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SCPA Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday 14th March, Burrows Cottage Filkins Present: CC, EK, LP, ED, FC, JB, AW, ET, AC, SR Apologies: KS, JG, MB, KG, BH, SG Welcome to new members always great to see new faces. Actions from Previous Meeting (held on 30th January) Spending: KS1 trip to Legoland SCPA to donate 10 per child - 440 KS2 trip tbc SCPA to donate 10 per child Head to check maximum numbers for hall Pending Expenditure: Breakfast club Dolls house ED spoke to Jo Brindle, SCPA to give JB check for 100 to use as she would like towards Breakfast club toys. European breakfast Miss Long organising. Cookery inventory, SG to compile list. Teachers/ TA wish list SG to coordinate list, SCPA to pay for items. Noticeboard needs to go back up. Finances 4189 in account good compared to previous years. Current Fundraising Cook for Books Gingko raised 40.80 (good) Next Oak 22nd March April 26 Willow May 24 Cherry June 28 Maple July 19 Ginkgo Dates to go in newsletters Teachers to encourage their class Bags 2 School Last one raised 187 Next one 24 April. Blue bags to go in book bags next week, but any bag will do. Thank you to Janet for collecting clothes from Langford Jumble sales. Action by SG SG CC/EK SG SG SG CC/ EK

SJones SG KS

Cartridge/ toner Recycling Company discontinuing need to make sure we get money owed out of them. CC CC to research an alternative company. Bottle top recycling

JG to co-ordinate, tops being collected, but will take a very long time to collect enough. Speak to kitchens. Easy Fundraising Cheque for 119.18 received. CC talked everyone through how it works. Again suggested it would be a good idea to have a click through link on a circular email if/ when email system is up and running. Again suggestions of demonstrations at Parents evenings. Not possible to incentivise as EF dont give out names of members. Events Easter Egg Hunt 28 March ED to organise, SR to design poster. Help offered from KS, MB, JG Bus children at 1pm, others 1.30pm, to be finished by 2pm. Suggested donation 50p rather than set amount. 2 quizes stamps for younger, anagram for older. ED has some eggs will buy some more. Quiz Night 26 April 7.30pm for 8pm start. Helpers please. Tickets in advance only BYO SG to confirm this asap. Suggest Fish & Chips rather than curry due to cost. CC to speak to Monicas fish bar price and latest order time needed. 8 per team? Wooden spoon for losers (FC), fun prizes for winners or bottles? Tbc 1 bucket or raffle. SR to make posters/ flyers with tear off application. Applications to be returned to office for ED to process tickets. SG to arrange staff team. 80 Year celebrations Need input from governors Sports Day 21 June Bacon butties, teas & cakes. SG to confirm if we can sell bacon butties through lunch. Also need to discuss cakes as Fete is the following day. Summer Fete 22 June Plan after quiz Ideas so far: Stocks & sponges, Decorate vegetable, Historical displays, match teacher/ school photos, Splat rat, Shove Hpenny, Treasure map, Demonstrations, i.e. music, dance, Cotswold voices etc, Welly Wanging. Maypole, Morris dancing, Auction of wine in a wheelbarrow, jam jars, Plant stall (Janet), Guess weight of fruit cake. Staff input needed



All SG CC FC SR/ ED SG Governors SG

Barn Dance 5 October 6-9pm to include children. SG to confirm maximum hall numbers. EK will speak to new violin teacher for music as soon as she knows maximum capacity. To be held in hall (subject to numbers) no bales, just bunting. Invitation to new and existing parents by end of summer term. Any Other Business: Next Meeting: Thursday 18th April 7.30pm Five Alls in Filkins ED to confirm Dates to remember: Friday 22 March Thursday 28 March Thursday 18th April Friday 26 April Friday 26 April Friday 24 May Friday 21 June Saturday 22 June Friday 28 June Friday 19 July



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