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Emily Camille Meeks

4913 Wythe Avenue Richmond Virginia 23226 804.477.5884 emilymeeks


Innovative and student-focused educational leader possessing a resilient commitment to the development of students, staff, and providing a thought-provoking, safe, and motivating learning environment. Self-motivated visionary leader and team player complimented with a proven track record in collaborating with the school community, increasing student academics, and maintaining excellence in education. Equipped with the ability to relate effectively to people at all levels and of diverse backgrounds. Dependable professional with excellent communication skills to develop professional relationships with all members of the school community.


Program Management and Coordination Student-Centered Instruction Leadership and Team Building Student Teacher Supervision Parental and Community Involvement Classroom Evaluation

Mission Statements and School Vision School Management Planning Team Teaching Mentoring and Development Classroom Management

Virginia Commonwealth University July 2012-Present Post-Masters Certificate in Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision Christopher Newport University Master of Arts in Teaching (K-6) Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania 2006 Bachelor of Arts-Communication May 2007-May 2008 August 2004 May



Fifth Grade Teacher Present

August 2011

Established strong, equitable learning environment to meet the needs of all learners. Leveraged in-depth knowledge of data driven instruction in order to design, develop and lead lessons. Monitored academic performance and provided additional assistance to students and teachers in need. Proactively managed parent relationships to promote professionalism and a sense of community. Served in various leadership roles to ensure academic expectations for all students. Key Accomplishments: Served as fifth grade team leader Mentored student teacher National Board for Professional Teaching Standards-Take One Completion Served as school-wide science lead Presented district wide science updates to all staff members Implemented and coordinated Extended Day Remediation Program consisting of sixty students Monitored the secure arrival and dismissal of Extended Day students Conducted meetings with Extended Day teachers in order to communicate expectations

Emily Camille Meeks

4913 Wythe Avenue Richmond Virginia 23226 804.477.5884 emilymeeks

Developed and managed actionable behavior reinforcement approaches that served to maintain a safe and rewarding academic experience for all students Modified instruction for special education students in order to promote a positive classroom environment Worked in conjunction with teachers to develop individual educational plans and provide feedback and constructive advice in relation to teaching and academic goal setting Established committee to review school-wide plans and goals Served as Teacher Liaison of Parent Teacher Association Effectively communicated with school community and parents regarding school events Second Grade Teacher August 2011 August 2008

Implemented lesson plans and provided instruction in all subject areas to second graders. Built reputation for strong classroom management and capacity to deliver detailed lesson plans. Maintained exceptionally high degree of professionalism while interacting with students, teachers, administration, parents, and community members. Key Accomplishments: Foster meaningful relationships with students, parents and other educators to create a warm and attractive environment in which all can cooperate and learn Integrate technology into the classroom Develop and implement lesson plans to engage students in meaningful learning situations while providing for needs of all learners Provide opportunities to encourage students to become life-long learners Assess student outcomes with formative and summative assessments Engage in effective and appropriate classroom management techniques Weekly progress monitoring in reading fluency Enhance student academic and social strengths by using a variety of teaching strategies such as small group, teacher modeling, whole group, and individual teaching Actively engage students through manipulatives Maintain a positive and interactive classroom environment using cooperative learning as a key to the success for at-risk students Acquire skills in providing a challenging curriculum to students in a culturally diverse environment EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES: Teacher Liaison-Parent Teacher Association Lesson Study-Title I Math Student Council Association Committee Cooking Club Teacher Young Women of Redd Red Cross Committee National Board for Professional Teaching Standards-Take One Completion Virginia Commonwealth University-Project ALL Grant


Emily Camille Meeks

4913 Wythe Avenue Richmond Virginia 23226 804.477.5884 emilymeeks Riverside Elementary School News, Virginia Student Teacher-Second Grade 2008-May 2008 Newport News Public Schools Virginia Substitute Teacher 2008 Newport January Newport News, September 2007-May

Apex Systems Richmond, Virginia Technical Recruiter/Sales Program April 2007 Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Rock, Pennsylvania Office of Annual Fundraising, Student Supervisor December 2004 May 2006

June 2006Slippery