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Facing the Giants raises great questions about real-life issues. The question, What did you think? is a good place to start. Here are some hot-button questions taken from themes within the movie to help you take discussions deeper.

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 hat is the value of giving your best? Are W you wholehearted in your endeavors?  hat does it mean to prepare for rain? W When have you felt like you were in a desert?  n what areas of life are you willing to I attempt the impossible? it hard for you to persevere in the midst of feeling defeated? purpose? does it mean to live for a higher

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5.  What 6.  God

wants us to love Him more than anything else. How could that play out more in your life? you tend to criticize others or are you an encourager? the Giants is an example that good things will happen when you give your life fully to Christ. But is there always a happy ending? in your life.

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8.  Facing

9.  Share something good that God has done 10.  What

was your biggest take-away from the film? Pray and ask God to help you in that specific area. He will!