a. reflection b. scattering c. multiple reflection d. dispersion


The magnifying power of simple microscope is a. 1-d/f b. 2+ f/d c. 1+ f/d d. 1+d/f


The magnifying power of a compound microscope is a. magnification of objective x magnification of eye piece b. magnification of objective magnification of eye piece c. magnification of objective + magnification of eye piece d. magnification of objective magnification of eye piece


The length of astronomical refracting telescope with convex lens as eye piece for normal adjustment is a. f0 fe b. f0/fe c. f0 + fe d. f0 x fe


In astronomical telescope the image formed by eye piece is a. real b. virtual c. neither real nor virtual d. none


An image formed by a concave lens is always a. virtual b. real c. inverted d. none

23.The resolving power of telescope depends on a. the focal length of objective lens b. the focal length of eye lens c. the length of telescope d. the diameter of objective lens 24.In compound microscope, the intermediate image is a. virtual erect and magnified b. real, erect and magnified c. real, inverted and magnified d. virtual, erect and reduced 25. The refractive index of air is a. 1.5 b. 1 c. 1.4 d. 1.334. 26.For a telescope, larger the diameter of the objective a. greater in the magnification b. smaller in a magnification c. smaller in the resolving power d. none

27.If the focal length of the objective lens is increased then a. magnifying power of microscope and telescope both will increase b. magnifying power of microscope and telescope both will decrease c. magnifying power of microscope will increase but that of telescope will decrease d. Magnifying power of microscope will decrease but that of telescope will increase 28.In multimode step index fiber the refractive index steps down from a. 11.5 to zero b. 0 to1.5 c. 1.52 to 1.48 d. none 29.When an object is placed inside the focal length of a convex lens then the image is at a. infinity b. at least distance of distinct vision c. away from 2f d. 2f 30.In normal adjustment of telescope, the image formed by the objective will be at a. focus of both lenses b. with in the focus of eye piece c. with in the focus of objective d. only at focus of eye piece 31. Wavelength used in fiber optic communication system lies in a. ultraviolet region b. infrared region c. x rays region d. all 32.Critical angle is that angle of incidence in the denser medium for which the angle of refraction in the rare medium is a. 0 b. 45 c. 900 d. 0 180 33.The refractive index of glass is least for a. red light b. yellow light c. violet light d. green light 34.An optical fiber with its protective case may be typically a. 6 mm b. 5 mm c. 6 cm d. 5 cm 35.Using a graded index fiber the time difference is reduced to about a. 1 ns per Km b. 1 sec per km c. 33 ns per km d. 33 sec per km 36.In optical fiber communication system the typical wavelength used is a. 1.3 m b. 3 m c. 3.1 m d. 1 m 37.The band width of light carrier wave in fibre optics as compared to radio carrier wave is a. shorter b. greater c. equal d. all