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Max Page Mr. Neuburger English 101-101 19 February 2013 Title1 Title2 When he was young, he was just another normal boy growing up in Moscow. His parents loved him and every year for his birthday, they took him ice fishing. The last time he went there were two major events that took place, he caught the biggest fish he had ever seen; it was as big as a car, and both of his parents died in a house fire which he barely escaped. Over the next several years, he was with many different foster families but his uncontrollable rage was just that uncontrollable, even for a boy. Eventually he runs away on his 18th birthday and joins the army. He decided to become infantry, the recruiter said he could see it in Victors eyes and knew it would work for him. At the time, Russia was at peace but it didnt last much longer because China invaded after Russian spies disabled North Korean nuke centers. This was his chance to prove what he was made of, to show the world why Russians should be feared. The army was immediately mobilized to southern command to repel the rapidly advancing Chinese but it was next to impossible, their forces moved at light speed. Within the first fifteen days of the invasion, China controlled all of Siberia but was stalled at the infamous Stalingrad. Viktor was part of an advanced recon division tasked with blitzkrieg type fights which decimated their enemys forces every time, but regardless of how many they killed, thousands more replaced them. His unit consisted of seventy-five men, all whom had been

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trained by the legendary American Seal Team Six. Both sides gained and lost ground for over a year, but neither would quit. Even though it was considered illegal, China had been investing trillions of dollars into their nuclear R&D for well over 100 years without anyone knowing. In 2049 they designed a howitzer capable of launching a fifteen megaton warhead over fifteen miles, yet no one knew. The only reason they had never used it was because testing it with an actual nuke would set off sensors around the globe, alerting world leaders to its presence but the time had come for an actual test, and the Chinese command knew exactly where they wanted to test it. The battle of Moscow happened during the third year of the war, it was 2089. Moscow would eventually become the third modern city to fall victim to a nuclear attack. During the month of April, Chinese forces had breached the cities outer defenses. Even though the Russian draft had increased their numbers to over 100 million soldiers during the second year of the war, of which one million were in Moscow, but they had lost an estimated 30 million by April of the third year and China still had 250 million of their original 300 million soldiers. Even though the Chinese were surrounding the city, they learned a hard truth about the Russians they are savage beasts. The Russians would go into hand to hand combat like a pack of wolves, clawing and tearing the thrashed throats out of their victims. Six months into the battle of Moscow, the Russian army was still 750,000 strong inside of Moscow. They fired from windows, roof tops and even hid inside of cars to ambush the slowly advancing Chinese. The Russian air defense was insanely excellent, dropping birds from the sky with razors edge precision. It wasnt until November that the Chinese command gave in and admitted they could not take Moscow by force; their numbers were dropping too quickly to do a frontal assault. It was time to test the nuclear howitzer.

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Friday the 19th of November the Chinese command sent the order down the wire, load the cannon and fire. When the Chinese started to retreat, the Russians thought they were victorious and didnt bother to pursue them just yet, but they would be irrevocably wrong. The retreat took over four hours to complete due to the vast numbers of men on the ground. They may have moved faster if they knew what was about to take place. The Chinese command werent going to let just anyone use this cannon, it had to be a very special and specific group of men trained in its use and capabilities. The name of this group was very ominous, they were known only as the Death Dealers yet only the men in command knew their true purpose in the army. Russian intelligence picked up on the howitzer movement, but they were baffled as to what exactly was happening due to the Chinese retreat because they had absolutely no idea what the cannon was capable of. The howitzer looked like any other they would have seen on a daily basis except the barrel was modified so it was larger and longer. Nightfall of the same day the howitzer is in place. The Chinese command knew the risks of using it so they made one last attempt to get the Russians to surrender; of course they had to say no. Throughout the night most of the Russian army is celebrating with vodka and calamari, utterly unaware of what was about to hit their beloved city. The Chinese command gave the order to fire the howitzer directly into the heart of Moscow at midnight. Viktor is in the barracks with most of his elite unit on the northern side of the city when the howitzer is fired. Russian and American intelligence watch the howitzer fire from one of their satellites as the warhead lands on Moscow. Needless to say, the majority of the city is completely destroyed in seconds and the world cannot believe what they just witnessed. Amazingly however, Viktor and his unit survive the blast because their barracks was far enough away, but it is still destroyed. Viktor and his unit know exactly what happened; its hard to miss

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a mushroom cloud even in the dead of night. There is only one thing for them to do get out of Moscow in order to avoid nuclear fallout. Russian command calls for an immediate retaliation from the UN, however the UN dismantled most of their nukes years earlier, except for one country. The President of The United States calls the Russian President and says that he will handle this act of genocide committed by the Chinese. Within one hour America has fifty stealth bombers in the air headed east to China and they are all armed with nukes. The American President calls the Chinese command once the bombers are circling above every major city in China and gives them once chance to agree to an unconditional surrender, else face the consequences of total destruction. The next day is a standoff with the bombers still circling above China and every country within the UN has declared war on China. North Korea is Chinas best friend but like us were not in the war until now. North Korea, Iran and even Syria declare war on the UN countries and this is what begins World War III. The Chinese do not meet the twenty four hour deadline to surrender and the American nukes start to drop on military cities in China and Chinese military camps inside of Russia. In retaliation, Iran launches an ICBM targeted at America, however due to faulty equipment sabotaged by the CIA; it falls from the sky within thirty seconds and detonates annihilating an entire city of civilians. At this point Iran just drops from the conflict because they have zero chances at an invasion or even defending against an invasion. The bombing of China has killed millions of Chinese reserve troops thus lowering their army numbers to below 200,000. Knowing they cannot repel the invasion from America, they surrender unconditionally thus allowing the installment of UN armies and bases within the country as well as the dismantlement of their government plus imprisonment of the Chinese command. Syria and North Korean troops merge and invade Israel and before anyone can come

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to their assistance, they nuke Pyongyang and obliterate it. North Korea surrenders mainly due to their nukes being dismantled and destroyed before the war. However Syria is still in the fight so a lot of the Korean troops stationed with them simply join their units, but Israel isnt just some pushover small kid that gets knocked around without punching back, so they punch back. Israel has several elite Kill Units specifically designed to eliminate whole regiments of enemy troops. The fighting in Israel only lasts three months before Israel emerges victorious, decimating the Koreans and Syrians and effectively ending WWIII. There were always those who said WWIII would be the end of man and it damn near was, but what the Chinese did was proof that having weapons of mass destruction was not a bad idea, even if their only use is as a deterrent. The world agrees to use this opportunity to change the world for the better; the UN occupies North Korea, Iran, Syria and China. Each country is stripped of its government, leadership and military. Once these things were done, new constitutions were drafted and a democracy was implemented in order to ensure world peace once again.