Basic DL & LB Technique & Drills

Brian Kelley Defensive Coordinator
Unionville High School 484-354-4328

ready to transfer energy Flat Back Give us a chance to play at the proper level .Defensive Line Stance ▫ should be a little discomfort in their stance x Feet ▫ hip/shoulder width apart ▫ Toes pointing straight ahead ▫ Toe to heel relationship Hips Cocked in athletic position.

Defensive Line Stance • Down hand ▫ all five fingers in the ground ▫ Down hand leg = light Eyes looking through eyelids looking dead at the ball Off hand should be right in front of shoulder ready to deliver a blow .

knee. ankles – all power angles – all on a 45 On balls of feet / inside arch Relaxed hands in holster Eyes on keys .Linebacker Stance Flexible hips.

heavy on hands . you move DL Jab step Comes down just behind the down hand I talk “6 inches” Gather bring your trail leg/hip light on feet.DL Get-Off Ball moves.

active. close to the grass – “cut the grass” Keep your feet close to the grass so you can get your feet in and out fast .LB Get-Off Gather stap / a short hop Get your feet live.

DL/OLB Hat & Hand Placement ▫ ▫ ▫ Screws below the chin Eyes in backfield Hands (shade) inside hand splitting the opponent outside hand on a pad Hands (head up) tight hands on breast plate of blocker Thumbs up. fingers away (GRAB HIM) .

Fit Position • Where we are on contact ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ Screws below chin Flat back Shoulders square to blocker Hips coiled ready for explosion Knees (bend) –a Z in the knee Feet – on balls of feet. toes straight ahead x One Knee Fit ▫ Drill: .

Separation • Leverage gained by pressing the blocker away • Locking out your arms to find the football .

DL & LB Escapes • Working from separation to get off the blocker • Drills ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ Bull & Jerk Bullpen Rip Swipe .

plant your outside foot and get to the football.Redirect • Once you get off the block. • Drill ▫ PURPOSE: getting foot in and out of the ground x High bend kareoke x Acceleration through end point .

Pursuit • Taking the correct path to the football • Accelerate through the ball Drills: 1st: Agility bags: establish how you attack & accelerate landmarks 2nd: Teach the path – jog the path – w/ acceleration through landmarks 3rd: full speed with acceleration through landmarks .

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