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DCHC Conference Program

Day 1, MARCH 28, 2013, Global Health Communication Research Preconference

Time Event 12:00 - 1:30 pm Registration and pick up conference materials, Mason Inn Lobby 1:30 - 2:00 pm Welcome and Preconference Introduction, Leveraging Health Communication Research to Promote Global Health, Gary Kreps (George Mason University) 2:00 - 3:30 pm The Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS) China Research Program Panel Chair, Gary Kreps, George Mason University 1. Qun'an Mao (Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Health) 2. Guoming Yu (Renmin University of China) 3. Xiaoquan Zhao (George Mason University) 4. Sylvia Chou (National Cancer Institute, NIH) 3:30 - 3:45 pm Stretch for Health Break (Suzie Carmack, George Mason University) 3:45 - 5:30 pm Interactive Session on Lessons Learned for Conducting Global Health Communication Research Panel Chair, Gary Kreps (George Mason University) 1. Linda Neuhauser (University of California, Berkeley), Participative Health Communication Programs in China and Australia 2. Muhiuddin Haider (University of Maryland), Post-2015 Priorities for Global Health Promotion 3. Khadidiatou Ndiaye (George Washington University), HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs in Africa 4. Paula Kim (George Mason University), Promoting Health Advocacy to Influence Health Policies and Practices around the World: The GALA Program

5. Dina Borzekowski (Johns Hopkins University), Working with Children and Young Adults Internationally 6. Admassu Tassew (UNICEF), Promoting Public Health in a War Zone: My Work in Afghanistan 7. Kyeung Mi Oh (George Mason University), Making Cross-National Comparisons: KoreanAmericans and Korean Nationals 8. Rick Zimmerman (George Mason University), Developing HIV Prevention Interventions in Africa and Asia 5:30 - 5:45 pm Stretch for Health Break (Suzie Carmack, George Mason University) 5:45-7:30 pm Global Health Competitive Poster Session Presentations and Gala Reception (Poster Session 1) 007, Mary Bresnahan, Suji Park, Mitsuna Uchikawa, and Xinyu Yao (Michigan State University), Perception of the Health and Cuteness of a Fat Baby in Asia and the U.S. 008, Jie Zhuang, and Mary Bresnahan (Michigan State University), The Efficacy of Smoking Prevention Messages based on Descriptive and Injunctive Norms on Working Adults in China 013, Maryam Ahmadian and Asnarulkhadi Abu Samah (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Community Prevention Model for Breast Cancer in Iran; Efforts to Bridge a Research-Practice Gap for Preventive Health Interventions in Developing Countries 026, Ying Cheng and Mary Bresnahan (Michigan State University), Effects of Buddhist Beliefs, Anticipated Guilt and Hope on Persuading Chinese to be Organ Donors: An Application of the Functional Theory 031, Nadine Bol (University of Amsterdam), Julia C. M. van Weert (University of Amsterdam), Hanneke C. J. M. de Haes (University of Amsterdam), Eugne F. Loos (University of Amsterdam), Tijs M. Rutgers (University of Amsterdam), Sjaak A. Burgers (The Netherlands Cancer Institute), and Ellen M. A. Smets (University of Amsterdam), The Effects of Modality and Personalization: Using Online Videos to Improve Website Satisfaction and Recall of CancerRelated Information in Older Lung Cancer Patients 032, Julia C.M. van Weert (University of Amsterdam), Jesse Jansen (University of Sydney), Peter M.M. Spreeuwenberg (Netherlands institute for health services research, NIVEL), Sandra van Dulmen (Netherlands institute for health services research, NIVEL), Jozien M. Bensing (Netherlands institute for health services research, NIVEL and Utrecht University), Effects of a Communication Intervention Existing of Communication Skills Training and a Question Prompt Sheet to Improve Communication With Older Cancer Patients

033, Julia C.M. van Weert and Sifra Bolle (University of Amsterdam), Knowledge about Chemotherapy: A Comparative Study of Chemotherapy Patients and Non-Patients 052, Linda Neuhauser, (University of California, Berkeley), Eve Wen-Jing Lee (Pathfinder International), Xiaoming Sun and Zong Zhanhong (Nanjing College for Population Program Management), Sono Aibe (Pathfinder International), Using Participatory Design to translate Research into Global Health Communication Programs: China Factory Worker Wellness Program 061, John W. Howard, III, and Laura C. Prividera (East Carolina University), Nationalistic Symbols and Soldiers Mental Health: A Critical Analysis of Media Coverage on Soldiers Returning from Deployments 075, Jordan Gauthier Kohn, Christiana Nielsen, and Dasia Stewart (The College of New Jersey), Cross-National Newspaper Coverage of Child Labor: A Community Structure Approach 078, Christine Rehm, Sally Milnes, Olivia Hannis, and Jonathon Day, (The College of New Jersey), Using a Community Structure Approach, A Nationwide, Multi-City, Twelve Year (1/1/2000-1/1/2012) Sample of Newspaper Coverage of Medicated Children 096, Nola Almageni (University of Kentucky), An Integrative Model to Understanding Drug Use Among Young Omani Adults.

Day 2, March 29, 2013, Translating Research Into Practice Main Conference
Time Event 7:00 - 7:30 am Optional Health Walk (through the beautiful Mason campus) 7:30 - 8:30 am Registration and Healthy Continental Breakfast 8:30 10:00 am Top- Rated Translational Research Panel (Speaker Session 1) Panel Chair, Gary Kreps (George Mason University) *1. Sandra Petronio, David Bell, and Aron DiBaccom (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis), The Balance of Privacy and Disclosure in Managing Privacy Boundaries within HIV Serodiscordant Relationships *2. Elaine Wittenberg-Lyles (University of Kentucky), Joy Goldsmith (Young Harris College), Debra Parker Oliver (University of Missouri, Columbia), George Demiris (University of Washington), Robin L. Kruse (University of Missouri, Columbia), and Stephanie Van Stee (University of Kentucky), Oral Literacy Features and Caregiver Outcomes in Hospice Care *3. Sheila Murphy (University of Southern California), Lauren B. Frank (Portland State University), Joyee S. Chatterjee (University of Southern California), Meghan B. Moran (San Diego State University), and Lourdes Baezconde Garbanati (University of Southern California),

An Empirical Test of the Relative Impact and Longevity of Narrative and Non-narrative Health Messages. *4. Joan R. Cates, Sandra J. Diehl, Tamera Coyne-Beasley, Jamie L. Crandell, and Jane D. Brown (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Optimizing HPV Vaccination for Boys: Opportunities for Enhanced Communication *5. Carla L. Fisher (George Mason University), Craig Fowler (Massey University, New Zealand), Mollie Rose Canzona (George Mason University), and Emily Peterson (George Mason University), The Utility of Family Communication Patterns Theory in Cancer Coping Health Interventions: Connecting Mother-Daughter Openness with Social, Mental, and Physical Health Outcomes *6. Christine Skubisz, and Joseph N. Cappella (University of Pennsylvania), Graphic Warning Labels on Tobacco Products: Public Opinion about Health Policy Initiatives 10:00 -10:15 am Stretch for Health Break (Suzie Carmack, George Mason University) 10:15 -11:45 am Top- Rated Student Translational Research Panel (Speaker Session 2) Panel Chair, Gary Kreps (George Mason University) *1. Shoshana H. Bardach (University of Kentucky), Just Keep Doing What you are Doing: Older Patients Interpretation of Providers Silence Regarding Diet and Physical Activity *2. Mariliis Vahe, and Khawaja Zain-ul-abdin (Florida State University), Breaking the Silence: Acceptability and Impact of GirlTalk, An Online Health Information Source for Young Pakistani Females *3. Wonsun Kim, Emily B. Peterson, and Minho Kim (George Mason University), Representation of Cancer Screening Information in Korean-American Newspapers *4. Sarah Vos (University of Kentucky), They Look Just Like a Baby: On Line Messages and Early Elective Inductions *5. Sara Shaunfield, Jenna E. Reno, and Nick Iannarino (University of Kentucky), Development and Exploration of the Family Caregiver Communication Burden Scale: Improving Outcomes for Family Caregivers and Patients *6. Katrina Pariera (University of Southern California), Understanding Parent-Child Communication About Sex to Promote Positive Teen Sexual Health Outcomes 11:45am -1:00 pm Healthy Buffet Lunch (Boxwoods, Mason Inn) 1:00 - 2:30 pm Competitive Poster Session Presentations (Poster Session 2)

068, Betsy D. Dalton, Scott A. Eldredge, and Laura E. Miller (University of Tennessee), Life is Not Supposed to Be Pain-Free: Nurse-Patient Communication, Health Literacy, and the Abnormalization of Pain. 069, Kevin Real, Andrew Bernard, and Katelin Fields-Elswick (University of Kentucky), Communication, Mindfulness, and Medical Resident Performance in Hospital Critical Care Rotations 077, Jennifer Toole, Florida State University), SunU: An Interactive Skin Cancer Intervention with Theory Driven Tailored Messages 080, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati (University of Southern California), Nan Zhao (University of Southern California), Jimi Huh (University of Southern California), Sheila Murphy (University of Southern California), Meghan Bridgid Moran (San Diego State University), and Joyee S. Chatterjee (University of Southern California), Understanding and Addressing Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening Among Korean Women and Use of the HPV Vaccine Among Their Sons and Daughters 081, Stephanie A. Ainsworth and Faye S. Taxman (George Mason University), Increasing Use Of Evidence-Based Practices Through an eLearning Training Program 083, Adam J. Parrish (University of Kentucky), Using Positive Deviance Inquiry to Improve Diabetes Self-Management Education for a Medically Underserved Population 085, Jennifer Elston Lafata (Virginia Commonwealth University), Heather L. Morris (Virginia Commonwealth University), Elizabeth Dobie (Henry Ford Health System), Michele Heisler (University of Michigan), Rachel M, Werner (University of Pennsylvania), and Levant Dumenci, (Virginia Commonwealth University), Patient-reported use of collaborative goal setting and glycemic control among patients with diabetes 086, Vinita Agarwal (Salisbury University), Recreating Home in a New Land: Themes of Maternal Health Practices of Women Migrants in a Temporary Urban Resettlement Community (Basti) 087, Rannie Teodoro, Danielle Catona, and Amanda Carpenter (Rutgers University), Study: A Community-based Approach to Increasing Utilization of Nutrition Services Available to LowIncome Latina Mothers of Children 088, Katherine E. Rowan (George Mason University), Andrew Pyle (George Mason University), Caroline Valentino (George Mason University), Jacob Abraham (George Mason University), Audrey Lomax (George Mason University), Christine Sanders (George Mason University), WanLin Chang (George Mason University), Xing Tong (George Mason University), Hyun K. Oh (George Mason University), Crystal Adkisson (Howard University), and Denna Kowalek (Howard University), Please Train Us: Emergency Communication on College Campuses 089, Mollie Rose Canzona (George Mason University), Christy J.W. Ledford (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences), Dean A. Seehusen (Fort Belvoir Community Hospital), Melinda Villagran (Texas State University), and Joseph A. Huang (Fort Belvoir

Community Hospital), Patient-initiated Religious Dialogue In The Clinical Visit: An Examination of Physicians Patient-Centered Communication Strategies 091, Beom Jun Bae (Georgia Southern University), Suekyung Lee, and Grace Park (Florida State University), Thinking or feeling? Effect of Entertainment-Education on Behavioral Intentions Against Skin Cancer 092, Christine Platt (University of Memphis), Couch Potatoes Rising to the Occasion: Collecting Greyhound DNA to Fight Osteosarcoma 093, Anne M. Nicotera (, George Mason University), Xiaoquan Zhao (George Mason University), Emily Peterson (George Mason University), Wonsun Kim (George Mason University), Margaret M. Mahon (Catholic University of America), and Patricia ConwayMorana (Joint Commission Resources), Nursing Job Satisfaction and Turnover as Explained by Structurational Divergence 095, Mia Liza A. Lustria (Juliann Cortese, Karla Schmitt, Ying Mai Kung, and Casey McLaughlin, (Florida State University), A Pilot Study of a Web-Based Tailored Intervention to Promote STD Screening Among College Students 098, Lance S. Rintamaki (University at Buffalo), Kami A. Kosenko (North Carolina State University, Timothy P. Hogan (Edward Hines, Jr. Veterans Affairs Hospital), Robin E. Jensen (University of Utah), Allison M. Scott (University of Kentucky), and Tobias Reynolds-Tylus (University at Buffalo), The Role of Stigma Management in HIV Treatment Adherence 099, Michael S. Caudy, Stephanie A. Ainsworth, Erin Crites, Joseph Durso, and Faye S. Taxman (George Mason University), CJ-TRAK: Knowledge Translation for Health Services Criminology 100, Nicholas T. Iannarino (University of Kentucky), Teresa L. Thompson (University of Dayton), and James D. Robinson (University of Dayton), Burnt Up: A Narrative Analysis of Richard Pryor and the Pipe 101, Susan Khorsand (Glories Happy Hats), The Glories Hats Project (GHP) = Stay Healthy to Help Others Building a Sustainable Health Communications Initiative Translating Community Health Through Youth Leadership and Compassionate Action 102, Stephanie Houston Grey (Louisiana State University), The Visual Rhetoric of Public Poster Campaigns as Symbolic Connection between Food and American Identity 104, Gretchen Norling Holmes and Heidi Segona (University of Memphis), Finding common ground: Defining and measuring provider-patient rapport 106, Denise K. Scannell (George Mason University), Riding the Age Wave: A Social Network for Seniors to Address Chronic Illness 111, Marianna J. Bledsoe (Veterans Health Administration), and Paula Kim (George Mason University, Fairfax), Towards Personalized Medicine: The Importance of Public Education and Stakeholder Involvement in Biobanking

112, Susan L. Cook and Karen R. Krupar (Metropolitan State University of Denver, When Medical Care Spells Death: S.H.I.T. Happens! *113, Sarah Parsloe (San Diego State University), Patient-Provider Inter(net/actions): The Impact of Internet Health Information Discussions on Traditionally Disadvantaged Patients 2:30 - 2:45 pm Stretch for Health Break (Suzie Carmack, George Mason University) 2:45 - 4:15 pm Entertainment, Media, and Health Promotion Panel (Speaker Session 3) Panel Chair, Gary Kreps (George Mason University) *1. Wayne A. Beach (San Diego State University), Mary K. Buller (Klein Buendel, Inc.), David M. Dozier (San Diego State University), David B. Buller (Klein Buendel, Inc.), and Kyle Gutzmer (San Diego State University), The Conversations about Cancer (CAC) Project: Assessing Feasibility and Audience Impacts From Viewing The Cancer Play 2. Kimberly N. Kline (University of Texas at San Antonio), David Moskowitz (New York Medical College), Jan Eberth (M.D. Anderson Cancer Center), Jane Richards Montealegre (Baylor College of Medicine), and Michael E. Scheurer (Baylor College of Medicine), The Agenda-Setting Influence of News Media and Internet Activity on Increased Reporting of HPV4-Associated Vaccine Adverse Events 3. Mary Tucker-McLaughlin, Jin-Ae Kang, and Kris Kirschbaum (East Carolina University), The Affordable Care Act: A quantitative study of network televisions role in the delivery of complex public health messages 4. Danielle Catona and Rannie Teodoro (Rutgers University), Across the Cancer Continuum: An Analysis of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Survivorship Narratives on YouTube 5. Maria De Jesus (American University), The Impact of Mass Media Health Communication on Health Decision-Making and Medical Advice-Seeking Behavior of U.S. Hispanic Population 6. Denise K. Scannell (George Mason University), But Can They Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound? Implications for Portrayals of Prime-time Medical Doctors as Antiheros in Medical Dramas 4:15 - 4:30 pm Stretch for Health Break (Suzie Carmack, George Mason University) 4:30 - 6:00 pm Competitive Poster Presentation (Poster Session 3) 001, Evan K. Perrault and Karen Smreker (Michigan State University), What Can We Learn from Physicians Online Biographies to Help In Choosing a Doctor? Not Much. A Content Analysis of Primary Care Physician Biographies 004, Rachael A. Record (University of Kentucky), A Pilot Investigation of Tobacco-free Policy Noncompliance

009, Maria Brann and Zachary Goldman (West Virginia University), Please Cross Responsibly: Campaign Design to Decrease Distracted Walking 011, Amelia Burke-Garcia and Christine Cotter (Westat), The Ryan Gosling Effect: Tapping into Viral Memes to Change Health Behavior 012, Keith Richards (James Madison University), Emergency Contraception: Increasing Knowledge and Intent 014, Kelly Madden Xiaoli Nan, Ph.D., and Rowena Briones (University of Maryland), Analysis of HPV Vaccine Information on Influential Blog Sites: A Snapshot amid the 2011 Republican Presidential Primary Debates 017, Scott Walters (University of North Texas Health Science Center), Faye S. Taxman (George Mason University), Mayra Rodriguez (University of North Texas Health Science Center), and Jennifer Lerch (George Mason University), Development of a Web-Based Intervention Targeting Treatment Initiation and Probation Compliance 018, Amelia Burke-Garcia and Christine Cotter (Westat), Trending Now: The Promise of Social Media for Public Health Communications 019, Rowena Briones (University of Maryland), Scanning the Current Landscape: A Systematic Review of E-health Research in the Field of Communication 020, Rowena Briones (University of Maryland), Will You GYT? Exploring Young Adults Perceptions of Sexual Health, E-health Literacy, and an Online Health Campaign 022, Jordan Alpert ( George Mason University), Deborah Borisoff (New York University), David Zambrana (University of Miami), Increasing the Adoption Rate of a High-Tech Health Care Innovation Using Diffusion Theory: Recommendations for the Hospital and Original Equipment Manufacturer *023, Amanda E. Hamilton (Syracuse University), Concerns for Environment in the Promotion of Ideal Infant Feeding Practices: Formative Research for Message Design 024, Katherine A. Becker (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and Karen Freburg (University of Louisville), Presence of shared experiences, virtual stories, and relationship management: An exploratory study among medical student blogs on Tour the Life *025, Nicole M. Robinson (George Mason University), Addressing the Stigma of Mental Illness: Promoting Greater Receptivity of Mental Health Disclosures in Co-Cultural Group Members 027, TaWanna Y. Berry (Westat), Success in Storytelling: How to Communicate the Sticky Factor in Your Success Stories 028, Kate Marone and Caitlin McEvilly (Michigan State University), Giving the Gift of Life: Organ Donation in the Black Church

029, Wan-Lin Chang and Jessica Clinkscales (George Mason University), Influence of Personal Values, Beliefs, and Socioeconomic Status on Pap Smear Seeking Behavior among African American Women in North Carolina 030, Joan R. Cates (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Rebecca R. Ortiz (Texas Tech University), Steve North (Center for Rural Health Innovation), Amanda Martin (Center for Rural Health Innovation), Richalle Smith (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Jackie Draper MacHardy (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Tamera Coyne-Beasley (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Middle School Students Design Text Messages to Raise Awareness of HPV Vaccine 035, L. Aubree Shay and Jennifer Elston Lafata (Virginia Commonwealth University), Is shared decision-making associated with patient outcomes? A systematic review 037, Chris Clarke (George Mason University), Overcoming Falsely Balanced Media Coverage of Health Risks through Attention to Context 107, Suzie Carmack (George Mason University), Dont Let Your Desk Chair Kill Your Life: Fighting the global health crisis of sedentary death syndrome with the centeredbeing mindful movement community health campaign *108, Lan Jin and Lalatendu Acharya (Purdue University), Factors Affecting Adherence to Health Instructions Among Chinese Immigrant Population in the United States 109, Jarim Kim and Xiaoli Nan (University of Maryland, The Impact of Consideration of Future Consequences on Attitudes and Intentions toward HPV Vaccination 114, Syed Ali Hussain (Michigan State University), Exploring Nostalgia as an Emotional Appeal for Health Communication: A Literature Review 6:30 - 9:00 pm Gala Dinner and Awards Presentations Presentation of DCHC Research Awards, Gary Kreps (George Mason University): Top Senior Scholar Research Presentation Awards Top Student Research Presentation Awards Global Health Communication Research Innovation Award Health Communication Entertainment Education Award Charles Atkin Outstanding Translational Health Communication Scholar Award: Award introduction, Sandi Smith (Michigan State University) Award presentation to Professor Linda Neuhauser, Gary Kreps (George Mason University) Remarks by the Award Recipient, Linda Neuhauser (University of California, Berkeley) Premier Washington DC presentation of the original play Conversations About Cancer (CAC) written by Wayne Beach (San Diego State University)

Discussion with audience about the play and its applications as a health communication tool.


Day 3, March 30, 2013, Translating Research into Practice Main Conference
Time Event 7:00 - 7:00 am Optional Health Walk (through the beautiful Mason campus) 7:30 - 8:30 am Healthy Continental Breakfast 8:30 10:00 am Communicating to Improve Cancer Outcomes Panel (Speaker Session 4) Panel Chair, Gary Kreps (George Mason University) *1. Lisa Sparks (Chapman University), Grace Clarke Hillyer (Columbia University), MaryAnn McCabe (Columbia University), Charles Basch (Columbia University), Dawn Hershman (Columbia University), and Alfred I. Neugut (Columbia University), An Evidence-Based Health Communication Campaigns Approach to Development of a Culturally Competent Text Messaging Intervention to Improve Patient Adherence to Adjuvant Breast Cancer Hormonal Therapy 2. Elisia L. Cohen, Bethney Wilson, and Robin C. Vanderpool (University of Kentucky), Barriers to Patient-Centered Mammography among Appalachian Kentucky Women 3. Kami J. Silk, Evan K. Perrault, Alison Sheets, and Jisoo Ahn (Michigan State University), Finding Ways to Improve the Effectiveness and Dissemination of Online Prostate Cancer Treatment Decision-Making Information 4. Suekyung Lee and Sungeun Park (Florida State University), Media Channels, Attention, and Percieved Ambiguity: Implications for Cancer Prevention Campaigns *5. Utkarsh B. Subnis (Virginia Commonwealth University), Narrative as a Medium For Health Communication Interventions For Coping With Cancer: A Qualitative Study in Patients Diagnosed with Cancer 10:00 - 10:15 am Stretch for Health Break (Suzie Carmack, George Mason University) 10:15 - 11:45 am Reducing Meat and Its Impact on Health and the Environment: Translating Research into Communication Programs to Achieve Multiple Health Outcomes (Speaker Session 5) Panel Chair: Keri Fehrenbach (Arizona State University) 1. Keri Fehrenbach (Arizona State University) Understanding the Meat Crisis 2. Allison Righter (Johns Hopkins University), The Meatless Monday Campaign 3. Dawn Undurraga (Environmental Working Group) The Environmental Working Groups Meat Eaters Guide to Climate Change and Health 4. Louise Mitchell (University of Maryland) Balanced Menus Initiative by Health Care without

Harm 12:00 - 1:15 pm Competitive Poster Session 4 and Closing Gala Reception (Poster Session 4) 038, Priya Nambisan, Kelly Vandersluis Morgan, and Gary L. Kreps (George Mason University), Combining Social Media Research and Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) to Support Weight Management Among Freshmen Students 039, Elizabeth Karras (Canandaigua VA Medical Center), Brady Stephens (Canandaigua VA Medical Center), and Robert M. Bossarte (University of Rochester), Utilizing media to promote suicide prevention hotlines to Veteran households 040, Katharine J. Head, Bethney A. Wilson, and Elisia L. Cohen (University of Kentucky), An Application of the Message Convergence Framework to Young Womens HPV Vaccination Decisions 041, Kesha Morant Williams (Pennsylvania State University), Online Social Support and its Impact on the Quality of Life of Those Living with Lupus 042, Kaitlin Banduch (Kent State University) , Using the Theory of Motivated Information Management (TMIM) and Family Communication Patterns (FCP) to Understand Individual Decisions to Undergo Genetic Testing for Huntingtons Disease (HD) 043, Rebecca Gidley, Jessica Russell, and Sandi Smith (Michigan State University), Strive for a Safer Drive: Empowering Teens to Educate and Influence their Peers about Traffic Safety 044, Heather J. Carmack and Tatjana M. Hocke (James Madison University), Stop the Cough: A Content Analysis of Knowledge, Fear Appeals, and Efficacy in Pertussis PSAs 045, Samantha Nazione, Kami J Silk, and Sarah Sheff (Michigan State University), Weiners theory of perceived responsibility and social motivation versus Weiners attribution-affecthelping model: Which best predicts health care provider helping intentions? 046, Sharlene Richards (James Madison University), Co-Constructing the Truth About Infertility: A Narrative Analysis of the Truth About Trying Campaign 047, Sarah Evans (Fors Marsh Group), and Monique Turner (George Washington University), Effects of exposure to safe food handling messages and campaign logo placement at point of sale on foodborne illness attitudes and preventive behaviors *048, Anna M. Rankin (University of Kentucky), Coping with Stigma: An Analysis of Stigma Narratives in an Online Community 049, Anna M. Rankin and Nancy G. Harrington (University of Kentucky), Probability vs. Unpleasantness: Prospect Theory Application in Message Framing Research *050, Jordan Alpert, Kate DeNardi, and Frances Womble (George Mason University), Childrens Health and Nutrition Online

053, Theodore A. Avtgis (Ashland University), E. Phillips Polack, David Kappel, Allison Wilson, and Jennifer Knight (West Virginia University), Assessing the Accuracy of Trauma Patient Prioritization: Applying Crisis Communication Techniques to Increase Triage Effectiveness 054, Kami J. Silk, Evan K. Perrault, Alison Sheets, and Jisoo Ahn (Michigan State University), Finding ways to improve the effectiveness and dissemination of online prostate cancer treatment decision-making information *056, Angeline Sangalang and Emma Frances Bloomfield (University of Southern California), Investigating Media Coverage of Health Campaigns: Framing VERB and Let's Move 058, Wan-Lin Chang (George Mason University), The Knowledge Gap Hypothesis in Finding Health Information though Internet Usage 060, Yifeng Hu (The College of New Jersey), Health Communication Research in the New Media Landscape: A Thematic Meta-Analysis 062, Laura Willis (The Ohio State University), and Tracy Mehan (Nationwide Childrens Hospital), Preventing a Devastating Burden: The Dangerous Implications of Inconsistency between Text-Based Messages and Images in Popular Parenting Magazines 063, Rose Hitt (Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences), Jerry Punch, and Sandi W. Smith (Michigan State University), Effects of Hearing Impairment on Quality of Life 066, Meghan Moran (San Diego State University), Sheila Murphy (University of Southern California), Nan Zhao (University of Southern California), Lauren B. Frank (Portland State University), Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati (University of Southern California), Sources of health information associated with anti-vaccine beliefs among African American, European American, and Mexican American women 067, Liz Gardner, Rebecca R. Ortiz, and Autumn Shafer (Texas Tech University), Understanding the Effectiveness of Health Persuasion for Hispanic Diabetics *Award winning research presentation