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Pg 4. Missing header for Section 2.6 Order of Battle (right before design note in 2.5) Pg 7. Missing header for Section 5.12 Dummy Counters (right before design note in 5.11) Pg 10. Missing header for Section 8.3 Visual Sighting (right before design note in 8.21) Pg 11. Missing header for Section 9.2 Drawing Initiative Chits (right before design note in 9.1) Pg 17. 11.4 Crash Landing and Recovery. Replace 3rd Paragraph with following: “Rolls take place in the Movement Phase that the flight lands in or immediately if the flight ends the scenario on the map.” Pg 22. 13.42 Disengagement. Add this clarification at the end. “Any disengaging flight that does not scatter may be placed on the map at a TtC value equal or lower within the band that the combat or dogfight took place that is a legal value for the type aeroplane.” Pg 23. 13.43b Add this clarification at the end. “If Attacker lets Defender auto disengage then Attacker does not get a shot on disengaging Defender whether Bouncer successfully engages or not." Pg 23. 13.44 Defensive Wheels and Combat. Change “unit” in first sentence to “aeroplane”. Delete 2nd line “When rolling to engage……….” (Note: it is redundant as you always only roll once for engagement) Pg 25. 15.2 Scatter and Maneoeuvre Markers. 2nd Paragraph last line add “or Combat” after Dogfight.

Pg 3. Example of Play. 2nd Column – 8 lines up from illustration. “TtC, which changes it to Deck+1”. This is not legal due to flight turning 60 degrees on 2nd turn of takeoff [Rule 11.1]. Continue rest of example though as if the flight was able to climb to Deck+1 on this turn. Pg 4. Example of Play. 3rd Para, Line 8 – replace seven with “six” Pg 4. Example of Play. 4th Para, Line 3 – replace 9+7 with “9+8” Pg 11. Scenario 1 Air Order of Battle. Jasta 4 is listed twice – delete 2nd occurrence. Pg 12. Scenario 1 Air Order of Battle. 57 Sqn tasking is for Block 1 not Block 3. Pg 17. Scenario 5. Correct British and German AA units are (1xMed/3xLight). British Air Order of Battle. Henin Lietard is listed incorrectly as [3018] correct hex is [3108]. Listed correctly in Tasking Notes. 43 Sqn tasking is to rendezvous with 40 Sqn (listed incorrectly as 43 Sqn).

Game Map Provin [3002] is not used by any German units during the game but may be used as an emergency aerodrome to land any damaged or low on fuel aeroplanes. 5-7 Ru C.11]. Countersheets J30 does not have a Halb flight counter and 40 Sqn does not have a “B” flight FE8 counter (only used in Scenario 3). Can Recon flights photograph hexspines? A. Missing two German Tasking Notes: Add the following.25]. Opponent should not reveal the size DRM unless the DR result would be a success.VII. Charts Wind-Up [15. What is the best scenario to start off playing? A. Undetected Flight (-3 DRM) and the target flight is a Dummy = +0 DRM (which is only known by Opponent). 8-10 DFW C. (Example: 2D10=7+6=13 Range is 2 hexes = -2 DRM (which is a known DRM). Scenario 17. 2. Opponent would tell the other player that Visual sighting attempt failed which would mean that the flight was either a Dummy or a real flight with up to 3 planes but that information does not have to be revealed. Tasking Note 4. Q. If it would be obvious from the Visual Sighting results that the target is a Dummy then it should be removed from play. Replacements will be in either a future C3i or Errata sheet put out by GMT Games. What is the point for +0 DRM for Dummy Flight for visual ID? A. Only full hexes can be plotted for Recon taskings as eligible hexes for photographing. 3.I. Blocks 1-3. Q. Use any suitable replacement to mark those flights when needed.V] Tasking Note 5. Roll 2xTypes [1-4 Alb C. If it was 4-6 planes (+4 DRM) then the result would’ve been successful. Any scenario listed as Patrol type is suitable for a start scenario due to lower counter density. Add -4 DRM if shot at by Flaming Onion whether damaged or not Shot Down Chrome [14.31] Change -4 DRM modifier to read “Attack is at night” delete “No LOS to target. No. Q. It is considered available for all scenarios. FAQ 1. Designate two FA(A) units per block for Trench Recon (10 hexes) and Artillery Cooperation. FA(A)233-S7.Pg 38.32] Archie Damage Table [16. or”. The size DRM should be the last DRM applied when doing visual sighting. (Optional) Add -2 DRM if shot down by Flaming Onion Shot Resolution Chart rule reference is [13. .

No. What aggression level is set of Balloons when attacked? .boardgamegeek.3 covers which flights may be attacked by Flak Barrage.4. 0801 and/or 0901 unless Scenario specifically denotes another entry hex. What are legal entry points for a British flight entering map from Treizennes? A. Q. Q. Balloons are considered aggression level 0 for comparing attacking and defending aggression levels. 5. Q. Is it subject to a barrage attack ? A. NOTE: More FAQs and clarifications along with video explanations can be found at: http://www. One flight successfully disengage from a Dogfight (no scatter) in or adjacent a Flak Barrage. 6. 16.

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