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A PLEDGE FOR CHRISTMAS EXTENSION: This Year Christmas Is 365 Days Long!!!.


For a pretty long time now Ive kept almost like secret my inner proclivity to underline December among all the months in the year, it had been considered almost magical to me, I never knew exactly why but the contrasting, unexpected and unpleasant feelings dwelling in this servers heart last December (an unexplainable sadness fog clouded my heart, my left knee began to hurt terribly and eventually got swollen, a very nice old man neighbor passed out, my old lady decided not to ornament the house as she sacredly used to do it every year by this time, ...and the list goes on); this awoke a very stressed interest to unveil what always had been behind the magic.

Life took me far from home many years now, I happened to finish Psychology Undergraduate studies above the sun of the mysterious, legendary and ancient Guajira State (Located not far from Colombians North boundary to Venezuela), specifically it was Riohacha, I lived there for nine months roughly, later traveled back to my home town Barranquilla to hand in the training papers (and other requirements) to earn my Psychology degree; Not for my surprise short after this I was again in La Guajira to engage my working career as a Psychologist and a Teacher... at the same time!!!

Teaching has let me to touch and be touched by many lives but mostly to get to know people, their likes and dislikes toward many things. One occasion I realized that my Magical December sense was not only mine but from many people who shared the same perception of it. First of all, interacting with students and digging in about The Magical season it was almost impossible for people isolate December from Christmas, for almost everybody December meant Christmas and Christmas meant a world of things... This was what December meant for me too dont know if for other readers-

There is something about trees, the green and red going all over both inside and outside the houses passing by the avenues like a river, a magical one, bringing or at least representing something above the plain hard reality, filling our hearts and minds with hope. The expectation of good things to come.

The idea of trees was originally brought by north American tradition, its well known that trees are cut and taken to the American houses in order to celebrate during this season. I dont know whether good or bad idea to copy this from north people, but what I do know for sure (and at first hand) is the protection sense that all that green arose in me, it was like I had been transported during this season, I had just been moved suddenly, pleasantly taken to the forest, where I was protected and safe It could sound crazy but thats just it-.

Lately and because of the numerous Christian trends, Christmas itself as a social event has been undervalued and questioned at his authentic Christian relevance, revealing the purposes from such ideological movements its impossible mission and its hard to tell whether it has succeeded or not, but what is true is that their statements and questioning has encouraged the average person to do some personal research, the results is strongly believed and its out there the idea that Christ wasnt actually born in December based on the weather and seasons records that work as guidelines. These findings contradict any Assumption of Christ being born during December and support the statement that Christmas was all about Romans, because they were who attempted and succeeded at joining pagan celebrations Saturnalia and the central very meaningful event of Jesus Birth inside their growing in power Christian colonies.

Non Christian believers unarm Christians by questioning the moment in time where such event as Jesus birth took place. I am one of those who thinks that the day specific when the Big Guy came to visit and join us shouldnt be so essential, it could perfectly be any given day, this particularity is not that important, the fact is that someone reeeaallly significant actually got close, approached to us!!!. But what about Jesus?, and why so many people believers and even non believers feel differently during this season, open their chances and are tempted to be generous, nice and tender persons???

What is so special about Christmas? what unusual happens during this season? well according to the tradition at Christmas kids receive gift from their Parents emulating what bible says about what happened when Jesus was born: He Received presents. As an extension, Christians honor and remember that event by giving to Jesus -represented on the kids- every December. With time even parents considered to deserve or at least to need to represent Jesus and receive gifts as children did (to tell the truth we all in a hidden deep corner of our hearts are willingly and eagerly but also silently expecting to be treated with the love children are). That underlying need, is the need to be treated as Jesus. As pure, kind, sinless perfect beings, to be loved as such an amazing being was. He was One King and one King among us. Close (and we want Him, the one who consider us His sons, to be close undoubtedly). Christmas is all about closeness and intimacy, one of the 21st century flaws in human relationships no wonder the planet so eagerly wait for December!!

Ive always been in discontent to those who change when are close to someone who is higher in position to them a boss for example- and never quite understood why so many people exceeded on considerations toward monarchy and royalty members. This December I got it!!!. That was exactly what got my heart pumping so hard: If the one who was coming at December 25th was King and a pure, kind loving one- he not only had power to help me, take care for me, feed me , gift me but he, and specially, wanted to do it. He wanted to do it!! wanted to love me to do me some new and good. So, summing up, to be close to a King, meant the certainty that something good would take place.

Christmas brought the unimaginable, the event that would blew anyones mind, expectations and heart: Being a Kings son... a Gods. Two for the prize of One. Not only the relief of not being and accident but a designed being who held a unique, unbreakable bond with His Designer: FatherSon. Meaning over the random blooming of existence, is purpose and sense over the accidental, unexplainable and many times hopeless inflicting existences flow, from the mere fact o f living to the realm of plan, design, target: Reasons. Now we were (and still are) loved as an Artist loves the handiwork where he poured himself entirely with blood and bones, tears and laughter, meant (and means) being a created son, a piece of art son. This is a self-evident support and implies the revelation of us being loved no matter what. This is extremely powerful, sets the scenario to beat hardships and to soar dreamward (pretty much like magic whats all I mean about it: December).