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Assignment 1
Instructor: Philip Van Manen
1. Karthikeyan Rajasekar - 100125105


Introduction: IPhone being a leading industry in North America is outsourcing a lot of work outside the country to increase productivity and quality. Their mainly focus on Asian countries to fulfill these challenges. The working conditions and labour rules in most of the Asian countries are flexible and easy going, which gives route labour abuses being possible in the manufacturing factories. A late Steve job who is a visionary always focused on quality and perfection but according to this article he only concentrated on the products quality and on time delivery but failed to manage the working conditions in his supply chain. Allegations of labor abuse in Apple's iPad factories in China: This article talks about how the workers in China working for the supply chain of Apple being abused and forced to suicide. Workers in these factories are forced to work overtime without any break in week. They are provided basic needs like food and dormitory, but the food is unhygienic and more than 20 people are made to live in a small room which can hardly fit 10. The supply chain workers are made to stand for hours without a break which makes it hardly possible to walk after their shift. Daily Mail newspaper reported 140 injured after the use poisonous chemicals being used to clean iPhone screens. Few months after this incident there was explosion in the same factory, which resulted in 4 deaths and 77 injuries. When a reporter interviewed an apple executive after this incident, he admitted that the company is aware of such incidents happening in few companies for the past few years and they have ignored it since those kinds of work conditions are helping them to deliver greater productivity. The horrifying part of this article is the suicide nets being built around factories and dormitories. According to the article around 18 people have attempted suicide due to the work stress and 1 employee jumped from a high rise due to the fear of losing an iPhone prototype. All the workers in these factories were also provided with mental health treatment. Finally the article reveals that Apple Inc. only concentrated on increasing product quality and decreasing production cost. Relationship with Supervision 1. New York Times After apples auditing it was found that every year at least one code of conduct was violated by its suppliers and the Head office in California was informed about hazardous chemicals used by the supplier. Chapter 3 talks about certain roles and responsibility for a supplier side supervisor or the top level management, both were clearly not followed- they were targeting profits.

2. This incident related with chapter 4 Maslows hierarchy of needs All these companies only focused on physiological needs of the employee but failed to satisfy social or security needs, the best example for this is mentioned below Work hard on the job today or work hard to find a job tomorrow."- Is there security 3. Chapter 5 talks about relationship channel between employee and supervisor, they employees were fired if they spoke with their subordinates and the employee had to face a pay cut is they refuse to work overtime 4. According to chapter 6 , Your barometer for the right discipline line is whether you have create a climate that generates the highest quality productivity and relationships among employees and their supervisor. According to this article both the basic needs like the relationship or the working conditions were not satisfied. Apple claims to have proposed a code of conduct but none of the factories tend to follow it and Apples management seems to be fine with it as long as there is profit. Conclusion Being a multinational company there are certain flaws to be encountered down the supply chain, but when those flaws leads to death or injury, the companys management should put their step forward and change the working conditions for a safe workplace. Only profit is not the key for success a company should follow some moral ethics, irrespective of the country they might find a supplier