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Kathy  E.


M.S., agricultural economics. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech),
B.A., magna cum laude graduate with honors, journalism with minor in agricultural economics,
University of Georgia, Athens.
A.A., with honors, journalism. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, Georgia.

Teaching  Interests  
•   User-centered design: crafting digital experiences that are usable, functional and delightful
•   Societal impacts of technology: merging research and practice from psychology, economics, and
communication theory
•   Digital storytelling: understanding and effectively deploying multimedia (video, still photography,
audio and text) on the web and mobile devices
•   Business processes; project management; leadership; best management practices with particular
emphasis on creating usable digital communication campaigns and artifacts.

Teaching  Experience  
Professor (1997-present, part-time and full-time)
•   Develop curriculum materials and teach courses grounded in user experience, Internet
technology and communication, from basic HTML (mid-1990s when there were no
textbooks) to XML (late 1990s when there were no textbooks) to how communicators should
incorporate Twitter into a communications strategy (2009).
•   Acting director of the Master of Communication, Digital Media program at the University of
Washington, Spring 2006.
•   External advisor for Lake Washington Technical College Bachelor of Technology in Applied
South Puget Sound Community College, Lacey. Adjunct Faculty. May 2015 – current.
Use industry and government experience to teach continuing education classes to adult learners, primarily
employees of the State of Washington
o   Developed and taught one-day course, Introduction to InDesign, July 2015
o   Co-developed new certificate (four two-day courses) in interaction design; taught capstone course
in October 2015
o   Co-developed new certificate (four two-day courses) in usability; taught introductory course in
January 2016 and measurement course in March 2016; slated to teach feedback and deliverables
course in April 2016
Sanford Brown College, Renton. Adjunct Faculty. May 2015 – current.
Teach undergraduate portfolio classes in digital design
o   Design 220: Web Design. Revised and taught five-week course.
o   Design 400: User-Centered Design. Revised and taught five-week course,
o   Graphics 410: Mobile App Design. Developed and taught five-week course,

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University of Washington, Seattle. Adjunct Faculty, UWEO, September 2011 December 2015.
Blend skills and theory into applied classes for quarterly evening degree certificate classes that may be
face-to-face, hybrid or online; up to 5 credit hours.
o   Introduction to Web Design. Fall 2011, Winter 2013, Winter 2015
o   Digital Publishing Tools. Winter 2013, Winter 2014, Fall 2014
o   Social Media Leadership. Summer 2014
University of Washington, Seattle. Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication; September 2003 –
June 2011; Adjunct Faculty, June 2011-June 2013. Acting Director, Master of Communication Digital
Media Program, Spring 2006.
Utilized industry experience and proven communication principles to guide diverse student body in
emerging digital communication practice and theory. Advised students enrolled in independent projects.
Served on Faculty Council on University Relations; Faculty Senate; Special Committee on Honorary
Degrees; and the UW TV Advisory Committee.
o   Basic Concepts of New Media, COM300. Winter and/or Spring 2005-2009, Summer 2011.
o   Building Mobile Applications, COM597. Summer 2010.
o   Digital Communication Technologies, COM495. Fall 2009-2010, Winter 2012.
o   Digital Democracy, COM597. Fall 2008, 2010, 2012.
o   Digital Journalism, COM466. Spring 2009-2011.
o   Economics of Digital Communication, COM597. Summer 2007-2008, Fall 2009, 2011.
o   Evolution and Trends in New Media Technologies, COM 546. Fall 2003-2007, Winter 20092011.
o   How Twitter Is Changing Organizations, COM597. Summer 2009.
o   Message Design and Content Creation, COM585. Winter 2004-2008, Spring 2010, Fall 2011.
o   Social Technologies, Media and Politics, COM 460. Spring 2007-2008.
o   Theories and Practice of Interactive Media, COM597. Fall 2003-2004.
o   Writing and Presentation for Digital Media, COM586. Spring 2004-2007, Spring 2012.
Seattle Community Colleges. Seattle. Part-Time Instructor. Taught one quarter at South; primarily
taught at Central. March 2001 – June 2003.
Developed new courses, modified existing courses. At Central, served on committee to revise Web
developer and design curriculum; under grant, revised two of three core classes. At Central, served on
Dan Evans Award Committee.
o   Advanced Web Design, CIS211. Fall 2001; Winter, Spring and Fall 2002; Winter 2003.
o   Effective Presentations with Powerpoint, ITC160. Winter 2002; Winter 2003.
o   Interface Design , ITC200. Spring and Fall 2001; Spring and Fall 2002; Spring 2003.
o   Web Authoring 2, ITC120. Winter and Spring 2002.
o   Web Tracking and Research, Spring 2001.
o   Writing and Editing for the Web, Spring 2001.
Highline Community College. Des Moines, Washington. Part-time faculty.
April 1999 – June 2000.
o   IMP 202, Webmaster Two, intermediate web authoring.
o   IMP 203, Webmaster Three, introduction to web servers and interactive web sites.
o   Instrumental in refining curriculum design for 1999-2000 series.
Lake Washington Technical College. Redmond, Washington. Part-time faculty.
April 1998 – December 1999.
o   Advanced HTML, Spring 1998.
o   HTML2, Fall 1999. Had to extensively revise assignments because the book selected for the
course did not conform to web standards.

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Bellevue Community College. Bellevue, Washington. Continuing Education Instructor. August 1997 –
August 2000.
o   Taught Writing for the Web, a one-day class, each quarter. Top ranked trainer for the technical
writing certificate. Due to popularity, expanded to two classes per quarter in fall 1999.

Trainer (1994-present, part-time)
Contract Trainer, Washington Motorcycle Safety Program. March 2000 – present
o   Integrate classroom and on-cycle training; teach adults how to ride motorcycles. Team teaching
environment (two instructors per 12 students). Classroom sessions emphasize facilitated learning.
Requires certification by Washington State Department of Licensing and the Motorcycle Safety
o   Contracts with Evergreen Safety Council, Seattle; Washington Motorcycle Safety Training,
Everett; Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Safety, Poulsbo.
Dale Carnegie Courses Instructor. Bellevue, Washington. 1994 – 1997.

Webmaster (part-time), King County Elections. Renton, WA. November 2011 – present.
Manage website for the largest county in the U.S. to vote entirely by mail; portions of the site are translated
into Chinese and Vietnamese and must be maintained per federal law. Ensure web content is on-brand, onmessage and user-centered.
•   Developed social media policies; created the Elections Twitter account.
•   Led creation of mobile-optimized sub-site for 2012 general election.
•   Worked with County web team to redesign the website using a Twitter Bootstrap framework.
Currently designing website to conform with new templates prior to content migration.
Consultant, BEST Consulting, Kirkland, WA. January 2000 – March 2001.
•   Advised team developing Intranet Web site for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group Information
Services Vice President; role was project team Information Architect and Usability Specialist.
Responsibilities included audience identification, user task identification, site information
architecture, interface, and expert usability analysis. Prepared site prototype and migrated to
•   Analyzed competing Web sites and developed interface for proposed online grocery commerce site;
role was project team Information Architect and Interface Designer.
•   Developed multi-media presentation for annual BEST sales meeting; served as New Media
Consultant to senior management.
Training Consultant, AT&T Wireless, National Business Ordering, Redmond, WA. April – December
1999. Employee of Codesic, Kirkland, WA.
•   Authored product documentation and designed training materials for internal AT&T Wireless
•   Presented training to two core employee groups: customer support and system administration.
Training material scope ranged from end-user to system administrator and included customized
material for third party applications.
•   Re-purposed training information for intranet delivery.

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Web Consultant, Intranet, The Boeing Company, Commercial Airplane Group, DCAC/MRM, Renton,
WA. December 1996 – March 1999. Employee of MediaPro, Bellevue, WA.
•   Identified end user requirements for internal Web sites supporting the DCAC/MRM program, a
corporate re-engineering initiative, utilizing focus groups and surveys. Working with cross-functional
design team, incorporated information into revised Web site design, which was the largest intranet
site within the company.
•   Served as liaison between development team and Web site customers for “skunk works”
DCAC/MRM project delivering mission-critical information seamlessly from two disparate
•   Served on two company-wide teams: one for developing the Boeing Web Help site and one for
developing a process and symbol for authenticating intranet content company-wide.
•   Wrote “how-to” guide to building Web pages for internal Boeing “Web help” site. Developed “help”
guides for common Web activities.
•   Developed style guide for work group sites wishing to be published under the DCAC/MRM umbrella.
Other  Consulting  Projects  (alphabetical), Columnist. New York, 1997– 2000, 2004-2009.
•   Wrote column (blog) for one of the top 10 visited content sites on the Internet. In January 2008, my
site recorded almost 700,000 page views.
The Burke Museum, Web/Communications Consultant, Seattle, WA. October 2002 – 2003.
•   Maintained web with weekly updates and implement revised design/s focusing on accessibility, crossbrowser compatibility, and organization branding/communications objectives.
•   Advised Museum on new Web projects and technologies for managing content, both for internet and
proposed intranet.
Clarion West. Seattle WA. 2013-2014.
•   Led advisory committee through website redesign process, mitigating long-standing tensions between
the group due to different opinions as to the way forward.
The Gallatin Group, Information Architect/Consultant, Seattle, WA. April 2000 – 2003.
•   Designed web site for major Northwest public affairs company, incorporating look and feel of printed
materials. Maintain site.
•   Created intranet for regional offices to share calendars, documents.
GeekWire, Freelance Columnist. Seattle, WA. 2012-present.
•   Example: Lawrence Lessig at ‘Killswitch’ Seattle premiere: Money, politics and the battle for the
MediaShift, Freelance Columnist. 2011-present.
•   Example: 5 Lessons from teaching online and hybrid classes
Plum Creek Timber, Information Architect/Consultant, Seattle, WA. April 2000 – 2004.
•   Re-designed web site for this Northwest forest products company, working with internal crossfunctional team and external graphic artist. Analyzed existing corporate site and content; identified
and prioritized audiences. Developed audience survey for company to implement. Recommended site
architecture that blended visitor and corporate goals. Developed Web style guide for internal use.
•   Advised client on repurposing existing content for optimal readability and scanability.

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SAFECO, Web Developer, Seattle, WA. August 2002 – September 2002.
•   Developed eLearning project as contractor under direction of Accenture. Converted pilot instructional
materials to eLearning format for intranet deployment, creating interface from artist concept and
recommending content edits to aid readability.
•   Created functional requirements document to prevent project scope creep.
Vote Alice. South Carolina. Fall 2014.
•   Designed and built website for local political campaign. Candidate won, defeating an incumbent.
•   Strategic advice on all content, printed and digital, as well as social media. Developed candidate door
Waldo for Governor. Seattle, WA. Fall 1995 - Fall 1996.
•   Created and maintained web site. First state gubernatorial candidate site with its own URL; second
web site online in this race.
•   Liaison with Seattle news media, delivering news releases and candidate schedule via e-mail.
Washington Citizens for World Trade, Project Manager and Developer, Olympia, WA.
February 1999 – February 2001.
•   Led volunteer committee through planning process for advocacy web site – –
including specifying technical requirements and audience definition; also facilitated communication
goals development and documentation.
•   Interacted with six-person advisory committee composed of senior level managers from national and
international forest products companies.

Master’s  Thesis  
Dairy Product Utilization and Consumer Demand for Milk in the Fast-Food Sector of Virginia.
•   The primary objective was to gather data about dairy product sales in the fast-food sector and to
evaluate potential marketing strategies applicable to dairy product promotion in the fast-food sector.
•   “Demand for Milk in Fast-Food Outlets in Virginia,” paper based on thesis, selected for presentation
at annual meeting, Illinois. American Agricultural Economics Association. 1980.

•   Acted as technical editor for “Dummies” series book on America Online 6.0, PC.
•   Wrote two chapters for The Internet Bible, second edition.
•   Wrote chapter on web development tools for IDG book scheduled for September 1999; served as
technical editor on additional chapters. CMP Books, October 2000, eventually published the book,
Web Accessibility for People With Disabilities.
•   Wrote chapter on government web site usability, Usability in Government Systems: User Experience
Design for Citizens and Public Servants, ed. Elizabeth Buie, Dianne Murray, 2012.


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Papers  and  Publications  
•   “Blogs and Podcasts As Student Deliverables,” invited paper, International Technology, Education
and Development Conference [INTED], Valencia, Spain. 2008.
•   “Blogging, RSS and the Information Landscape: A Look At Online News,” peer-reviewed paper,
WWW 2005 : The 14th International WWW Conference, Chiba, Japan. 2005.
•   “How can we measure the influence of the blogosphere?,” peer-reviewed paper, WWW 2004 : The
13th International WWW Conference, New York. 2004.

“The Race of the Web Sites: 2004,” analysis of Democratic and Republican presidential Web sites,
published in ACM Interactions. 2004.

•   “A Tale of Two Web Sites,” analysis of Democratic and Republican presidential Web sites, published
in ACM Interactions. 2000.
•   “Effective Communication Techniques for Environmental Risk: A Case Study,” presented at
Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) Environmental Conference, Boston,
March 1993; named “Best Paper” in general topics.
•   “How Small Associations are Using the Internet,” accepted for presentation at annual conference.
Western Conference of Association Executives. 1996.

“Recycled Markets Development in the Northwest: A Model for Industry Involvement,” paper
presented at The Technical Association for the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) Environmental
Conference, Boston. March 1993.

•   “Usability of public websites,” chapter in Usability in Government Systems: User Experience Design
for Citizens and Public Servants, E. Buie and D. Murray, editors. Morgan Kaufmann, 2012.

Professional  Activities  and  Committees  
Online News Association, 2008-2015
•   Education member
•   Managed live-blogging volunteer staff at annual conference, 2011-2013
Pennsylvania Rural Leadership Program, a Kellogg project at Penn State University, 1986-89.
•   Finance committee chair, 1987-88
•   Member, board of directors
•   Designed newsletter
Seattle Community Colleges, 2001-2003.
•   Member, curriculum development committee (one of two part-time instructors)
•   Member, Dan Evans Award Committee, 2002
University of Georgia, 1997.
•   Volunteer Chair, Homecoming Class Reunion
University of Washington, 2003-2015.
•   Faculty advisory committee on external relations, chair for one year
•   Commencement speaker advisory committee

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ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), 1997-2016.
•   Member special Interest Group, Computer-Human Interaction.
•   Former moderator for CHI-WEB, an ACM mailing list focused on computer-human interaction and
the WWW.
Digital Eve International, Seattle Chapter, 2001-2010
•   Charter Member.
•   Chair, Eastside Monthly Lunch, 2001-2002.
HTML Writers Guild, 1995-2002.
•   Governing Board Member, 1996.
Seattle WebGrrls, 1996-2001.
•   Finance director, 1999 Steering Committee.
Social Media Club, Seattle, 2007-2016.
•   Volunteer, presenter.


First Aid/CPR, 2000-2016
Washington Motorcycle Safety Program, 2000-2016.
Certified instructor, Motorcycle Rider Course and Experienced Rider Course.
American Society of Association Executives, 1989-1999.
Certified Association Executive professional accreditation; initial certification requires combination
of non-profit management experience and demonstrated expertise in all areas of non-profit
management. Study Course comparable to business degree in non-profit management. Certification
maintained via continuing professional education and employment in the non-profit sector.
Dale Carnegie Inc., 1981-1997.
Training and certification to act as contract instructor for 12-week Dale Carnegie Course (DCC),
Leader In You two-day management seminar, Employee/Customer Relations customized training.
Training for DCC is intensive, multi-week bootcamp.
Seattle Community College District, 2002-2007.
Professional Technical Teaching Certificate in Information Technology.

Leadership  Fellowships  
•   Graduate Institute on Cooperative Leadership, University of Missouri-Columbia. 1986.
•   National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy, Resources for the Future, Washington, DC. 1988.
•   Rural Leadership Development, a Kellogg program, The Pennsylvania State University. 1986-87.

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