Pink/Black Bloc for Queer Pride , June 14 2 0 0 1 Chicago Anti-Bashing Network and Queers to the 11/05/2001

, Egypte, Caire, cop's control in Left put together a contingent for the Queer the Queen Boat, 50 gays were arrested. (source: Pride Parade against Police Brutality. State Attorney Richard Devine is being targeted at the Vacarme) parade because of his failure to prosecute the night of 28/06/1969, riot of Stonewall officers that brutalize queer (and straight) victims of police brutality and indifference to gay in Greenwich Village. Zone will join Every year the gaypride commemore this bashing. The Autonomous struggle.

anti-patriarchy struggles

M a r c h 18th, 1996, the occupation of Paris SaintAmbroise church by more than 300 sans papiers. (source: CAE) March 15th, 1998,Sixth Collective occupy a church in the 13th district of Paris in order to demand the liberation of a fellow member who was arrested after his identity was verified in the street.
(source: CAE)

freedom of movement!

10/10/2002, Iran, prison'riot in teheran Ghasr prison (source: 17/7/2002, Protest in Georgian the Avchalska concentration camp Tblisi for former law enforcement workers (source: id) 22/04/2002, London woman becomes fiftieth hunger striker to die in Turkey (source: anti-imperialist) 19/06/2002 Hungerstrike in Antwerp Prison (Belgium) to protest the conditions of life in Belgian prisons. 2/10/ 2001, Mexico, Riot in Cereso Nogales II prison , 10 inmates were killed. (source: id) 18/02/200, Brasil, riots of the prisonners of 19 prisons in Sao Paulo State, 7000 hostages.(source: Quotidien du peuple) 15/03/200, Brasil, riot of young prisonners of the detention'center Franco da Rocha (source: 21/05/200, Chili, Iquique ,a fire broke out during a riot at the prison nov 2000, Turkey - some 800 prisoners continue hungerstrike. The prisoners are protesting against plans to transfer them from dormitory wards to small cells (source:BBC, 28 November). 7/02/2000, Lima Peru : Rebels take guards in deadly prison riot (source: id)

November 27th, 2002 Resistance to corporate dictatorship is on the rise, in Seattle and globally. From Argentina, to Palestine, our movement is growing. Specific businesses in Seattle have been targeted (Starbucks, Tully, Gap ...)


Albania :"10-02-97: the clashes begin with stone-throwing in people in the street against the morning, 50 captured policemen are forced to strip 3/03/02, Italy, 400 000 naked, their helmets and shields are burned. The berlusconi'government (Source/auteur: FID) demonstrators throw up barricades all around the city. All US 29/10/02: in 29 ports of the cost west, struggle of 10 500 the buildings where the forces of order take refuge are dockers. (source: peace & resistance) besieged. The state loses Vlorë. The riot has become an insurrection (day's toll: 3 dead, 146 wounded)." ELF/Pedigo Bay model home completely "14-03-97: The city of Durrës is transformed into a Ejercito Popular Revolucionario, EPR / Revolutionary Popular destroyed, ELF targeted Bloomington playground: 'a great, savage melee of thousands of Army, RPA (Mexico) environmentalists are up in arms today inhabitants of Durrës, pillaging the administrative buildings Military arm of the Parti Democrático Popular Revolucionario following a fire late last week that and the harbor warehouses. The party lasted two days (PDPR). Appeared on June 28, 1996, in the state of Guerrero. completely destroyed a $725,000 model with a rustle of weapons, and everything was up for the Attacks post offices, police headquarters, public buildings home at Pedigo Bay, the soon-to-be luxury taking.' "Then the same thing happened in Tirana: "The and electrical installations. Has been declared subdivision on the southeastern shore of Lake pillaging began to spread, carried out by hordes of a terrorist movement by the Mexican government Monroe. (source : poor people or bandits. Nobody hides, sometimes it looks like a popular fête."
(source: la bibliothèque des émeutes)

“Participatory budget” started in 1989 by the Workers' Party (PT) in the city of Porto Alegre.


Consulta self government

El País, Madrid, April 19, 2001 A thousand striking workers have been camping since January 29, 2001 in the center of the Spanish capital. "Accustomed to working in the street, the Sintel laborers have displayed their capacity to mount the camp with out any outside assistance. They use the sewer drains as toilets, have fabricated rudimentary showers and have plugged into the traffic lights for electricity. The organization of the camp is modeled on the union structure, with one committee per region. Each committee is responsible for the parcel which it manages from day to day..." januar 1999,Yasnogorsk (Russia): the workers take the control of their factory.
(source: un monde, une classe en lutte)

general strike

reappropriation of public goods and services

IRAQ The insurrectional process in Iraq began taking concrete form on February 26-28, 1991, with thousands of armed deserters wandering the streets of Bassorah and neighboring villages while the central organs of the state totally lost control over the situation. On March 4 in the same city, a qualitative leap was taken in the process when columns of tanks in retreat from Koweit fired on the symbols of the regime. The insurrection then began to spread throughout the city. The same day in Bagdad, clashes occurred in several working-class neighborhoods. On March 4, 5 and 6, the insurrection became widespread in the following cities: Nasivya, Aamara, Najaf, Karbala, Hila, Koot... The rising in Rania, on March 5, marks the point when the insurrection began spreading to other regions in Irak. On March 7, armed proletarians destroyed one of the most important bastions of the regime in Soulaymania. On March 8, it was the city of Kadar's turn, on March 9 the insurrection grew in Koya, on the 10th in Shatlana. On March 11, the proletariat rose in Abril; the next day the entire region was in the hands of the proletarians. On March 13, the last Baath resistance fell in Akra, in Duwok on the 14th, and in Zakho on the 15th. On March 16 and 17, entire columns of fighters left all the cities where the proletariat had triumphed, with the goal of liberating the city of Kirkouk; but the Baath aviation made the job much harder. The insurrection paid a tribute of a thousand deaths. (Groupe Communiste Internationaliste)

Abolition of the State

capitalist struggle s anti

"On March 28th, 1998, twelve Malians forced to board on the same plane are commanded off the plane, thanks as always to the passengers who take a stand and refuse to take their seats in the case of Airport Action Against deportation. (source: CAE) Riot after Channel security tightened French police have used tear gas to disperse illegal immigrants after rioting broke out at the Sangatte refugee centre close to a cross-Channel freight depot near Calais. At least four of the rioters were seriously wounded in fighting, which began shortly after the French railway authorities announced measures to tighten security at the depot.

June 2000, 700 prisonners of Woomera, Port Hedland, Curtin (detention'center) scape away and go in the city to protest against their conditions. 25-28/08/00, riot at Woomera'center. (source: www.ainfos)

januar 1999,the Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (clandestine organisation for self determination of Euskadi) anounce the end of the cease. Anarchist Rebels attack Police post in Uganda:

Venezuela 28 february 1989, the looting generalize in 17 cities.
(source: la bibliothèque des émeutes)

Deportations-Montreal Sunday, October 20, 2002 -Today, over 50 Montreal residents, as part of the No One Is Illegal campaign, actively flyered at Dorval Airport in opposition to the "deportation business", and to bring attention to specific deportation cases.

Gruppe Mücadele, Germany, It is active in Anarchist rebels with balaclavas attacked a solidarity with political prisoners worldwidel; mainly with the prisonner camps in military police station and burnt it to the ground. Anarchist Democratic Forces (ADF) of uganda Turkey.

have been fighting Yoweri Museveni's military junta from the mountains of the moon in western uganda for 3 years now.

Demonstration against the CIP (professional insertion contract) (FRANCE) 10-03-94, Paris: 15,000 people demonstrate against the CIP. Pillage, broken windows, clashes with the police. 7-03-94, Paris: at least 32,000 demonstrators, plus a thousand violent window breakers, pillaging, clashes, 215 arrests. 72 cities with over a thousand demonstrators. "Trouble" almost everywhere. 24-03-94, Nantes: 10,000 antiCIPs, 800 against the police, pillaging, sustained fire, 25 wounded, retreat of the national guard. 25-03-94, Nantes: clashes, fresh attack on an armory. 26-03-94: 15,000 demonstrators, 2,000 against the police, pillaging. 31-03-94: 20,000, 2 thousand of them

attack the prefecture building, clashes. 25-03-94: anti-CIP demo, 30,000 participate, a thousand window breakers (including PSG football hooligans), 112 wounded cops, 338 arrests, attacks on " (withdrawal of the CIP by the government the day before) 40,000 people, 2 to 3 thousand window breakers (including hooligans), store displays, pillaging, urban furnishings, two hundred damaged cars, wounded journalists plus over 120 cops, clashes before the Santé prison without any escapes, 324 arrests. (bibliothèque des émeutes)

anti-colonial struggles struggles against NATO
Active from October 1984 to December 1985. Fighting against imperialism. One of the ways to do so was guerilla combat against NATO. With this aim, the CCC identified three kinds of targets: NATO and its installations; the arms industry; the political organs of the State and their political parties (source: New People's Army (NPA) Revolutionary, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist. Since 1974, the ELA has attacked NATO targets and more specifically, the American military presence. The ELA makes extensive use of bombs and fire, but directs its activities towards material goods rather than people.

Demonstrations and riots by young people all over Iran , October 22, 2001: hundreds of thousands of young people in Tehran, Isfahan, Rasht, Sari, Tabriz, Sanandaj, and several other cities in Iran took to the streets and once again displayed their hatred and aversion for the oppressive regime and the reactionary rulers of Iran. bilan : Tens of rioters were hospitalized and 800 hundreds were arrested in Teheran

u ns antiglobalisation movement: actio décembre 1999 Seattle: four days of massive street protests against theWorld Trade Organisation (WTO) turned the city into a battle ground.40,000 demonstrators, including steelworkers, environmentalists, AIDS-activists, farmers, anti-capitalists, anarchists Prague septembre 2000 Québec 20 avril 2001 : "5000 people came to the Carnival against capitalism."

Demonstrations and riots of students

Gênes juillet 2001 Porto Allegre 2002

August 31, 2002, South Africa " Forty thousand red ants of a different kind laid claim to the streets of Alexandra and Sandton - we came from the Anti-Privatisation Forum, the Landless People’s Movement, the Concerned Citizens’ Forum, the Anti-Eviction Campaign, Orange Farm, Thembelihle… and we were marching against the WSSD and its posturing as the deliverer of ‘sustainable development’ for all. We spoke in many voices and tenors with one clear message – that the ANC-government has sold its people by embracing the neo-liberal policies of Göteborg 14-16 juin 2001 global capital sustained through the UN system. Placards, banners and slogans lashed out at GEAR, NEPAD and the unsustainability of capitalism" (source:by Indymedia South Africa)

C'est au cri de "Vous ne pouvez pas nous tuer, nous sommes déjà morts!" que pendant plusieurs semaines les jeunes émeutiers se sont battus contre les forces de police et la gendarmerie. Réduits l'état de morts-vivants par la société algérienne, ils savaient qu'il leur fallait la détruire pour commencer de vivre. ("Nous répondrons au néant par l'anéantissement de ses géniteurs", déclarait en juillet l'un d'eux.) À partir du 21 avril, principale ment en Kabylie, mais aussi à partir du 10 juin à Khenchela (dans les Aurès), du 11 à Skikda (au nord de Constantine) et du 16 dans tout l'est du councils and pays (à Oum El Bouaghi, Batna, Tébessa, Biskra, El Tarf, etc.), ils associations ont dressé : des barricades, coupé des routes, pris d'assaut des gendarmeries et des commissariats ; ils ont attaqué un siège de préfecture (à Tébessa, alors que deux ministres se trouvaient à l'intérieur), incendié ou saccagé nombre de tribunaux (aux Ouacifs le palais de justice, tout juste terminé, a été réduit en cendres), des recettes des impôts, des postes et des locaux de sociétés publiques, des sièges de partis politiques (au moins trente-deux), des banques, des bureaux de la Sécurité sociale, des parcs communaux, etc. Mais on voit tout de même que les insurgés avaient entrepris de nettoyer le terrain de toutes les " expressions matérielles de l'État". (source: Apologie pour l'insurrection algérienne - Jaime Maison des Sans Semprun) (Sans papiers, sans logis,
sans emploi, France) assembly of the poor (Thailand) Organisacion Independenta de los Pobres Unidos de la Huasteca, OIPUH (Mexique Organization created in 1978. Said to be composed of 2,000 fighters, for the most part of Indian origin. Engages in the occupation of land, kidnapping of prominent individuals for ransom (with redistribution of the money received to the locals). Said to be led by Alejandro Hernandez Dolores (1998).

Global Days of Action
The PGA is a tool for coordination, not fororganization. The PGA has been one of the principal instigators of the new, worldwide radical anticapitalist movement that is now defying the legitimacy of the institutions of "world government." The main objectives of the PGA are: 1. Inspire the greatest possible number of persons, movements and organizations by non-violent civil disobedience and constructive, popular actions. 2. Offer an instrument of coordination and mutual support on the global level for those who resist the multinationals and the model of capitalist development. 3. Bring more international attention to the struggles against free market ideology and world capitalism.

No Pasaran!

anti-imperialist struggles

Montréal,9/O9/02, at the université solidarity demonstration for the palestinian

24/04/2002,Washington, 75 000 peoples demonstrate in the street for the palestinian
(source: Naommie Klein, Toronto Globe and Mail)

struggles against social apartheid
1992 riots of Los Angeles 6, 7, 8 et 9 october 1990, VAUX en Velin, France: four days riot in the suburbs 29/01/2001, La Défense, Paris : 200 young people came to La Défense, symbol of neo-liberalism, to fight with the police Puurs, Belgique, 29 août 1998: incendie d'un restaurant McDonald par le FLA ( Front de Libération des Animaux, FLA Belgique, United Kingdom, USA). Mouvement radical " antispéciste " actif en principalement Grande-Bretagne et aux USA, mais également en Europe. Les attentats du FLA, utilisent largement l'incendie et les bombes et sont le plus souvent dirigés contre des installations et des immeubles.

collectives against psychotronic weapons

animals collectives against project HAARP
"Activists in Brisbane conducted tree sits to defend an urban bushland. A tree sit in Oregon is threatened by helicopter logging. At the Sydney IMC there is a report on World Food Day. In Mumbai, South Asia,and Santa Cruz, California, there are reports on local struggles against water privatization. Pollution has hit the front pages of the Italy IMC and the St. Louis IMC, where an oilrefinery has poisoned the local environment. In Belgium activists are taking action to protect a woodland from a military radar installation. Recently in Los Angeles, activists and artists staged lockdowns and usedartwork to combat fossil fuel consumption. In New Mexico, indigeneous activists and their supporters tried to block bulldozers constructing a road through a national park and sacred ground. In London, activists targeted the consumer economy at the largest Car Expo in the UK. Also in England, police raided the animal rights group, SHAC. Stay tuned to Indymedia for regular earth defense updates. " (source: Indymedia)

Italy : Clandestine leftist extremist group that appeared in the Friuli region in Italy in 1995. Criticized US/NATO presence in Italy and attacked 17th of April 2002 property owned by US Air Forces personnel at Aviano Air Base. Claimed International day responsibility for a bomb attack in September 2000 against the Central of farmer’s struggle European Initiative office in Trieste and a bomb attack in August 2001 against the Venice Tribunal building. Threw gasoline bombs at the Venice and Rome headquarters of the then-ruling party, Democrats of the Left, during the NATO intervention in Kosovo. expropriation G u a t e m a l a Peasants Take Plantations April 21 2002 Hundreds of peasants across northern Guatemala have seized 14 coffee plantations and blocked highways to protest the country's unfair distribution of farmland, officials said. Another group of protesters briefly blocked the main highway connecting the Guatemalan capital with the country's south early Thursday, but authorities reported that they were able to take down barricades of borders and branches and reopen the road after several hours.

peasant struggles

self-determination of living organisms

Plan Puebla Panama March 03 2002 When Vincente Fox, in early 2001, announced his comprehensive plan for a major transportation and industrial corridor from Puebla, Mexico all the way to Panama, it immediately drew fire from the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. Subcommandante Marcos denounced the plan saying, "the Isthmus is not for sale!"

against Plan Puebla Panama

16/09/2002 , mobilisation of 150 000 farmers, workman and homeless against the "colombieplan" (source: peace & resistance) "12 October 2002 : As part of a Central Americanwide day of action, 28,000 Salvadoran protesters opposing privatization of the ISSS, CAFTA and the Plan Puebla Panama, shut down highways, bridges and border crossings at 11 points across El Salvador in the largest highway shutdown since the 1989 guerilla Final Offensive."(source:

water riots
Cochabamba, 19992001, (Bolivie) mars 2001, social consulta about the exploitation of water: 50 000 people participate at the vote. (source: Agone n°26/27) Green Network of Alternative Groups (GNAG), Croatia: the main goals of the GNAG are helping the creation and connection of ecological autonomous places within the cities and villages in Croatia or within the Balkan/Southeast Europe region in the future. They have a lot of experience in organising various protests against car-culture, capitalist globalisation, GMO, NATO, local and global wars, WB, IMF and WTO

1997 movement of unemployed in France it begin the 4 december 1997: -june 1997, occupation of Assedic in Paris under the impulsion of AC! -3 december: unemployed occupy a luxurious hotel in Montreal, (Canada 600 arrestations) -4 december 7 Assedic'agencies are occupy in the department of the Bouches-du-Rhône, under the drive of the CGT, the ex-bigest worker'syndicat who's the only one who reconize the unemployed as it is in its organisation. The occupants want a end'year prime of 3 000 francs. - the 15 december the movement grow to Arras, Lorient, Choisy-le-Roi, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux - the16 december the unemployment'associations (AC!, Apeis, Cadac, CDSL, DAL, Droits devant!, MNCP, SUD, SNUI, CFDT en lutte, CGT Finances, FSU) make a call for a "week of social urgency" . Since the 17, they forced the transport to be free in Clermont-Ferrand, they stoped the baillif in Lannion, they occupy a new ASSEDIC and others administrations -the 23 december unemployed of Rouen try to go inside an Assedic'agency crying « we don't want to be beggars !". (...) -the 24 Noël, town hall of 11e and 12e borrough of Marseille are violentely evacuated by the police -the 31, number of unemployed invited themselves at the famous restaurant Fouquet's on the ChampsElysées in Paris, and after at the hôtel Monceau.


struggles of poor and homeless


-the 14 januar is the occupation of the ENS,(Ecole normale supérieure de la rue d'Ulm)by 150 people who are the head of the principal associations, they constituted themselves in a general assembly « This assembly took end the 17 january. It could be consedered as the preparation of the one of Jussieu. -19 january 1998 at Jussieu, the first general assembly of unemployed until march. (source: la bibliothèque des émeutes)

free energy

shoras (irak-1991) shoras (iran-1978) barrios (argenti -2001) 40,000 march against the W$$D
[...] in South Africa against capitalism. August 31st 2002 will go down in history as the beginning of a new movement in South Africa and the world – a movement of the power of collective, democratic action in the creation of an other world outside of capitalism. December 11 2002 Argetina: Police attempting to oust mothers from Plaza de Mayo. Less than 20 hours from the start of the historical March of Resistance that year after year is organised by the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, the police infantry -under orders of the City government- is trying to evict them and all the other comrades of the social organizations and struggle groups that, upon hearing about the imminent repression, have spontaneously come to the Plaza de Mayo to reject them.

indigenous communities


"In the night of May 26-27, three fields of PGS-Aventis oilseed rape were 'silenced' near the Belgian towns of Ten Hede, Beerhof and Turkijenhoek, all in East Flanders. The fields belonged to Aventis Crop Science." ( )A SEED, NL action for solidarity, equality, environment and diversity

South Africa: Se llama operación Khanyisa. Y Argentinazo significa "prender" o "conectar". Es una práctica masiva que se realiza cotidianamente en Sudáfrica y que consiste en reconectarse a los servicios básicos que son suspendidos por falta de pago.

17 - 21/12/2001, Argantina: four days of hunger' riot and looting in Buenos Aires and other cities. (source: 2001, rebelion against the FMI in PapouasieNouvelle Guinée Des centaines d'étudiants manifestent pacifiquement depuis cinq jours devant le palais du gouvernement pour protester contre le programme de réforme du prermier ministre Sir Mekere Morauta qui prévoit, entre autre, la privatisation de biens publics. (source: samizdat) Chicago Direct Action Network, Germany network interested in labour struggle and mobilisations against WEF, IMF and the World Bank


Genetic Pollution: Starlink Corn Invades Mexico Mexican corn farmers joined by students, Zapatista supporters and others, took to the streets this week challenging the U.N. International Conference on Financing for Development taking place in the northern city of Monterrey. Zambia refuses GM 'poison' : Zambia's president has refused to overturn his ban on genetically modified (GM) food aid despite the food crisis which is threatening up to 2.4 million people. Levy Mwanawasa said he would not allow Zambians to eat "poison". Up to 13 million people face famine across southern Africa, aid agencies have warned. [...] United States aid officials deny that the food is unsafe, pointing out that Americans eat GM maize every day. Anti-Biotech Direct Actionists Destroy GE Crops in California : In the early morning hours of May 16th genetically engineered crops at a biotech research facillity near Oakland California were destroyed. [...]

"in the night of 26 May 2001, crop experiments in 10 research facilities of Nunhems Seeds were destroyed in S. Agata Bolognese, Italy" "In the night of Sunday to Monday June 25, a group of activists calling themselves "Razende Hazen" (Raging Hares) have sabotaged two field tests of Roundup Ready sugar beets in Brabant, the south of The Netherlands. The two fields were the only Monsanto field trials in the Netherlands this year." India: KRRS Activists Destroy Bt Cotton in Davanagere Activists of the Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) destroyed Bt cotton cultivated in an area of two acres at Rudranakatte near here on Sunday. The activists led by KRRS President Prof M D Nanjundaswamy convinced the farmers before destroying the crops. Security was tightened in the village to prevent any untoward incident. However, the police could not take any steps against the activists as they destroyed the crops after convincing the farmers. [...]

aids riots
struggles against HIV incarceration struggles against HIV extermination no copyright

hacking sharing collectives for the truth electronic disturbance theatre collectives of witnesses

refuse to reimburse debts


Göteborg (Sweden), June 14-16, 2001, police communications systems jammed during the riot Carbontradewatch, TNI, Nederland carbontradewatch monitors and resaerches the impacts and effects of the upcoming trade in pollution wich its advocates state will resolve climate change in a cost-effective way.


self-determination of the gray zones

self-determination of the desert zones

destruction of the media

indy israel indy italy indy argentina

anatagonistic servers

"The heart of the Internet sustained its largest and most sophisticated attack ever, starting late Monday... Around 5:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, a "distributed denial of service" (DDOS) attack struck the 13 "root servers" that provide the primary roadmap for almost all Internet communications. (cf. Washington Post, Tuesday, October 22, 2002; 5:40 PM)

solidarity with extra-terrestrials
self-determination of the noosphere

The international indymedia caravan The idea of the caravan (indyArgentina, Peru, Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy) is to help strengthening the alternative media network in South America, building up a sustainable network of independent media and to create as space of exchange of skills, resourches and information with the local activists networks in south america (source: indymedia) movement web alternative communication center anonimizer Samizdat the yes men tactical media activism las agencias, Barcelona media Agencia en Construcción Permanente (Spain) satellite

Argentina Arde (a countre information project that meets different medium and alternative media groups that includes also indymedia argentina) a-infos international anarchist collective Israël: The a-infos project is coordinated by an international collective of revolutionary antiauthoritarian, anti-capitalist activists, involved with class struggle and who regard it as a total social struggle.


"que se bayan todos" 2

free transportation

pirate radio street television

autonomedia ASCII

wireless networks

informational autonomy

amsterdam wireless