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Question ThreeWhat have you learned from your audience feedback?

From the very starting point of creating my music video, audience feedback has helped influence my creative decisions within all aspects of my music video. Feedback within my class helped created my very first music videos treatment. My class was mainly people whom my music video would be aimed at, a target audience of girls 16-25, and therefore receiving positive feedback from them helped to know that our final treatment would work well. Original idea feedback also helped our change from the old couple narrative to young couple love story narrative, as they had recommended including an old couple within our music video may be too much of an ambiguous idea that we may not be able to fulfil. We chose a target audience of mainly girls 16-25 due to the narrative we had decided to use within our video, a typical love story. As by looking at real media examples of music videos from artists who use the stereotypical love storys within their songs and music videos e.g. Taylor Swift, Emile Sande, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus the majority of their audience is girls, 16-25. And so these are currently of popularity within the music industry I felt using the love story narrative would reflect well within my audience feedback. After editing our first full rough cut I showed our music video to an AS Media class, who were all 16-25 and majority girls, so therefor within our target audience. Receiving feedback from them helped us to understand whether we were targeting our audience appropriately as well as know how the video was performing in general within an audience. And due to this class being a media class we could gain feedback which could help us improve within the aspect of editing and creativity of our music video.

Their feedback was o o o o

Storyline - Like the narrative of the couple Liked all the transitions - Good use of match on action Pretty Solid Background sound was still on in one of the clips

They rated our video overall at 8/10. This feedback was all very positive and other than the comment on the background sound, which we can easily fix, we received no other negative feedback or suggestions. This proved to us that our music video performed well within its target audience. As well show to us that it had impressed other media students, and hopefully of good quality. After finishing our final cut for our music video Your Song we showed it to A2 Media class of whom had not seen the video before, and asked them to give any feedback on what they thought of it, what they liked and worked well and anything they recommend we should have done differently. This class was mainly our target audience, girls aged 16-25, as well as some boys which could also possibly fit into the target audience, but as it is stereotypically a love song we have aimed our video at mainly teenage girls. Here is the feedback they gave us:
o o o o o o

Bit Repetitive Match on action is GOOD Final shot would have been better if it went from blur to focus sooner Liked end shot (blur edit) and sparkly stuff (overlay) Liked locations, especially fairy light/black backdrop Simple and effective

Overall I was very pleased with this feedback, as it has shown me that our creative decisions on locations and editing have paid off as the group commented on both the locations, blur edit and what they called sparkly stuff which was our overlay. I have taken the feedback into consideration on the repetitiveness of our shots, but I personally believe our shots were spread out enough that the same shot was not repeated often and the shots of the couple and scenery gave a lot of variety to our music video. However I do agree with this classes comments on the blur edit on the final shot and this is something I would change. I am glad the

group thought it was simple yet effective as this was the aspect we were aiming for, as we had chosen quite a slow song with the genre of a hybrid of pop/indie it meant we couldnt include dance performance spoken about within Carlssons theory, so we mainly focused on song performance and narrative within our music video keeping many of the shots as simple as possible but editing them together within the video to create an effective video to capture the stereotypical love song. After finishing our final cut I showed it to the first AS class I had my presented my rough cut to and again asked them for feedback, this time I provided them with a survey to fill out. By doing this I was able to influence the type of feedback I received, this allowed me to understand how well my music video performed within my target audience, as well as from a media prospective how creative and well edited they thought our video was as a whole. Here was the survey I gave them: Short Survey for the music Your Song How old are you? Are you female/male? What genre of music do you listen to? Do you watch music videos? How would you overall rate this music video out of 10? Did any of the video bore you at all? Did you feel there was any message or meaning to the narrative of the music video? If so what meaning/message did you think it was portraying? How would you rate the editing skills out of 10? How would you rate the creativity of the music video out of 10? Is it something you would watch again? How would you recommend improving this music video?

Are you male or female?

Female Male

The first question we asked was the gender of the person filling out the questionnaire, this was purely to identify who was filling out the questionnaire and whether they fitted into our target audience of girls 16-25, we knew they would all be within the 16-25 age group as it was AS lesson. As you can see the majority, 90% are female, so therefore it was obvious this feedback would be important as nearly all of it would be from people who are video is directed at.

What genre of music do you listen to?

Rock Pop Punk Alternative Indie

We asked the group what genre they listened to, to identify them with the theory of urban tribes and whether theyd be within a typical urban tribe that would listen to our song; townie or Rah. The group split into 4 different genres, as well as some saying they listen to alternative types of genres. This meant we

had 40% of the group likely to listen to pop and indie, who would be associated within these urban tribes. As well as a further 20% who listened to alternative and could be likely to fit into this category and therefor possibly listen to our song, and watch the music video. By identifying the viewers urban tribe and chosen music genre, it allowed us to identify how well we had targeted our music video, as well as portrayed it within the hybrid of pop/indie through our creative decisions, filming and editing. By asking the group if they would watch this video again, I was able to show clearly whether the video performed well within the targeted urban tribe.

Would you watch this video again?

Yes Maybe No

50% of the group said they would watch my music video again, 40% said maybe and 10% said no. This was very impressive, as considering only 80% was within our urban tribe and only 10% said they would not want to watch this video again, it helped me to understand that our music video had performed well within its target audience. Looking at the reception theory, its clear from this feedback that preferred reading is shown. As many of our audiences feedback accepts the reading the message/reading they received from this music video. I asked the group whether they watched music videos, and they all responded yes. Looking at the use and gratification theory, I believe people would watch our music video to confirm their own feelings and views, specifically within romance and relationships. For girls aged 16-25 happy or sad within current or previous relationships. I asked the group within my survey Did you feel there

was any message or meaning to the narrative of the music video? If so what meaning/message did you think it was portraying? Many people confirmed my idea from the Use and Gratification theory, saying they felt the music video held the meaning of romance or the story of a couple. However it also showed me that my music video could be polysemy, as there were a few separate interpretations which I had not intended to create through the video e.g. one girl felt the video was about an angel watching over the couple. I also asked for feedback from a media point of view, after including blur edits and video clip overlay I wanted to know whether this worked well within my audience. According to my feedback, with all high scorings out of 10, it showed that my editing had worked well within my music video. I had also asked how they rated the overall creativity; these scores were quite varied, from 6/10 to 10/10 the lower scores were quite disappointing as I felt I had made a lot of very creative decisions within the editing of music video. However the class did recommend that we include more shots are the artist as well as more locations, and so if I were to ever create another music video I would do exactly this. Including more varied shots of our artist, as well as use more creative locations, possibly the use of the green screen!

How would you rate the editing skills out of 10?

6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

6 4 2 0 1

How would you rate the overall creativity of the music video out of 10?
1 2 3 4 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Finally we asked the group to score our music video out of 10. We received pretty average scores, although I am very pleased with them! All our feedback we received showed that our music video performed well within our target audience and that we had unintentionally created a polysemy narrative. Although 6/10 seems low, 7/10 and 8/10 is very impressive and as only 10% they would not watch this video again, I am going to interpret this feedback as positive.

Overall Music Video Out of 10

6 1 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

From the very starting point of creating my music video, audience feedback has helped influence my creative decisions within all aspects of my music video. And from all the feedback within my music video I have learnt that I do still have areas of improvement; however I have successfully created a music video that performed well within its chosen target audience.