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Name: Erick Wilfredo Perdomo Mejia Teacher: martin aparicio Subject: Management of Technological Resources for the Teaching

and Administration of the English Language (Part III)

Topic: VARK inventory learning style


The education is very important in all the country so is necessary to know the preferences or learning style to improve the learning process thought favorite style of learning. One important characteristic of this questionnaire is that give the opportunity choose more than one option giving a better information about the learning style that person has. Vark is a questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their learning preferences. These preferences are about the ways that they want to take in and give out information (V= visual, A=aural, R=reading/write, K=Kinaesthetic). When you know the personal learning style is easier find and understand the information or the topics, and create all the content in your learning style and transfer the information in easy way, The person increase the knowledge about the general topic because he is focused in your learning style with the helped of vark

The VARK Questionnaire Results Your scores were: Visual: 7 Aural: 10 Read/Write: 5 Kinesthetic: 5 You have a mild aural learning preference.

The mild Aural style of learning means, that I learn best from lectures, group discussion, speaking, tapes or talking to other student. It includes talking out loud as well as talking to your-self. Who are mild in their aural preferences are a small group. One of the preferences that we have is for information that is heard or spoken. Also, often people with this preference want to sort things out by speaking, rather transporting things out and then speaking. According to my score, AURAL category is the highest and VISUAL category is the lowest which means that I need to apply more strategies from those and the other style I have mild aural style, and I like to work with sound and music. I have a good sense of pitch and rhythm. I always can sing, play a musical instrument, or identify the sounds of different instruments. I notice the music playing in the background of movies, TV shows and other media.

The VARK Questionnaire Results: Visual: 7; Aural: 10; Read/Write: 5; Kinaesthetic: 5 INTAKE Visual= 7 - Flow charts - Lecturers who use gestures and pictures language - Textbooks with diagrams and pictures - Underlining different colours highlighters - Discuss topics with others - Discuss topics with your teachers - Explain new ideas to other people - Put your summarized notes Describe the pictures - Ask others to 'hear' your understanding of a topic Explain your notes to onto tapes and listen to them overheads, SWOT - Study without tears - Reconstruct the images in different ways... try different spatial arrangements - Redraw your pages from memory - Replace words with symbols or initials - Your notes may be poor because you prefer to listen You will need to expand your notes by talking with others and collecting notes from the textbook Practice writing answers to old exam questions - Speak your answers aloud or inside your head OUTPUT - Draw things, use diagrams - Write exam answers - Recall the pictures made by your pages


- Imagine talking with the examiner - Spend time in quiet places ideas recalling the

and other visuals to somebody who was not there - Leave spaces in your notes for later recall and 'filling' Read/Write= 5 - Glossaries - Handouts - Textbooks - Readings - library - Notes (often verbatim) - Essays

another 'aural' person

- Read your notes (silently) again and again Rewrite the ideas and

- Write exam answers. - Practice questions. - Arrange your words into hierarchies and

principles into other words. - Organize any diagrams, graphs ... into statements, e.g. "The trend is..." - Turn reactions, actions, diagrams, charts and flows into words. - Imagine your lists arranged in multiple choice questions and distinguish each from each. - Your lecture notes may be


Kinaesthetic= 5

- Field trips - Field tours



- Lecturers who give real-life examples - Trial and error - Recipes - solutions to problems, previous exam papers

poor because the topics were not 'concrete' or 'relevant'. - You will remember the "real" things that happened. - Put plenty of examples into your help summary. with Use case and studies and applications to principles abstract concepts. - Recall the experiments, field trip.

answers, paragraphs... - Role play the exam situation in your own room.

CONCLUSION I consider the questionnaire alerts people to the variety of different approaches to learning and it is useful for everyone because it can help you to develop different strategies that sometimes we need in our life. I think that it is an excellent test because help us to understand better our learning process, also help us to improve our knowledge, put into practice the all process in each learning styles will be important in the acquisition of the foreign language we can obtain better communication each others, we can fell more confidents in a conversation. I agree whit the result because I know that I learn more reading and writing but the another learning styles I will into a count to improve my knowledge regarding the English language I agree with my vark result because this help me to understand and realize what kind of preference, strategies and learning style I need to develop and put in practice to become more successful.