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March 15, 2013 TO: FROM: Fisk University Faculty, Staff and Students

Princilla Evans Morris
Princilla Evans Morris Executive Vice President & Provost Registration for Maymester 2013, Summer 2013 and Fall 2013


Registration opens for the Maymester 2013, Summer 2013 and Fall 2013 terms on March 18, 2013. Maymester 2013 Maymester at FISK represents an innovative opportunity for students and faculty to engage in a scholarly discourse applying critical thinking to traditional course offerings within the rich Fisk curriculum. The curriculum offers the opportunity to explore resources that are typically not fully accessible during the traditional academic year. Students and faculty will engage in a blended course format which includes engagement activities within the broader Nashville community. Students will submit an application and participate in an interview to determine their interests and motivation for this academic experience. Students who are independent thinkers and possess good organizational skills with a strong academic background are likely candidates for success in the Maymester at FISK. All students must register and prepay their Maymester bill in full by April 12, 2013. Tuition is $770 per semester hour. If students pay their bill by April 5, 2013 they will benefit from the incentive of a 10% discount. Dates: May 7-31, 2013 Application deadline: March 22, 2013 Registration Deadline: April 12, 2013 Requirements: Application, interview, student assessment Required Training: Each student will need to participate in a training focused on blackboard, critical thinking and service learning. Please contact Dr. Sheila Peters at (615) 329-8617 or via email at with any questions, concerns or more detailed information.

Summer 2013 Summer school classes will be offered this summer. Tuition is $770 per semester hour. All students must register and prepay their summer bill in full by April 25, 2013. If students pay their bill by April 12, 2013 they will benefit from the incentive of a 10% discount. On April 26, 2013 we will announce the courses that are approved for the summer semester. Six (6) students is the minimum class size in order to guarantee the course will be offered. Students may be eligible for financial aid to help pay tuition costs. The deadlines are provided to help all concerned make plans for the summer in a timely manner. Please be guided by these important dates. Fall 2013 All current students are required to enroll for Fall 2013 if they plan to matriculate at Fisk University during the stated term. Academic advising is available for each student. Please utilize the resources provided by the University and do not leave your timely graduation to chance. There are several advantages to registering by the deadline April 26, 2013.      You choose the time you desire to take a course You choose the professor you wish to have facilitate your learning process. You increase the chance that the course will be offered You will not have to “take what’s left”. You will not have the $125 fee added to your account because you waited too long!

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