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The Destination, Pakistan


Karachi City,
Islamic Republic of Pakistan


From the last century (19th) especially, though begun in 17th Century after an emergence of “HORN
OF SATAN” as professed by eminent Masha’ikh wa Ulama that was reported in blissful sayings
(Ahadith’e Mubarakah), the instigation of diverting common Muslims in the name of Islam, though
alike “HORN OF SATAN” has been occurred before, nearly in every era (means time to time), for
instance Zul-Khuwaiys’rah (Kharji-Murtad), Abdullah bin Saba (originally Jew, founder & inductor
of Kharji-Rafdhiyat), Abu-Ya’la [d.457 Hijri] (Kharji-Perspective), Hasan bin Saba (Kharji-Fidayan,
actually Rafdhi-Shi’ite), Ibne Taymi’yah [d.728 Hijri] (Kharji-Perspectives) and several others, in
brief, once again the same has repeated, but this time it was caught (though couldn’t denies about
previous instigations that weren’t backed by external forces either), and so continually supports till
today, by The West (esp. The British Empire) as mean to annihilate ISLAM, thus viciously planned
keeping long-term objectives in view, for attaining the goal, in other words or to an extent bring,
specifically MUSLIMS, towards disbeliefs (Ma’az Allah) if not able to Judaism or Christianity [both
doesn’t exists in its true and valid form either, and former was canceled by the later, the later was
then declared canceled after proclamation of Sidna Muhammed Rasul Allah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam)],
and so they (planners) ensured that if somehow not able to succeed completely (as planned), then
priority or aim is to make or keep everyone either in misery condition (deceptive form) or in
confusing state (spread misconception), specifically the Muslims.

After being successful (West through Horn of Satan), though partially (not 100%), has caused
severe setbacks (Urdu: Zabardast Dhach’kay) which after effects are still persists (For instance |
Fall of Mughal Empire, The Ottoman Empire, invasions of several Muslims Lands, etc) on Muslims’
every departs beside particular core essence (Islamic Beliefs), whether it is their social (political
including territorial), economical (resources including trade) or military (strength including
artillery) etc; these are also the pillars of STATE, which Islam has also taught (to maintain),
encouraged and provides substantial ground (or necessary rules) that was portrayed as never
illuminated or neither contained such teachings (which is absolutely lie and false assertion). This
also introduced or became the cause of several movements and timely upheavals (uprisings) in
which some are valid (in defend) whereas some are actually plotted (to offend) to annihilate
leftover or survived signs, by planners, the Muslims cores or say base which kept them joined or say
unified, that are Islamic Beliefs, as well as all substantial departs (social, economical, military,
religious education) too, explicated by Ulama’e Kiram (Arabic: bil’khusoos A’eymma Arba’a) under
the light of Islamic principles (Quran and Sunnah) which they (Muslims) were practicing.

Therefore keeping all these vicious moves in front, a small effort was then made to describe and
highlights its causes and reasons that lay behind these annihilations (or say damages) which has
caused severe setback or downfall to the UMMAH particularly, though other were also targeted,
hence to address as well as depicting its proper way of resolution in hope to bring back the lost
pride, that also wishing impacts positively on other faiths too, few ARTICLES has been written in
this regards, and few will may be write ahead, which were started from the following below; and
here each one is linked to the next, meant later was actually the continuation of the previous,
whereas previous one was to before:

1. An Illegitimate and Inappropriate Regime

Subtitling, “Taliban, the Culprits and their Leader Mullah Omar, a Dacoit”
Date: June 2011 A.D [Rajab al-Murrajib, 1432 Hijri]

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 2


2. The Glorious Destination of an UMMAH

Subtitling, “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”
Date: Saturday, 23rd July 2011 A.D [22nd Sha’ban al-Moazzam, 1432 Hijri]

3. Rise of an UMMAH from al-Maghreb

Subtitling, “Khilafat’e Habibiyyah”
Date: Sunday, 11th December, 2011 A.D (5:09 AM) [16th Muharram al-Haram, 1433 Hijri]

4. Strength of an UMMAH in al-Mashreq

Subtitling, “The destination, PAKISTAN”
Date: Tuesday, 11th September 2012 A.D (4:17 AM) [24th Shawwal al-Mubarak, 1433 Hijri]

[Please Note: Dates that was stated below every Article are its first publication via Email, which
later when revised, has been mentioned respectively. Jazakamullah Khairah]

The present one, the fourth in last, is also a continuation of all before (though taken partially,
whereas on some places only points-out), illuminating in detail nearly all topics that are subjected
or addressing (though some debate was either left or needs simplifications hence continues), has
been analyzed deeply and technically in the light of Islamic illumination, especially under
Jurisprudence (Arabic: Fi’qh | Min’al Mazhab al-Hanafi’yah).

In last, praise that may Allah bi-Wasilati Nabi Al-Kareem ar’Rauf-ar’Raheem (‫ )ﷺ‬and all blessed
companions and virtuous family (Ridhwan’ullahi Alehem Ajma’ein), grant us steadiness, and guide
the strayed, towards right and successful path in both universe, renown as Islam (Ahl’al-Sunnah
Wa’l-Jama’ah | Mazahib Arba’a wa Salasil Aliya). Ameen thuma Ameen

May gets Ghawth’ul-Azam dust (Khak paey Ghaus-e-Azam)

Faqeer Tanzeel Bukhari al-Hanafi(ghafaralahu)
The Qadri Sword Team

10th Jamadi’ul Awwal Shareef, 1434 Hijri

Friday, March 22nd, 2013 A.D
22nd Ramadhan Sharif, 1436 Hijri
Friday, July 10th, 2015 A.D
[2nd Review]

Karachi City, Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 3


Before To Start (From Author)

In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu, it will be beneficial and informative because taken from Ulama’e Kiram
explications, hence contained useful material for Analysis too. Although, for Ulama, nothing is new
because it has been extorted from eminent Islamic Personages (Masha’ikh) books and transcripts
(see references*) therefore don’t have anything from outside but actually its Theirs Work tries to
summarized in to English. [Before arguing or objection at any topic, read Article in full with
concentration, and follows the links under recommendations or pointers or braces too]. We regret
for too much delay.

[*] One furthermore has been added in regards of revision to this article.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 4


Allahumma, Salaten Daimman wa Salaman Taamman, Ala Sayyid’un al-Anmbiya wal

Mursaleen wa Ala Aleyhi wa Sahabehi wa Masha’ikh-e-Ummatehi wa Ulama’e-Millatehi wa
Jamee’al-Muslimeen Alehem Ajmaen.


The destination, PAKISTAN

Al-Sultan Salahuddin al-Ayyubi al-Shafa’ee al-Qad’ri (Quddussurahul Aziz) once says (Qaul),
"Mafhoom . . . I don’t know whether ISLAM spread through manners or sword but I knows that
for its defense sword is needed"


“Peace n Love”: Religion Islam, ‘peaceful (Arabic: Sala’mati)’ in meaning, and peace couldn’t attain
without Love (Arabic: Hubb) until presented in Heart, and that should be purely (Arabic: al-
Khali’satun) for Allah (Subhanahu), because Creator (al-Khaliq) and Merciful (al-Rehman), his
*Rasul (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam), because sent by Allah (Subhanahu) and very kind (Arabic: Rehma’tul-
lil-Aa’lameen) for all Allah’s creation (Arabic: Makhlo’qat) including us (Arabic: Ashraf-ul-
Makhlo’qaat) certainly, then to all their (Allah and his Rasul [Alehe Salat O Salam]) friends (Arabic:
Awliyah yan’i Sahaba Kiram, A’eymma Kiram[Mazahib Arba’a bil’Khusoos], Sufiya-wa-Ulama
[Mazahib Arba’a] wa Suwali’heen Wagheiy’raha) and their followers (Arabic: Amma-tul Muslimeen
thumma taqulu Muqal’lideen), because of creed, as well as to other creatures (Arabic: al-
Makhlo’qaat) of Sole Creator (Arabic: al-Khaliq al-Wahid), because are his (Subhanahu) signs of
magnificent creation (like Animals, Flowers, Trees, Mountains and so on forth).

DENOTE: One could say then what about love to other prophets, is it necessary or
included? Answer for this, it is not only necessary but inevitable and included (Arabic: al-
Shamil) under stipulations of belief (part of it), because Loving Sidi Muhammed al-Rasul
(Alehe-Salat-O-Salam) couldn’t completed unless you wouldn’t love all other Anmbiya’e
Kiram (Alehemus-Salat-O-Salam) or say Hubb’e Muhammed al-Rasul (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam)
includes (Arabic: Bi’Shumool) them (Alehemus-Salat-O-Salam). Second if one say then why
exempted (from Love) Infidels and Deviators, aren’t they Allah’s creation and so human
beings (creatures)? Answer for this, who was denying their existence as humans (creatures)
therefore aren’t Allah’s creation and so don’t cares but the exception for condemnation and
hatred is not due to creation but only because of their disbeliefs (Arabic: Kufr) and duality
(Arabic: Nifaq ya Irtedad) in short Astray (Arabic: Dhala’lah yan’i la’diniyah | Farsi:
Gumrahi) which they chooses and causes chaos (Arabic: fasad fil Ardh) usually whenever
gets upper-hand, and this is also only & purely for Allah (Arabic: Bugdh lil’allah) and his
Rasul (Arabic: Bugdh lil’Rasul [Alehe-Salat-O-Salam]) as they ordered and warned, not for
any other reason or purpose (Land, Money or so on forth). Although doors are always open
[*] To be strict, so it is for our own safety so that they may not harm our faith or pulled towards astray, contrary it
is for their retrieval (realization being on the wrong path) to origin, Islam.
Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 5

for Invitation (Infidels) or retrieval (Deviators), if accepts with honesty and devotion the
Right-side (Haqq) otherwise their choice (whatsoever) and so left them (keep distance).

Recommends: Also, read following about Anmbiya’e Kiram (Alehemus-Salam):


Jurisprudence Narrations: Ulama (Mazahib Arba’a) says it is stipulated (Arabic:

Mashro’ot), calling belief upon Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam) should professes all
other Anmbiya’e Kiram (Alehemus-Salat-O-Salam) otherwise oath (Arabic: Shahadah)
prerequisite aren’t fulfilled hence belief (Arabic: Ema’n) wasn’t completed (Arabic: al-Kamil
wa dhi’ddihi al-Naqis) yet or say accepted (Arabic: Maq’bool | yan’i ala’l-Kufr, Faqeer), and
vice versa, that if professed all other Anmbiya’e Kiram (Alehemus-Salat-O-Salam) but not
Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam), so still incomplete (Meant | Disbeliever). Similarly
blaspheming or defaming even showing disrespect in the honor of Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe-
Salat-O-Salam) or else other Anmbiya’e Kiram (Alehemus-Salat-O-Salam) if doer (believing
none of them or some of them or even all of them) whether Infidel, Polytheist, Deviator or
even Muslim is strictly prohibited and graspable (Urdu: Sakht Grifth) as well as punishable
(sometimes inevitable upon level of intention meant if severe then whether repent or not
from it after presenting repentance, which is execution) in Shari’ah but these restrictions
are applicable only under Muslims Jurisdiction^. We are impeding (Arabic: Ikte’fah) here
and avoiding to go in further details, though remembers there are some other important
laws of Shariat’e Muhammediyah (Mazahib Arba’a) as well regarding Anmbiya’e Kiram
(Alehemus-Salat-O-Salam) upon beliefs & honors that are inevitable to know. We’ll explain
them at any other reasonable time or appropriate occasion, In-Sha Allah, however for more
details asks Ulama’e Kiram or see the above recommendation (provided link), if desired.

ADDITION (Idha’fah):
As we illustrated above, “doors are always open for Invitation (Infidels) or retrievel
(Deviators)”, so it is showing naturally by itself the intentions of softness present in Heart,
however we also knew that good and bad people exist everywhere regardless of religion, meant it is
not inevitable that every Muslim is very pious and good (by character meant Act) whereas all Non-
Muslims (Infidels, Polytheists or Atheists) are evil (by character meant Act), but in-real you will find
vice versa, and it is only because of one’s own nature (Arabic: Tabi’at ya ta’qul bi’Taba) or say built-
in feature but painful thing is poor guidance or totally misleading (not telling right path | Meant by
Non-Muslim parents or guardians), but here one more point should be note as well, it didn’t means
also that if Non-Muslims even Deviator, both by Acts are good then start favoring their every Act or
get involved or becomes too closed (only for guidance or calling towards Islam) to them and start
looses own faith (firm belief upon creed) in friendship or in the name of love to Humanity or so on
forth, has to show little hardness so that both (Non-Muslims and Deviators) could considers their
mistake being on the wrong path or way, and so can retrieve back or come towards right path.
However, if you want to help (doing job in their state or company(s) is also lay under help) then it is
permissible but under Islamic Rules, and it is better to ask Ulama or Sufiya (well practicing having
authentic chain | preferable Alim’e Deen) because if we begins to illustrate here so article would get
[^] About out of Muslim Jurisdiction, so it is better to ask Ulama’e Kiram.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 6


lengthy and takes away from the real purpose.

FOOTNOTE: There is no doubt that there are good Christians and Jews, even Hindus or
Buddhist, by act or in nature (including manners) exists but then question is that if or when
they are so good then why don’t they accept ISLAM, what’s make them keeping distance or
hindering from professing its reality and truth. Query: If you say is it necessary to enter in
Islam if someone by act or nature (including manners) is good? [*] We’ll response, good
means resisting evil or no evilness in other words absent of Satan or its Satanism, and we all
knew that actually SATAN is the most strongest enemy of ISLAM (or say Belief n Faith | The
Creed), then in absence of SATAN they should profess it at first place without any objection
or hindrance (if so good). Second, it is not only necessary but inevitable if you are good
because ALLAH (Subhanahu) will not accept any other (path) than religion ISLAM (Sunnat’e
Muhammediyyah), a path to origin. FACTS: Also note and it could be astonishing, that in
Christians (one of their sect, Catholics I think) and Jews (Anti-Zionist n Israel also), there are
some very close resemblances with true Muslims, like we respect Anmbiya’e Kiram
(Alehemus Salat-O-Salam) hence they do also, we Muslims says “Ya Rasul Allah” or “Ya Wali
Allah (like Ghawth, Khuwaja, Shaykh etc)” so they also says “O’Christ (Ya Esa)” or “O’Moses
(Ya Musa)” as well as “O’Master Help (calls their Order Masters)”, like we believe firmly in
SOUL so they also belief in SOUL and that’s why we respect graves so similarly they do also,
we pay visits and recites Fatiha Shareef upon graves so similarly they do same as well
(recites their altered or unaltered phrases | Allah knows), Muslim celebrates Mawlid’un-
Nabi (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) therefore they also celebrates their ^respected one’s (Alehemus
Salat-O-Salam) Mawlid, we not drink alcohol (Arabic: Sharab) so they also didn’t due to
prohibition (Haram), and many other resemblances can be put or written here but article
goes long however still then their Faith (incomplete) n Acts (whether good) would not
sufficient for their forgiveness until do not profess (Arabic: Shaha’dah) Sidi Muhammed al-
Rasul (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) “RISALAH MUBARKAH”, and that’s why resisting or
condemning and that is the only difference between us (Muslims, due to which would be
successful, In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu) and them (Kuffar, hence unsuccessful, therefore
sends to hell forever | Ma’az Allah). If not able to get or understand, then asks Ulama.

INTENSE PRAISE: O’Dear, if you wants to know truth from our Heart, so we also not like to do such
discussions openly and avoids (though started due to some reasons therefore try to wrap it up, did
some effort in this Article) because it is not for everyone and second nowadays due to lots of Chaos
and Anarchy as well as one owns ego of being educated (Modern or say Secular) and very much
Human lover (Mind corruption due to it) and so on forth it is difficult to literate or tell (make
anyone understand) and that’s why try to keeping distance (isolating our self or biasing), but do
remember we not only have wishes but praises intensely for whole WORLD that turned towards
ISLAM and become MUSLIMS, no Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Qadiyaniat or Atheism etc, but
only ISLAM (Sunnat’e Muhammediyyah). And even in ISLAM, no[See next page Hem(*)] Rafdhiyat,
Wahabiyat, Akhwaniyat, tablighiyat or so on forth, but only MUSLIMS (Ahl’al Sunnah Wa’l
Jama’ah | Mazahib Arba’a), all becomes practicing and divined, doing zikr YA ALLAH and YA
RASUL ALLAH (Alehe Salat-O-Salam), following path of A’eymma Kiram (Mazahib Arba’a) and
Masha’ikh Ezaam (Salasil Aliyah) of origin, divinity, peace, love, harmony, tolerance, patience
[*] Remember that, this rule is also true or say applicable for Deviators or Deviated Sects (Munafiqoon | Khawarij
and others) beside True one, as well.
[^] To whom (Alehemus Salat-O-Salam) they called themselves a followers.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 7


and so on forth just like they defined and preached. Do remembers, might be besides Masha’ikh wa
Ulama none would tell you, that this praise will actually becomes true only in the time of Sidi IMAM
MAHDI (Radhi Allah Anhu) and Sidi HUDHRAT ESA BIN MARIUM Nabiyinah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam)
thus before it (until their appearance or say TIME) be ready and prepared (mentally and physically)
yourself for Many Wars or Conflicts (including Hurmajdoon), Chaos and Anarchy (Fitnah wa’l-Fasad
fil Ardh), erupted by Satanic Evil Forces (including Horn of Satan), because they will not let easily to
prevail ISLAM and its purpose “Peace and Love”. Keep thinking, and doing zikr.

Enlighten (al-Noor): We stated in previous article, “it is Allah (Subhanahu) gracious custom
(A'adat-e-Kareema) that have always sent RIGHT PATHS (Hida’yaat) through Anmbiya’e Kiram
(Alehem-us-Salam) and by sending (in Textual form) HOLY BOOKS (Kutub-e-Sama’viyah) and
TESTAMENTS (Suhu’faat-e-Sama’viyah) upon them (Alehem-us-Salam) for Honorable and Noble
Purpose of guidance and success”. Chapter: Though after Nabi al-Kareem [Alehe Salat-O-Salam (*)]
that chapter (bab) had been now closed forever therefore to endured the custom for guidance and
success so that it may nor vanished neither forget Allah (Subhanahu) has continues it by sending
pious and divine personage, called Awliyah (by Birth, esp. amongst them Muslims communally
agreed as Reviver) to uplift the religion till before Qaya’mah (final whistle). Resistance: Hence just
like in previous eons that usually it was not very much likened (called belief) by the few (people)
whereas sometimes all (nation) contrary it was resisted harshly (meant refuted) though addressing
by Anmbiya’e Kiram (Alehem-us-Salam), the most noble and piety in all creatures. Exists:
Therefore how could be possible that persistence (means resistance) would stopped easily or
vanish completely while chapter (bab) has been closed (closing of Guidance via Anmbiya’e Kiram
[Alehem-us-Salam] | Which was always had shown resistance) and none will be coming further
(means new prophet) and the custom of addressing (delivers) have been then given to perform by
Awliyah [by birth, which are one level below Anmbiyah, (think on this point)]. In Qur'an Majeed,
Allah (Subhanahu) says, “(Mafhoom) … They wish to extinguish the light of Allah with mouths,
but Allah will not agree except that He will perfect his light, even if the disbelievers get
annoyed. …” [9:32]

ADD NOTE: [Tanwir al-Miqbas] Ulama says, (Fain would they put out) thwart (the light of Allah) the
religion of Allah (with their mouths) through their lies; it is also said: by means of their mouths, (but
Allah disdaineth (aught)) But Allah does not leave things (save that He shall perfect His light) save that
He shall manifest His religion: Islam, (however much the disbelievers are averse) that this should be so.

NOTE: [Tafsir Ibne Abbass] Ulama says, Jews and Christians and Polytheists (Yahud wa Nasara wa
Mushrikeen) wants the light of Allah meant Religion Islam’s light from their mouths dispersed (diffused)
it, and Allah will not let it dispersed (diffused) and He will overrule (Arabic: Ghalib) His Religion Islam
upon all other religions. Whether this say, by Infidels (Kuffar), was not likened or minds bad a lot.

[Ulama also signifies that by “Light of Allah” means “Muhammed al-Rasul (Alehe Salat-O-Salam)” explicitly
(bi’takhsees) in other words Sidi Noor Allah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam)]

ADD [In brief]: (*) Ulama says that it was propagating inversely by Kuffar that now no one will come ahead
further for guidance, but still many right faith people (believers) as well as knowledgeable (who knew but are not
the believers only because in denial for some reasons) are awaiting after Sidna Hudhrat Esa (Alehe Salat-O-Salam)
From Previous Pg. [*] Here [Kharji]-Wahabiyat includes also all their derivative branches in which some accepted
following IMAM (Jurisprudence) but opposed the CREED, similarly Akhwaniyat meant Munafiq Brotherhood and
their likeminded groups present in every region states (including Pakistan) but with different names and
leadership (including founders).

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 8


[rose towards sky, & will back again for last time] till arrival of the last prophet “Muhammed” al-Rasul al-Kareem
(Alehe Salat-O-Salam), because informed (kha’br) to them, even Jews were obvious but expecting from Bani Isra’el,
though after arrival in beginning many recognizes but only few affirmed (through signs, as the reported one) and
majority dubious or refuses, and after proclamation (Ey’lan-e-Nabuwwah Shareef), those recognizes in first place
many amongst them called belief (without hesitation, even as per tradition one is affirmed long before arrival)
whereas majority did after propagation (peaceful invitations | Dawah) or realization (after miracles and victories that
divulges to them truth and reality | Moaj’zat, Futu’hat Wagheiy’raha), hence entered (Af’waja) to Islam by individually
or group-wise (includes families) or the whole-tribe gradually.

Furthermore: Ulama says that Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) arrival had been announced (Arabic: Akhbar
ya Eaylan) by all Anmbiya’e Kiram (Alehemus Salat-O-Salam) of every respective era, since the beginning (Coming of
Sidna Hudhrat Adam ala-Nabiyinah [Alehe Salat-O-Salam] upon earth) to the second last Sidna Hudhrat Esa bin
Mar’yam (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) [rose towards Sky, & will back again for last time].

Also, it is prominently showing (strong evidence) “Maw’lood-un-Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam)” too, In-Sha
Allah wa Rasuluhu discuss it later. For while, keep thinking.

See Kutub’e Seerah wagheiy’raha or asks Ulama.

Allah knows all the best. Faqeer Bukhari (ghafaralahu)

Promise (Khalifa’tul Ardh): We stated in previous article, “However the only need of time is UNITY
as one NATION (Ummah) in all aspects, Political, Economical, Social, Territorial, and Military etc,
whether called it Khilafah or Sultanate or Union, but should be based upon Khilafat-e-Rashidah
Model. According to one Dervish (his child is a Wali by birth) the main reasons of devastation and
humiliation of Muslims around the world is only because we (Muslims) contain several identities
like Malayans, Turks, Arabs, Hindies (Pakistanis), Ifriqiyans (Africans) and so on forth upon which
divided but we are not getting united as one Muslim Nation (Ummah, actually meant politically
united at one platform say Khilafah or Sultanate or Union) and in all these various identities
majority are Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah besides claimers (meant Munafiqoon)”. Path: When
majority of Muslims are definitely following and on the right path [*] of Islam (Sunnat’e
Muhammediyyah | Mazahib Arba’a) and performs necessary ACTS (Ya’ni | Faraidh, Wajibat, Sunnan
Wagheiy’raha) as per teachings hence must strive for unification also because instructed too (part
of teachings). Deed: Remembers, though many Religious Personalities (passed away) had tried in
past but still present shouldn’t halt these efforts, and hopes that neither it wasn’t, because it would
be not only beneficial (sharing of resources and strength after unification) but also will be very
much helpful over sufferings if looks around present conditions which depicting too naturally an
utmost requirement. Reward: All must have to seek for it or do efforts, ^OIC is not capable nor
competent neither delivering (actually it was made and controlled through UN, Israel’s famous
umbrella, thus represent their interest neither true Islamic Ideology nor according to Muslims
aspirations) hence urge Masha’ikh (Sufiya) for gathering upon any one personage (advisable, shall
take guidance from Sultanul Awliyah or if you knows someone like him) [For Khilafah or Sultanate],
so that we can all get reward that has been promised. In Quran Majeed, Allah (Subhanahu) says,
“(Mafhoom) … Allah has promised those among you who believe and do good deeds, that He
will certainly give them the Caliphate in the earth the way He gave to those before them; and
that He certainly establish for them their religion which He has chosen for them, and will
turn their prior fear into peace; they must worship Me and not ascribe anything as a partner
to Me; and whoever is ungrateful after this – it is they who are the disobedient. …” [24:55]

ADD NOTE: [Tanwir al-Miqbas] Ulama says, (Allah hath promised such of you) O Companions
ofMuhammed (pbuh) (as believe and do good works) between themselves and their Lord (that He will
surely make them to succeed (the present rulers) in the earth (to succeed others)) some of them in

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 9


succession to others (even as He caused those who were before them) among the Children of Israel:
Joshua ben Nun, Caleb ben Jephunneh; it is also said that this means: We shall make them dwell in the
land of Mecca as We made those before them, among the Children of Israel, dwell in their land after the
destruction of their enemy; (and that He will surely establish for them) He will make triumph (their
religion which He hath approved for them) and has chosen for them, (and will give them in exchange) of
Mecca (safety) following the destruction of their enemy (after their fear) of the enemy. (They serve Me)
in order that they worship Me in Mecca. (They ascribe no thing) no idol (as partner unto Me. Those who
disbelieve henceforth) after victory and change of fortune, (they are the miscreants) the disobedient.

NOTE: [Tafsir Ibne Abbass] Ulama says, O’Muslims! Companions of Rasul Allah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam),
Allah has promised amongst you people who called belief and performed good deeds purely for Allah
that one by one will certainly award or made them Khalifa wa/ya Malik alike did before you, meant Sidi
Yusha bin Noon and Sidi Kaloot bin Yuhanna Wagheiy’rahum (Alehemus Salam). Or perhaps this was
meant that, alike Bani Isra’il enemies that has been destroyed in their lands and then made them back
the owners of their land just alike will made you (Companions) and make their religion (Islam) overrule
and legitimate for them (Companions) that was honored and likened by Allah. And in Makkah, after
fears award them peace. Enemies will be destroyed, they do worships in Makkah without fear, so
worships to Me (Subhanahu), do not partner anyone, and therefore after this who do (or select)
infidelity will be the sinful (Fasiq - Aa’si).
ADD [In brief]: (*) Reminds that in the light of Masha’ikh wa Ulama explications, No Muslim (following Sunnat’e
Rasul wa Jamat’e Sahabah | Mazahib Arba’a) ever worships other than ALLAH, neither made any one His (Subhanahu)
partner in any aspect, whether literate or Not. Therefore all those having confusion or accusations upon innocent
Muslims so please kindly repent from it.

[^]: OIC means “Oh, I Cee[see] but Oh I Can’t do anything”, Sidi Noorani Mian (Quddussurahul Aziz) called it
“Mo’tammar-e-Alam’e Shaitani”.

See Kutub’e Fi’qh wagheiy’raha or asks Ulama.

Allah knows all the best. Faqeer Bukhari (ghafaralahu)

Efforts (al-Hubb ya al-Etab): In last article, gives subtitle “Khilafat-e-Habibiyah” and then
afterwards quoted as saying of a renown al-Shaykh, which is “Al-Shyakh al-Shariah wa’l-Tariqah al-
Arif bi'Allah Hudhrat Shahid Baig al-Hanafi al-Chishti (Da’mat Feu’dhahum) says, There is nothing
besides a Hubb-e-Rasool al-Kareem (Alehe Salat O Salam)" hence reason for giving such subtitle
and then beautiful quote is only in hope for gathering and unification upon origin and similarity
(common feature) which is “Hubb’e al-Rasul (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam)” because as we stated in
same article ahead, “However the only need of time is UNITY as one NATION (Ummah) in all aspects,
Political, Economical, Social, Territorial, and Military etc, whether called it Khilafah or Sultanate or
Union, but should be based upon Khilafat-e-Rashidah Model.”, so it cannot be possible if one have
such a marvelous divine distinction (Hubb) but then didn’t shares its resources and strength, when
it is necessary, [*] hence for it have to do courageous efforts (fight through sword or pen) after
seeking knowledge (along with Trust: Yaqeen), thus without further delays and lame excuses all
should gather upon single platform, before further punishments (Etab) would be send (or come to
us) in form of humiliation, and then devastation which will cause further elimination (precious lives
and deserving wealth). In Quran Majeed, Allah (Subhanahu) says, “(Mafhoom) … Say, “If your
fathers, and your sons, and your brothers, and your wives, and your tribe, and your acquired
wealth, and the trade in which you fear a loss, and the houses of your liking – if all these are
dearer (Mehboob) to you than Allah and His Noble Messenger (Rasul) and fighting in His
Way, then wait until Allah brings about His command; and Allah does not guide the sinful
(Fasiq). …” [9:24]

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 10


ADD NOTE: [Tanwir al-Miqbas] Ulama says, (Say) O Muhammed: (If your fathers, and your sons, and
your brethren, and your wives, and your tribe) your folk who are in Mecca, (and the wealth ye have
acquired) you have earned, (and merchandise for which ye fear that there will be no sale) that will not
be spent in Medina, (and dwellings) houses (ye desire) to live in (are dearer to you than Allah) than
Allah's obedience (and His messenger) and dearer to you than migrating to His Messenger (and striving
in His way) for the sake of His obedience: (then wait till Allah bringeth His command to pass) His
punishment, i.e. killing upon the Conquest of Mecca. Those who migrated after this (Allah guideth not)
He does not lead to His religion (wrong-doing folk) the disbelievers: those who not deserve it.

NOTE: [Tafsir Ibne Abbass] Ulama says, O’Rasul (Alehe Salat-O-Salam), said to Muslims, if your parents,
children, brothers, wives, and those (Kunm’bah) who are in Makkah and wealth that you earn in life, and
trade (businesses) that you always fears or disturb every time to lose it, if all these things looking better
in the way of Allah and his Rasul (Alehe Salam), and to migrate towards them, and to fight in their way,
meant (Arabic: Yan’i) preferring or understanding above World upon Religion, so then wait, till and stay
for Allah’s will and order regarding punishments for a day of victory in Makkah when Infidels (Kuffar)
will be slaughters, then afterwards immigrate if possible. No doubt that Allah (Subhanahu) would never
give to sinful (Fasiqoun), mean-ful (Zid’di) and disobedient (Na-Farmanou’n) a guidance that not deserves
of such clean religion, and left them in to their own infidelity.
ADD [In brief]: (*) Ulama says, Jihad (Bi’Saif) is also Fardh upon every Muslim, without gender distinction, just like
other four constituents, however in Jihad (Bi’Saif) there are exemptions present in Shari’ah regarding
participation whenever declares (or Calls). In other words we can say for Jihad (Bi’Saif), “Its Fardhiyat is just like
Salat but its exemption is just like Hajj” meant whenever declares (or Calls), it will be considered as liable (Fardh
Salat) upon every Muslim (Male and Female) but due to exemption (like Ramadhan Ey’tikaf) participation is not
inevitable upon all, because it involves or based upon various processes to execute (battling) hence as per level of
participation (all Muslims), will be reward and liability (Fardh) would be disburse (pay-off). See also below note.
Keep Thinking.

See Kutub’e Fi’qh wagheiy’raha or asks Ulama.

Allah knows all the best. Faqeer Bukhari (ghafaralahu)

Fight (Jihad): Ulama says, there are four types of fighting (Jihad); Jihad bi’Nufs (Jihad’e Akbar,
spiritually against Satanic assaults via Nufs to control your own ego), then Jihad Bi’l-Saif (Jihad’e
Asghar, physically after declaration through means like Weapon etc), and then Jihad Bi’l-Lisan
(includes Bi’l-Qalam | Condemning Opposers) and then finally Jihad Bi’l-Qalb (knowing bad in heart),
and the last one according to them is the most weakest n final. Spiritually: Hence the first kind is
naturally applied upon every Muslim without declaration however has to seek for knowledge and
some other necessary practices (prescribes by Masha’ikh) from any domain expert besides obeying
essentials sternly for instance, Faraidh, Wajibat, Sunnan etc in this regards. Physically: About
second kind, Ulama explicate some stipulations and prerequisites, and they also say it is Fardh upon
every Muslim to participate although if some did (like nowadays Army has been formed) then
responsibility (as Fardh) will be removes from others (who did not able to participate somehow
whether eligible, though upon recall by Ameer ya Hakim then couldn’t deny). Oration (includes
Pen): About third, so it is Ulama’e Kiram duty and Alhamdolillah they always delivered and still
doing it with full responsibility. In Heart: About fourth kind, the weakest one so it is also applied
upon every Muslim naturally without declaration. Amongst all these kinds, beside first, all are not
specifically applicable for Infidels [Kuffar (*)] but also valid for Deviators (Munfiqoon). In Quran
Majeed, Allah (Subhanahu) says, “(Mafhoom) … O Herald of the Hidden! Fight (Jihad) against
the disbelievers (Kuffar) and the hypocrites (Munafiqoon), and be stern with them; and their
destination hell; and what an evil place to return! …” [9:73]

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 11


ADD NOTE: [Tanwir al-Miqbas] Ulama says, (O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers) with the sword
(and the hypocrites) with words! (Be harsh) be tough (with them) with both parties with words and
actions. (Their ultimate abode is hell) their destiny is hell, (a hapless journey's end) they shall come to.

NOTE: [Tafsir Ibne Abbass] Ulama says, Ya Rasul Allah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam), raise (use) your sword upon
Infidels (Kuffar), do fight (Jihad), and do fight against Deviators (Munafiqoon) too and condemn or expose
their bad deeds and so upon them (Munafiqoon) do or expressed stiffness (Farsi: Sakhti), and admonition
(Tanm’beeh) both (Kuffar wa’l-Munafiqoon) sternly (Arabic: Yan’i min’al-Jalal).
ADD [In brief]: (*) Here in Infidel(s), SATAN is included because Ulama says SATAN was already KAFIR that’s why
refuted to do SAJDA when given command, whereas some says SATAN becomes first as KAFIR after refusing to do
SAJDA when given command. However Ulama reconciled (Arabic: Tat’beeq) as SATAN was already (KAFIR) in
reality but got exposed (KUFR) prominently after command.

Those exception regarding participation in Jihad (Bi’Saif) whenever declares (or Calls) which was indicated above
are upon following conditions (these are few main, not all); FIRST, fight can be conduct against both (if any one of
them, or both making troubles or intrusion), however before to go we’ll send or gives invitation (though sometimes
not necessary), and upon refusal or not listening or giving importance, as well as not laying down weapon if
already raised, even after invitation too, response is indispensable. SECOND, for excusers (Sahib’e Uzr) if have
justified reason, and further exclusion is that if few people did or participated as representatives upon behalf of
the particular population or nation (chosen assently and sends), then Fardh will be consider disburse (pay-off)
from the remaining shoulders (though upon new-call they are liable to participate by sending remainders, as per
needs). THIRD, participating through resources (Maal) to increase assistances will be counts in or as doing Jihad
(Bi’Saif) also, therefore it is inevitable upon those who are remaining behind (not going to or participating in
frontline) shall assists. FOURTH, staying at homeland for defense, which is also necessary, will be counted in or as
Jihad (Bi’Saif) either, however Ulama says person who fights at frontline, whether dies (Shaheed) or victorious
(Ghazi), is honorable then person who is behind (meant the Chain). NOTE: Remembers in last two (3 & 4),
participation is counted as Jihad (Bi’Saif) only because of chain (even could include whole Ummah), involves in
whole process (battle) or requires to execute (fight), hence all can be enumerates easily for evaluation regarding
their honors (Sawab ya Ajr) as per level of participation.

Furthermore: If all people (Muslims) went to frontline gave their lives (at borders or in enemy territories) and
somehow the battles enters (reached) to then remainders territory than they were liable to defend the territory
or say Fardh will came (exception removes) upon them, until Ulama doesn’t say to halt (cease-fire etc) or take any
decision (sign peace accord etc). Allah knows the best.

See Kutub’e Fi’qh wagheiy’raha or asks Ulama.

Allah knows all the best. Faqeer Bukhari (ghafaralahu)

NOTE: TAFSIR was in Arabic Language, we used Urdu Translated version, thus did translation word
by word not grammatically from URDU to ENGLISH. Second, all illustrations ahead (or say under)
“ADD [in brief]” was not a part of Tafsir (that’s why for separation, we colored it) neither the
pointers (including further-more) below to it, all were part of early explanations (taken from
Seerah and Fi’qh Books) before Quran Verses. Jazaka’mullahu Khairah

[DENOTE: In regards of safety measures (precaution), we have presented the Tafsir Mubarak
from Tanwir al-Miqbas min Tafsir Ibne Abbas at every respected Ayah Mubarakah* under
(Arabic: Ta’hat-tu) ADD NOTE(s), in green color, only to edify our translation (as well as
purpose of presenting Quranic Verses).]

Allah and his Rasul (Alehe Salat O Salam) know the best (Bhe’tr).
[*] Including below topic (Religion) as well.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 12


O’Dear, remembers that all religions with which Anmbiya’e Kiram (Alehemus-Salat-O-Salam) sent
upon earth (Arabic: Kir’rahu Ardh) are for Peace and Love not Chaos n Anarchies (Ma’az Allah), and
amongst teachings it also contains (Religion Orders | Ahkamat’e Deeni’yyah) to handles or tackled
circumstances (if occurs) of conflict (whether assaults or revolts) through fight by using weapon
(previous eras, Sword and concerned) for obedient. And it (to fight) is prescribed for differentiation
(Arabic: al-Haqq wa’l-Batil) and protection from satanic forces (Urdu: Batil Quwwaton sey) so that
no other could take stand against or get involved or joins wrong-side to sabotage its (Religion)
purposes (Arabic: Maqa’sid), which contains ‘Peace n Love’, in all their respected times of validation
not only Islam (Arabic: Sunnat’e Muhammediyah) particularly which is valid for present time or era
now. Therefore, compelling for religion Islam (Arabic: Sunnat’e Muhammediyah) as well that if
someone or group or nation try to sabotages its (Arabic: Islam yan’i Sunnat’e Muhammediyah)
purpose and teaching (includes Peace n Love) through sword (nowadays technological artillery) by
assault or revolt (internally or externally) or through pen (including E-Media) by journalism or
transcripts or books thus in such situation same has been prescribes to us as well for execute (fight
through sword, nowadays modern artillery), but by Ulama (which includes PEN), meant before
raising weapon matter should be addressed properly and prominently along with appropriate
solution rather than taking decision to resolve it forcibly and if not resolving peacefully but getting
severe then allowed (permissible) to dealt strictly (forcibly), which Ulama have always does
(Judgment and Execution) with complete responsibility (Alhamdolillah), and will continues in
future, In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu. For Muslims (Arabic: Muqalli’deen), has to follow Ulama’e
Kiram’s opinion or decision made under light of Quran and Sunnah (Urdu: Ba Mutabiq’e Mazhab)
rather than try to induct and then follows self assumptions, because it’s a matter of peace and
stability as well as precious lives of common Muslims (even sometimes of millions) because life is
depended upon it (Peace n Stability) rather than putting in to danger (if not necessary), however it
is also known fact that (and Ulama are aware) peace n stability wouldn’t prevail contrary
devastation will persists until issues couldn’t resolves completely (peacefully or either strictly,
which is Ulama’s responsibility to response), and issues or matters couldn’t determined
(contradictions) until or without accepting (Arabic: Qa’bool ya Tas’leem) one side as or upon Right-
Side (Arabic: al-Haqq), even on some conditions concord or unanimity is inappropriate or not

Right Path: Religion (Deen) is an only Valid and Right Way for the success of all Human Beings, and
after revealing about religion (Deen) in given A’yah Shareef which is a Valid and Right Path, other
than it like Atheism refutation or Secularism opposition (in governance esp.) the Religion, all in
general not only Islam particularly, Allah (Subhanahu) has informed that shall not accept any path
other than Religion (and in religion particularly only Islam [* | See on Next Pg.]) stated in Qur'an
Shareef as, "(Mafhoom) … And whoever opposes the Rasul (Noble Messenger) after the right
path (Deen-e-Islam or Sunnat-e-Muhammediyah) has been made clear to him, and follows a
way other than that of the Muslims, We shall leave him as he is, and put him in hell; and what
a wretched place to return. …” [4:115]

ADD NOTE: [Tanwir al-Miqbas] Ulama says, (And whoso opposeth the messenger) regarding Allah's
divine Oneness and his judgment, i.e. Tu'mah (after the guidance (of Allah) hath been manifested unto
him, and followth other than the believer's way) and prefers the religion of the people of Mecca, idolatry,
over the religion of the believers, (We appoint for him that unto which he himself hath turned) We shall

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 13


leave him to that which he has chosen in this world, (and expose him unto hell) in the Hereafter (a
hapless journey's end) will be his ultimate consequence!

NOTE: [Tafsir Ibne Abbass] Ulama says, here Rasul (Noble Messenger) explicitly meant Nabi al-Kareem
(Alehe Salat O Salam) and "other than that of Muslims” expresses (Az’haru) other religious Paths
besides Islam, like Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Qadiyanism etc.
ADD [In Brief]: (*) In this context can include Deviators (Munafiqoon) as well for instance Rafdhies or Salafists and
their various branches in different forms because they also opposes Rasul (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) and his beloved
Ummah (Muslims Way), originally enemy to their precious Belief and Faith, agreed path (Fi’qahi and then Salasil),
secondly to their blood (if got hands on weapons). Allah knows the best. Faqeer Bukhari (ghafaralahu).

We (ghafaralahu) presented Ahadith’e Mubarakah regarding one crucial matter in previous article
title Rise of Ummah from al-Maghreb subtitle Khilafat-e-Habibiyah, though remember both
sayings are given (beneficial) for all (Ulama and Amma’tun Nas) in respect to the topic only for
recognition (Right Path) and judgment (Muslim n Munafiq) so that we can all understand the
problem and distinguishes properly and try to reach on some appropriate solution otherwise there
was no other intention to begin, thus when we raised so resolve it too (finishes), though Ulama are
familiar (with secrets, and solution too) and have no confusions in this regards, the succeed one
(Right-Side, Muslims) and the failed one (Wrong-Sides, Infidels and Deviators).

In last Article, stated that, “However contrary to Deviators (Munafiqoon) above stated attributes,
Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat O Salam) addresses (Ta’leem) to UMMAH clearly at the occasion of
Hujjah’tul-Wida’a that, “(Mafhoom) … I am leaving two things amongst you, if hold them fast
(strongly) so you will never be Avert, one is Book (Qur’an) and second is my Sunnah (Ahadith
Mubarakah) …”, when these instructions are for later Ummah than how could it be possible that not
applicable or inevitable to followed in Khair al-Qurooni, when it was presented or revealed (Nuzul’e
Ah’kamat yani A’yah wa Sunnah Wagh’eiyrah)”. Footnote: These directives (in one aspect) also
delineate or say highlighting the Honors and Virtues of Ulama (A’eymma Wa Masha’ikh) and
directing Amma’tul Muslimeen to obey them, because we could never understand Quran and
Sunnah until it was not exemplify (Arabic: Istekh’raj) and then simplified (Arabic: Tas’heel) by
Ulama’e Kiram meant A’eymma Mujtahi’deen wa Muhaddi’theen particularly A’eymma Arba’a
regarding worships (Arabic: Eba’daat) and matters (Arabic: Moam’laat) and which also includes
Creed (Arabic: al-Ema’n wa’l-Aqa’id), second signifying the validation of *Chain (Arabic: Sanad) of
both, Fi’qh and Silsilah, because Quran n Sunnah (Shari’ah wa Tari’qah) was first presented (in
front) and explained to Sahaba’e Kiram and then they presented (in front) and explained it to
Taba’ien al-Kiram and then they transferred it to Taba’ien al-Taba’ein al-Kiram and so on forth
meant come downwards or count it stepwise till our era to end of the world. Third, it is also
signifies that following Ulama (A’eymma Mujtahi’deen bil’khusoos Arba’a | And linked to their
Jurisprudence Ulama, any one amongst four) is actually holding fast, Quran and Sunnah (Shari’ah
Muttah’harah), because none can proves their works (Arabic: Ijtiha’dat) or say efforts (Arabic:
Isted’lal) against or out of Quran and Sunnah.

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Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 14


Although illustrated earlier than above quote that, “Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat O Salam) had
informed (Mut’tala) us 1400 years before that “(Mafhoom) … Banu Isra’il (Sons of Israel) parted
into seventy-two groups (Sects). My Ummah will part into seventy-three groups (Sects).
Seventy-two of them will burn in the fire, only one will be safe. They are those who follow me
and my Sahaba …”, according to Ulama*, 72 groups (sects) burn into Hell because of their wrong
beliefs (Deviation from True Path of Muslims known as Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah) nor because of
their acts (note: if Beliefs are not correct or right according to Deen-e-Islam then remember Acts are
useless, not beneficial or acceptable)”.

Footnote: These instructions, reason to delineate, are only for differentiation as well as
distinction between Muslims (Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah) and Deviators (Munafiq-
Khawarij). Ulama says, ^one who will succeed are Muslims (Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah)
whereas all other (72 Groups) who will failed are Deviators (Munafiqoon-Khawarij), reason
for Muslims success wouldn’t be their acts only (though will effects upon rankings) but
actually it was their right beliefs (meant following the right path or creed) whereas
Deviators failure are not because of human beings or even acts (though they are useless if
beliefs are not correct) but only due to their disbeliefs (incorrect faith). For more details if
desired then see Kutub’e Fi’qh or ask (advisable) Ulama’e Kiram.

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Recommends: As we are emphasizing a lot upon right belief n faith which one Muslim must have,
therefore one may asks what are those which Muslims must have (Creed)? For it, read online or
save (preserve) in MS-Word Document (copy n paste) or download (book), from the following;

Read the following (By Hudhrat Mufti Hafidh Dhiyauddin Shah al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi Madd’e Zilahu)

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O’Dear, remembers that Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah is not a sect but a title specified or given (by
beloved Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) to the Muslims (and proved naturally by itself, if we
analyze [Tafak’kur] Quran & Sunnah under Ulama explanation [Tashri’hat Wagheiy’raha]) for

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 15


distinguish as well as distinction too from Deviators (Munafiqoon) because they (Munafiq-
Khawarij) also claims to be on Islam (as Muslims) just like in the “Khair al-Qurooni (Most Blissful
Era)”, therefore it was assured (deviation persistence) and has been indicated as well by beloved
Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam) that Ummah will divides in seventy-three groups (due to
deviation that will persist but then in form of groups) and only one will succeed (in these
conditions) besides other (seventy-two), hence tell us HOW we can denote in these circumstances
(partition) if aren’t specified distinctively, therefore after revealing has to be on one creed (right-
side) inevitably, if wanted success (Arabic: Na’jat). However, if someone wanted to hide the identity
but on other hand wants to express or promotes Islam’s Belief n Faith (as per Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-
Jama’ah) then in that case can do though couldn’t (hide) from Masha’ikh wa Ulama (Mazahib
Arba’a) but should preached sincerely (truth) including Islamic Jurisprudence (Arabic: Fi’qh) as
well as differentiation (amongst Muslims n Deviators). Second, if one can see justly in present time,
even though a lot of misleading and confusion exists, one will found that all Muslims besides
deviated miscreants, were following or practicing or say on same Creed, Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-
Jama’ah (Mazahib Arba’a, wa’minhu a’lal-Wahid al-takh’sees), Masha Allah & Allahu Akbar. Third,
remembers that there is no single difference of opinion or say contradiction existed amongst
Muslims (Sunnis) four schools of thought upon Creed (al-Eman wa’l-Aqaid), because it was already
mentioned by beloved Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam) that they will be upon mine (Alehe
Salat-O-Salam) and my companions (Alehi’mur Ridhwan) path [Sunnat’e Rasul wa Jamat’e
Sahaba]. Therefore it also rejected the confusion or objections or criticism (all were baseless) that
our creed (doctrines) are innovated by latter Ulama (including A’eymma Arba’a) but in-real
everything has been taught and awarded by beloved Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam) to all
his (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam) companions (Alehim’ur Ridhwan), and they (Alehim’ur Ridhwan)
transferred it to their subservient (Taba’ein al-Kiram), and so continued this sequence
(transformation) to our era till end of the world. That’s why you have seen or noticed also that
majority of these deviated groups (Munafiqoon-Khawarij) besides few (has separate identity), for
capturing (common Muslims unfamiliar with them) they labeled or called themselves as Muslims
(Sunnis), even sometimes relates with any one of four Jurisprudence, but behind the door refuting
the Creed and Jurisprudences. We are impeding here as well as closing the discussion and
refraining to go in further details. May Allah grant all of us steadiness upon right creed and guide all
of those towards it whom are mislead or strayed due to unawareness. Ameen Thum’ma Ameen.

ADDITION (Arabic: Idha’fah)

It is better, and we (ghafaralahu) feel necessary to unveils some details here explained (or say rules
described) by Ulama (Fuqaha’e Kiram) in the light of Quran and Sunnah (An’el-Mazhab al-
Hanafi’yyah bil’Khusoos) about one critical matter, an Execution (Arabic: Qital) of Deviators
(Munafiqoon or say Murta’deen), as mentioned in our previous articles which is actually stated
according to the purpose of topic not for other reason, therefore confusion may persist contrary it
could begun criticism or conflicting conversations.

Jurisprudence Narrations: In second article title “Glorious Destination of an Ummah” subtitling

“Islamic Republic of Pakistan” it was stated that, “However remember, whether we don’t wish or
want, it will occur (Sectarian War | Sunni-Wahabi and Sunni-Rafdhi) in future decisively, one in
[*] Here also note, only Masha’ikh wa Ulama can gives precise judgment about deviators (by Faith), not common
Muslim can determines easily and it was also amongst reason that Muslims have been ordered to follows or
should be (attached) with Ulama, about any issue or matter (including Fitnah) that may occurs or arise.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 16


Hurmajdoon (Armageddon) and another is Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu) Jihad-e-Azeem Mubarak,
and one before these both WARS expectable; and Allah (Subhanahu) will grant success to Muslims
(Sunni) and removes stepwise these Deviated Sects from this face of an earth (Farsi: Khus kum
jahan pak) in upcoming Big Wars (According to Divined Personalities in the Light (Sirr) of Ahadith
Mubarakah), Allahu Akbar”.

UNDERLINED: This statement seems to be contradictory or colliding to one extent, but it’s
fine in another (one) context, actually it is a speculation [intense praise] or an expectation
[removal of Fitnah’s in Ummah as soon as possible], especially when separating Sunni-
Wahabi and Sunni-Rafdhi conflicts [that if not all then one should ends], one before Imam
Mahdi would be removed (Kharji-Wahabi) whereas another one in Imam Mahdi’s (Radhi
Allah Anhu) Time or say upon beginning of Jihad’e Azeem Mubarak [Kharji-Rafdhi], but if
we seen in the light of Ahadith’e Mubarakah, both will be presented (as from Khawarij) or
might be in new form or ways (Allah and his Rasul knows) in the Time of Imam Mahdi
(Radhi Allah Anhu) and which are finally finishes or eliminated by Sidna Imam Mahdi
(Radhi Allah Anhu), some before arrival of Sidna Hudhrat Esa Bin Marium (Alehe Salat-O-
Salam) whereas all others, including Infidels and Polythiests (Arabic: al-Kuffar wa’l-
Mushrikeen) completely, mutually through Jihad’e Azeem Mubarak. Allah knows more and
This [Revised Note] correction was also done in 2nd Article, from where it has been
taken, hence could see their too, second in next article we’ll look this matter in further
details (includes all previous, since first article, depictions under it). Jazak’mullahu Khairah
[1st Revision]

In same 2nd article title “Glorious Destination of an Ummah” subtitling “Islamic Republic of
Pakistan”, it was stated under the light of Sohbah before above lines, “… ours most Beloved Master
Sultan al-Awliya Hudhrat Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Geylani al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi al-Haqqani
(Rehmatullah Alehe)


See (esp. Solution for Elimination of Problem, that if Billions so don’t care) …”

And in third article title “Rise of Ummah from al-Maghreb” subtitling “Khilafat-e-Habibiyah” it
was stated that, “GENOCIDE is forbidden and strictly prohibited in Islamic Shari’ah, of any faith
people, within Islam (meant deviators) or other than Islam (Infidels or Polytheist)”.

In same article (third one) it has been stated ahead, “Therefore in future sectarian wars (Sunni-
Wahabi expectable and Sunni-Rafdhi in Imam Mahdi’s time esp.) in real mostly PREACHERS (Deviated
Scholars), whom are the actual problem that mislead and misguide the people and in their following
and orders people deviates and even would raise weapons, will be cleanup or wipeout forever (a
correct way to finish any Fitnah) upon the execution of Hadd-e-Shari’ah, which will then
naturally expose the Right Path (Deen-e-Islam, Mazhab Ahl’al Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah) for indistinctive
people (esp. Deviators), In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu”.

Therefore after reading these statements (lines) as well as watching the Sohbah, one can accuse
(Arabic: Ay’teradh) or reader may objection that first statement (second article) and then Sohbah

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 17


Mubarak proving to one extent a Genocide but in second statement (third article) it is mentioned
that Genocide is forbidden which in other means not allowed strictly and then in same third article
it was mentioned ahead same as second article, the removal or termination (massacre), therefore it
seems to be contradictory or conflicting statements, and allowing to one extent a Genocide?

FOOTNOTE: O’Dear, killing single human life, whether Muslim or not, through extortion
(Arabic: Zul’mah) or unjustly (Arabic: Bi’Gheiy’ri Insaf) is strictly forbidden in Islam and
neither permissible, and upon circumstances or state the doer will either execute (Arabic:
Qatl) or punish (Arabic: Al-Dharb | Durr’day yani Ko’rray) or detained for some period
(Arabic: Muqi’eed) along with liable compensation (Arabic: Dai’yah) or releases after
charging compensation only (will not detain) or even nothing applies meant forgive; rather
than talking about or say permitting the massacre (GENOCIDE) of whole nation or tribe or
family, because it is strictly prohibited in Islamic Shari’ah (Sunnat’e Muhammediyah |
Mazahib Arba’a) without circumstances thus condemnable and will be given severe
punishment whosoever did (individual or group), even if have to do battle for that (to halt
Chaos), on small or whether large scale. Although in some circumstances or state, under
Islamic Shari’ah (Sunnat’e Muhammediyah | Mazahib Arba’a), it was not called or said as
massacre (GENOCIDE), which is neither prohibited nor condemnable, but contrary becomes
necessary or even inevitable to conduct (whether on large scale or only small scale) and
participants will be rewarded (Ghazi or Martyr); that are, if an individual or family or group
(small or large or say nation) request for help or assistance* (if slave, become or made due
to intimidation, captured by force, wants freedom or liberation from extorted rulers that
prevailing killings and injustices or taking money or land forcibly and so on forth), OR if an
individual or family or group (small or large or say nation) do ^revolt (Arabic: Khurooj)
against Muslims state (from internal or external support but without justification or not
permissible, whether to impose or implement their incorrect creed or not) OR if an
individual or family or group (small or large or say nation) refutes to obey Shari’ah upon
which `Hadd’e Shara’e becomes inevitable, OR if individual or family or group (small or
large) involved in crimes like thieving or stealing or taking money through extortion (with
guns or tools that may harm even kill). OR if individual or family or group (small or large)
harassing (threatening to Kill), so in that case harasser can be ~execute (though could only
detain too).

In-real, it’s a very deep discussion (includes several other rules or laws) which contained lot of
complexities due to various aspects that should or say must be kept in view before taking decision
or executing the orders or finalizing for battle, any type of condition or case, which was actually
Ulama’e Kiram (Mufti’yan-e-Kiram) responsibility for judgment [upon evidences (Arabic: Dala’il ya
thum’ma taqu’lu Tha’boot) after analysis (Arabic: Tafak’kur)] and then authorizes according to
condition as cited above nor common Muslims (Arabic: Amma’tun Nas) work, and that’s why only
those rules highlights or say pointed out here which are compliance to depicted statements (lines)
that might be seems odd or conflicting to some readers and also it made conscious about proofs
(evidences) as well that where it is stated or mentioned or are talking from (Arabic: Kalam).
[*] If it is possible for Muslims Jurisdiction State Army to help or assist, otherwise exempt (can refuse).
[^] Just like, Sayyiduna Khalifa’e Ra’bey Hudhrat Ali al-Murtadha (Radhi Allah Anhu) Jihad against Khawarij.
[`] Just like, Khalifa’e Awwal Sayyiduna Hudhrat Abu Bakr Siddique (Radhi Allah Anhu) did Jihad against Refuters
of Zakat.
[~] Depends upon circumstances as well as Qadhi’e Sharah, however it is better to ask Ulama, if ever faces such
Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 18

Second, some of these rules are applicable or implicitly only for Muslims Jurisdictions whereas one
can be use for both, Muslims and Non-Muslims (if requested) territories, from explained conditions
(first one), and before their endorsement they relies (on some situations) upon invitation (Arabic:
Da’wah) and its acceptation (if, by revolting or extorting side) could be retain or retrieve (orders to
execute). Third, there are exceptions (from execution) while conducting operations under
circumstances (amongst many, if not raised weapon even touches neither speaks false) for children,
women, old people [in other words innocent], ill or injured, or if person ask for peace. Fourth, it’s an
Islamic Military responsibility to act or conduct (any kind of operation amongst explained, whether
on large or small scales) as they are formed (trained) for this responsibility or grants through
consensus, to do fight (or battle), not everyone though if wanted then joined the Army or takes
training and then permission to do so (under Shari’ah Laws in Ulama’s or Ameer’s or General’s
Command), not by yourself without permit.

FOOTNOTE: There are many strict Laws regarding crimes as well not only for intrusions (min’al-Kuffar ya al-
Munafiqoon), only due to irrelevancy with topic, we have left because that will prolong the article, otherwise
Shari’ah has described alike permissions to deal criminal activities (Jara’im) and its doers (Mujri’meen) also. Allah
knows all the best.

Exemption: Those territories (or say republic[s]) which are inhabitant by Muslims but ‘came or
fallen [*]’ under Non-Muslims Jurisdictions [^], are exempted from these rules if they pact or
accorded (whether by intimidation or peacefully) after signing with Ruling Authorities that they
(Muslims) will follows the suggested constitution (Laws and Orders), even allowing to practice
religion (Worships and concerned matters) freely. Whereas, if allows (due to any clause) to
implement Islamic Laws either in to their territory which came or fallen under Non-Muslims
Jurisdiction, then there is no problem, it’s upon the Muslim Authorities (or say consensus of Ulama
in that territory, second shall be ensured that it will not either objection nor subjugated by the
Affiliated Ruling Authorities | And even not by-self [Muslims] crosses the boundaries or goes beyond
the limitations). Allah knows all the best.

FOOTNOTE: About Accord(s) or Pact(s) specifically FOR PEACE and GOVERNANCE even for UNIFICATION, between
Muslims and Non-Muslims living in same territory, so it is itself a very deep and technical discussion hence
avoiding although we’ll discuss its some aspects related to our discussion on one regional conflict(s) that was
provoked and it was then settled (though insurgencies are still going-on) after agreement (in which it looks that one
side has been constrict unjustly, although not), in next article. In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu.

Recommends: Also read this,

CONFLICTS: As we illustrated in previous articles, therefore like to clarify the stance to remove
confusions so that it may not cause any problem for readers because we are closing one of our
discussion from now onwards, remembers by these two statements;

1. “… However remember, whether we don’t wish or want, it will occur (Sectarian War | Sunni-Wahabi
and Sunni-Rafdhi) in future decisively …”
[*] Came under ‘due to embracing Islam by whole tribe or few people’ which congregating them sufficient for
Republic and its declaration (and which they does); and fallen under due to ‘captured without (keeping forcibly) or
after confrontation (Muslims lost Jurisdiction)’.
[^] For instance; Muslim Republics under Russian Federation, or Muslim ‘state came or population living’ under
Non-Muslims Jurisdiction like in some countries in Africa, or in India, and many other places etc.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 19


2. “… Therefore in future sectarian wars (Sunni-Wahabi expectable and Sunni-Rafdhi in Imam Mahdi’s
time esp.) in-real mostly PREACHERS (Deviated Scholars), who are the actual problem that mislead
and misguide the people and in their following and orders people deviates and even would raise
weapons …”

Actually, Masha’ikh wa Ulama are very much optimistic about implementation or say revival of
Islamic System (Nifaz’e Islam) in Muslim World in future and don’t have any single doubt in it, and
it doesn’t means farther century(s) but in near or very soon or might be started, once before Sidi
Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu), which not only applies to Social and Economical affairs
improvements as well as political affairs, whether internally or externally, which includes Creed
and its Laws (and that includes punishments too) for peace and stability (harmony) and territorial
disputations (Lands Occupied or Lost) through both (Peacefully and Hardly), which would be just
like Khulafa’e Rashidun, and one of our depiction in 2nd Article that, “… they don’t implement religion
(Urdu: Allah ka Deen) and then says Terrorism doesn’t end … [Master Zaid Hamid Sb Words] …” and
then mentioned another one similar in 3rd Article that, “… within ISLAM, if any particular Nation or
Tribe or Family refutes to follow or obey Shari’ah for which ^Hadd-e-Shara’ey is inevitable, just like
Sayyiduna Hudhrat Abu Bakr Siddique (Radhi Allah Anhu) Jihad against Refuters of Zakat (Act
refuters) and Sayyiduna Hudhrat Ali al-Murtadha (Radhi Allah Anhu) Jihad against Khawarij (Creed
refuters) …” so implementation will not only ends terrorism but also its well defined Laws will
naturally either eliminate the misleaders or allowed them to repent or enforced them to leave
Muslims land, only to preventing them misguiding and straying people from the right path
(Sunnat’e Muhammediyyah | Mazahib Arba’a) which they were doing or spreading before its
implementation. Query: If someone says, everyone claiming on to the right side or raising their
voice for Shari’ah Laws, and too much talking about it, therefore which one we shall follows?
Answer: The one which all were (Ulama says, Sahaba’e Kiram [Alehemur Ridhwan] are all Muslims
Ahle Sunnat [which means in short Muslims-Sunnis]) and still are following (Muslims largest
group) since “Khair al-Qurooni”, and there is no contradiction present in them regarding Creed
(Faith) having sign “Ya Rasul Allah” and “Ya Wali Allah (like Sidi Umer al-Farooq, Sidi Ali al-
Murtadha, Sidi Ghawth, Sidi Shaykh etc)”, only difference is in Acts (which was said or revealed as
mercy for Ummah “(Mafhoom) ... Ikhtelaf’e Ummati Rehmah”; and this saying was actually upon
contradiction regarding matters [Acts] not Creed) because, as we stated in 3rd Article, according to
saying of Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam), “*(Mafhoom) … My Ummah (according to
sha’reheen here meant Ulama and in their accordance Muslims) never gathered upon
AVERTION (Dhala’lah: Gumrahi) …”, therefore if one looks back than will finds that A’eymma
Mujtahideen and Muhaditheen, whom exemplified (Arabic: Istekh’raj) all matters and issues stated
in Quran and Sunnah from Compressive Form (Arabic: Ij’maal) to Simplified Form (Arabic:
Tas’heel) and made it ready (all were finalized step-wise after last companion left this world) for
implementation that becomes final and authentic ways to acquire any amongst four
(Jurisprudences) which was practiced by nearly all Khulafa and Salateen as per their ease and
influence as well as Muslims Interest, they all were pious Muslims (Sunnis) included most pious and
masters Sahaba’e Kiram (Alehemur Ridhwan), for instance in Fi’qh Sidi Imam-e-Azam or Sidi Imam
Malik and others, similarly in Ahadith Shareef Sidi Imam Bukhari and Sidi Imam Muslim (Alehemur
Rehma-tur-Ridhwan) even other A’eymma Hadith in general, and in Saha Sit’tah particular, all were
Muslim-Sunni (fortunately majority of Saha Sit’tah A’eymma were upon Shafa’ei Mazhab), hence we
should not hesitate and doubtful upon path that will going to be implemented and so neither do
conflicting debates, Muslims will surely implements A’eymma Kiram path and then follows it, In-
Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu. Secondly, see explanation under above (this topic) “SUMMARY”. Third, we

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 20


stated in 2nd Article that, “… in the light of Quran Kareem, Ahadith Shareef, Aqwal-e-Sahaba and
A’eymma wa Masha’ikh Kiram (Obviously including Sufiya’e Kiram too) but with justice (Urdu: Insaf
sey), than remember In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu all disputes (contradictions) will be end
(eliminate) naturally …” Fourth see in last, under “SOLUTION” our (ghafaralahu) prognosticate
(which is actually an extraction from several foretells of Awliyah’e Kiram), and also do remembers
always as stated in 2nd Article that, “… most important to note that ALLAH never sends Abdal or
Ghaus or Qutub or Nuqba in any deviated Sects from origin (path) besides the True, Mazhab Ahl’al-
Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah, see Mashal-e-Rah …”. Allah knows the best.

Finally, punishments particularly execution(s) didn’t meant either to spread or flow only
bloodbaths and unjust horrors but actually it is for preventing chaos on land (Arabic: Fasad fil
Ardh), whether by Infidel or Deviator, so that nobody try to think rather than to conduct. Second, to
preventing misguidance (Arabic: Dhala’lah ya thumma taqu’lu Bid’atun Saei’yyah | Farsi: Sukht
Gumrahi) through deception or betrayal particularly which converts to defector (Arabic: Murtad)
the common Muslim in the name of Islam, especially oneness (Arabic: al-Tawheed) and some
obligatory (Arabic: Fara’idh Misal’en Salat, Siyam Wagheiy’raha) and particularly its fifth Pillar the
Holy Fight (Arabic: al-Jihad), just like nowadays some miscreants does. Therefore implementing
these punishments will provide security and protection to the Muslims Societies which not only
maintains Peace n Stability, so that we can do worships and performed matters according to Islamic
Shari’ah (under our respected Jurisprudence), also it will eliminate corruption and crimes, and
many other benefits would be attained or say lay in it. For while, impeding (Arabic: Ikte’fah) here
and not going in to further details, however if desired for more, then ask Ulama’e Kiram. Allah and
his Rasul (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam) know the best.

JURISPRUDENCE IMPORTANCE & BLESSINGS: A profound research in this regards explicated by

Ulama’e Kiram in the light of Quran and Sunnah can be present here but rather than to translate in
our own words, which would be not suitable (write a single word rather than thinking to illustrate
whether in brief) too, when there are some very comprehensive researches in this regards available
of present time eminent Masha’ikh wa Ulama’e Kiram (May Allah be pleased from all of them)
therefore recommend to read them, visit the links mentioned below, second preserve (download)
the pages or copy n paste from site to MS-Word Document. Jazakamullahu Kahairah.

FI’QH (Jurisprudence)
Ummda’tul Salik’een, Zubdat’ul Ar’feen, Arif Bi’Allah, al-Shaykh al-Islam, Sidi al-Shaykh Muhammed
Saeed al-Effendi al-Sha’fae al-Naqshbandi al-Chirkawi (Quddussurahul Aziz)

Al-Shaykh al-Shari’ah wa’l-Tari’qah, Hudhrat Allama al-Shah Turabul-Haq al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri

(Da’mat Barkatahum)’qh-excellence-of-a-faqih.php

Al-Shaykh al-Islam, Hudhrat Mufti Hafiz Dhiya’uddin Shah al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi (Da’mat
(In brief):

[*] For true words, goto Bahar-e-Madina Foundation link given under Fi’qh (Jurisprudence).

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 21


Bahar-e-Madina Foundation (United Kingdom)

Under guidance of Qutb’e Alam Al-Shaykh Alauddin Siddiqui al-Hanafi (Da’mat Barkatahum)

TAQLEED (Mimic/Following Pious Personality)

Al-Shaykh al-Islam, Hudhrat Mufti Hafiz Dhiya’uddin Shah al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi (Da’mat
(In brief):

Al-Shaykh al-Hajji Jibril G.F al-Haddad (Da’mat Feu’dhahum)

By Administrator of Site (didn’t mentions any name, therefore considered by Admin)

By Islamic Education Foundation (Holland)

DENOTE: Unfortunately these matters are raised deliberately a lot, to criticized or targets, in
nowadays or say in present era, which is for actually to mislead or creating confusion amongst
Muslims about righteous path (which was in-real has been utterly and properly explicated) and
keep them away from Predecessors Teachings but wanted to bring them towards opposite side or
diverge and this was only happens when one’s own darkness of heart or lack of knowledge n
sensibility or illiteracy (due to which unaware) came up or across (Arabic: al-Hijab al-As’wad ala’l-
Qalb), although amongst these corrupt people (oppositions), some don’t wants and either have
good wishes for Muslims to follow Islam’s teachings (under their Mazhab meant respected Fi’qh)
whereas *some has their own purposes or specific interest to halt (following matters rightly) or
abuse its name (to deviate and then gain preset goals), and their (both types) only purpose is to
ignite anarchy (Arabic: Fitnah) and spread misleading (so to involves or keep them busy under
their vicious trap in the name of Islam). Saha Sit’tah: You will find them quoting or saying or upon
their lips, Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, and they forgot that these both A’eymma were “al-
Shafa’ei Muqal’lid”, even most of Saha Sit’tah A’eymma were either upon (following) “Fi’qh Shafa’ei”
or others amongst three (Mazahib). May Allah protect all of us (Muslims-Muqalli’deen, al-Hanafi, al-
Maliki, al-Shafa’ei & al-Hanmbali) from their deceptions, and grant us steadiness upon well defined
righteous path by A’eymma Kiram (A’eymma Arba’a). Ameen Thum’ma Ameen.

FOOTNOTE: As we illustrated in last article at “5. ORDER” under “Admonition” that, “... second all
such news (Aa’sar Mubarak) already given or informed to UMMAH by Beloved Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe
Salat O Salam) under Signs of End Times therefore it lay (Tah’ta) under these news (Aa’sar),
[*] Here by SOME we means those who called themselves Muqal’lid of Imam (any) but in faith (Creed: al-Aqa’id) are
against Imam (and their followers, Masha’ikh wa Ulama esp.) contrary similar (in faith) to those who refute
completely the following of Imam. And these are the worst type of people (Farsi: Badd’tareen Loag) as well. May
Allah grant them righteousness (hida’yaat | Sach’chai Ki Taraf), and he knows the best.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 22


somewhere clearly and some places in symbolic (See Kutub’e Ahadith, Kutub’e Seerah and their
Shuru’hat Wa’gheiy’rah) ...”, though we had gave the safety precaution in braces, but still do
remembers, Ulama says, “Ahadith’e Mubarakah are very averting”, and they added further in that
“but not the faqih (Jurisprudence Master)”. Therefore, if one wants to be safe from Averting (don’t
have if’tah or learned Fi’qh or gain expertise), then must refers/quote to Ulama (their
explanations), otherwise first learns (including Basics, like Sarf, Ne’hev etc) especially Fi’qh and
Usool from Ulama, as well as Tasaw’wuf from any authentic Sufi Master (Must be Alim’e Deen,
though Ummi Wali is also referable), and then read Ahadith’e Mubarakah, in which must kept his
Mazhab (Jurisprudence) explicated by A’eymma and Masha’ikh at front and give them priority
whenever illustrating or quoting from Ahadith’e Mubarakah. In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu, it would be
the safest and protective way from misunderstanding which sometime leads toward astray, as
describes by Ulama.

Revision: Same about Quran Majeed, as it was mentioned too, which depicts (Urdu:
Mafhoom) “where this Book guides (towards right direction) similarly averts too” and
Ulama has explained its definition, see kutub’e Fi’qh or concerned books or asks Ulama,
hence to be safe from misinterpretation that leads oneself as well as others (if follows)
towards astray which results hell forever (for all), it would be much better and advisable
too, either learn properly (gain knowledge) otherwise present Tafsir (from authentic and
renown Tafasir | like Tanwir al-Miqbas, Khazin, Durr’e Mansur, Jalalayn, Mazhari etc) along
with Jurisprudence Narration or Seerah References or both, wherever taking reference
(evidence) while quoting; OR avoid to do so (donot quote until not knows precisely | all
necessary illuminations) but not the recitation (in prayers, or besides etc). Allah knows all
the best. [1st Revision]

Also see, Url:’qh/

Connotation: If someone, accuse (Arabic: Ay’teradh) or raise query that this is no time to learn or
teach us religion, but for some practical steps should be taken or are required meant like
Unification, Dialogue, or Fight and so on forth because have (Ummah) been surrounded by enemies
directly (invasions) and indirectly (traitors) resulting everywhere massive slaughter or betrayal or
seizing Muslims lands unjustly, hence why involving us in these matters rather than taking some
firm stand against all these odds or issues to resolve? Answer: O’Dear, no doubt in that (should
take practical steps), but actually it is the perfect time to know your religion as well, if didn’t learn
“Religious Education in Muslims Madaris” then be with Ulama, because HOW did you differentiate
between your Foes n Friends, especially Traitors (Agents, as well as Hypocrites) existed amongst us
in the name of Islam? HOW did you enumerate (Arabic: A’khaz) or finds solution from Quran and
Sunnah (Shari’ah Muttah’harah | Mazahib Arba’a) if don’t know exact orders presented (as
Solution) for it and so to act upon them accordingly? HOW did you judge the moves and perform
tactics to either defend or offend? And most of all HOW will you recognize “Sahib-ul-Waqt (May
Allah protect him)” if don’t know the creed and its all necessary elements and so on forth?
However, there are Solutions present to resolve all these issues and can stop slaughtering and
devastations (by enemies and their puppets) in Muslims Countries by implementing true system,
neither advised by West’s Systems nor Western backed Islamic Movements for religion and its
system, but solely by Masha’ikh wa Ulama Kiram (Ahla’l-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah | Mazahib Arba’a),
having motto “Labayk Ya Sayyidi Ya Rasul Allah”.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 23


DENOTE: Sahib-ul-Waqt (May Allah protect him) will emerge as fighting side against all odds and
evils, converting every state in to Islamic Sultanate, restoring Qadha’e Shari’ah [Mazahib Arba’a]
and resolved matters according to it, and emphasizing to follow Tariqah (for inward cleaning) in
regards of preparation for examinations (all kind of battles), therefore if you’ll be not with Ulama or
wouldn’t know right creed then HOW will you support or be with him? Also remember, he will be
respond by people in both manners, Obeying and Opposing or can termed as “Obeyers and
Opposers”, means following by Firm Believers and little Doubtful whereas opposing by Deviators
(complete doubtful or refuters) and Enemies, second there will be tremendous propaganda will be
do or erupts against him (definitely by Satan and his evil forces), by both Infidels (by all) and
Deviators (by Faith or an Act), especially astray sects and so called Liberal or Secular Classes
(Arabic: Taba’qat), due to his resistivity against all wrong creeds and bogus Systems (Political,
Social, Education and so on forth). Third, upon victories, so he may be declares as West (Israel’s
too) or North’s agent though he will fight against both, Infidels (whether West or North or
whosoever) and Deviators, and so many other accusations will be put upon him. Now in these
difficult and different circumstances HOW will you recognize and support, if don’t know the creed?

Allah and his Rasul (Alehe Salat O Salam) know all the best (Bhe’tr).


Here we are illustrating only the previous leftover information (due to length) in last article, and
some new important points in this regards (topic), in brief. Ulama’e Kiram says Islam is a complete
(Arabic: al-Ja’mey) religion in other words called it complete code of life system (Urdu: Mukammal
Nizam’e hayat), then tell us how it is possible if Islam contains complete codes for life but wouldn’t
have or provides the vital procedures (For Matters | al-Siyassi, al-Moa’shi, wa’l-Moa’shrati
Wagheiy’raha) for living in this world, certainly not and is incorrect that Islam doesn’t have or
provided any Models (Political, Economical and Social) contrary it has gave but sadly none are
following or implemented them under their Jurisdiction (Muslims) by majority and in reality stuck
or trapped (whether deliberately or not) or say grabbed (forcibly) in to faulted models.

One may say or could objection that, in previous as well as in this article again emphasizing upon it
but not presenting any example or details, if Islam has provided the Models? Answer: O’Dear didn’t
you heard about Khilafat’e Rashidah, formed by Sahaba’e Kiram (Ridhwa’nullahi Ale’him Ajma’ein)
as it was operating and so presented (teaches) to follows or implement (if conquers new territories
or lost any under jurisdiction) for latter Ummah the best Political, Economical and Social Codes
(System), remember it was built or established under Islamic Principles (Shari’at Muhammediyah).
For while we are impeding (Arabic: Ik’tefah) here therefore not going in details though discuss
them on some appropriate time or reasonable occasion. If desire for more details, ask Ulama’e
Kiram about Khilafat’e Rashidah.

SUMMARY: O’Dear, as we (ghafaralahu) named our previous article subtitle Khilafat-e-Habibiyah

[*] However, His invitation towards Islam (Sunnat’e Muhammediyyah | Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah), will be to all
type of people and religions (whether one say that self-made practices or modified cannot be termed as religion, which
is correct) practiced or followed in this World, therefore just like in past, same response would be given, that
people accepts or rejects, and there will be no difference or categories amongst people of acceptation and
refutation, meant all sort of people, in or out from Islam. Allah knows the best.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 24


and then below it quote a saying of a renown al-Shaykh, which is “Al-Shaykh al-Shariah wa’l-Tariqah
al-Arif bi'Allah Hudhrat Shahid Baig al-Hanafi al-Chishti (Da’mat Feu’dhahum) says, There is nothing
besides a Hubb-e-Rasool al-Kareem (Alehe Salat O Salam)" so reason to give subtitle and quote was
following; as we stated in same article ahead, “However the only need of time is UNITY as one
NATION (Ummah) in all aspects, Political, Economical, Social, Territorial, and Military etc, whether
called it Khilafah or Union or USI, but should be based upon Khilafat-e-Rashidah Model.” hence reason
was actually hidden in Subtitle n Saying, that is gathered or united upon origin and similarity
(common feature) which is “Hubb’e al-Rasul (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam)”, upon which our both
honorable and respected Masters are inviting towards as well, one is “Invitation towards Truth*”
whereas second is “Khilafat’e Rashidah Model for Pakistan*” although whether it would be set upon
English name like T.I.U (Proposed by Master Syed Adnan Oktar al-Shah al-Hasani) or U.S.I
(Recommend by Master Syed Zaid Hamid al-Shah al-Hasani al-Geylani) but this little Faqeer
Bukhari (ghafaralahu) will calls it Khilafat’e Habibiyah because of Love (Arabic: Hubb). Second,
there is a stanza which tells that a person name “Habibullah” along with “Divined Sword (Arabic: al-
Saif al-Fatah)” will emerge and take charge (lead Ummah) and that foretell isn’t fulfilled yet. For
while we are impeding (Arabic: Ikte’fah) here and not going in to further details. Allah knows the

STIPULATIONS (Arabic: Shara’it)

Khilafah: For Islamic Khilafah, Ulama’e Kiram says it is necessary or say inevitable that it should
fulfilled all stipulations as exemplifies by A’eymma Kiram (esp. Sidi Imam’e Azam Abu Hanifah
Alehe Rehma) from Sunnah (Ahadith’e Mubarakah), which Khilafat’e Rashidah and then Khilafat’e
Abbassiyah (many Heirs, some counted 6 whereas some 7) were did (met all stipulations), where as
Seljuk Mumlokiyah and then Sultanat’e Uthmaniyah (in beginning till some period) with slight
difference meant they did through stratagem (Arabic: He’lah), but despite the stratagem it was
actually a Sultanate (because not met the Stipulations) not Khilafah (though titled as Khilafah, esp.
Uthmaniya), according to eminent Ulama (including Sidi Imam Ahmed Ridha al-Hanafi Alehe
Rehma). Sultanate: Exactly in present condition (which includes appearance of awaiting
personality) if stipulations aren’t meet entirely still then all will be obliged or have to gathered
(Arabic: Mutta’hid) and fettered (Arabic: Mutta’bey) upon (Awaiting Personality) obedience
whether it was only revival of Islamic based System Union (like The Ottoman Empire, which is
Sultanate) not the Khilafah due to stipulations. Therefore, in this case, as we named our previous
article subtitle Khilafat-e-Habibiyah so do remember, this rule is applies here too that if somehow
stipulation aren’t meet completely but awaiting personality emerges and formed (Revives) or
united the Ummah on one platform (In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu) then we calls it after amendment
Sultanate’ Habibiyah. Present: Actually, after fall (dissolution) of The Ottoman Empire nearly all
Muslims Land are either got directly or indirectly under the Enemies Control as per interest and
resources (Enemies had) which was latter got freedom (or say upon their withdrawal) but majority
(Muslim Territories) wasn’t able to restored back to Islam’s Khilafat’e Rashidah Model (or even
Islam’s Sultanate System). Contrary all of them (including Pakistan) has acquired or say deployed
besides some [See on next pg ^], the Western (US and Europeans) or Northern (USSR Late) styled
systems (Political, Economical, Social and Military), sadly. And amongst them (Muslims States or
Kingdoms) none could be compared to Sultanate (Seljuk and Uthmaniyah[early period]) or Khilafah
[*] Truth is that Allah is al-Khaliq al-Haqiqi whereas Sidna Muhammed al-Rasul (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam) is al-
Haqiqah al-Makhlooq; and unity couldn’t possible until not gathered upon similarity (common feature), a
simplification of both Masters Salvation Mottos. Think on it
Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 25

Model, therefore one can now enumerates about Khilafah that how much far away we are from it to
revive back (meant procedures have to follows) if keeping stipulations in front which are inevitable
for declaration otherwise Sultanate will be said if these meet partially.

Recommends: Read “Dawam’ul Eish (Urdu)” by Sidi Imam Ahmed Ridha al-Brahechi al-
Hanafi (Quddusurahul Aziz) for above emphasized “STIPULATIONS for KHILAFAH”. We will
provide the Transcript in next Article. In-Sha Allah.

MODEL (Arabic: Namo’na)

O’Dear, now tell us did you find anywhere true Islamic System (Khilafat’e Rashidah Model) installed
along with illustrated (partially) above Shariah Laws (regarding execution esp.) implemented,
certainly not then how could you expect for Peace n Stability to prevail in our societies, definitely
rarely. Therefore Muslims shall and they should install and implement (Islamic System | Shari’ah
Laws) the righteous path (Laws given by Four Schools of thought) in their respected jurisdictions,
however one territory has implemented according to an authentic source otherwise majority didn’t.

However Master Zaid Hamid Shah Sb has invited towards good thinking (appreciative), though gave
before as well, regarding System which is following or say implemented in various Muslims and
Non-Muslims Jurisdiction Territories, that is alike Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China (North Korea too)
etc as per their needs or requirements (or say it is fulfilling). But here would like to say add Libya
(before fall) because they were also following same Model as follows by Iran and China (single
party based), actually similar (or same as) to Monarchy. Second, good thing about this Model are its
idiosyncratic Control over State (Matters | Social, Economy, Politics etc) through Restrictions and
Limitations. Although if choosing this type of system then it shall be implement in every Muslim
Jurisdiction State so that whenever going to forms Khilafah or Sultanate or Union all will be
following same so that couldn’t become contentious or conflicting between any one. Third, system
that would effects and alike Khilfat’e Rashidah Model, definitely will covers or say handles all
aspects (Political, Economical, Social and so on forth) and hopeful acceptable by the Muslims (just
like in past gathered upon Khilafat’e Rashidah and then later Abbassiyah, similarly Sultanate
Uthmaniyah), that is Hierarchy based under central command and control, and can be deployed
either State wise or Region wise (Arabs, Africans, Turks, Hind, Malayans etc) or totally like
Monarchy. For a while impeding (Arabic: Ikte’fah) here due to length thus not going in to further
details. Also remember we didn’t gave any structure and its related rules, In-Sha Allah discusses
some other appropriate time or occasion, if feel necessary.

Hierarchy: Sultan’e Islam meant “Ou’lul Amr”, should be Alim and Pious personage, becomes
legitimate through oath (Arabic: Bay’et) carry out or gathering by all Masha’ikh wa Ulama and in
their follow through all Muslims. After recognition, then Sultan is authorized to deploy the
hierarchy (structure or command of chain), whatever thinks feasible and suitable (whether already
[^] They acquired Kingdom Style, though few did modifications (following Demon-cracy under Monarchy) and few
didn’t (Kept as Old), but unfortunately majority of them implements (whether did modification or not in monarch
system) English Laws rather than Islamic Shari’ah (Qadha’e Shari’ah) except Morocco as per one authentic source
that it is a complete (or say following Model) Islamic Sultanate. Masha Allah.

NOTE: That’s why, if noted, we wrote Khilafah whereas on some places used word Sultanate for
upcoming Muslim States Unification.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 26


implemented or needs deployment), for appointments of Umra wa Wuzra wa Qadhi’yan. Ulama

says; Sultan’e Islam is responsible for appointing Ameer and Qadhi’e Islam (The Grand Mufti),
whereas Ameer is responsible for appointing Qadhi for his allotted Jurisdiction, and Qadhi can
appoints subordinates if essential. However we’ll say let it be decided by “awaiting personality”
mean let him (May Allah protect him) emerge and suggest the Hierarchy, because that will be more
blissful and beneficial for Ummah. In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu.

Libya: As we said above that add “Libya too” because following the same Model as Iran or China, so
reason is that Libyan revolution came before then Iranian revolution and they implemented it early
therefore we could say that Iran has copied Libyan Model, the only difference between both
revolution was one is lead by Muslim (Sunni) whereas another was lead by Munafiq (Rafdhi).
Second, faqeer (ghafaralahu) Ustadh told that Libyan Model was a closest replica of Khilafat’e
Rashidah Model. Then why collapse? Here Native (specifically Alim’e Deen) can tell exactly or
provide precise information in this regards. Though could be many reasons, one which is looking
quite possible that might be they (Libyan Regime) haven’t transferred complete power under
Ulama’e Kiram (Muftiyan’e Kiram) contrary involves and gave some key positions to Modern
Educated peoples besides Jurisprudence Masters (Fuqaha), for which they (Fuqaha) are necessary
to be in position, otherwise it is not very easy to sabotage such kind of system. Another was
deviation (Munafiqat), that what could you do when your own betrayed (esp. when army split),
severely. Third, may be the “forgiving” rather than punishes the Culprits, because Libyan Regime
has around 600 Rebels (Khawarij) in to their detention (majority in Benghazi), and they have
releases (in goodwill) many before last year revolt, whom also became disastrous as Rebels (joined
by early released rebels) freed them (all confined) first when begun rising and took control of
Benghazi, proving weakness in Law enforcement. Though, Muslims are resisting remarkably, also
see “NATIONS” under al-Maghreb. Arab al-Shareef: If someone says that Arab al-Shareef (which
nowadays called Saudi Arabia) has Shari’ah Laws based system (Monarchy)? Answer: Who was
denying but the true fact is that they have been using Shari’ah Laws for their interests (which is,
Saud dynasty protection, to spread Kharji-Salafist Doctrine, and to preventing Islamic Doctrines of
Four Schools) unfortunately because they are in-real Khawarij, through Laws they have only able to
controlled crimes (in major vicinities not every part of the country), therefore unacceptable though
we will respect the Laws whenever goes under their jurisdiction or visits Holy Land to avoid
anarchy until Allah (Subhanahu) would not naturally, either weakened them or made conditions for
peaceful revolt for dissolution of their Rule forever which is expectable in collapse of regimes soon
(In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu), because they came in power through (or say backed, and still they
have) British support (assistance) in 1924 after collapse of The Ottoman Empire, and now they
have once again started (though trying since they came in power) to impose their ideology forcibly
in other Muslims Territories, but Alhamdolillah not very much successful contrary tackles and
resisted superbly by Ulama, which majority of our common Muslims couldn’t able to judges rightly
besides Masha’ikh wa Ulama. And that’s why you will find their attitude of anger towards common
and honorable Muslims (Sunnis), for persecuting, whenever they got hands on weapon or say little
power, on other than their territory when tries to take control through revolt.

FOOTNOTE: Arab al-Shareef is called SAUDIA because of Saud Dynasty, actually a Bedouin Tribe whom are the
rulers of Najad, by creed they converted to Kharji-Wahabism inspiring from its founder sedition speeches in 17th
Century (when they begun to rise, Horn of Satan), they were then backed by specific lobby (because of their similarity
and interests) . . . . In 19th Century when the British Empire [as they were serving (working for) the Masters (agenda)
too which is till today, a specific lobby] through Khawarij got successfully (indirectly) the control of Hijaz’e
Muqqaddus from Muslims (Turks) and transferred it to them (still controls indirectly, includes US now too), in the
name of Religion and Arabism. However, Al-Shareef’e Makkah, by creed Muslim (Sunni), was actually determined

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 27


to hold both, Khilafah and Hejaz’e Muqaddus as its centre, but the only mistake he did choosed and relied upon
British support, rather than selecting dialogue with Istanbul, which later proved not beneficial, and Lawrence, an
agent from British Empire, playing on both sides (with Khawarij and al-Shareef), however supporting al-Shareef’e
Makkah in their stance as deserving side thus keen to gives control to him, but somehow was not able to succeed
hence failed thus Kharij-Wahabies won from East India Company support (back), also involved in Arab revolts
against Muslims-Turks. For a while impeding here and discuss this issue later on some other appropriate
occasion. In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu.

Furthermore: We condemn and curse (Khabees: Napak Paleed) Lawrence role of spying and managing
revolt (especially urging and then later betraying al-Shareef’e Makkah) against our Muslims-Turks Ottoman
Empire, because that has caused us (whole Ummah) a severe setback from which we are still unable to
retrieve back to our lost pride and destiny.

DENOTE: As we mentioned in our last article, “… Although other states are also sacred and secret
though only thing which has to be judge is Fitnah (including Ruling Regime, as sometimes or say
majorly they were the actual problem), whether exist there or not. Think on it …”, hence proved
naturally the Saud Dynasty, in regards of upheavals too (because according to nearly all major
sources, these current upheavals and their supporters, which later then become or converts into
Rebels (some of them), are actually assisted by Saudia Arabia along with Qatar, UAE and some
others, pinched by The West), in Arab World.

ADDITION (Arabic: Idha’fah)

It could be not without some benefits to unveil here few issues, regarding systems or say in their
respected domains they are itself a complete system, actually SYSTEM consist of several small parts
or components or elements which are in itself comprise upon or follows predefined process which
can be termed as System, also System within System is also a true definition, that was highlighting
by analysts (esp. Master Zaid Hamid Shah Sb) and they in-real a concerning matters that also
requires proper treatment (or say complete surgery) because have been exploiting completely and
blindly, and ufortunately due to their penetration in routes caused severe corruption, minds
(Education) and genocide (Health).

EDUCATION: As we illustrated in our 2nd Article title “Glorious Destination of Ummah” subtitling
“Islamic republic of Pakistan”, that “If all these questions mentioned in 1.1.a were answers in the
light of Quran Kareem, Ahadith Shareef, Aqwal-e-Sahaba and A’eymma wa Masha’ikh Kiram
(Obviously including Sufiya-e-Kiram too) but with justice (Insaf sey), than remember In-Sha Allah
wa Rasuluhu all disputes (contradictions) will be end (eliminate) naturally, particularly give benefits
to those who are Confuse Minded or less knowledge or unaware and will provide them ability to
recognize and judge (including The Great Game) easily to aside themselves in compares to those
believers (also known as Sunnis, sign “Ya Rasul Allah”) who already knew and are away and quite,

And then we illustrated in same above mentioned article, that “O’Dear, remember it is not our fault
but actually it was Pakistan’s weak and bogus education system which doesn’t educate people with
true history or real facts, therefore whenever someone, without knowing reality or not linked
to Masha’ikh n Ulama-e-Haqq (Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah) or attended their lectures (also a
path to Knowledge “ilm”), try to do analysis definitely slipped or misjudged the ORIGINAL (Causes)
and COMPLETE (Scenarios) facts and conditions around UMMAH and was always skeptical about or
say unable to enumerate true and right solution”.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 28


First, similarly was said or mentioned by Sidi Hudhrat Naimatullah Wali al-Bukhari
(Quddussurahul Aziz), that “(Mafhoom) … People learn English education and would be away from
Quran and Tafsir (Religious Education) … And also mentioned that Ulama will be cry upon their
Knowledge because no one would be listening or paying attention towards them or their say”
therefore if one analyze so would find that truly in current scenarios, majority are taking interest in
English Education (and some becomes too much secular than its founders) rather than religious
and looking to gain as much as degrees they can to express expertise but in religious matters were
nearly zero or careless or becomes dubious, meant some don’t pay any attention or wanted to get
involve (learn or awareness), and the most worst case in that when fall into wrong hands
(Zulaman) or side (Batil) meant Astray Sects (Khawarij) besides following Muslims path (Sunnat’e
Muhammediyyah, Mazahib Arba’a). Second, if we implement religious education in our Schools and
Colleges which was taught in past, definitely before these Deviated Sects existence, especially those
occurred after rise of Horn of Satan, mostly *inducted by British Empire in the name of Islam during
17th & 18th Century and still today too in nearly every region, then In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu it will
remove all confusions and conflicts present in Ummah. Third, implementation of right religious
education syllabus will also provide all Muslims (especially generation that will pass through)
several benefits in which mainly was distinguishing between Right (Haqq | Muslims) and Wrong
(Batil | Kuffar wa Munafiqoon) especially from deviators whom was (in past) and are still (present)
one of the most powerful tool of or for enemy which is barely recognized by Muslims (Moderative
or less educated or away from Ulama) nowadays, and that’s why drowning deeper and deeper in to
massacres and devastations. Fourth, if someone says that what about Modern Education or
Advancement as World is be doing. Lots of tremendous developments and discoveries in every way
of life has been done, even if looks Weaponry or Artillery so it is very much Modernized, therefore
how we will deal with that? In-Sha Allah in next article (Book) we’ll give an answer. For while
impeding (Arabic: Ikte’fah) here, thus refraining to go in details. May Allah grant all of us (Ummah)
to get out of from deep well?

OTHERS: In brief, especially about Health, an important sub-system of a State System, which also
needs treatment or to be corrected, as it has and still killing silently a mass number of people
regardless of religion and cast, though remembers that it is very difficult, and required expertise, to
inform or indicates about its adversities (allopath medicines) or exact problem to people (make
them understand), mostly to educated ones (we knew few cases in our social circle). Profits: Yes,
that is also true, majority of health sector companies and its serving personell (Doctors), especially
ALLOPATHIC (allo-pathetic), both are working for money (profits) and they don’t have any
concerned with people health, though from their campaigns (advertising, and exhibitions) and
addressings (health seminars) they portray only one side of picture and that is very carring and
curative, but in-real had severely corrupted (damages) the minds that it would be required huge
efforts for correction or bring them (common people) towards right solution. Alternate (Real):
However, Tibb (in Pakistan, it is known as Hikmat, and some counted Greek Herbal in it too) are not
harming and has no side effects, whereas ^Homeopath (deals in or treats through various Salts
[*] Those who learned both, world and religious education are exempted, because they had (or say were) realized
too that how much religious education has value and importance then worldly education, second they will have
no confusion in judgements and separating right (good-side) and wrong (evil-side), specifically amongst Muslims
and Deviators (Munafiq), and about Infidels so actually due to their distinctions, they can be easily recognized
[^] Due to Alchohol, used in little amount, therefore shall be avoided to take in large quantity (meant too much
usage), though we knew none takes too much nor homeo doctors prescribes.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 29


made liquid medicines) are less harming and very low or some medicines (light power) has none
side affects compares to Allopathic, especially high doses medicines which sometimes took life.
Reaction: If someone (esp. Doctor[s]) says this is an exaggeration and people are going too far
against us, it is not true nor we had such intentions as saying or claims? Then we would like to say
do one thing, returned to Tibb’e Nabavi (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) or Greek Herbal medicines for
treatments, if sincere to people, because it has solutions for every disease and illness besides
“DEATH”. Safety Precautions: Everyone can take care of themselves by giving first priority to
cleaning (Taharat) as per Sunnah [Advise is for Muslims], internal (Batin) and external (Zahir |
including Body, Home, Street etc); use natural foods (Wheat, Rice, Pulses, Olive Oil, Fruits, Dry Furits
and Vegetables) and avoid artificial foods, take meat (Arabic: Lahm) once in a week or month, less
and appropriate eating and avoid over eating, and so on forth, however these are some good
points~ read in books and also heard from domain source (Tabib Shb | and a homeo doctor). May
Allah grant all of us good health, and save us from illnesses, especially from severeness (so that
does not become chance for corporates and their profits).

FOOTNOTE: However also note that and can discuss with any expert, due to usage of artificial fertilizers, UREA or
SPRAYS (pesticides), in cultivation (crops) or plantation (fruits and vegetables), the natural taste has been effected
badly (reduced to tasteless) or completely destroyed, because these artificial fertilizers are made of chemicals
which contains some very harmful element(s) for taste, according to source. Though in Pakistan, on few places
but in very small scale farmers cultivated or planted by following early natural methods (used natural fertilizers)
and avoid artificial fertilizers, which not only have taste but contains good quality as well, as per source. Allah
knows the best.

Allah and his Rasul (Alehe Salat O Salam) know the best (Bhe’tr).


Here we are illustrating the previous leftover information (due to length) in last article, and add
some new important personalities, in this regards (topic), in brief (links are provided, for details if
desire). Very fortunate, for Ummah, that have been always lifted upward by divined personalities
whenever drowned (which is an examination too) drastically, and despite all this it still exist and
present in large numbers Alhamdolillah, and will be till whenever ALLAH (Subhanahu) want
(because before final whistle[Soor] era UMMAH will be reduced to nil). Reviver: In short, Ulama says,
“(Mafhoom) … Rasul’e Akram (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) has indicated that at the beginning of
every century Allah (Subhanahu) will send a person who will revived the religion for my
Ummah or for them …”, which has been usually lifted through A’eymma Kiram (Research
Scholars) upon whom Ummah (Masha’ikh wa Ulama and in their follow through Muslims) has
agreed or gathered as Reviver: Mujaddid in their or every respected century. Also Ulama says
Salateen as well as Qura’e Kiram can also be or admit as revivalist, it is not necessary that only
Researcher (Muhaqqiq Alim) would be Reviver: Mujaddid. Further Ulama says, there can be more
than one Revivalist could present at a time in a century. Hence Salateen expresses revival through
Sword, meant politically unstable (to one extent means no Islamic Laws implementation) and
surrounded in severe chaos and anarchy (Fitnah O Fasad) [including wrong interpretations and
judgments], like common nowadays.

Addition: Please do remembers that all those personalities (esp. present era) whom we
[~] It is better to consult with any Tib Expert, especially about intakes.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 30


have write or mentioned as “Arif bi’Allah” or “Dervish” or “Master” are not stated or
mentioning without evidence (research) or say recognition (knowing completely).

Imam’ul A’eymma Siraj’ul Ummah Imam’e Azam Sidi Abu Hanifa Nauman bin Thabit
(Quddussurahul Aziz)

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[*] Unfortunately sound quality is not very good (or say sharp).

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 31


The Chain

Zubda’tul Sali’keen, Ummdat’ul Arfeen, Arif bi’Allah

Sidi Al-Shaykh al-Shareef Nai’matullah Shah Wali al-Bukhari al-Hanafi al-Qadiri
(Quddussurahul Aziz)

DEBATE: The disputation upon Awliyah’e Kiram bibliography, esp. birth date n place, youth life and
then final years before departure, was usually present (we’ll not going to discuss in details here
there reasons) in books (Tasawuf) though some are resolves whereas some aren’t hence still
unclear or contradictory, and amongst them one is Sidi al-Shaykh Muhammed Nai’matullah Shah
Wali al-Bukhari (Quddussurahul Aziz) whom bibliography wasn’t available completely or say
precisely (in written form) however according to some valid traditions (amongst Ulama), Sidi al-
Shaykh Naimatullah Shah Wali al-Bukhari (Rehmatullahi Alehe) was born in an outskirt districts of
Dehli, and was finally rest in Kashmir Valley. His (Alehe Rehma) ancestors are from Shurufa
(Sada’at) of Bukhara, he (Alehe Rehma) was al-Hanafi in Fi’qh and al-Qadiri in Tariqah, he (Alehe
Rehma) went to Makkah as well as travel many other Muslims regions (Arabic: al-Mamluk) for
studies and touring (Arabic: Siy’yahat) purposes respectively and upon orders (some says it was
spiritually given) from Sidi Ghawth al-Azam al-Shaykh Muhammed Abdul-Qadir al-Geylani
(Quddussurahul Aziz) returned (sent) to Hind, for preaching and serving the Islam, where he (Alehe
Rehma) also brought Silsilah Aliyah al-Tayyibatun al-Qadiriyyah and spread its practices. However
confusion persist because according to Ulama there was also a renown poet (Farsi) with same
name, Nai’matullah Shah Wali al-Kirmani, his birth and resting place was, Kerman-Iran, and
secondly his creed (Arabic: Mazhab) was unclear or divisive, mean some say he was a Muslim
(Sunni) whereas some reported him a Munafiq (Kharji-Rafdhi); and unfortunately many people
(mainly writers) are not able to differentiate correctly thus misunderstand or misjudge due to

Qaseedah Naimatullah Wali: Here would like to unveil some revelations, as revealed by some
people also, mainly mystic writers. First, “Qaseedah Shareef” copy(s) available are mostly
incomplete (as points out by many, writes upon mysticism or by self mystic, therefore agreed to
some extent), hence coming of vague (Arabic: Eb’ham) is natural phenomena because of missing
stanzas, even if reads vigorously so in that case too, it will leaves some thirst (Farsi: Tish’nagi) upon
many occasion for reader (confirming it further), therefore endowing or creates various complex
possibilities and postulates, meant if this will happens then it will happened and if not then either
nothing would happened (will happen some other time) or something else and so on forth (and in
all these happening or not, time is hidden). In-real, these stanzas (Qaseedah), including postulates
and possibilities, written (divine secrets) in mystic style (collected) by Sidi al-Shaykh Naimatullah
Wali al-Bukhari (Alehe Rehma), showed his (Alehe Rehma) great divined presence and superb
sightedness. Second, orders of stanzas are dubious too meant on some places few are seem to be
inappropriate on their present position proving shuffled, could be copier (Arabic: Ka’tib) mistake
(when copying), or due to delicacy of old transcript that it becomes unreadable conferring
difficulties for copier (Arabic: Ka’tib) to write precisely (and such kind of issues and human errors
were common in Islamic Literature). Evidence, several copies has been published and available in
market, some are similar (only difference, simplifiers) whereas some contains slight differences, in
positions of stanzas or have few different stanzas. Third, However, one copy published from Lahore
by H.M Sarwar Nizami, which was very famous and mostly taken (discussed) by majority of writers
Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 32

(including Mystic personalities) for doing (Farsi stanzas) simplifications (Arabic: Sha’rah),
therefore if we considered it as valid (though other transcripts also enlightening the same),
especially its Order of stanzas (acceptable) then it was showing clearly and prominently that before
arrival and appearance of Sidi Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allahu Anhu) there will be a presence of very
strong and colossal Islamic Khilafah or Sultanate, and before that conditions would be not good
(disastrous), especially for Muslims around the world, slaughtering and humiliation was common
(spread), but after these severe conditions Allah (Subhanahu) will do mercy and grant strength to
Muslims by sending Shah’e Gharbistan (divined and victorious personality), towards Mominan’e
Gharbi (Pakistan) and under Shah’e Gharbistan (Arabic: Yan’i al-Ma’lik min’al-Mama’lik al-
Maghreb), jointly by Muslims Arabs and Turks as well as some others lead the Ummah towards
pride and honor (light) from humility and deprecate (darkness), which would be the great revival.
All will together conquer many lands including Hind (once again) and restore Islamic system
(Khilfat’e Rashidah Model), which is not happened yet therefore expectable in future (even could
say might be started as reported by few Mystic Personalities). Fourth, it also highlights a possibility
of repetition of events (Discuss on some other time). Qaseedah: Finally, would like to *reveal that
according to faqeer’s Ustadh’e Muh’taram, “Ulama says, similar to this there is another Qaseedah
written by Sidi al-Shaykh Naimatullah Shah Wali al-Bukhari (Quddussurahul Aziz), which stanzas
are end upon word “Farsi: Tan” like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Daghestan etc, in which he also
depicted some geopolitical turmoil and alterations, in and around Ummah. We (ghafaralahu) are
impeding (Arabic: Ik’tefah) here and refraining to go in further details. Allah and His Rasul (Alehe
Salat-O-Salam) know the best.

Qaseedah’s famous copy, used by majority of mystic writers, published from Lahore, in Farsi/Urdu:

Qaseedah’s another copy, published from Peshawar, in Farsi/Urdu/English:

Qaseedah in English Translation:

Qaseedah: We feel embarrassing (Farsi: Sharmin’dagi) after dispatching last article that
unfortunately missed or forgot to add (provide) one more link of Qaseedah Shareef, written by
Master Zaid Hamid Shah Sb (Defense Analyst), according to geopolitical turmoil (say expectable or
happening), it has been analyzed and then simplified very well indicating good postulates (in
context of changes) and possibilities (dangers or warnings), and now we are *adding (link
provided) it along with one ^new copy which was just came recently on internet, link has also

Qaseedah’s another copy published by BrassTacks Pakistan, in Farsi/Urdu:


Qaseedah’s another copy published in 2009 from Peshawar, in Farsi/Urdu:

[*] Only heard from Ustadh, don’t have copy (Nuskha) or read anywhere (never passes from view) though looking,
hence if we found (will shares with all) or any of our recipient have knowledge then do kindly share with us.
Jazakamullahu Khairah.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 33


Mujaddid Alif Thani, Imam Rabbani, Arif bi’Allah

Sidi Al-Shaykh Muhammed Ahmed Faruqi al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi al-Sirhandi
(Quddussurahul Aziz)

The Bibliography:

The Chain:

Mujahid’e Islam, Arif bi’Allah

Sidi Imam Muhammed Ali Shamil al-Shafa’ee al-Naqshbandi al-Daghestani
(Quddussurahul Aziz)

The Bibliography:

The Chain:
Naqshbandi silsilah beginning from Sidi Muhammed Rasul Allah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) is passed in
chain till Ismail Kurdumeri (who is No.31 in chain of *Shaykh Said Effendi (Rehmatullah Alehe)).
After Ismail Kurdumeri the chain has split in two as he had two Ma'zuns, i.e. Muhammed Salih
Shirwani (No32) and Khas Muhammed Shirwani. From Khas Muhammed Shirwani the chain goes to
Muhammed Yaraghi ad-Daghestani, from him to Jamaluddin Kumuki ad-Daghestani, who had three
Ma'zuns, i.e. Mamadibir ar-Rochi ad-Daghestani, Sidi Imam Muhammed Ali Shamil ad-
Daghestani (both had no Ma'zun), and Abdurrahman as-Sughuri ad-Daghestani (he had two
Ma’zun, Sidi Muhammed Obodi ad-Dagestani and Sidi Muhammed Ilyas ad-Dagestani, but upon
them it was ended because they had no Ma’zun).

FOOTNOTE: [*] Here is the golden chain:

Sultan al-Awliyah, Arif bi’Allah,

Sidi Al-Shaykh Muhammed Nazim Adil Effendi al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi al-Kibrisi
(Da’mat Barkatahum Aliyah)

The Bibliography:

The Chain:

Zubda’tul Sali’keen, Ummdat’ul Arfeen

Arif bi’Allah Sidi Al-Shaykh Muhammed Saeed Effendi al-Shafa’ee al-Naqshbandi
al-Chirkawi al-SHAHEED (Quddussurahul Aziz)
Passed away on 29th Aug, 2012

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 34


The Bibliography: (*) (Watch on Youtube)

The Chain

Sidi Shaykh Saeed al-Effendi (Quddussurahul Aziz) once said before assasination, “If killer enters to
my house for taking my life, I will not prevent him to do so, and in Qaya’mah present him to Allah
for answering”.

Incident: Sidi al-Shaykh Muhammed Saeed Effendi al-Shafa’ei (Quddussurahul Aziz) have been
assasinated along with some other people (disciples) including eleven year old boy at Home
(majority were His family members, as per later reports), on Wednesday, 29th August 2012, during
Halqa-e-Zikr, where one suicide female bomber, a militant (Kharji-Salafist) wife, express herself as
follower due to which able to enters the house and then blew herself when came near. Such kind of
immoral and shameless acts are not a JIHAD neither permissible, contrary Ulama has already
declared suicide assaults as “Forbidden: Haram” hence can never be Islam, thus proves it only and
only “Fasad fil Ardh” therefore those who are involved or behind these acts (whether group or
mob) shall be exterminated (govt. responsibility) must at any cost without any lame excuses before
they do further harm or destruction.

A Tribute to
Honorable and Pious
Arif bi’Allah Sidi Shaykh Muhammed Saeed al-Effendi al-Shaheed (Quddussurahul Aziz)

One faqeer says; “He shines more than like a bright star, but left us alone in sinister, now who will
enlighten our hearts and relieve the pains (hijaba’at) endures by it, hopes that someone (replica,
if have) will do in these darkest moments (period).”

Also says, “Some people are very mysterious, when they live amongst us, we don’t able to
recognize them, but whenever got some recognition (Mari’fah) we don’t able to realize (Maqam)
them, although whenever got some realization then normally it was too late”.

Also says, “Ah, if you don’t cry or shed tears for Sidi Saeed al-Effendi (Quddussurahul Aziz) then
what you learnt from Tariqah (Sufism)”

Taj’ul Fuqaha, Sayyid’ul Ulama

Arif bi’Allah Sidi Al-Shaykh Muhammed Akhtar Ridha al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri al-Azhari
(Da’mat Barkatahum Aliyah)

The Bibliography:

The Chain

[*] Hint: Kindly click Translate button appears below address bar, because it is written in Russian Language.
Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 35

Honorable Master al-Shareef Adnan Oktar al-Hasani

Renown as Harun Yahya
(Talal’lahu Umrahu wa Barakah)

The Bibliography:


Also read [*]:

Honorable Master al-Shareef Zaid Hamid al-Hasani al-Geylani

Renown as Defense Analyst
(Talal’lahu Umrahu wa Barakah)

The Bibliography:


Islami Brothers
Dawat’e Islami (Pakistan) and Sunni Dawat’e Islami (India)

There are some impressive non-political religious organization working in Muslim World for
[*] Honorable Master has been criticized a lot by some people including miscreants without understanding the
cause of his presence on mainstream media (esp. A9 TV and Internet) without any strict regulations for Guests
[however if covers as per Sunnah so it would be better] so that they could come and understand the religion Islam, as
they are far away from religion, whether consciously or not. And these objections, though right in one aspect but
could be inappropriate too. Second, also highlights importance of Jurisprudence so that they knows and might be
due to it takes interest and seek for learning, because some brains are very sharp and brilliant hence shall be
utilize in right way whom were unfortunately wasted in useless and time draining fields. Think on it.
For recipient
information, Master has 16 Million (approx) audiences or says followers and holds very strong and positive
evidences in Anti-Atheism (Marxism and Darwanism) from Quran and Sunnah, and also keen to spread peace and
love, as well as Muslims unification upon one right path (Ahla’l Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah) and platform (Isamic Union).
If someone has
doubt or confusion regarding his Jurisprudence so can inquire him directly, but I think following al-Hanafi Fi’qh
(Masha Allah and Allahu Akbar), because it cannot be possible he didn’t offer prayers, and there is some way or
another he is offering under any jurisprudence (Fi’qh). Because Sufiya are agreed (Mut’tafiq) that seeker for
divine presence of Allahu Ta’ala never dis-obey his Orders (esp. Faraidh, Wajibat, Sunnan Wagheiy’raha), however it
is not invetiable either upon Master to show his worships (esp. salat) but let it be hidden, we will be think positive
nor negative always (Urdu: Bud’Gumani Nahi karyn’gay).

[^] From honorable Master own words, in brief.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 36

propagating Islamic teachings names, Dawat-e-Islami (Pakistan), and Sunni Dawat’e Islami (India)
of Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah, al-Hanafi in Fi’qh, and al-Qad’ri in Tariqah (their chains are
authentic), however due to some extent, they have been criticize a lot though there is no
contradiction in creed (Arabic: al-Ema’n wa’l-Aqa’id), and also as we stated particularly for Dawat’e
Islami in last article regarding their upcoming ROLE in following words, “but despite all these facts
one thing which could be astonishing for some people (Our Muslim Brothers) that remember
Allah (Subhanahu) will grant them participation in to upcoming Ghazwa-e-Hind, and rewards
them like other Muslims in battle as victorious or martyrs”, here would like to unveil (or add it) that
all others having same creed, like Sunni Dawat’e Islami (India) or Tasawuf’e Islami (Algeria), they
will also be awarded for this honorable participation because upon Islam all are one, following
spiritual path however with or having different colors (due to Tariqah), names are different but
representing the one that in sight of Allah is accpetable, which is Islam (Sunnat’e Muhammediyyah).
Therefore, presently no time for internal conflicts or clashes but requires unitation for single cause,
defense Islam’s Ideology, and Ideology comprises upon creed, whereas creed means doctrine or
faith, and that should or must be according to Mazhab Ahla’l-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah, which was
described by Mazahib Arba’a, rather than goes further, do one thing and that is, add Pakistan in
Ideology too (because it has been founded upon Ideology), hence DEFEND it. Thanks.
(Jazakamullahu Khairah)


ADDITION: O’Dear, every Muslim country is actually an Ideological Nation, because of

Muslims there, however can say it could be there mistake or blunder if left Islamic Path or
concept of one nation under it or its Model (political, Economical, Social and so on forth).
Even though we will defend them too at any cost, whether through blood or sword (meant
we’ll fight for them), because it would be betray to our beloved Sidi Muhammed al-Rasul
(Alehe Salat-O-Salam) as they are also his (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) servants, both divined
personalities and common Muslims. Aim n Target: However, in past before collapse of The
Ottoman Empire, even if looks further back in history, so actually our unity has been always
targeted by Enemies (Satan and his Evil Forces) first and mostly it was through internal
revolts and lessly external assaults, and internally it was through both, planned or only
takes advantage (somehow due to our own conflicts, conditions become suitable for them to
assault), sold people in other words Munafiqoon which gave them complete chance to
overrun Ummah from external assaults conveniently, like in Andulusia, through mutual
planning it cause severe damages to Muslims al-Maghreb Rule and then finally in result lost
it. Similarly, Mongols invasion to Khilafat’e Abbassiyah, they were invited by al-Qami
(Kharji-Rafdhi [Shi’ite]), and that is also caused us complete destruction and massacre (over a
Million Muslims). And then in last, Sultanate Uthmaniyyah, disintegrate easily through both,
religious (Kharji-Wahabism) and purchases (Generals | Pashas). In all kinds of revolts or
assaults, if someone noted, so Ulama have been targeted too and are slaughtered specifically
because Enemies (Infidels and Deviators) knew that Muslims were only stand united
because of them, even divined personalities lost their lives whenever overrun by Enemy.
Present Time: Thus how it is possible that we can be left free in this era easily, once again
they are planning to overrun us into dust (stone-age) even now they are talking about
complete wipe-out (totally fanatics or out of control short minded people) only because it

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 37


becomes very easy for them nowadays as of no resistance, example Somalia, Iraq,
Afghanistan, Libya, and so on forth, and one reason seems to be possible due to our own
corrupt minds (left right-path) and betrayers of regimes (incompetent people or secular
minded), Ummah has been dragged and still dragging to unending bloody wars, therefore
we shall open-up our eyes and look around us, whom are working for Sidi Rasul Allah
(Alehe Salat-O-Salam) and whom are going in against. Pakistan: Remembers, none can
defend Pakistan besides True Muslims, following both Shari’ah wa Tariqah, because it was
founded by and through Spiritual Personalities (following Shari’ah strictly and rightly)
along with the Ulama’e Kiram cooperation (or say mutual effort), therefore it’s preciousness
and as a beautiful gift that either not ignored but must be defend (through any means | that
would be convenient and under your capacity for defending), therefore once again it was
recalling the duty.


SHAH-E-GHARBISTAN: Would like to unveil some important points here that will be beneficial for
all of us, In-Sha Allah, and as we said already that due to incomplete form of Qaseedah, a lot of
vague has come or say present, which have created several possibilities and postulates. First,
remembers that Shah-e-Gharistan is not appeared yet, in near history as well as neither in last
century till present time, even due to some stipulations cannot say affirmly about Sahib-ul-Waqt
that whether he is or not. Second, as we illustrated in last article that, “in the light of Qaseedah
Naimatullah Wali, Shah’e Gharbistan has not come and appeared … yet therefore … (Imam of Time)
who has took power is might be Shah-e-Gharbistan … because before IMAM MAHDI (Radhi Allah
Anhu) there will be an affirmed existence of Islamic Empire (Khilafah) … IMAM of TIME appears
(Visible to Public) or before occurrence of some events that took place will also clarifies and rectify the
vague (Eb’ham).” so, do remember there is an intense discussion and contradiction upon emergence
amongst Ulama regarding Khulafa from Banu Quraiysh or *Twelve Imams of Noble Family, in which
some counted ten whereas some says eleven has emerged, but ten is most likely said (acquired by
majority), thus ten means two has to come, however all agreed communally that twelveth will be
Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu). Hence Imam Mahdi (radhi Allah Anhu) time is not yet come, if
accepts ten as valid and is also looking true from Qaseedah Shareef. Reason: Which showing one
before Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu) will emerge from Banu Quraiysh or Noble Family if takes
ten as valid and, here by Shah-e-Gharbistan, if meant from Banu Quraiysh or Noble Family
(including Banu Abbass), because here genealogy matters intensely meant from which one he
would be, Banu Quraiysh or Ahle-Bayt or Banu Abbass or else besides them? Banu Quraiysh:
Remembers, Ulama says, that Ahle’Bayt or Banu Abbass are from Banu Hashem, whereas Banu
Hashem are amongst the highest and most pious branch of Banu Quraiysh, therefore by Shah-e-
Gharbistan, if meant from Banu Quraiysh nor Banu Hashem, and Banu Quraiysh has several other
branches despite Banu Hashem too, hence if Sahib-ul-Waqt is from Banu Quraiysh then we will not
deny the appearance of Shah-e-Gharbistan, meant foretell will be considered as true (emerge), time
is begun and all glories will be attain soon. Noble Family: However, here by Shah-e-Gharbistan, if
meant specifically from Ahle-bayt or Banu Abbass descendant, and if present Sahib-ul-Waqt is from
any of these two lineages, then certainly Shah-e-Gharbistan has come (appear), foretell is fulfilled,
time is begun and all glories will be achieve soon. Similarly, here by Shah-e-Gharbistan, if takes
specifically from Ahle-bayt or Banu Abbass descendant, but Sahib-ul-Waqt is not from any of these
two lineages, then it means not yet fulfill, will emerge in some other time in future, however if any
similar event stated (erected) alike Shah-e-Gharbistan (Ahle-Bayt or Banu Abbass, if meant or

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 38


takes) era would occurs then it means they will happen again in future, when he emerges, proving
recurring of events. Other Tribe: But, here by Shah-e-Gharbistan, if not meant specifically from
Ahle-Bayt or Banu Abbas or even Banu Quraiysh descendant, which is not seem (or looks like) to be
true to some extent, but from any other lineage (Tribe) and so the Sahib-ul-Waqt is also from
besides Ahle-Bayt or Banu Abbas or Banu Quraiysh lineages, then in this case too we couldn’t deny
the certainty about time and glories ahead to Ummah as stated. Emergence: However, present
Awliyah’e Kiram (Mystic Personalities | Ahl’e Na’zar) are linked or attached with him (Sahib-ul-
Waqt), taking and providing guidelines and strategies, keeping all ^Muslims and their states in their
view, especially severely affected, therefore it is better to let him (Sahib-ul-Waqt) emerge (and also
resolves this complexity of genealogy), about Time so it is not disclosed yet but In-Sha Allah wa
Rasuluhu soon because he will not hide forever, definitely appear physically and visible to all of us,
in 2½ months or 2½ years or may be little farther. Consensus: Remember, in all these matters,
consensus of Masha’ikh (Awliyah) wa Ulama (Ahla’l-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah | Mazahib Arba’a), and in
their follow through Ummah (Am’matul Muslimeen) upon awaiting personality as Shah-e-
Gharbistan or even as Sultan’e Islam is stipulated (Arabic: Mash’root). Second, all glories that are
mentioned including Ghazwa-tul-Hind (in Qaseedah Shareef), will only attained from or bind to the
sword of Shah-e-Gharbistan, before or without him, NOT or say impossible (forget it) though if
happens any (alike) so it means they will occur again in future (including Ghazwa-tul-Hind). We
(ghafaralahu) are impeding (Arabic: Ik’tefah) here and refraining to go in further details. Allah and
His Rasul (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) know all the best.

IMAM MAHDI (Radhi Allahu Anhu): Here we (ghafaralahu) can present the profound research did
by eminent Ulama in this regards but due to its length refraining therefore we’ll illustrate only in
brief. GENEOLOGY: Ulama says, in the end times, when extortion and unjustice prevailed and
reaches to its peak, infidels and their infidelity (perspectives) was overruled due to which Chaos n
Anarchies spread all over, devastation and slaughtering becomes common, and confusions as well
as misguidance would be prevailed especiallly in recognition and following true and right Islamic
Teachings (Shari’ah Muttah’harah), in these most difficult and toughest times Allah (Subhanahu)
will send a person from Ahl’al-Bayt an-Nabi (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) to revive the religion (right path,
Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah) once again, and will creates the fifth largest EMPIRE in history since
creation of this World, comprising from West to East. His (Radhi Allah Anhu) name will be upon
blissful name of beloved Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam), “Muhammed”, and his (Radhi Allah
Anhu) father name will be same as beloved Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam), “Abdullah”
similarly mother name will be also same as beloved Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam), “Amna”.
According to Ulama, he (Radhi Allah Anhu) will be “Najib’ut Taraffain al-Shareefain”, and from al-
Hasani Lineage. IMAMET: At the age of forty, Imam Muhammed bin Abdullah al-Hasani (Radhi
Allahu Anhu) comes to Makkah from Madinah, in the month of Ramadhan Shareef, while doing
Tawaf (shows performing Umrah) Awliyah’e Kiram (Abdal and Aqtab from Sham n Iraq esp.),
[*] Please do not count the faith of Twelve Imams of Ahle-Bayt is of Kharji-Rafdhies (Shi’ite), because it has
nothing to do or has no relation with them, as they already out from Islam (because of disbeliefs), second all these
pious personalities were Imams of Muslims, nor Munafiq (Khawarij), and from Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah, none
was following Rafdhiyat even they were kept always distance from their claims and faiths, and when
Jurisprudence was formed and Ummah gathered upon them (Four Jurisprudences), all besides first few (because in
their time it was under process of formation and finalization) has acquired one of four sternly, majority of these pious
personalities were either Hanafi or Shafa’ei. Whereas those who went to al-Maghreb, followed Maliki and those
went to Iraq followed Hanmbali. Allah knows the best.
[^] Where ever Muslims are expelling forcibly, oppressed or massacred all were under view, and In-Sha Allah wa
Rasuluhu they will be help soon, physically.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 39


migrated from their areas to Hijaz’e Muqaddas due to Anarchies, will recognize him first through
some signs, therefore request him to lead for which he (Radhi Allah Anhu) expresses exception
(Arabic: Aa’jzi) but than later he (Radhi Allah Anhu) will agrees and begin to taking oath (Arabic:
Bay’et) in which first Awliyah and then in their follow through common Muslims will start
submitting for oath (Arabic: Bay’et) after recognition. Ulama says; Imam Mahdi Muhammed bin
Abdullah al-Hasani (Radhi Allah Anhu) will be from Muslims (Sawad’e Azam | Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-
Jama’ah) and communally agreed Imam of ‘Sunnat’e Rasul wa Jamat’e Sahaba’ on that time.
GREAT HOLY FIGHTS: From here to last heading (DAJJAL), seem two different scenarios because
of the explication done by Ulama due to different traditions for same subject. We’ll discuss only one
here and another will be in next Article. First One: On that time Muslim Ummah (nearly all states)
are captured and ruled by Infidels, including Qustuntuniyyah (Istanbul), till Hijaz’e Muqaddas
which is exempted and the only place would be left on earth ruled by Muslims (Sunnis). Thus, from
there all will stride under Imam Sahab (Radhi Allah Anhu) banner liberating all Muslim Lands
comes in their way till Sham al-Shareef where they will have to stay and made camps because
Infidels have brings massive army in opposition (Arabic: Mukha’lifat), comprising upon 80 Flags
where under each flag there will be 12000 men (totaling 9,60,000), and while reaching or after
arriving Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu) will be then joins by Khurasan’s Black Flag Army lead by
Ahle-Bayt Banu’Abbas lineage personage, whom are also striding from Khurasan towards al-
Mashriq al-Wusta (Sham al-Shareef) liberating all Muslim Lands comes in their way being captured
by Infidels, and together they fight against Infidels massive army, which will be definitely “Jihad’e
Azeem Mubarak”. SIDI HUDHRAT ESA bin MARIUM (Alehe Salat-O-Salam): In Dam’ishq, At the
Time of Fajr, when Imam Sahab (Radhi Allah Anhu) was going to lead prayers, Allah (Subhanahu)
will send Sayyiduna Hudhrat Esa bin Marium (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) from Sky upon Sidna Jibrail’e
Amin (Alehe Salam) Wings at East White Minerat, Jama Masjid Dam’ishq. Imam Sahab (Radhi Allah
Anhu) will request him (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) to lead prayers but will be refused and urges Imam
Sahab (Radhi Allah Anhu) to lead (or say carry on the Imamet), which will be followed (command).
DAJJAL (La’een): In the mean time one eyed DAJJAL, upon his head word “KAFIR” was written
clearly (only Muslims-Sunni will read), claimed himself as GOD, though remembers that Allah
(Subhanahu) is clean from eyes or being an one eyed (Arabic: Munaz’zah An’el-A’adha), emerging
from Isphahan, Iran along with 70,000 Jews, after traveling whole world in 40 days, will reach
Damascus (Damishq) where upon blissful fragrance of Sidi Hudhrat Esa bin Marium (Alehe Salat-O-
Salam), while coming towards earth upon Sidna Jibra’il (Alehe Salam) wings, started suddenly
melting hence begins to run away, Sidi Hudhrat Esa bin Marium (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) along with
Imam Sahab (Radhi Allah Anhu) after finishing prayers will announce fight and upon pursue finally
at Bab al-Lud, Jerusalem, after escaping from several attempts, DAJJAL will be Captured and then
Killed through knife, which will be then raise to show his blood to all Muslims as (sign of) victory
(Fa’tah), and after elimination of DAJJAL all Muslims will together liberates Bayt-ul-Muqaddas from
Jews (all will be killed present there), and particularly this (One Eyed Dajjal) was warned (or say
reported: Kha’br) by all Anmbiya’e Kiram (Alehemus Salat-O-Salam), since creation of this world,
till in last by beloved Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) as “Great Anarchy (Fitnah’e Azeem
or Azam)”. Allah and his Rasul know the best.

ADDITION: Unfortunately, some people including moderative Muslims, whether knowingly

or not they criticize or feels hesitation upon mimic (Arabic: Taqleed) meant following any
particular Imam but somehow believes and waiting too (definitely heard from somewhere)
for Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu) appearance (which is indecisive | Time). But in this
matter they forgot (or say miss) one thing, which is actually a kind assistance of Sultan Al-

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 40


Awliyah (Rehmatullah Alehe) that came to us though don’t know whether able to present it
exactly or not, however tell us, “Is waiting to follow Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu) will be
not the mimic (Arabic: Taqleed), and so does this obedience not signifies following a
particular personage (specific Imam) …? Second, then why criticize or hesitating to makes
you follow (practice) any one of Jurisprudences Imam, until not emerging (which is
indecisive | Time) …? Third, what guarantees you that will follow him (Radhi Allah Anhu)
whenever appears while you are dubious in mimic therefore not following the teachings
that are presented (nor vanished neither abandoned yet) of any one of four Imams …? And
several other reservations can be put but it will prolong the discussion however one cannot
stay behind to say one thing that is “No doubt what a non-sense or totally small mind
accusations (Ay’tiradhat) upon mimic (A’eymma Arba’a)”. Keep thinking, Jazakmullahu

Recommends: Read (online) or download (exe file), the beautiful compressive transcript written
by Al-Shaykh Abdul Mustafa A’azmi al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi (Quddussurahul Aziz), in this regards
as well;

Islamic Education Foundation, (Holland) [Read points: 21, 22, 23];


ADDITION: Remembers, that we (ghafaralahu) has some serious ambiguities upon emergence of
Sidi Imam Mahdi Muhammed bin Abdullah al-Hasani (Radhi Allah Anhu) in our or say present time,
because of several reasons amongst them some are; first, Sidi Imam Ahmed Ridha al-Hanafi al-
Braheichi (Quddussurahul Aziz) speculated (foretell) that Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu) will
emerge after 1837 Hijri (might be in 1900 Hijri, as 19th Islamic Century Revivalist, faqeer) when all
Islamic Government, even by name, would not left or existed upon planet earth. Sidi Imam Ahmed
Ridha al-Braheichi (Rehmatullah Alehe) extracted this date from Sidi Muhiyuddin Ibne Arabi al-
Qadiri (Quddussurahul Aziz) Futuhat’e Mak’kiyyah Shareef. Second, According to some Sufiya’e
Kiram, before Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu) there will be 5 personages would appears as great
spiritual revivalists, 4 has been appeared and one was left (and most probably that would be Shah-
e-Gharbistan, and it seems as well), amongst them Sidi al-Shaykh Hasan al-Basri and Sidi Imam
Abdul-Qadir al-Gaylani al-Hanmbali (Quddussurahul Aziz) renown as “Ghawth’ul Azam” are the
prominent personages, and Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu) will be the sixth before doomsday
(Qaya’mah). Third, reading “Qaseedah Naimatullah” by Sidi al-Shareef Naimatullah Shah Wali al-
Bukhari al-Hanafi (Quddussurahul Aziz) signifying clearly or say verifying stance the creation of
Great Islamic Empire before Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu) after fall of Turks (Ottoman) Empire,
and that is signified as Abdul-Hamid (Sultan) and Shah Khamis, and then Ahd’e O’Kamali (Kemal
Ata Turk), and slavery and destruction, then distribution of Hind, formation of Mominan’e Gharbi
(including separation of West n East Pakistan), and then emergence of Shah-e-Gharbistan and so on
forth (all before Imam Mahdi [Radhi Allah Anhu]). Title: However, if someone says can we call
Sahib-ul-Waqt as Mahdi if he fulfills all explained stipulations and nuances for Khilafah and Shah-e-
Gharbistan (and that includes geneology too), and revived the religion for us, through hard (fight)
and soft (addresses) ways (as per Qaseedah)? Answer: Yes, to one extent (aspect) can say [neither
it will be objection] him “Mahdi” (but it will be signify as attribute [Wasf]) because it would be
definitely, and looking too, the great revival of Ummah once before alike by Imam Mahdi
Muhammed bin Abdullah al-Hasani (Radhi Allah Anhu) period, from “divined sword” and “gracious

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 41


eyes”. Appearance: When it has been reveals about Pious and Holy Personage that will come and
revive the Ummah, formed the fifth largest Empire in the history since creation of this World, as it
was suppressed and suffering from slavery, extortions and injustices, then none could deny either
we are denying, but our only concerned is TIME, which is not specified (gave) but bind to some
stipulations or told portents before appearance, which according to Ulama have not happened yet,
therefore Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu) arrival in present era seems not convincing (because
delay is possible here too, if someone thinks that may be appears in present time). Allah knows the

Recommends: Hidaya Research Foundation (Mesir and Turkey)



Colonel Muhammed Muammar al-Qazzafi (Barakallahum): Media, defined by Master Zaid

Hamid al-Shah Shb as this also, “Weapon of Mass Deception (WMD)”, especially in conspirators’
(when they want to do) perspective (as powerful tool for divergence), very true and right too,
therefore how can be the Libya and Colonel Muammar al-Qazzafi left behind to mark. Besides last
year denigrating campaign by Media, he was already criticized a lot by many people. Although
Native (preferably if Religious Scholar) can tell or provide more precisely about this. OBJECTIONS:
First; Libya becomes or was a Soviet Ally after his takeover (bloodless coup) in 1969 proving him
Russian Agent (some says British MI6 Agent), and secondly Soviet Union was an atheist empire,
hence he can be atheist too as majority of Soviet allies (Leaders) was? Answer: True (that Libya
allies with Russia’s Soviet Union), but being an ally doesn’t mean a leader or his regime (completely
or partially) are atheist (or even supporting atheism) or their agents, until not proves from
sufficient and solid evidences, because Libya was declared officialy as “Islamic-Sunni State [which is
a right way]” during their tenure, before last year rebellion. Actually in previous era (19th Century)
it was unfortunately becomes necessary to be allied with one strong side to avoid confrontation
with other side, therefore if Libya does with Soviets then why blame. Although according to source,
he learned his early education from Islamic Madressah (Sunni | Hanafi or Maliki), second upon his
compound called “Bab Al-Azizyah” it was clearly stated at wall “Allahu Akbar”, and in many
speeches as well as occasions he says “Allahu Akbar”, third he attended regularly Mahfil-e-Milad
(Mawlid Shareef) every year [Watch this |
Y&feature=related], fourth he is the only leader who lead prayers (can see in given video link) and
this was also recognized and admitted by opponent creed people, therefore all these evidences
proving him a good Muslim. Second, If he was not their (Soviet’s Russian) agent then why
implemented Socialist Model in Libya (proving socialist bloc person)? Answer: Practicing Socialism
also didn’t make him and regime as Avert or out from Islam until not proven their Thoughts (about
religion or say religious) and implemented System (Laws and Orders) are completely or partially
against Islam’s Ideology (Core) and Path (Sunnat’e Muhammediyah | Mazahib Arba’a) which is to an
extent seems invalid because if one looks inside Libya, so will find that it was not pure Socialism but
modified formed under Islamic Ideology (principles) hence could says it was an Islamic Socialism
(and their Supreme Law was Quran and Sunnah, as per source) which also founder of Pakistan,
Barrister Muhammed Ali Jinnah (Marhoom), proposed and wishes to implement (in response to
ISM). Third, He was modern (fashionable) and lavishly spending person? Answer: Actually these
are the ill mind objections, and require solid proof. Although remembers that, he is an Heir (King) of
a Country, therefore if wore colorful suits so can because his right and also it’s not prohibited;

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 42


wearing neat and clean as well as pleasant dresses (as per Shar’iah) is SUNNAH whereas wearing
simple dress (as per Shar’iah) is TAQWA, and also Heirs can wear dress that will distinct between
Ruler and Public. About spending, so yes spent lavishly but upon his Public not himself, according to
source, in his early period of power he said in respond to his father, first I will provide home
(shelter) to every homeless Libyan citizens and after then I will make mine but unfortunately his
father dies homelessly (in a Tent) thus he didn’t made his personal home and passing his life in
Tent (in respect to his father), and Libyans are proud on their Leader because he sleeps in Tent nor
in Castles (Urdu: Mahal’lat) and they express it arrogantly (Urdu: Fa’khr). Third, none can proved
his personal home(s) and bank accounts outside Libya, even inside (the huge bank balance)
because he distributed the Wealth amongst his people, according to source, every Libyan citizen
was paid 400 Dinars/month for expenditures by the state. Fourth: He is Strict and Brutal, and also
didn’t do anything for Islam, therefore a Tyrant? Answer: Strictness is a must part of Ruler
otherwise softness (giving no importance or avoidance) could cause a severe damage to State’s
affairs (Political, Economical and Social) and stability. About brutality, so he came in power in
bloodless coup, second if eliminates any revolt (whether only politically not with arms) before its
erection so it would be not called a brutality but a Justice (due to legitimacy). About serving Islam,
in brief, founded Dawat’e Kuliytush Shari’ah (joined by nearly 126 Ulama from all over Muslims
World) for Islamic Affairs (related to Jurisprudence esp.), distributed more than 1 Million copies
(Farsi: Nuskhay) of Quran Kareem (with English Translation) in Africa (as per source), and built
several Masajid in all over Africa and many others (also he was going to circulate gold currency |
Maal’e Haqiqi). Tyrant: About Tyranny, so door for discussion are open in this regards, but shall be
with solid ground realities and true facts and if provided so will accept (Tyrant and as Betrayer)
and retreat (Loyalty and his Honesty) from our words (in supporting) but would keep above
evidences (responses upon objections) in front.

ADDITION: O’Dear, we are not saying that he is some kind of angel thus very clean and error free
(Arabic: Munaz’zah an’el-Kht’tah), or born Wali thus very obedient or couldn’t do mistake, reasons
for appreciation was few of the following. Leadership: He is or was (for while not in Tripoli) much
better than other Muslim leaders in comparison (esp. Pakistani Leaderships, mainly civilian), loyal
and honest, and has proved it by building an ideal state through modified Socialist Model (or say
Islamic Socialism). After having such good qualities and skills unfortunately did some mistakes (or
say being dodged) during rule, which he also admitted, publically and internationally, in an
interview and has apologized as well, which in our view are not only the mistakes but it was an
enormous blunders that cost loss of leadership and whole nation annihilated (chaos and instability
still existed in some vicinities), and amongst them mainly Libya Nuclear Project and Missile Defense
Program roll backing, because if they continued then today they will be in a strong position like The
West (US & Europe) due to their steel tooth (esp. Long and Short Ranges Missiles). Assistance: In
1971, after separation of East Pakistan from West due to battle lost with India, it was the Libya who
firstly sent the generous Aid (Wheat particularly) in large number (quantity) to Pakistan, second
Pakistan Nuclear Program was funded by Libya (due to which we becomes the first Muslim Nuclear
Power), third many big projects including Steel Mill (in Karachi) were accomplished through their
capital support. Therefore couldn’t ignores (or say refute) all these generosities (Urdu: Ahsa’nat)
upon Pakistan they have did (esp. Colonel Qazzafi). Life Expectation: However, he is 70 years old
now, and how much long he can lives further (?), 80 or 90 or 100 but not forever, one day left this
world like us and others therefore rather than criticizing (without evidences and justification) it
would be much better that should praise for relief from pain and devastation suffered by them

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 43


FOOTNOTE: Just like Master Zaid Hamid Shah Sb, he also understand the specific lobby conspiracies, hence
leading the Nation by keeping their moves in front very sharply, only due to lack of defense shield suffered and
lost partially otherwise going well. The only difference between both is that one is Heir of a country whereas
another is not, though steering (defense analyst) the nation towards right direction. Masha Allah & Allahu Akbar.

TALIBAN: Here would like to unveil about them in compressive details (according to sources)
rather than comprehensive. We are accusing them as Malice consipiracy in the name of Islam
because heard two different traditions about their renaissance, though kept in mind that before
Taliban, hardliners (also termed as Radicals) were already present there (probably since 1984-85
or might be early, like Gulbadin and some others) fighting against Soviet (when reaches its peak)
therefore it would be rarely impossible that they haven’t joined (because all weren’t went back to
their homeland) when Taliban emerged and took control later. Traditions are follows; Soft to
Hard(Liners): Taliban (Becomes West’s indirect powerful Tool) was firstly formed by religious
students (soft-liners) of Madressah (Religious School) in Kandahar, majority of them were local
residents (Muslims-Sunnis), but later (whole movement) they were abducted by foreigners
(induced in the name of Islam) from Madaris (Religious Schools of Hypocrites) in Pakistan mainly
(from all over) and built nearby to Refugee Camps and other adjacent areas of Afghan-Pakistan
Borders, where Afghans are taking shelters, for this specific purpose they were picked and trained
and then sent back (Afghans, and other foreigners including Pakistanis) to Afghanistan, regularly
during Civil War (between tribes for Power) after Soviet withdrawal (1989), and later on as well.
Hard to Hard(Liners): Taliban (Already West’s indirect powerful Tool) was made from religious
people (hardliners) of Madaris (Religious Schools of Hypocrites), majority of them were Afghans
refugees whom migrated to Pakistan during Afghan-Soviet War*, they (mostly Afghans) were
trained in Madaris (Religious Schools of Hypocrites) built nearby to Refugee Camps and some other
adjacent areas of Afghan-Pakistan Borders (for instance Quetta, Chaman and so on forth), and then
sent back along with other foreigners (including Pakistani hypocrites religious schools students) to
Afghanistan. Assistance: However, none couldn’t deny, in any of true case amongst both (even
before Taliban the assistances to Mujahideen are supplied by Pakistan, Master cannot refute), the
assistances (Human and Weaponry) were going from Pakistan (whereas Pakistan was assisted by
US, and Saudi Arabia), although during President General (Retd.) Pervaiz Musharraf era (took
power) they were completely halted (Military supplies to Taliban) till up to date. Alhamdolillah, &
Allahu Akbar. Though, it is now supplying by US & NATO since their presence after invasion in the
region. Control: In 1996, they exploited the Civil War and gained control of most part (85%
territory) of Afghanistan (esp. southern and eastern, Pashtun Speaking Areas), therefore first
succeeded in legitimizing Kandahar and then finally the Kabul under the leadership of Mullah Umar,
who fought against Soviet as a commander of Kandahar under Gulbadin’s umbrella (Hizb’e Islami).
Used: As per source, western intelligence operatives viciously and conveniently exploited (turned)
them for their interests and purposes, inducting some more fascist hardliners, known as Kharji-
Salafists [Wahabies] (though in case of second tradition validity it proves them already as kharji-
Salafists [Wahabies]), to invading the Muslim Land in future through creating valid justifications
easily, which they did later (meant in last decade) in no matter of time. Truth: Second tradition,
Hard to Hard (liners), is probably said true by the sources, and it looks as well (proving itself
naturally). Though if someone does more research, only for verification and then shares with all, it
will be more grateful as well as blissful. And only for these few reasons (one is given below, “First”)
them from the beginning till last article, that “because of few doubts, Taliban aren’t looking
[*] (Also see “NATIONS” below, in al-Mashriq)
NOTE: Our sources are mostly reliable People, whereas taking lessly from e-Media, in this regards.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 44


VALID movement for Ummat-e-Rasool (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) contrary seem chaotic (Fasadi)
and affirming very malice conspiracy in the name of Islam against Muslims . . . and they have
been not removed or answered appropriately yet at any acquired Media platforms by any

Addition: None has able to provide any passable evidences or eliminate objections
(reservations), regarding this issue raised since beginning to last article even until this
article publishing (via email only) date, especially humiliation and disrespect shown to the
Holy Relic reported by Media (BBC). Second, after reading above lines do not, consider that
alone or think all responsibility goes to Pakistan that involved in assistances (funding and
inducting HR) to Taliban, and we either targeting too specifically, but others were also
involved in assistances (funding & inducting HR), for instance, like Saudi Arabia (recognized
& funded, directly & indirectly), UAE (recognized, and so might be funding), and joined by
hardliners (also termed as Radicals) from all over the world, like Afghans themselves,
Chechens, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Iraqis, Yemenis, Mesris and so on forth. However, mostly they
(Taliban) were comprised upon Pashtuns (majority Hardliners), living on both sides of
Afghan-Pakistan Borders.

Then in last Article, we illustrated that “First, humiliation and showing disrespect to the Holy
Relic, “Jubba Shareef” . . . to one documentary report which was made by Non-Muslims (BBC
Team) and Muslims (Ulama esp.) knows that if Kuffar or even Munafiqoon brought any news
so we (Muslims) shall research (Tah’qeeq) first about its affirmation (Mez’an al-Khabr) and
then verify (Tasdeeq) so that afterwards may not feel ashamed (if it is found or proven wrong)
or face bad consequences . . . ”. It has been not yet proved as False or Invalid report, second,
Afghanistan has suffered severely from American Invasion, which in other words can be said
(although proving naturally too) easily as severe punishment in result (its repercussions).

Recommends: Watch and read the last part (moments 6:00–8:14) of VIDEO, follow the

The True Words: (Mafhoom) “... If Omar was a truly learned student of Quran, an
enlightened man … he would’ve been aware of Holy Relic (Jub’ba Shareef) significance. He
failed to show respect and worship [Adab wa Salawat | Faqeer] the Holy Relic. That was an
ignoble and shameful act. Such acts debase both him and his followers. He cannot be
forgiven. He defiled the Holy Relic. We have a saying “He who hurts himself, hurts others
more.” And Allah (Subhanahu) has punished the entire country for Omar’s Sin. With the
hands that were used to kill people … Omar took the Holy Relic from the TOMB and brought
it into the city. He climbed on to a roof to show off the Holy Relic. He wore it and proclaimed
himself “Ameer al-Mu’mineen”. That was a blasphemy. He left the Holy Relic there all night
and just put it in a box the next morning … as if it was just an ordinary garment (Ma’az
Allah). Then he drove at high speed to the Holy Edgar Masjid. Omar committed a sacrilege,
which is why his regime has fallen …” [For more satisfaction, we have written down the
words as well].

Now in above context of provided video link read these and compares the difference (we are not
blaming them without evidences);

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 45


Importance & Virtues of Holy Relics

Footnote: Rememebrs, if Taliban really implemented the Shari’ah wa Tariqah as explicated by

Ulama (A’eymma al-Shari’ah wa’l-Tariqah), then they never conduct such type of ACT, because
Quran Majeed has describes Holy Relics importance (Misa’len, Taboot’e Sakinah Wagheiy’raha) and
that’s why Shari’ah Muttah’harah (Quran and Sunnah) has ordered and instructed us to respect and
preserve it. Then tell us why Hudhrat Khalid bin Waleed (Radhi Allah Anhu) kept “Mo’ay Mubarak”
in Helmet whenever fights, and during Battle of Tashfin stop fighting when Helmet fallen towards
ground, if Holy Relics has no importance …? On one side when you are talking about Hubb’e Rasul,
“we follows those who called us towards Allah and His Rasul (Alehe Salam), do not betray Madina’e
Sani because it means you are betraying Sidi Rasul Allah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam)”, and so on forth
hence tell us now in the light of your own Salvation, showing disrespect and humilitation to Holy
Relic wouldn’t be an ACT of disrespect and humiliation in honor of Sidi Rasul Allah (Alehe Salat-O-
Salam), hence which is more honorable in your view, the “Jubba Shareef of Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe
Salat-O-Salam)” or Taliban …? It’s Your Right, whether support or not, though faqeer like to say
shall avoid. (May Allah protect all of us?)

Then in same last Article, we illustrated that “Second, according to Master Zaid Hamid al-Shah
Shb (Defense Analyst), that US & NATO mutually paying $400 Million to AFGHAN-TALIBAN for
regular supplies passage safety for their forces deployed in Afghanistan through a route held
(Kandahar) by them, therefore it is also not yet declared as wrong or false report therefore it
proves fishy or something black in pulse . . .”

Addition: From one reliable source, US & NATO are paying $800 Million, double to the said
(by Master Zaid hamid Shah Sb), don’t think it’s an exaggerating figure, heard and
forwarded. Secondly, the same source also says that Master Zaid Hamid Shah Sb analysis
are right and good (some were cutting edged) but about Afghan-Taliban, so he is not
correct. Similarly one Sufi lover n minded person told the same that he speaks right
(justified) and according to issue (expresses truth) and provide good solution but about
Afghan-Taliban so mistaking (not able to understand or judge them). Allah knows the best.
Supplies: About NATO supplies, that was blocked nearly 8 months which is now finally
opens (via Chaman to Kandahar route, as per some sources) after agreement due to intense
pressure upon regime, although they (one-side) have also using another passage (NDN)
since invasion, but it’s more costly and lengthier then ours, however all credits for keeping 8
months blockade goes (we gives) to Master Zaid Hamid Shah Shb powerful salvation. Masha
Allah, & Allahu Akbar. Blaming: We would like to add one more point here; just like cursing
(bashing) upon opening the supplies by present regime hence hoping for their removal,
because now it will cause (or ignite) Civil War (destruction & slaughtering) that could bring
foreign intervention, just like Libya, as per analysis. So why don’t Master shows same
attitude or response towards Taliban, they also did the same and still carries on (Taking
$400 or $800 Million and letting pass), which has already caused devastation and
slaughtering of Muslims Land, people and structure (and it will increase further when these
new supplies will reaches)?
PROOF: Here is the proof (Urdu); URL:
NOTE: For safety precautions (security reasons), we are not mentioning both sources names.
Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 46

Bypassing the “Third” point of the same last Article, because such kind of forbidden activities aren’t
stopped yet, which not only taking Afghan Army and Police (whether called them puppet)
personnel lives but killing common public (Am’matun Nas) as well. However there are some
reservations though should asked them first rather than delaying, although hopes that it wouldn’t
make any difference, they are follows; Fight: [1] Does Ahmed Shah Masood (May Allah rest his soul
in peace) battles (through guerilla tactics) against Soviets was JIHAD or not, if say yes, and yes will
proved them Mujahideen (all those who were fought with or along his side) then why Taliban
fought against them (after Soviet withdrawal in 1989) in 1994-96? [2] Why supplies were not given
to him but switched to Taliban later, does he not deserved more than new arrival? [3] Why Taliban
beaten many and even killed some Northern Alliance fighters, especially Ahmed Shah Masood’s
(May Allah rest his soul in peace) men (though Gulbadin’s men also killed some of Masood’s men),
aren’t they Muslims or fought for Islam? [4] Why Taliban killed deliberately many Civilians (firing
RPGs at their homes) in Kabul (as per local residents) when Northern Alliance (including Ahmed
Shah Masood) withdrew (left it peacefully) completely due to insufficient supplies against them
(Taliban resistance) from 1994-96? And many more reservations can be input, but it will prolong
the article, hence impeding here.

Addition: Master Zaid Hamid Shah Sb said, and published photos too (available on website)
in this regards, that has fought with Ahmed Shah Masood side, now keeping above
possibility of Taliban being righteous and Ahmed Shah Masood as wrong, then has to clear
his stance in Afghan-Soviet War? Faqeer (ghafaralahu) wouldn’t go in further questioning
because respect him (a Jalali Dervish, Prince of Ahl’al Bayt an-Nabi, and from honorable Al-
Geylani Lineage) and didn’t mean to harm or defame him but only concern is to put some
serious reservations in front so that all of us (including Master) could avoid supporting
vicious side. Second, If someone (including Master) giving them side (supporting) due to
some interest(s) or if people or group fighting alongwith Taliban so remembers as we
already said in our first Article, “those who are fighting, might be unknowingly (the future
consequences) or induct forcibly or enforced to join, even though it didn’t verifies the whole
movement as valid neither their leaders as dignified”. Contrary, we will edify all of them, to
whom can be approach, keep distance or be away from it (vicious game, as “they are a West
players to carry-on the great game”), because when Masha’ikh wa Ulama (Ahl’al-Sunnah
Wa’l-Jama’ah) are not supporting (includes verification) and quiet then we will not either*.
Third, as we illustrated in last article that according to the Poet of an East Allama
Muhammed Iqbal al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Rehmatullah Alehe), Afghanistan is a heart of Asia,
thus if heart is fine then whole body will be fine and if not then body will suffers from its
pain. One question arise here that by pain, what is or type meant, either suffering was due
to Natural Disasters or Humans (including regime or system), or by both? We are impeding
here for while, and refraining to go in further details.

[*] About Yvone Ridley (British Journalist converted to Islam) so she cannot be above Masha’ikh wa Ulama (sorry to
say), second she was not an Alimah although as per sources studying religion Islam (However, if she completes the
Islamic Studies as per curriculum then can do cross questioning [Jir’rah] regarding Taliban Creed), even it was not
known clearly from whom and where she was learning, however we will praise for her steadiness and guidance
upon Islam and its right path; Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah (Mazahib Arba’a | Bi’takhsees alal’Wahid). Third,
not able to understand that whom confessions are honorable in Master’s View, Masha’ikh wa Ulama or common
Muslims. Faqeer Bukhari(ghafaralahu) still insist or emphasize that do MEET Shaykh Abdur Rehman Djonabi Shb
(Da’mat Barkatahum Aliyah) and if passes away then his Successor sat next to him in provided video link in
Qan’dahar for clarification. Jazakamullahu Khairah.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 47


Then in same last Article, we illustrated that, “Fourth, as said by Master Zaid Hamid al-Shah Shb
that our brother country TURKEY has open their (Afghan-Taliban) OFFICE in Istanbul so why
not PAKISTAN, thus do remember following before enforcing G.O.P, a. Turkey is a secular state
(hasn’t change the status yet), b. Member of NATO (However not permanent), c. Present ruling
party also called themselves Islamist are supporting Salafism (Hypocrites). . .”. Kindly read in
“NATIONS”, has clarified our stance, although like to regret for disheartening or if feels it very much
though didn’t meant to defame or degrade (Muslims-Turks, not govt.) contrary it is still Ummah’s
core strength (due to some secrets) hence reliable & trusted partner, just like in past.

Then finally, in same last Article, we illustrated that, “Fifth, Mullah Umar was not a recognize
Khalifa nor Sultan or Ameer by Ulama-O-Masha’ikh (Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah) from all
around the World even if looks inside Afghanistan, therefore not inevitable (Wajib) to support
him neither TALIBAN regime . . .” However, it didn’t mean either that refrained to accept the facts
if reveals or expressed in Taliban’s favor or justification (as valid movement) by analysts (esp.
Master Zaid Hamid Shah Sb) which was given time to time but still not sufficient contrary seems
and most of all from above two traditions, it was cleared that the ground realities (facts) aren’t that
which have been unveils or portrayed but actually they are opposite and on-going slaughter and
devastation (public and structure) doing by both (ISAF in oppression & Taliban in aggression)
proving a very malice conspiracy being carried out in the name of Islam, its fifth pillar Jihad (meant
abusing which proves corruption by Creed as well) expressing to one extent that working
undercover for predefined purposes & interests. Allah knows the best.

DENOTE: One more point has been raised, in justification of whole Movement which includes their
leadership, that Afghan-Talibans are actually the representatives of Pashtun population, especially
lives on other side of border [Afghan-Pashtuns], thus messing with them means you are going for
war against Pashtuns, that might be of both sides or involves other side too naturally, because they
are not the enemies of Pakistan but contrary the sympathizers, and have no such plans to going for
war with or harm Pakistan. Answer: It is not sured whether they [Afghan-Taliban] haven’t any
intention against Pakistan*. However, representation by CAST or NATION is not important (neither
acceptable) but Representation by CREED has the significance in Islam, and this actually
distinguishes b/w the Right and Wrong [Haqq O Batil], therefore if someone (individual) or group
(tribe) or nation (people) represented by strayed leadership then we’ll invite (leadership) to edify
the right path (towards repentance), and if acknowledges and then repented in that case we’ll not
blame neither goes for war otherwise above partially mentioned laws will applied (we’ll fight until
not repent and come towards right path). Second, this is depicting Nationalism above Religion, only
because Nationals represents by incorrect creed people, which itself averts and already created lots
of mischief and in-real preventing us from unification, which in past caused the severe damages to
one of our most powerful bloc, The Ottoman Empire that finally led to its disintegration. Therefore,
imposing (in the light of above mentioned two different tradition[s]) and then assisting (supplies)
any movement (regime) upon locals and declaring them as their true representative is not sanity
but actually extortion (Arabic: Zul’mah). Third, if someone repeat or put ahead following
illustration from our 3rd Article, title Rise of Ummah from al-Maghreb subtitle Khilafat-e-
Habibiyah, that “... distinctions if not sabotage UNITY (One Nation) or say concept of one
UMMAH (in all aspects, Political, Economical and Social etc) under one flag of ISLAM so we can
[*] According to one source, they gave threatening remarks which is, “Pakistan is our only two hours operation
[Urdu: Pakistan hamarey sirf Dou ghanty ki mar hai]” means they will forms their legitimacy; it was said before
2001, when they are in Power.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 48


distribute them (Region-Wise) for their (Tribes or Nations like Arabs, Turks, Hinds and etc)
satisfaction and better control (for Sultanate) because distinctions were also for our
recognition (Ma’arifah) ...” in justification so do remembers underline words were signifying the
stance, by “not sabotage UNITY … one flag of Islam” means if unification represents region-wise
by the right CREED which is made under (upon) single [Kalima Tayyibah] and right [Sunnat’e
Muhammediyah (Mazahib Arba’a)] path then no problem (it wouldn’t harm, hopes), second we are
talking about HIND region not Pashtun, similarly by Turks region means all Turks-TAN, Arab
regions means all Arabs-IYA and so on forth, third distribution is only an advise (extract from
foretells) not meant final words or must acquire contrary it can be rebuff or drop if inappropriate
(will retreat | Ruju), because Islam is honorable not Nationalism. For while impeding (Arabic:
Ikte’fah) here.

DENOTE: As we illustrated in our 2nd Article, title Glorious Destination of Ummah subtitle
Islamic Republic of Pakistan that,”… therefore if still not accepting (above ideology) or
distinguishing (Right n Wrong Sides) then wait (Sabr) and all will see by themselves upon emerging
sword (if come in present Time otherwise conditions will prolong till emergence) which will
distinguish and decides, The Right Side (Haqq) and The Wrong Side (Batil) straightly …”, hence,
it will clearifies all confusions thus should be kept in mind, secondly if any movement
(weaponized) becomes hazardous or already begins from wrong-side, so it is better to avoid (left)
or be away from it, in both conditions. Therefore similarly in case of Taliban, if considering first
tradition as valid then in beginning it was fine but later should gets aside, which Authorities
(Musharaf Admin.) did, and if considering second tradition as valid (which as per sources is most
probably) then from the beginning shall be detached. Although, nation has seen its repercussion in
form of subsidiary movement (TTP, whether say or proved both are separate movements) and has
bears the atrocities and devastations*, all in the name of Islam, thus it has left no credibility and
trust upon Taliban. Therefore, our main concern is only that “if” wanted or desired to uses then
select the right tool or any appropriate option, for keeping influence in cross-border neighboring
state affairs, rather than making trouble for both, which create gap or differences, by supporting
wrong-side or using inappropriate tool. Try to think or extract what we mean (for analysts).

Footnote: Since 1st Article, we are indicating or highlighting or saying Kharji-Salafists

[Wahabies] as West most powerful tool (indirectly as per their intention) so remember it
was not without facts and realities putting such accusation, we’ll denotes some major and
prominent signs (provide few ground figures and comparisons) without going in to
controversial debates in next Article, In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu, that how they are use
swiftly and conveniently to betray common Muslims, even sometimes dodged Ulama (by
collecting sympathies) to make involve them in the name of Islam, but on the other hand
(back-door) actually serving their contollers, The WEST, which is not that much easy to
catch-up or judges. However, if feel necessary then illustrate otherwise perhaps leave.

MOVEMENTS: There are some more other movements, works purely for or either labeling of,
Islam. They are working in both ways; Politically and Non-Politically, in which few are valid
representing the right path’s creed whereas other are in opposition to the right path’s creed.
Opposition: Actually majority of these opponents have been either inducted
[*] Actually whenever you did something wrong with other (unjustifiable) that deed sometimes strike back to you
same or in another form (Mukafat’e Amal) and that’s what looking because in case second tradition validity (which
looking as well prominently) it becomes certain. Allah knows all the best.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 49


(through agents | spies whom are not Muslims) or made from powerful tool members (by selecting
any appropriate person for its top position), only to sabotage and lay down Islam’s true image
(creed) and strength (unity). Recognition: The only way to recognize is either through knowledge
(ilm) or by act (amal), which is actually Ulama’e Kiram subject to highlight or divulge to Muslims
(Am’matun Nas) and Alhamdolillah in every era including present time Ulama have showed and
signified about every movement and its path, as correct or incorrect. That’s why for those, Ulama
and true Muslims, it wouldn’t be difficult but for some readers intolerable to accept or digest only
due to its bitter reality, that since 17th - 18th Century (rising of Horn of Satan) till up to date various
types of instigation n chaos (Fitnah ‘O’ Fasad) as well as brands all in the name of Islam has been
erupted by them (Horn of Satan) which is mostly all backed by the West (through them) in Ummah
only to attain their specific targets and goals (to keep them busy in this vicious cycle). And worst of
all that these people don’t fear of or cares about their own other day consequence (Farsi: Anjam’e
Akhirat) when betraying Ummah and becomes ready to serve the West. MUSLIMS (Munafiq)
BROTHERHOOD: Also called “Akhwan’ul Muslimoon (Munafiqoon)” in Arab World, by Ideology
were Radicals (following modified Salafism), founded by Hasan al-bannah in 1928 during British
rule of Egypt (See also “NATIONS” under Mesir), just alike party were also founded (with different
name) in al-Hind (Also known as Indo-Pak Subcontinent) during the same empire rule too. Work in
both ways, in Politics they have acquired following brand wrappers (of al-Maghreb); “Freedom &
Justice Party (Egypt)” or “Enhada Party (Tunisia)” or “Justice & Development Party (Libya)” or
“Justice & Development Party (Turkey)” and with many other brand names (wrappers) presented
nearly in every Muslim country around the world. D.P.C: Actually, it is “Dafa’e Pakistan Culprits”,
formed by same Munafiq Brotherhood like minded (creed) people. Majority, nearly all our added
analysts (recipients), has proven OBL and his organization (exists only on e-media) as AL-CIA-DA
agent, which is true and valid, even documentaries can be seen on source (youtube) in which it was
clearly revealed that he was working for their specific targets and goals, although they (DPC) called
and support OBL as hero, as well as straightly refute the accusations that OBL was american agent,
they were claiming that his name was misuse. Now tell us whom we accept as true and valid,
definitely one side is liar and double-crossing the Ummah, can someone signify it? However, we
wouldn’t illustrate controversies for which opposing but will be impeding upon following words
which are enough certificate (Sanad al-Kafi) for us; Read or Watch, May Allah grant all of us right


ADDITION: Because of serious reservations, some personalities name in D.P.C are questionable;
what they are doing there contrary they shouldn’t be involved or joins them, meant JUP’s members,
and we’ll advises too should get aside, because such kinds of movement(s) are not new, as made in
past too esp. during British Rule, by these likeminded people and their outcomes were also known.
QUERY: One could say that you put too much objections rather than supporting? Answer: O’Dear,
it’s not about throwing mud on everyone but actually it is about judgement, which we (ghafaralahu)
knows analysts aren’t either able to judge (however it is their right, accept them as invalid or not)
or may be avoiding for while because looking (or say expecting) for some fruitfull steps. Hence if
not able to recognize or judged or avoiding (saying that reservations are flamable) then remembers
it would becomes very difficult to protect yourself from vicious and malice conspiracy (instigation)

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 50


in the name of Islam (which is expectable to be execute), esp. if they somehow succeed in their
moves and gain control. Impeding here and refraining to go in further details. Second it is not about
understanding wrong (Urdu: Bud Gumani) but verified from history, third if this movement formed
and operates by moderative people (Muslims) then we never criticize upon Ulama if joined and
guiding them but actually majority including founder are highly objectionable people in regards of
their perceptions and intentions. Not going to discuss here. Fourth, since past till today, such
movements have been never proved beneficial for Muslims but for someone else (their
beneficiaries are usually West because of indirect control), all have experienced and will see in
future. QUERY: Okay, if they are too much objectionable then to whom shall we support? Answer:
Very simple, first be with or like silent majority under Masha’ikh wa Ulama, and one of their
platform (in Pakistan) name is S.I.C lead by Hudhrat Sahibzada Fazl’e Kareem bin Sardar Ahmed al-
Hanafi al-Qad’ri* (Da’mat Afdhalahum) or can be with Master Zaid Hamid Shah Sb salvation,
second follows Sultanul Awliyah (Rehmatullah Alehe) sohbah, some links are provided in this
Article whereas goto or be touched with Master Site and learns too, third, when it has been
revealed and reported (Khabr) about Sahib-ul-Waqt (May Allah protect him) and he is present
amongst us then be patient (Arabic: al-Sabir) until emergence because it will be one of the great
revival and its one prominent sign was gathering of Masha’ikh wa Ulama (Ahl’al Sunnah Wa’l-
Jama’ah | Mazahib Arba’a) upon him, restoration of Islamic Sultanate (Qadha’e Shar’iah | Mazahib
Arba’a) and some others therefore appear~ soon, In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu, this little faqeer is
100% positive (because of Sultan’ul Awliyah[Rehmatullah Alehe], and Baba Sahab[Rehmatullah Alehe]),
however can also verify from any recognized spiritual personality in your surroundings or vicinity
or at any Sacred Place, meant ^Maqamat’e Awliyah (Sufi Shrines).

Allah and his Rasul (Alehe Salat O Salam) know the best (Bhe’tr).


Here we illustrate only the leftover information (due to its length) in last article, and also we have
added some new territories (countries), in brief. Medium: Before going to details, like to add an
important point that, nowadays it is very difficult or say impossible (because of resources, their
limitations or lacking) to know, and writes, exact and precise history of every region (whether
about whole continent or any specific State or Nation) through e-media (esp. telecasts via
documentary films or available on Internet) though lot of has been revealed but still cannot say
hundred percent right, reason because they were actually taken from books, and there goes the
validation questionable when majority of Books upon history, especially by westerners (if we use
their references), have been either vanished (deliberately) or written (or say republished with
alterations) deliberately to divert or blurs (facts n figures hiding disease) the pretexts, which is also
a part of global level conspiracy too, thus doesn’t valid completely and contrary to real facts and
events that were actually occurred. Therefore, in this specific topic, “NATIONS” some territories
histories have been taken from one mentioned source (e-Media | Internet) but remember there
[*] Muhadith’e Azam Pakistan Sidna Imam al-Shaykh Sardar Ahmed Khan al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Quddussurahul Aziz),
was one of the great pious and reknown Wali Allah of last century, and Masha Allah His Respected Son is also
following Imam Sahab (Quddussurahul Aziz) path therefore Muslim shall follow these prestigious and pious
personalities path rather than objectionable (Munafiqoon) people. Allah knows the best.
[^] In case if you didn’t meet or finds anyone, then praise there from his (Sahib’e Maqam) Wasilah, In-Sha Allah, it
will be open to you, or if not get anything then wait until his emergence.
[~] He will not hide forever but visible soon, however waiting for another order. Allah knows the best.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 51


could be possibility of mistake or errors exist so please regret. However, we try our best to
illustrate the nearest reasonable and apposite facts of history that can be acceptable and its
authenticity not questionable or arguable.

ADDITION: Before e-Media, Paper was used to exchange or deliver (address) perspectives
(Creed) and histories (including political conditions), as well as vital information, in form of
books, transcripts or letters, which is still used and one of the best and appropriate medium
(esp. about History), but unfortunately where it has such benefits also misused a lot, in both,
Islamic World (by Munafiqoon, esp. Horn of Satan) and by others (Colonial and Influential
Powers incuding specific lobby | for propaganda esp. and bluring the History). And after
introduction of electronic medium for the same, information exchange, possible through
inventions of various devices and gadgets, now they have been exploited for spreading
anarchies and deceptions to create havoc, rather than to serve mankind with right
education and pure knowledge. However, another dangerous aspect is that it has been also
used (also termed as “Weapon of Mass Deception”, which is very true) to create confusion
or blurring the truth even trying to change the realities, whether past or present, all nor any
specific, like Religious, Histories, Politics and so on forth. Objection: Therefore one could
say that it means it is not a good medium (e-Media) to share or exchange information.
Answer: In one aspect yes (shall be avoided), but similarly in other context if desired to use
then should be righteously and with justice. Rather than going in to details we would like to
recommend our recipients (all) to read (online) or download (PDF) the transcript, follow
the link below; Jazak’mullahu Khairah.


AL-MAGHREB, as defined previously the territories, therefore one may ASK about other Muslim
Nations esp. situated in European Countries, for instance Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria and
so on forth, as well as other where Muslims lives in large number for instance Spain, France,
Germany, and Scandinavian Region etc, where they fall or lies in, dimension? Answer, certainly
without any doubt, in al-Maghreb (The West) and its North (The Scandinavian
Region). TURKEY: Here we like to admit apology if any individual or family or group feels
dishearten from our last article following statements, “a. Turkey is a secular state (hasn’t change the
status yet), & . . . (~shame on them, this is brotherhood) . . .” though we didn’t mean (even never
thinks) to defame our Muslim-Turks (majority of them were Sunni-Hanafi). Reason: Reasons that
are behind to illustrate was following; 1. It has no good meaning (Word: Secular), and it is used by a
particular lobby for their ideology promotion & goals, “NORVO ORDO SECLORUM”, which is also a
part of their conspiracy to form World Single Government. 2. Secular State (declared by Regime of
Muslims territories) usually didn’t distinguished neither recognizes (for judgements) correctly
between right-side and wrong-side [within Islam], because if they do then Islam (Sunnat’e
Muhammediyah) would be their official religion, and all decisions are making in Islam’s benefits
nor only in their self benefits. 3. However, if a State is officially declared (as Secular) so it doesn’t
mean that inhabitants are non-religious or they were not practicing (or following) any religion, but
actually it was a Govt. fault (why don’t they change it), if an independent State. 4. Muslim State
should have or declares Islam (Sunnat’e Muhammediyah) as official religion not else, even if UN
says or pressurized by anyone. 5. It is highly graspable status in Qaya’mah, therefore shall fears
Allah more than this “Fani Duniya”, and we have already mentioned evidences. Foundation: As we
said, “*Kemal Ataturk, who founded a Modern Turkish State by getting rid from invaders and had

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 52


declared it as Secular which is still (actually a small mistake, should declares Islam)”. Opposite to all
these objections, Turkey is still our ^stronghold and reliable partner because they will help (come
to) Mominan’e Gharbi (Pakistan). Blissfulness: As said in last article that will disclose in next
article our emphasis upon al-Maghreb from beginning, thus a beautiful and faithful secret lay in
was TOPKAPI Museum. (Understand by yourself). Suicidal: After all these blessings, they are
moving in wrong directions (mistaking), beause according to one famous American Analyst,
Webster Tarpley (Investigative Journalist); “Turkey is doing suicidal by supporting Munafiq
Brotherhood in Syria and going for War (last month, they have deployed heavy armaments near
Turkish-Syrian Border along with number of troops; Url:
border[#])”. Though, Assad Socialist Regime is not favorable for Muslims, as quoted in last article
about both (father and son) hence couldn’t say exactly about present too (so much bluring reports),
but it didn’t means that one support’s wrong-side for removal, just like Northern Alliance did
mistake supporting ISAF for removing Taliban, contrary they should look for another option or way
inside. Advise: Faqeer (ghafaralahu) advise them, support Masha’ikh wa Ulama’e Ahl’al Sunnah
(like Sidi al-Shaykh Abul-Huda Muhammed Yaqoubi al-Hanafi al-Shazly and others, that if eager to
provide arms then armed them) there (whom are quite, or against, or might be with govt. only to
prevent Chaos n Anarchy | also see in last Jurisprudence Narration), and follow their guidelines if
keen or thinks that regime in Damascus is not suitable (eligible) hence must be changed with new
people (pious and knowledgeable).

LIBYA: We are continuing from leftover discussion in last article; stated that, “Why they fall and
how will they rise back”, although Native (preferably if army personnel) can tell or provide more
information about exact conditions along with facts & figures. Fall: The reason of their fall could be
many (few has been described already), however for an outsider (finding real facts) is difficult, as
MEDIA has spread lies and is still doing, and not telling the true facts or showing right pictures, but
blurry or confusing (deliberately). However, as we said, “Tripoli (Capital) has been withdrawn by Al-
Fateh Revolution’s regime lead by Brother Leader, also known as Green Revolution, due to a War
Strategy according to sources.” Hence leaving or withdrawing from centre (Tripoli) also means,
LOST or it could be due to insufficient strength (including army splitting) from which unable to
defend or sustain the pressure or say the revolt is very high or severe that couldn’t restrain, and as
said that, “betrayal and few own blunders” so surely it will and has increases further obliteration
otherwise complete state couldn’t fell under such Fire n Chaos, so easily. Second, their Air Assault
Defense was very weak, or say don’t have or if say have so not seen very much affective otherwise
that much destruction would never happens. Rise: As we said very early that, “Ongoing civil war in
our LIBYA, backing by NATO … which was Alhamdolillah very courageously … stand
of Beloved Leader Mard-e-Mujahid Colonel Muammar al-Qazzafi [May Allah grant him further
strength and courage, and arrange support from hidden treasures (khazain al-Ghay’eb)]. In-Sha Allah
wa Rasuluhu, Muslims will be successful (according to divined BABA) … unified LIBYA (please
[*] Also read, “Genuine Kemalism”, Url:
[^] Also see, “History of the Ottomans Empire”, Url:
[~] However, why blame Turkey upon Libya, Pakistan has done the same with Afghanistan, providing passage for
Invaders through our land, from beginning of an invasion, and now once again. There is No doubt about that
unfortunately majority states of Muslim World are lacking True Leadership (Farsighted Muslims in Power).
[#] Disappointing move though let them try this too, follow Url:
damascus-aleppo-437/; also read this;

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 53


note, not going to split or collapse)”. So, Alhamdolillah, Colonel Muammar al-Qazzafi is alive and in
good health conditions, and giving very hard and tough resistance through Guerilla Warfare Tactics,
and all major large tribes (like Bani-Walid, Warshfana, Tuareq, Aulad’e Suleiman, Qaz’zafah and so
on forth) are fighting along with their Libyan Army as well. Second, plans are underway (like Sudan,
Mali etc) for division but due to resistance enemies are unable to do so. Third, if someone note
intensely and we also mean that too, Baba Sahab (Quddussurahul Aziz) said “Muslims will be
successful”, didn’t said Brother Leader, however we mentioned him in to success (placed top)
because from beginning (upheaval) till today he was leading (Muslim Nation) the resistance, and in
case of leadership alteration (Top Leader) Baba Sahab (Quddussurahul Aziz) generous words
would be still valid and true (meant if new regime came), because from one source, Muslims in
Libya have sealed the Border, none can come in similarly can go out, have cleaned lot of mess (see
below), major areas following previous System, whereas some are following their tribal system and
some wanted to follows new one brought by NTC (bullshit). Alteration: As we mention before “loss
of leadership”, so actually Brother Leader and his regime will be remove and new people will bring
in as replacement due to this ongoing revolt (in result), and they (new regime) will convert the
Libya in to Islamic Sunni Sultanate, In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu, and Brother Leader and his family
will be put out of sight, because services which were required from them has been taken.

ADDITION: According to some sources, damages (or losses) from beginning till today, giving by
Libyan Army along with Tribes during battle, which has been beared by Enemy, are follows, RATS:
5000-10,000 approx. killed, of local and foreign nationalities, since upheaval till last information,
and still increasing as fight goes on. TROOPS: US planned to send 10,000 Marines, whom after
landing there (after NATO halts its Air operations) had been killed, all; 1500 British Troops; 7500
Qatari Troops and some other Nationalities troops (figures are unclear) were also being killed,
since upheaval till last information. WARSHIPS: French Aircraft Carrier Warship, destroyed
completely; Italian Aircraft Carrier Warship, damaged more than 50% (not capable for Wars now);
British Nuclear Submarine, destroyed completely; Greece Oil Ship, destroyed completely; and some
other type of ships and boats had been also destroyed by Libyan Army, used for carrying Weapons
and bringing Rebels, via coasts. JETS: more than 50-100 Jet Fighters, majority (48 approx) of them
were belongs to French Air Forces had been destroyed (shoot down via SAM or Soviet Era Anti-Air
Gun-machine). Similarly, upon resistance, damages due to it bears by Libyan People and Armed
Forces are follows, CIVILIANS: As we stated in last article, “let more than 60,000 Civilians died
unjustly by NATO Bombing” however, as per source, it was nearly (reaches) 150,000, and
slaughtering is still going on. MILITARY: About their Military, Air Forces and then Navy was
destroyed first completely stepwise in the start of invasion, by NATO & then US after imposing NO
FLY ZONE. And then, Army was aimed to disintegrate which lost nearly 5000-10,000 men along
with some figures (included) of women, excluding defectors, lot of Military Hardware destroyed
including Tanks, APCs, Missile Firing Trucks, Jeeps and some other. Infrastructure: Badly
sabotaged, mainly new developed seashore cities (that became major battlegrounds) wouldn’t left
for living now as they were before the way have been destroyed, and if this not stops then it could
take them towards stone-age.

FOOTNOTE: Now tell us does International Media shows these figures barred by Enemy, NATO & then US
and their backed NTC culprits, definitely not, and now they have completely halts the reporting as doing
last year (because they have succeed n won), though all was biased, only showed their (NTC and their bunch
of paid supporters) innocence’s and victories and Libyan regime brutalities and losses, and with the
passage of time swiftly removes and divert the campaign (focus) from mainstream (part of mind
diversion) to Syria. Now they give small news reporting as everything was just going to normal and fine
now because NTC had taken complete control though it will takes some time to normalize the matters
Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 54

(esp. economy) and conditions (esp. security) once democratic process establishes, completely rubbish
and lies. As per sources, they haven’t able to rule (Tripoli) single day due to continuous guerilla warfare
tactical resistance (operating from Bani Walid) rather than talking about handling the matters and
normalizing the conditions. Allah knows the better and removes all their pains soon as sooner.

MESIR: A very strategic territory (due to Suez Canal esp.), located in North Africa, bordering Libya
to the West, Mediterranean Sea to the north, Lebanon, Falasteen, Israel through Suez Canal to the
East, and Sudan in its North. System: As we illustrated in last article, “Egypt was first went under
French (Napoleons) and then to British colonization, and finally get her independence in 1923 as a
Kingdom . . . but then in 1952 coup d’état split Mesir in three separate nations … firstly ruled by Najeeb
and after then Abdul Nasser then Anwar Sadat and finally came Hussni al-Shareef al-Mubarak after
Anwar’s assassination (He was assassinated by Munafiq Brotherhood radical during Military
Parade because Former President Anwar had banned their Anti-Islam activities)”, unfortunately
after coup they implemented British left ruling system (or say revive it back), just like we have in
Pakistan, hence it’s rarely impossible that it wouldn’t have or contains corruption in govt.
institutions (or say machineries), thus couldn’t say anything about elections that are really
transparent and fair, because there are reports of fraudulent did by winning side, even under hand
dealing was also speculated (Just like in Pakistan feudals do, Pay‘n’Won). Criticism: Mesir has
regularly closes the Border whenever Palestinian-Lebanese-Israeli Conflicts ignited many times
even for affected migrants, usually in Hosni Mubarak’s legitimacy period, mostly in last decade,
which also becomes spade of criticism upon him, though usually it (criticism) was did without
understanding the tactic and play behind these moves (tri-conflicts) by nearly all critics. Actually, in
the name of Jihad, from Palestine Hamas (salafist) and from Lebanon Hizbullah (rafdhies), west
wanted them to infiltrate dragging their War (unjustified) into Mesir for creating complete Havoc
and instability, that somehow it becomes unsustainable for government, so they gain benefit (both,
West and their backed side) for accessing the presidency and legitimizing themselves, converts
whole state as per their astray creed, just like TTP in Pakistan wanted to do (backed by foreign
intelligences), which was understood by Hosni al-Mubarak administration well and dealing
appropriately, but it was not likened by the west, therefore they included (in uprising) Mesir as
well. Conspiracy: As we illustrate recently “not likened by West” and mentioned in last article at
“NATIONS” under Tunisia, “An epic centre of Arab Spring designed and planned by Western
Intelligences Mutually,” therefore tides of these so called preplanned uprising or black typhoon to
achieve some predetermined specific goals were also strikes Mesir, enforces President Hosni al-
Shareef al-Mubarak to step down, from which he resigned last year upon intense pressure, and it
was then taken under control by the Mesir’s armed Forces, lead by COAS General Muhammed
Hussein Tantawi. However, for Mesir (even can say for some other nations as well), they have
different strategy, which is to put pressure first, did and succeed, removes the hurdle (President’s
of State), removed it successfully (Hosni Mubarak’s resignation), brought their favouring (in
context of move) persons or regime; also successful, in Tunisia (Enhada) and in Mesir (FJP lead by
Morsi). To then finalized their hidden plans. They are underway slowly. Query: But objection could
be placed upon these details (why referring it as conspiracy) that, this ongoing uprising is only till
throwing of regimes or say collapse (fall of governments), and not further, means it will halt?
Answer: NO... NO... NO...! Remembers, it is not until thrown (or fall of governments) only (see below
footnote also) but the final stage was to brought their allied (secretly backed) and acceptable
people in power, meant they are bringing their powerful tool members to dodge and betray
Muslims once again, only to exploit exaggerations and heat present amongst Muslims against West,
and to divert them towards wrong-side or waste them in useless conflicts rather than in to right
direction. Try to understand, and show patience.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 55


FOOTNOTE (upon al-Maghreb): Do not relate any outcome (Tunisia’s Enhada & Mesir’s
Mursi Victory) with “Foretell” revealed by Sultan’ul Awliyah (Rehmatullah Alehe), because
it divulges that “Islamic Sultanate” based system will revived, in all said States (majority are
strategic) and it is bind with “awaiting personality emergence” which would be region wise
lead by Awliyah under his (May Allah protect him) command, and that Time is not come yet
(little far). Secondly, as we mentioned in last article at “ORDER” under “3. Soh’bah” that,
“ongoing current REVOLTS around the Muslim Nations (esp. in Arab World) therefore it is
better to stay away from them. WHY? Majority of these REVOLTS are the conspiracies …
through succeed REVOLTS or in progress, they are demanding … Change of Leader or Person
and Controllers not SYSTEM and wanting their favorite or Selected one to be in Position …
through or keeping Demon-Cracy contrary none of them demanding the Alteration of SYSTEM
or PROCESS … Khilafah or Sultanate (Ummah Unity and its based SYSTEM)”. Hence keeps in
mind, as per sources Mesir’s Military leadership is watching or say monitoring this regime
strictly (because they are not in their favor), and might be they will over throw them if
found dangerous for National Security and Interests. Similarly, in other states which were
hit or are still under this upheavals; like Turkey (supporting wrong-side in Syria, even going
for War), Tunisia (like Mesir, Enhada has came in power, and their Military is monitoring
them too), Libya (though remembers, currently there is no legitimate govt. in Tripoli but
Media claims for NTC), and so on forth (even expected in Pakistan, see below). For while
impeding here, and refraining to goes in further details. Allah and his Rasul know all the

Al-MASHRIQ al-WUSTA, here we like to discuss previously leftover information (due to its length)
in last article, along with new territory with respect to this topic, but it would be in brief (Arabic:
Mukh’tasaren). SHAM AL-SHAREEF: Sidi al-Shaykh Abul-Huda Muhammed bin Ibrahim al-Yacoubi
al-Hanafi al-Shazly (Madde Zillahu) said in an interview, “(Mafhoom) ... Sham uprising has nothing to
do or has no relations with Arab Spring because people came on street after being fed up of regime’s
extortions, second Regime was not listening public voice, and threatening Ulama whom are urging or
raising people to enforce govt. for reforms and their just rights, third they begun halting people from
going to Masajid, ... [Also read this:
knowledge/articles/311]”. No doubt it was happening because what can you expect from
“irreligious or immoral regime” but couldn’t deny also that unfortunately their stand has been
infiltrated by Western Intelligences through powerful tool for their interest, thus let see what
output comes, and as we mentioned in last article at “NATIONS” under Tunisia, “An epic centre of
Arab Spring designed and planned by Western Intelligences Mutually,” hence it was inducted in Sham
[*] Recently their Master’s (The West) Official visits the Mesir, congratulated newly elected president and also met
Military Leadership later for power transition matters, to President
morsi/;]? What
interest’s West have and why eagers for power transition? Second they have taken $200 Million loan
[] from IMF (World Bank),
isn’t IMF a specific lobby organization? Third, recently they have retired (or say fired out) Field Marshall General
Tantawi (who was protecting Mesir) and replaces (actually a little obstacle) from another. And just recently come
this news that is now seeking for more $3.2 to $4.8 Billion US Dollar loan
[] from the same org.? Question
Marks are for Master Zaid Hamid Shah Sb.
[^] Interesting thing is that, all their major high level government (so called legitimate) meetings usually held in
Doha (Urdu: Dhoka), Qatar. Question is that why not in Tripoli, Libya if they have taken over or overthrew the
previous regime (something is fishy).

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 56


too that’s why mixed-up, meant disturbance is still underway and didn’t stopped yet, in beginning it
was just protests for reforms but with the passage of time converted in to Civil disobedience to Civil
War (through infiltration) that is still going on and now expectable to be converted in full fledge
War (Collision of Two Powers). In short, according to sources, North (Russia) has already deployed
(sent) some Military, Troops and Equipments [(Armory | Gunship Helicopters, Warships etc.),
(Artillery | SAM etc.)], for preventing in support to one side (Syrian Socialist Govt.) whereas The
West (US and Europe) is now preparing in opposite to North will soon deploy (send) Military,
Troops and Equipments [(Armory | Aircraft Warships etc.), (Artillery | Machine Guns, Anti-Air, RPG
etc.)], for prevailing in support to their side (SNC and their Syrian Free Army) however some has
already reached (in hands) and more will be arrive soon. Remembers, that in this collision, one will
rise and one will fall, as Power, but in this fight third will take benefit and took control, In-Sha Allah
wa Rasuluhu. WAR (Armageddon): Is this will be the Armageddon (Arabic: Her’majdoon)? O’Dear,
remember when it has been revealed (warned) to Ummah about its occurrence then there should
be no doubt present in its happening but also remind that it has been revealed (bind) with
stipulations (or say prerequisites) before ignition, though some signs are seems that they happened
(and Armageddon is near) but some aren’t yet thus uncertainty (Vague: Eb’ham) existed which
requires more research as well as consensus (present time Awliyah and Ulama), hence until all
signs wouldn’t happens yet it will be not said or called Armageddon although this can be reckon as
big war. We are impeding (Arabic: Ik’tefah) here and not going in to complete details. Condition:
Remembers, conditions in Sham are very complex, because Muslims (Sunnis) started the uprising
through protests (though perhaps and I think would be some Ulama are still with government or
quiet only due to threats) against regime (for reforms) not only Munafiqoon that were begun armed
resistance later, meant provoked civil war that is going on, therefore such conditions (complicated)
can be only resolves by any “Wali Allah”. Think on it. IRAQ: A very divined and honorable territory
lies in a very strategic position in Middle East, bordering Turkey in North, Jordan, Kuwait and Arab
al-Shareef in South, Sham in West, and Iran in East. Iraq was once a centre of knowledge of
excellence and divinity, resting place of thousands of pious personalities of Islam (Sunnat’e
Muhammediyah | Shari’ah wa Tariqah) mainly Khalifa Rab’ey Sidi Maula Ali al-Murtadha ibne Abi-
Talib (Karam Allahu Wajih El-Kareem), Sayyid’ush Shoh’dah Sidi Imam Hussein Ibne Ali (Radhi
Allah Anhum), Sidi Imam’e Azam Abu Hanifa (Quddussurahul Aziz), Sidi Shaykh Hasan al-Basri
(Quddussurahul Aziz), Sidi Shaykh Junaid al-Baghdadi (Quddussurahul Aziz), Ghawth’ul Azam Sidi
Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Geylani (Quddussurahul Aziz), and many more names can be present. Since
its foundation, set as centre for excellence and divinity unfortunately it became naturally a centre
for Chaos n Anarchies too. According to Sidi Imam Jalal-ud-Din al-Suyuti al-Shafa’ei al-Shazly
(Quddussurahul Aziz), said in the light of one Hadith al-Shareef, that Baghdad will be destroy three
times and finally (third time) it will be rest under mud forever, mentioned as signs of Qayamah.
Also said, it happened (destroyed) two times and only last was left. The Baghdad Shareef has been
attacked and destroyed by opponents as well as ours (for governance) many times, a very famous
disastrous assault in history is by Mongols (Tartars), lead by Halaku khan (The Great Destroyer), in
which Muslims suffered drastic losses, nearly million slaughtered (loss of society), all goods and
wealth being stolen (loss of economy), Madressas and libraries were destroyed and burned (loss of
education), May Allah rest all of them (Muslims) in peace. And the last and recent one is by immoral
and unethical American Invasion, in which also once again same history has been tried to repeat,
nearly major structures have been destroyed or damage or left as useless (meant again loss of
society, economy and education has been barred by Muslims, due to Munafiqat as well). And this
destruction is still continued, that time to time you have heard or will listening killings and blasts in
various parts, mainly in Baghdad al-Shareef. However it (American Invasion) was not a last as said

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 57


by Imam Jalal-ud-Din Suyuti (Quddussurahul Aziz) that will buries Baghdad in mud, it will happen
in time (may be in Malahima’tul Kubra) of Imam Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu). Allah knows the best,
and may protect our Baghdad al-Shareef from disasters. Ameen Thum’ma Ameen.

ADDITION: According to some traditions (famous Amongst Awliyah esp., tells by Ulama),
when Halaku Khan was ruining the Baghdad al-Shareef, one dervish, from the lineage of Sidi
Imam al-Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Geylani al-Hanmbali (Quddussurahul Aziz) renown
“Ghawth’ul Azam”, said him to stop spreading chaos on land upon which he paid no
attention thus on challenge (given by Dervish) when faces defeat (Halaku Khan) embraced
Islam, and decided to return backed the same way (upon route) as came, till last venue. So
all the way, when begun voyage, inviting all tribes and people towards Islam, through both
peacefully and hardly (actually it is one of their language which Mongols [Tartars]
understand well, force language [al-lisan al-Quwwah]). Contention: While returning or say
turned back, it wouldn’t be happened that he only moves a kilometer from Baghdad al-
Shareef and then stop and raises a sword in sky and said that we have stride too much and
captured enough land to rule hence we’ll not go further ahead from here now, which is
definitely irrational and un-true. When he turned back, he went to his native land, Mongolia,
in which gave invitation (first peacefully and then hardly) all the way and stayed at each
place until final decision would not told or expressed to him, and that is embraced Islam
otherwise becomes ready to fight, hence converted thousands or say millions (tribes and
people) to Islam through this, and his final destination was lasted in MONGOLIA, where
majority embraces Islam hence how could be possible that such low number of Muslim
population existed in the region, as said or mentioned by some sources or say traditions
revolved around us, doesn’t seems true or digestible or say acceptable but more ridiculous
[see below in China]. Allah knows the best.

AL-MASHREQ: Here we like to discuss previously leftover information in last article, mentioned as
“deliberately left” along, with some new territories with respect to this topic, but it would be in
brief (Arabic: Mukh’tasaren). RUSSIA: Here we (ghafaralahu) can present many well defined
researches did by Scholars (religious and non-religious) and eminent Muslims Ulama in this regard
but due to its length refraining. Demography: Largest Country in the world according to area and
8th in respect to its population, located in Northern hemisphere of Equator, adjoining Arctic region
(even controls some of its Islands), situated from Northern Europe (Scandinavia and East Europe)
to North America (Alaska) and Japan, spread all over in North to the Central Asian Republics and
China. Formation: Russian Empire was formed mutually by Russ-Vikings (from area nowadays
called Sweden) and The Slavs Tribes (some named it East Slavic, living under Byzantine Empire
Jurisdiction), in the 9th A.D Century, made “Kiev” as their first centre (nowadays called Ukraine’s
capital) after liberation (Several Fights with Byzantine Empire’s Centre, Constantinople). After the
defeat of Byzantine Empire from Sidi Sultan Muhammed Fateh (Quddussurahul Aziz) at Istanbul
(Constantinople), they (The Russ-Vikings with Slavic Tribes) accorded with Grand Duchy of
Moscow, to protect from further intrusions of Muslims in their Orthodox Christian’s Jurisdiction
Lands, hence started campaign (voyage) from Scandinavian Region (Moscow) in to conquered lands
by Mongols (captured before Mongols embraces Islam and after entering inn controlled till fallen to
Soviets and P.R China), which was called as The Great Khanate Empire (Comprised upon several
small Mongol Kingdoms latter entered to Islam, after embracement). In short, their campaign was
finally succeeded in 18th Century (Tsar’s Russian Empire expansion) and then in 19th Century
(Bolshevik Revolution) respectively, when all major Muslims territories (The Khanate Empire)

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 58


which were the barrier for preventing Europeans from North and West to entering in Asia (Muslims
Jurisdiction), fell one by one to Communist led Socialist regime called Soviet Union (USSR).
Muslims in Russia: Islam was arrived in Russian Territories (present) on its early period when
Muslims Army under the leadership of Hudhrat Abd-Rehman ibne Rabiah (Radhi Allah Anhu) came
to Dagestan Republic of Caucasian Region, in 641 CE.
[]. And according to one source, there are
nearly 40 Sahab’e Kiram (Alehemur Ridhwan) are resting (their blissful tombs presented) in
Derbent, Russia (Caucas Region). However, after the drastic collapse of Soviet Union, majority of
Muslims Territories got independence though some strategic territories are still under their
Jurisdiction forcibly, for instance Ichkeria consisting upon Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan
Republics also known as North Caucasia or Caucasian Mountainous Region, Siberia, Bashkortostan,
Tartaristan (Kazan Region) and some others. Advancement: Russia considered amongst the highly
developed and advanced countries, with the passage of time they have made a tremendous
achievements in field of Science and Technology, their developed technologies are compatible and
reliable and much better (and advanced) then, Chinese and Europeans even to Americans,
especially their developed Military Hardware and Equipments (Artillery and Armor), highly
technical and of good n improved quality. Encircle: The West (US & NATO) was encircling Russia
and China to break them further, just like Soviet Union, or say continuation of The Great Game, for
which they have to remove hurdles in its path which are the presence of Russian and Chinese
Assets in some coastal areas; for instance in Asia like Syria and Pakistan, in Africa like Libya and
Mesir, and so on forth. Therefore not ending 16 months long upheaval that’s still going on in Syria
was not only about Assad’s Socialist Regime there, but it’s also about the assets built there for
regional interest and gains by the Russians during Soviet Era, for which they are supporting
Damascus Regime. Advise: We advise them, if they wants to end these upheavals because feels
unsecure from Western (US & NATO) interruptions, so rather than supporting immoral regimes (or
say present) in Muslim World, why not support any third party, meant Russians can help Islam, by
supporting Ulama Ahla’l-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah (but upon our stipulations), in every disturbed
Muslim country, like Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and so on forth. CHINA: Here we (ghafaralahu)
can present the profound research did by eminent Ulama in this regard but due to its length
refraining. Geography: One of the most ancient civilization and prehistoric nation, largest country
according to population (1.35 Billion app., and according to one source its 1.75 Billion app.) and
third largest in respect of area. Located in Northern Hemisphere also, bordering with Russia to
North, Hind to South, Koreas along with Japan to East and Central Asian Republics to West.
Foundation: Ulama says, Adam’e Sani Sidi Hudhrat Nuh (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) has three pious
sons, whereas some counted or says seven although first figure was acquired mostly by Ulama,
amongst them one is Sidi Hudhrat Ya’fas bin Nuh (Alehemus Salat-O-Salam), after the great storm
known as “Toufan’e Nuh” which devastated the whole planet Earth, Sidi Hudhrat Yafas bin Nuh
(Alehemus Salat-O-Salam) was left or some says ordered to sent here by Sidi Hudhrat Nuh (Alehe
Salat-O-Salam), and after settling in to this region Sidi Hudhrat Ya’fas bin Nuh (Alehemus Salat-O-
Salam) has started and continues the civilization, social and economical, based upon religion, and
all Chinese people were actually from his (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) lineage or say descendants. This
also removed the objections [which one from Anmbiya (Alehemus Salat-O-Salam)] or claims [that
none from Anmbiya (Alehemus Salat-O-Salam)] upon sending prophets to this region. Because Sidi
Hudhrat Ya’fas bin Nuh (Alehemus Salat-O-Salam) was a “Nabi” and he (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) along
with some other people are the first, after The Great Storm (Toufan’e Nuh), whom had step (came)
and settled in this region, which is now called China. Allah knows better that how many sent here
[in this region] after Sidi Hudhrat Ya’fas bin Nuh (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) but in last beloved Sidi Nabi

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 59


al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) was send for whole world which includes China (Subhan Allah).
Mongols: Ulama says, Mongols (Tartars) are the Chinese descendant nation (Qaum), and Turks too,
although some says Tartar is the Mongols name where as some says Tartars are the Mongol’s one
tribe name just like other tribes. Similarly for Turks, some says they are the Mongols origin or
lineage people whereas some says Turks are Chinese descendants but not from the Mongols lineage
though there (Mongols) cousin tribe. One tradition (about Turks) is that they are from Sidi Hudhrat
Ibrahim Khalilullah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) servant (Arabic: Ka’neez) named “Qantura” lineage and
she was a Chinese descendant. Allah knows the best. Mongols (Tartars) have rules half of the world
during their domination period, lead by renown warrior, The Genghis Khan (some says Idol
Worshipper, some says Buddhist or Atheist), started their campaign from Mongolia, firstly to South
East towards Manchuria’s city Beijing, China and made it Centre (declared by Kublai Khan,
successor of Genghis Khan) meanwhile moving in parallel towards other regions as well, especially
interested to conquer Islamic Empire for which targeted Khurasan to south west first, similarly
assaulted on Western Empires too, Scandinavian and European territories to their West and far, in
which successfully conquered (captured) and then controlled many territories, therefore one
couldn’t doubt or denies upon their Superiority (as Super Power) and Strength (Undefeatable)
during their domination period. Islam: According to Ulama, Sidna Hudhrat Sa’ad bin Abi’Waqas
(Radhi Allah Anhu) [Download the JPG |
content/uploads/2009/02/0193.jpg] and Sidna Hamza bin Abu Muttalib (Radhi Allahu Anhum),
amongst the first pious & noble personages brought the message and presented the Islam to then
Heir, Emperor Chu-Wei or Yung-Wei of Northern Dynasties of Song Dynasty, which was very much
likened by him and as per source he accepted but it is not cleared whether embraced Islam lonely
or along with his family or whole tribe, and he also built a first MASJID upon the blissful name of
Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) as “Masjid Muhammed” in Canton City, China, which is still
existed and can be visit. [Also see this |].
Tradition (Rivayah): Ulama says, Sidna Hudhrat Sa’ad bin Abi Waqas (Radhi Allah Anhu) was
passed away during the Sidna Ameer Mu’aviya (Radhi Allah Anhu) rulling (some counted it as
khilafah) period at “Ameeq Valley (Wadi’e Ameeq)” 10km away in North to Medina, and was finally
rest in Medina Munaw’warah. Hence it could be possible that someone from his (Radhi Allah Anhu)
family was buried there (Radhi Allah Anhum), who was left there by Hudhrat Sa’ad Bin Abi Waqas
(Radhi Allah Anhu) or invited again during his (Radhi Allah Anhu) life or after passes away (Visal).
Allah knows all the best. Invasion: After successful assault upon Khurasan, in which destroyed
completely, when they begun advancing towards Abbasid Empire (Khilafat’e Abbasiyah) centre al-
Baghdad Shareef and infiltrate successfully under leadership of Halaku Khan (Grandson of Genghis
Khan) invited by Munafiq Kharji-Rafdhi “al-Qami (May Allah sent him to the most deepest part of
Hell)”, in which million Muslims (above 1 Million) were slaughtered and butchered including
Khalifa’e Waqt and eminent Ulama (nearly of all four Jurisprudence) of time. While they were busy
in destroying Empire’s centre Baghdad Shareef and slaughtering Muslims, according to tradition
famous amongst Auliya’e Kiram, a pious Dervish miracle (Arabic: Kira’mah), belongs to Sidi
Ghawth’ul Azam (Quddussurahul Aziz) noble family (lineage), Halaku Khan (Qala’zoun) accepted
Islam lonely or along with his family, which was came as great news for Islam and its followers
Muslims. Because after embracing Islam, Halaku Khan (The Great Destroyer) returned back the
same way he came (enters in Abbasid Empire) and gave invitation to all Mongols Tribes for
entering in to Islam through both ways, peacefully and hardly, meant somewhere spread peacefully
whereas somewhere through fight. Masha Allah, & Allahu Akbar. Muslims: There are different
traditions regarding Muslims population in China, according to some sources it is 2%, whereas 7%,
10%, and 13% were also said, and even 58% was reported too, though could be exaggerating figure

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 60


but not impossible (however 58% could be the ratio amongst any Tribe that actually
following/practicing other religion as well), and if one looks in the light of above tradition,
converting of Halaku Khan to Muslim, it seems unacceptable that they have such a very small
number in population. Kashghar (East Turkestan): According to Allama Muhammed Iqbal al-
Hanafi (Rehamtullah Alehe) one Farsi stanza, “Mafhoom … Be the one protector of Haram from the
river of Nile till the Soil (Farsi: Ta ba-Kha’ke) of Kash’ghar”, can someone tells or signifies
following; Where Kash’ghar situated? What it means or showing? Because River Nile so everyone is
familiar, “Mesir ...!’, but then “to Kashghar ...?”. Like to know, is it independent or occupied, if not
independent (present on map as Free State) then who are the occupants? For while, leaving it upon
to all, esp. analysts. In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu, we’ll discuss in some details in next article [until then
visit Url:, it will provide sufficient information, and many tears].
AFGHANISTAN (Khurasan): Here we (ghafaralahu) can present the profound research did by
eminent Ulama in this regard (Khurasan) but due to its length refraining. However, starting it from
the middle of the last century, and abstaining the history. Geography: Before Hotaki Dynasty’s
liberation for their Empire, naming it Afghanistan, it was renowned as “Khurasan” along with parts
of Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as well as some parts of Pakistan (western), bordering
Afghanistan, though it is not confirmed or say verified. However change of name didn’t or couldn’t
change the reality as well as fate or events as described by our beloved Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe
Salat-O-Salam) in the respect of “Khurasan” and so it is still or fall under it. Soviet Invasion: It was
left as buffer state for The Great Game by its players, and has been not too much touched or affected
by Kharji-Salafism (though British tried to induct but failed during their Rule over Hind), and that’s
why independent as imperial state but later (in middle of 19th Century) went under communist
regime which causes or erupted bloody civil war (continuation of The Great Game) which began in
1979 when Soviet Army enters, approx 1.5 Million Afghan Muslims lost their lives, all structures
either badly damaged or completely destroyed, although after the end of Afghan-Soviet War in
1989 upon Soviet withdrawal, gave or provided the chance for penetration to Kharji-Wahabism,
which was successfully exploited by them, specifically in the name of Islam and Jihad, that resulted
later a drastic fall of Communist Regime (Lead by Dr.Najibullah) in 1992, created the vacuum in
governance (esp. peace n stability) all over Afghanistan, hence unfortunately persisted a unending
War also, but this time internally amongst Tribes for the power, though it was tries to filled by then
allied (majority joined not all, Tribes) government formed and run under leadership of Ahmed Shah
Masood and then preceded by Hudhrat Mawlana Sibghatullah al-Hanafi al-Mujaddidi and then
Burhanuddin Rabbani respectively, but somehow all were fails to prevent it completely, therefore
fight was persisted (because of neighbors interests too, esp. Iran & Pakistan) which gave or
provided chance to Taliban (Emergence of the West’s powerful tool in governance, assisted by
Pakistan alongwith some partners, esp. Saudia Arabia) for takeover, but they were also failed to
control 100% (taken 85%) due to Northern Alliance resistance from their jurisdictions which later
resulted Taliban collapse, although suffering from aftermaths (more than 30 years in war). Black
Flags: Ulama says, that in end times an army having Black Flags wearing black dresses appears
from Talqan, Khurasan, situated to north of Kabul, present inhabitants are either Tajiks or Uzbeks
alongwith some population of Pashtuns, lead by Ahle-Bayt Banu Abbass lineage personage (actually
it is our Ahle Bayt Banu Abbass symbol, Black dress n flag, they acquired it during their Rule,
rafdhies-shi’ite only betrays to wearing it, however it has no relation with them due to creed) in
support to Imam Mahdi Muhammed bin Abdullah al-Hasani (Radhi Allah Anhu) for rights, no one
can able to stops them or nothing become hurdle in their way to Jerusalem, where they finally affix
their flags (a place in Sham, called Dhilah al-Qadam, Damishq) and performed Jihad with Imam
Mahdi (Radhi Allah Anhu). INDIA (Hind, Bar’re Saghir): Here we (ghafaralahu) can present the

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 61


profound researches did by Scholars (religious and non-religious) and eminent Muslims Ulama but
due to its length refraining. Geography: One of the most ancient civilization and prehistoric nation,
second largest country according to population (1.2 Billion app. as per source) and seventh largest
in respect of area. Located in Northern Hemisphere also, bordering with China, Nepal and Bhutan to
North, Sri Lanka along with Maldives to South, Bangladesh along with Burma to West and Pakistan
to East. Foundation: Sikandar’e Azam Sidi Zulqarnain (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) after returning from
the region, called it Indus Valley, which was later becomes famous as INDIA, first settlers of India
are Aryan people sharing largest population of nearly 856 Millions inahbitants. It was also home to
some other tribes came from different regions and settled here, mostly from upper North region,
Chinese origin or descendants, and so on forth. Hinduism was the largest religion practiced in India,
nearly 80% approx., then Islam and then Christianity was practiced respectively where as small
number of people following Buddhism and others. Islam in India: Islam effected in early period,
first when Prince Rama Varma of Cheraman, who becomes the Muslim during the blissful era of
Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) upon “Moajza’e Shaq-qul-Qamar” which he witnesses
personally from his Palace balcony and upon inquiry to his pundits was told about this (as a sign of
Last Prophet and his emergence Alehe Salat-O-Salam), therefore when hears this very pleased
hence professes at once, and after embracing he sent secretly some gifts in the honorable presence
of Sidna Rasul Allah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) and in returned he gets too, and built first Masjid
“Cheraman Juma Masjid” which is still present in India, and can be visit.
[]. Second, Sidna Hudhrat Sa’ad bin
Abi Waqas (Radhi Allah Anhu) along with some other companions (Radhi Allah Anhum) was also
said brought Islam here, while going to China passes from Indus River, some says from Bengal
(nowadays Bangladesh), whereas passing from Sindh River were also reported. Allah knows the
best. Muslims in India makes nearly 13% approx of Total Population (2001 census) whereas it is
now 20% approx (2011 reports), however according to one source India is home to largest Muslims
population (248 Millions) in Muslim World (compares to any other Muslims State) which was then
followed by Indonesia (210 Millions), however we heard about this for China that she homes the
largest population of Muslims (280 Millions), if considering 17% or 20% as valid. Allah knows the
best. Invasion: It was rules by Aryan people practicing Hinduism (self made religion) since their
settlements, that lasted till emergence of Islam, after Muslims begun attempts in the light of Beloved
Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) saying, known as “Ghazwa-tul-Hind”, in which some
attempts are successful whereas some none, renown conquerors Sidi Hudhrat Muhammed bin
Qasim al-Thaqafi (Radhi Allah Anhu) [known as Fateh Sindh, went till Multan and then called back
due to alterations in centre], Sidi Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi (Quddussurahul Aziz) [Fateh Dehli,
and also lay down Somnath Mundir | biggest Buddha in HIND on that Time], Sidi Sultan Shahab-ud-
Din Muhammed Ghauri (Quddussurahul Aziz) [Afghan Emperor | also ruled Dehli], and several
others. And finally in 1526 A.D Mughals (Mongols, direct descendants of Genghis Khan, amid
Timurids) came to India from north-east (some says) and establishes very strong Empire in Agra
(200 Miles from Delhi, though it was included in their Rule) which lasted 325 years approx till 1857
A.D, also End of the Mughal Dynasty so the Muslims Rule over Hind (Mughals areas of influence are
nowadays Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Burma), fall to East India Company (The
British), came for Trading (or say in the name of Business Relationship) but in-real through
conspiracies made the whole empire their slave gradually by trapping them (it took 100 years to
infiltrate | Mid 17th century to Mid 18th Century, also proving Mughals weaknesses or ignorance that
not recognizing the enemy within ranks which later costs them whole empire) and finally in 1858 A.D
declared British Empire Rule over it, and left in mid of the 19th Century (1947-48) after splitting
into many states, India, West Pakistan, East Pakistan (Bangladesh), Afghanistan (as per Mughals

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 62


influence it was then came under British Empire Rule after fall) and Burma. [See revised note
below] Conditions: After independence, India did tremendous achievements and developments in
their Political, Social, Economical and Military structures, they became largest Democratic Nation in
World, having 3rd largest Army (In both perspective | HR and Artillery), called 7th largest economy,
and made progresses in some other fields too (For instance | Engineering, Science and Technology),
though having such characteristics or say achievements, their Political influence or say grip seems
to be weak that it was unable to controls or say deliver the solutions to some internal matters, like
poverty, living standard, religious riots (Hindus-Muslims Clashes | in which usually Muslims suffers a
lot, Allah knows the best), as well as disputed territories, insurgencies meant several movements
undergoing for separation (for independent state), like Khalistan (Sikhs), Naxalites (Maoist) etc;
just like her eastern neighbor Pakistan. For while impeding (Arabic: Ikte’fah) here. PAKISTAN
(Hind, Bar’re Saghir, wa Mominan’e Gharbi): For while leaving history again, and here will only
explain according to purpose. Destiny: Ah, come to Pakistan, come to Madina’e Sani of Sahib’e
Madinah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam), come to Allah’s miraculous Sign, do not hesitate nor confused
neither fears because our guidance and protector, by Allah’s ORDER (bi’iznillah), will be beloved
Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam), therefore stick to Masha’ikh because of divine orders
whenever they receives and say Labbayk, respond their call and come (if capable) for Allah and his
Rasul (Alehe-Salat-O-Salam) not for the “Nafs” or “Money” even for “Land”. O’Dear remember it has
been founded for noble cause not for else hence belongs to all Muslims around the world, it is not
anyone’s personal asset or property, therefore no matter which cast or tribe you belongs and spoke
language don’t hesitate, come whenever calls by Oulul Amr (yani Sahib-ul-Waqt). Remembers, your
glorious destination will await you. [Also watch this in same regards |] Examination: Since foundation
Pakistan have been examined several time even with very hard hits, meant got many punches by
Western (US & Europe) and Northern (USSR Late) Powers, and most of all very famous our
neighbors INDIA, also faced many punches, distribution of Indo-Pak Subcontinent was not fair, then
lost Jammu & Kashmir (got chance in 1998 to take it back, during Kargil War, which was nearly
won, but then loose on table with US), and then lost East Pakistan (Mominan’e Sharqi) in 1971
War (once again on table which includes Soviet Pressure), and there are many other small disputes
with INDIA (seems to be very Lucky, Hindu Banya). Therefore another hard punch is expected, and
this time might be loose something, hence do not fear or worried that Pakistan will collapse (whole
state) or lost everything or even upset on devastations, which come upon us as severe punishments
(in other words examination*), because before arrival of Sahib-ul-Waqt (May Allah protect him)
may be lost something, however if destiny has been written under his guidance and leadership in
Fate by Allah (Subhanahu) for this country in present era then it will happens therefore wait and
see (show patience), be united and stand firm. Pakistan will pass this examination too and would
stand as country. In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu. Conspiracy: First, Af-Pak Doctrine (The Western
Moves) and Cold Start Doctrine (The Indian Moves), revealed by Master Zaid Hamid Shah Sb, are
seems to be now very much true or looks like that going to be happen soon because conditions are
taking deliberately towards that way or level which will allowed them to execute or say pursue us
[*] Currently Pakistan is surrounded from nearly all sides, three are confirmed, only from North for while are not
(plans are underway for blockade), second media campaigns at international level will begin soon or might be
started like Libya to defame and destabilize the State, reports will be “half true and half false [50-50]” whereas
some will be “orchestrated” hence be careful about making any final opinion. Third, due to encircle, sanctions
could be placed upon us on anytime, expectable in upcoming 3-4 months that are crucial, therefore should
praised that may Allah grant us strength to break the siege if somehow block from North too or delay it further.
Allah knows the best.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 63


in the name of false allegations [

for-pakistan-mou-on-nato.html] for opening supplies is one proof seems reluctant therefore
request Ulama, sitting in Parliament, ask Government (Higher Authorities, and Military)....? Second,
internal players, can called them Munafiqoon (by Faith, and an Act), both has been placed and
positioned, one in the name of religion that might be claims to implement Shari’ah Laws (like TTP),
whereas another in the name of injustices and thus claims partition. Therefore, let see what will be
the outcome from these vicious moves (enemies) and divined strategies (friends). Third, be noted,
especially those lives in India, that we will not begin first (can say would be not in the mood of war)
but whenever with India (As foretells by Awliyah), they will (Hindu Banya) start it first we just
finished it (with your kind support, without it then forget conquering Hind) under the guidance and
leadership of “Divined Personality”. For while impeding (Arabic: Ikte’fah) here and refraining to go
in further details. May Allah bi-Wasilati Nabi (‫ )ﷺ‬protect Ummah from further humiliation and
devastations? Ameen Thum’ma Ameen.

RECTIFICATION: There are difference of opinion or say debate (in regards of

contradiction) exists regarding Sikandar’e Azam Sidi Zulqarnain (Alehe Salam) Nabuwwah,
some Ulama says that He (Alehe Salam) was a Rasool and Nabi, whereas some says He
(Alehe Salam) was only Nabi nor Rasool, and there is a difference (Rank: Mansib) between
Rasool and Nabi, whereas some Ulama says He (Alehe Salam) was neither Rasool nor Nabi,
but very fearer to Allah, pious, generous and worshiper, in other words Kamil Wali.
using or writing “Alehe Salat-O-Salam” or “Alehe-Salam” other than Anmbiya, so Ulama says
it is permissible to write upon Pious people (Awliyah) too. See Kutub’e Fi’qh or asks Ulama.
has ruled HIND nearly 1000 year’s approx before their down fall to The British Empire, in
1857 A.D.

ADDITION: Here would like to discuss few construals in the light of “Qaseedah Naimatullah
Shareef”. King (Shah): Remembers that by Shah-e-Gharbistan, to one extent or aspect it was
expressing or indicating towards a King of West (bilad al-Maghreb) that will comes to Mominan’e
Gharbi, because whenever Sufiya Kiram says or mentioned “al-Gharb” so they actually means “Bilad
al-Maghreb”, Muslims states situated in North Africa, and to their North including Turkey,
Andalusia and so on forth. Region (Mulk): However, by Mominan’e Gharbi, it was showing or
indicating explicitly towards “Pakistan”, only due to discussing “al-Hind” partition (split into two
upon religious basis), and then war (1965) and then lost of Mominan’e Sharqi (upon which Gharbi
will cries), that (Mominan’e Gharbi) would be selected for revival of Ummah and for glorious
destinations (Islamic Block). In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu. Assistance (Alat’e Harbi): Similarly by
“Alat’e Harb Zy Lashkar Darkar Jang Mahir” or “Masterly Technical Assistance Force regarding
Artillery” will reach or comes to Mominan’e Gharbi (Pakistan) from “Kuj Shumali (North)”, so do
remember that Russia also lies in North (Shumal) to Mominan’e Gharbi (Pakistan), hence by it Sidi
Shaykh Naimatullah Wali al-Bukhari (Quddussurahul Aziz) could be meant Russia (particularly for
developing Artillery). And from Russia large number of Muslims who are living there having good
knowledge and expertise of modern technologies compares to Religious (though Learning it as
well), hence their chances to come looking prominent for assistances. Nation (Lashkar): Whereas
“Lashkar’e Mongol Ayad Az Shumal Behre Aun” as well as “Yukja shawad … Cheni’yan wa Ey’ran”
meant definitely Muslims from CHINA and MONGOLIA, who will comes and joined or say increases
the capability of Muslim forces for battling Hindu Banya Forces. Do remembers that there are a

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 64


large number of Muslims population lives in China and Mongolia, though e-Media hides it and could
be difficult for one to find out exact figure through it, but it cannot hide facts and figures from
people who travels or exchange views regularly. We have already discussed one postulate as well as
expectable figure above (see there). War (Tibet): Keeping orders of stanza as valid, here we like to
leave a question or say vague upon to all esp. analysts particularly to Master Zaid Hamid Sb, and
that is “why firstly they (Shah and his forces) fight at or occurs upon TIBET”. What could be the
reasons behind whereas what importance it has? In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu, we’ll discuss this in
next Article. Victory (Hind): However after completing fight at Tibet, all will return back to
downwards liberating all lands that would be captured forcibly belonging to Muslims will free, and
then all will together (includes Chinese, Turks, Iranian Muslims) enters to Hind where joins by
native Muslims and finally after fierce battle (Urdu: Ghumsan ki Jang ya larai) which will happen till
6 months or years (but it will be not Nuclear) conquer “Hind” once again, before Sidi Imam Mahdi
Muhammed Bin Abdullah (Radhi Allah Anhu). For while, impeding (Arabic: Ikte’fah) here and
avoiding to go in further details. May Allah grant all of us steadiness upon right path and side.
Ameen Thum’ma Ameen.
FOOTNOTE: “KUJ [Urdu: Tey’rrah ya Tey’rrah pun]” is true for both, Inclined plane (90 Degree) and Curve (bend
from centre). Now think by yourself keeping this in mind. Second, Ulama says, in the light of Quran and Sunnah,
that Infidels (Kuffar) and even Deviators (Munafiqoon) cannot be our friends (or say loyal to us), therefore don’t
think and we also not, that they (Russia or China, whomsoever) will thinks for our benefits or would be very loyal
or friendly to us (especially for our destiny), however Ulama says, because Trade is allowed therefore in some
strict and stipulated (Mashroot) conditions we can obtain assistance (including Technical), and that was seem
possibly mentioned by Sidi Naimatullah Wali al-Bukhari al-Hanafi (Quddussurahul Aziz) though whomsoever that
will going to be happen, In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu. Third, remembers that it has been extracted or based upon
current order of Stanzas present in many copies, published from Lahore and Peshawar respectively. Therefore, if
their present order of Stanzas were incorrect or shuffled, considers them (because to some extent) it was looking,
then remembers above interpretation will either effected or gets wrong (not happened as explain) too. Allah
knows all the best realities.


As we stated in our 2nd Article, title “Glorious Destination of Ummah” subtitling “Islamic
Republic of Pakistan” that, “... it is a secret, not only INDIA will be conquer, till Rangoon (Burma) and
Tibet to Lanka ...”, and then ahead in footnote mentions that, “… HIND comprises from east to west
upon Afghanistan (Kabul) to Burma (Rangoon) and north to south upon Tibet to Sri Lanka, and this
includes Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan ...”. Query: However one may be or could
criticize or say that it is wrong, territories defined for HIND, because it has no proof? Answer: Yes,
no doubt it could be wrong interpretation (or we misunderstood), that definition of HIND in context
of territories or areas as defined are not that, and may be “Afghanistan and Iran (actually
Khurasan)” were not a part of HIND, will accept, but remember we said only because of few
personages (Masha’ikh); first, al-Shaykh Muhammed Akram A’wan al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi
(Da’mat Barkatahum) has actually mentioned similar in one of his (Sallamahu) speech given at
occasion of Mawlid al-Shareef, it was about “Ghazwa-tul-Hind” [Link:], and secondly, Sidi Sultanul Awliyah (Da’mat
Afdhalahum) has also said (about region-wise Unity in the time of Sahib-ul-Waqt) in one sohba
[Collapses of all Regimes in 2011], that’s why denote it.

Condemnation: We condemn the slaughter and humiliation of our Muslims Rohingya

brothers and sisters, and praise Allah (Subhanahu) that forgives all who died and send them
in Jannah (highest place) and those whom are suffering grant them relief from such pain ‘n’
Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 65

humility as soon (Ameen), and request all our recipients, especially Ulama and Analyst, to
pressurize their respected Governments to take a strong step to prevent it further as soon
as possible and try to settle the matter through “Dialogue”. Otherwise there will be no time
then for conversation if once [*]Muslims take stand and raise their weapons. Think on it.

FOOTNOTE: We appreciate Turkey’s stepping first for helping Muslims of Burma in such difficult condition (Urdu:
Mushkil Halat) but disappointed from another step. [See above, under “Nation”]

Jurisprudence Narration: As we stated, in our 2nd Article title “Glorious Destination of Ummah”
subtitling “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” that, “… Stand for Operation cleanup (QITAL) against
both (ISAF and Talibans) though it will apply only upon MUSLIMS (Ahl’al-Sunnah | Sunnis) of
Afghanistan in these circumstances; first consensus upon Command by SHAYKH (who must be Alim-e-
Din and at least a MUFTI) for Directives and Orders, adequate resources and strength available and
are assured of or in possession of continuous supplies, must be ensured that fight will not prolong but
finishes soon, and that the KING or Ruler is involved with (or backed by) invaders or (supporting)
infiltrators in which its consequence halting from WORSHIPING or implementing forcibly unjust rules
(or system) or promoting extortion (Arabic: Zul’mah yan’i Qatl Wagheiy’raha) or spreading
innovations (disbeliefs) that are strictly prohibited in or against Islam (Shari’ah Muhammediyah |
Mazahib Arba’a), due to any reason, pressure (from Kuffar) or by self darkness (Zalim ya Safeeh ya
kharji) and etc.”

FOOTNOTE: O’Dear these rules are still valid, although there we explained for Afghan Muslims only, but these are
also true (or say right) for other effected Muslims States same like Afghanistan, whether by invaders or
infiltrators, and for revolt (to prevent disturbance) consensus along with adequate resources and strength are its
vital prerequisites (Arabic: Shert), and after success shall formed government based upon Islamic Ideology
(According to Sunnat’e Muhammediyah | Mazahib Arba’a). And Allah knows all the best.

ADDITION: Would like to discuss one more critical matter that is very hot (arises) currently in
many Muslim countries (or say they are suffering) and maybe we are thinking (or discussing in our
circles) and worried some too (sympathies) about ongoing onslaughts in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen
and some other (including Pakistan) badly disturbed areas. What we call it and how it can be
resolve? Answer: Very simple and that is called CHAOS (Arabic: Fasad) because of foreign
involvement (Western Intel | Their interests hides or lay in it), and it’s better to keep away from
promoters (like on some nations Muslims are doing currently).

Query: if it converts into Civil War (though it has converted in nearly all states)? Answer: Then it is
better to support Government (only due to peace n stability as well as economic activities) because
of resources required to handle such conditions are mostly controlled or reserves by
Government(s), esp. Armed Forces, more than public or private (if gathered or compares), and in
such conditions you cannot fight against government but to opponents (Mukhalifeen), if[^] by
providing the adequate resources (weapon) due to strength (HR) thus after consensus upon Shaykh
(Must be Alim, and at least Mufti or if none available then Tribal Leader or selects pious) should
fight (with govt. forces) against trouble makers or miscreants to prevent anarchy and stabilize
[*] Actually meant Sahib-ul-Waqt (May Allah protect him) coming era; that woud be In-Sha Allah, prominent and
clear in every aspects and context of solution.
[^] For instance, in 2009, a Lashkar was made for support which comprised upon local residents of tribal areas to
allies with govt. forces (Pakistan Army) to fight against TTP miscreants. And it was proven very successful in
elimination, Alhamdolillah. And once again Military has decided to support, Masha Allah, I think for NWA

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 66


conditions if not getting under control. Secondly, can they form their own legitimacy if government
fails (lost the battle somehow | complete collapse)? Yes, in case of complete collapse [*], definitely it
is must upon them to form, but shall be comprise upon right creed and pious people. Third, if
deviators (Khawarij) got control (through somehow) which means both loose (Govt. & Allied
forces)? In that case, then same as above mentioned rule (with no difference) define for Afghan
Muslims will apply, however if extortion is or becomes unbearable (did peace accord due to
insufficient resources and strength, required for resistance, but somehow it was violating) then
migration (if capable) is the safest option towards peaceful place. And Allah knows all the best.

Query: However if Government itself extorted (massacring people, stopping from Worshiping and
so on forth)? Answer: In this condition, if itself extorted (Arabic: Zalim) and corrupt (by faith and
act | Athiest or itself made any new religion or else), and massacring people and begin preventing
them to perform Worships, in Masajid, then upon adequate resources (weapon) whether taken
from Government Resources OR arranged privately OR from outside (Assistance from Sovereign
Muslim State) whereas sufficient strength (HR) is available then on consensus at Shaykh (Must be
Alim, and at least Mufti) ensuring protection of civilians (not capable to fight or involving
themselves), as well as safety and continuation of supplies all can and should fight against extortion
and unjust regime and also should eliminate insurgents (Munafiqoon-Khawarij) if entered in
between Muslims somehow, before or during battle.

In case of insufficient resources or strength, in both circumstances [^], even if (Farsi: Ager’che)
have strength but not the resources, it is strictly prohibited to conduct such operations, therefore
either migrate to safer place or endure (Farsi: Bardasht) the extortion (Arabic: Zul’mah) until
prerequisites aren’t fulfilled or meet sufficiency level (whether through internally or externally),
against either extorted government or miscreants (even if they able or succeed to takeover) OR
both. And Allah knows all the best.

Query: If Government(s) is following other than Islamic Model, like Democratic (West) or Socialist
(North, now late) or Communist (North East), even without Modification, and State was not invaded
neither controlled by Infidels but is Sovereign, then what we’ll do, means couldn’t revolt either?
Answer: Yes, even if Government(s) was following other than Islamic Model without any
Modifications, neither invaded nor controls by foreign powers, only if Masha’ikh wa Ulama along
with common Muslims signed Pact or Accorded that will not revolt against Government suggested
System or say get Silent (not signed any Accord or Pact but sustaining quietly) and obeying the
legitimacy (Western Laws, and Regime Orders), hence in these circumstances too we cannot revolt,
however urged or pressurizes them peacefully to deal or handle all matters and issues as per or
under Quran and Sunnah (Shari’ah | Mazahib Arba’a) and gives them top priority or declares it as
“Supreme Law”, and this action (unarmed pressurizing) is only for keeping peace and stability in
jurisdiction, avoiding Chaos and Anarchy (Arabic: Fasad fil Ardh). Hence (when not revolting
[*] Though it wasn’t happens in Pakistan meant enemies even insiders (miscreants) wouldn’t able to succeed to
takeover Islamabad (or say in other words complete collapse of System) because Muslims supported Armed Forces,
and unfortunately they (Pakistan Army) are working under or protecting the system presented (Democratic
[^] (1) Allying with government (whether not following Islamic Model or even Modified version) against miscreants
&, (2) Against extorted government and miscreants.

NOTE: Here Resources mean Supplies, Artillery n Food, whereas Strength means Personnel (Arabic: al-
Quwwatu al’Afradiyyah).

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 67


against system) it becomes necessary to support the Government (whether Accord with or Silent
from) whenever calls to fight if any other inappropriate revolt (internally) or unfair assault
(externally) happens. And Allah knows all the best.

FOOTNOTE: And if they are not listening or giving importance/priority or obeying then either endure (Farsi:
Bar’dasht) them (though continued practicing religion as per teachings and resolved as well as handle all matters and
issues under its commandments) or keep pressurizing them (to implement), if don’t have adequate resources and
strength for the implementation of true Islamic Model (based upon Quran and Sunnah | Mazahib Arba’a) or say to
bring change it is better not involve or urge Muslims in revolts which becomes instigation (Fitnah) and chaos

Recommends: Read following in this regards too;


Do remember following; First it’s also another deep and technical discussion or say contained
complexities which cannot be explained here or in few words only because of its length nor
difficulty. Second, it is not that easy (as considered by some) to call for Qital rather than talk about
Jihad (which is above upon Qital and is more complex). Although, these complexities doesn’t mean
either that it shall be left to performed or its obligation (Arabic: Far’dhiyat) never reaches at
execution level (to conduct), but actually it is dependent upon circumstances that if it reached or
come to point where it becomes obligatory (Arabic: Fardh) or say applicable without objections
then we do or call Muslims otherwise there are some other obligations (Arabic: Fara’idh) that are
important from fight (Qital n Jihad) to execute (performs), even some of them couldn’t left during or
while fighting (in some conditions), like Prayer (Arabic: Salat) or Fast (Arabic: Soam). And all this
came under our Honorable and Most Respected Masha’ikh wa Ulama responsibilities to define and
then declares (if becomes necessary, Qital or Jihad) which Alhamdolillah they does with purity and
rightly whenever it triggers (conditions reached). Third, there are some other aspects and factors
involved in this matter which we haven’t discuss here that are important or say amongst vital parts
of it thus these aren’t enough (or sufficient) evidences neither a complete discussion. If desires for
more details in this regards, then asks Masha’ikh wa Ulama (Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah).

Allah and his Rasul (Alehe Salat O Salam) know all the best (Bhe’tr).


Remembers that there is always a solution exist for issues (Arabic: Tanaze’aat) and matters (Arabic:
Masa’il). For issues, if exists between two persons or groups or nations, or even if we goes on large
scale meant between two continents, so it can be resolved through conversation (from dialogue)
otherwise if not getting on some point (concord or unanimity) then next option was left is conflict
(through fight). However priority shall be via peace (conversation) rather than choosing havoc
(conflict). Although, if somehow acquiring fight than it shall be only to preventing extortion and
removing injustice, nor for flowing bloodshed neither spreading devastations, like in past and
nowadays too, acquired by these so called powers. And for matters, so there is no need to explain
here or goes in details because all has been explicated completely by Ulama’e Kiram under
exemplifications of A’eymma Kiram (A’eymma Mujtahideen | Bil’Khusoos Arba’a) therefore if faced
any problem then it is better to asks Ulama’e Kiram.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 68


SOLE MIGHT: As we stated in previous article, “… Whatever likes do none can oppose Allah
(Subhanahu) to did contrary whatever doesn’t likes to did none can urge Allah (Subhanahu) to
do, because Allah (Subhanahu) is clean (Munaz’zah) from dependency whereas we all are
dependent (because Creatures) …”, hence, in the light of same context following can also be

“Allah (subhanahu) if alike so can bring the change without flow of single blood and that will
be the intense mercy (al-Rehmah) from Allah (Subhanahu) because al-Rehman al-Raheem,
similarly if wants so could bring it through severe punishment (bloodshed) which would be the
virtuous justice from Allah (Subhanahu) because al-Ad’l.”

Sultan’ul Awliya Hudhrat Shaykh Muhammed Nazim Adil al-Geylani

al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi(Rehmatullah Alehe)


1. All Regimes Will Collapse in 2011

FOOTNOTE: According to a successor of Sultan’ul Awliyah (Rehmatullah Alehe), Sidi al-Shaykh Abdul-Kareem al-
Kibrisi (Rehmatullah Alehe), the collapse of regimes event has been forwarded from this (recently passed)
Muharram (1433 Hijri, 2011 A.D) to upcoming Muharram (1434 Hijri, 2012 A.D) as it was said before that will
occurred (took place) from previous Muharram of 1432 Hijri (2010 A.D) to this (recently passed) Muharram (1433
Hijri, 2011 A.D). However, possibility exists of further delays meant may be postponed (events) till next coming
Muharram (1435 Hijri, 2013 A.D), however after below revelations not looking further. Allah knows the Best.
Faqeer Bukhari(ghafaralahu)

ADDITION: This sohbah revealed matters are forwarding ahead, however some partially has happened (after fall
of regimes in some states, like Mesir, Libya, Yemen etc) since the mentioned period, and leftover (fall of regimes in
some states) are expectable (may be depends upon emergence of Sahib al-Waqt). We have discussed some in this
article, and will highlights furthermore in forth one. Allah knows the best.

2. The Appearance of Sahib-ul-Waqt (The Great Sultan) and the Spiritual Journey of Sultan-ul-
Awliyah (Rehmatullah Alehe)

FOOTNOTE: IMAM of TIME “has” took power (Authority and Control) and IMAM MAHDI (Radhi Allah Anhu) “will”
emerge in Ara’fat as same or alike (appear and take Power), and there is a big difference between “HAS” and
“WILL”. Second, Sahib-ul-Waqt is present amongst us but due to Hikmat-e-Elahiyyah (waiting for an order actually)
not appearing publicly for while, and he is not from Pakistan or say a Pakistani but will come and take control
soon (Spiritually Pakistan is under his command, let see when takes physically). Allah knows the best. Faqeer

ADDITION: Mentioned little about Him (indicated: Isha’raten) in 2nd & 3rd Article, and some about in this one, and
will do further in forth coming article (actually a book). In-Sha Allah.

3. Precaution for Muharram-ul-Haram

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 69


FOOTNOTE: O’Dear, those who acquired these precautions in Muharram (1433 Hijri), as stated by Sultan Al-
Awliya (Rehmatullah Alehe), and founds that nothing had happened (event of collapse, and civil war) in their
respected territories then why it has been revealed? So do remember, actually it is particularly for Sham al-
Shareef, as it was suffering since last year, even before from Libyan War, an insurrection. Therefore the
precautions are specifically for besieging areas (Sham al-Shareef) which are expected to be encircle by Rebels
(Syrian Free Army) in current Islamic year, 1433 Hijri, Muharram to Rabi al-Awwal, and you might be astonished
to hear that it was really happened, that some of their (Sham al-Shareef) districts (highly strategic areas) were kept
besieged for the saying period, and also it has been mentioned that it will prolong (not the siege but clashes) till
Rajab al-Murajjib, hence insurrection is still persisted and situation aren’t stable there or resolves yet (Rajab has
passed and we are near to end of Shawwal). Although, we rectified this precaution for all Muslims Region, so it is not
false either, because when Sahib’ul Waqt has taken Power (Authority) then change is inevitable and events would
happen after emergence (visibility), not only in Sham al-Shareef but in all Muslims Countries, one by one. We are
impeding here and not disclosing or say going in to further details once again, in due respect (Adab) and High
Rank (Maqam) of His Eminence Sultan Al-Awliya (Rehmatullah Alehe), but will be silent because there are some
restrictions of Fate too. And Allah knows the more n best. Faqeer Bukhari(ghafaralahu).

ADDITION: Foretell is still valid and relevant since revealed; and best way of protection (from FITNAH), which is
also revealed by Sultan al-Awliyah (Da’mat Barkatahum) is by doing Zikr’O Azkar (Tilawat Shareef, Mahafil’e Milad,
Wazaif Wagheiy’raha), or be with Masha’ikh’O Ulama (Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah), and do (act) as per their
teachings [esp. Sultan al-Awliya (Rehmatullah Alehe)]. Allah knows the best.


The Time of Accountability is near; repent otherwise wrath will come

FOOTNOTE: Now the accountability will start soon (or may be began) of all those whom are not resolving the
issues and matters (esp. preventing injustice killings), appropriately and accordingly (as per right Solution). Hence
before strict grasp, more time is giving for repentance (Arabic: Taubah) to retrieve towards right path, if does
from true heart so will be exempted but should be before specified Time, and this is Allah (Subhanahu) intense
Rehma upon rulers or doers. Oppositely if not does then severe punishment in physical form is ahead which will
definitely send or reaches to them, which would be Allah (Subhanahu) virtuous justice, because through extortion
they have only spread injustices and bloodshed, thus deserves to be punished. And Allah knows the more n best.
Faqeer Bukhari(ghafaralahu).

The Time of Sahib-ul-Waqt has begun

An opening for the Nation of Sayyidna Muhammed (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) Will Begin with Lailatul

(Subhanallah & Allahu Akbar)

FOOTNOTE: Ah, finally, now the time of goodness and blessings will come towards all Muslims around the world.
Whom are suffering from Anarchies (Fitnah O Fasad), Bloodshed (Revolts and Killings), Injuries (Damages to their
Health n Wealth), Tears (Lost of beloved ones), Disheartening (Injustice) and Disappointment (Betrayal by Regimes),
In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu, by Allah’s Will (Mansha’o’Mardhi) all will be wipe-out (Anarchies), prevented
(Bloodshed), removes (Injuries), clean (Tears), resolves (Injustice), and eliminates (Betrayal). We, Faqeer
Bukhari(ghafaralahu), hope n wish as well as praise that May Allah (Subhanahu) grant us Honor, if appropriate and
eligible, to be the part of Sahib’ul Waqt Jurisdiction as peon which would be the highest n enough honor for us
because due to our sins we feel ashamed and not considering our-self even for this position. Ameen Thum’ma
Ameen. Allah and his Rasul know all the best.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 70


Mast Hastee al-Shah

Sidi Al-Shaykh al-Shareef Saeed al-Hasani
(Quddussurahul Aziz)
Renown as Baba Saeed (al-Majzub)
1944/45/46 - 2012
Passed Away on 10th March, 2012

“(Mafhoom) ... Nothing will happen to Pakistan, it will remain stand as said by Sufiya-e-Kiram, IN-
SHA ALLAH… *Current Govt. is very strong therefore if not remove than will complete its
Tenure (of 5 years), and will be elect or come again for next term (of 5 years) … (May be we
loose something first)” Allah knows all the best.

ADDITION [*]: The 2st part of foretell (separated from Dots, in bold italic about Govt.), has been transpired as present
regime didn’t fall neither removed contrary has completed its tenure, whereas coming again (this regime) and
then the 3rd part (separated from dots again) will be discuss in next article. Allah knows all the best.

“(Mafhoom) ... We ask, will he come from West (Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Syria etc)? … He replied,
yes, he comes after Maghreb (Salat) … ^(he has come, and takes charge soon)” IN-SHA ALLAH

ADDITION [^]: This foretell is befall partially when Sahib-ul-Waqt took charge, spiritually and physically as said
(revealed) by Sultan al-Awliya (Rehmatullah Alehe), whereas 2nd part (separated from dots, in bold about charge to
lead) is left and surely becomes transpire whenever appear and take charge. Allah knows all the best.

“(Mafhoom) … ~there is a danger of war ahead upon us … (a very fierce or dangerous fight very
… with *INDIA) … (too much blood will flow)”. Allah knows the best.
ADDITION [~]: These foretell are dependable upon some factors that have been depicted partially in this Article
whereas in next article we’ll discuss in some detail. Allah knows all the best.

SUMMARY: Would like to unveil some points in brief, above foretells in the light of other sayings.
REGIME: Remembers that saying current govt. is very strong, so it didn’t means that Baba Sahib
(Quddussurahul Aziz) was completely satisfied or pleased with the regime, only due to fear of
Chaos or Misuse we refrained to quote his (Quddussurahul Aziz) hard and annoying words (quotes)
contrary exposed only soft and cool words (quotes), and second (our assumption) perhaps it was
said in respect of our Military Strength (Nuclear Capabilities) that aligned and protecting the
government (system) [because Militaries are the security institution [part] of the government(s)
due to which its enable to seize control over State] otherwise there is no strength lay in regime
itself. Although if present regime changes its ongoing devastating and inappropriate internal
policies in to the State interests and benefits, then exempted otherwise they might faced severe
punishment. Second, it is better and advisable that don’t guess anything for while about the losing,
if feels necessary then in next article will disclose otherwise not, although Pakistan has been found
to stand firmly thus it will stand firmly (Due to Ideology). Allah knows more & the best. Faqeer
Bukhari (ghafaralahu). AUTHORITY: These are all the spiritual revelations for future (whenever
NOTE [1]: Here “May be” and “something” is actually put by us for Vague (Arabic: Ebham) otherwise “something” is
actually a physical “thing” that existed which would be lost only due to severe Anarchy. Allah knows the best.
NOTE [3]: Fierce fight doesn’t mean either that we wins first, possibility exist that we may loose first and after
than strike back, and second is this fight will be Ghazwa-e-Hind? So do remember until all stipulations (Shara’it)
of Shari’ah aren’t met completely or fulfills it will not be the Ghazwa-e-Hind but only a War however its response
is also indispensable and in next article will define those main few stipulations. [Read below the stipulations | Also
keep above mentioned stipulation of Shah-e-Gharbistan in mind, in one context it has correlation]. Allah knows the best.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 71


this happens, will be like this) regarding physically appearances, in which none was happened then,
until some signs weren’t revealed by Sultan Al-Awliyah (Rehmatullah Alehe) esp. about Sahib-ul-
Waqt, therefore after hearing them Baba Sahab (Quddussurahul Aziz) felt pleasurable (depicts
verification), hence coming and taking charge implies both, spiritual and then physical control
(authority), one has been disclosed hence verifying the foretell (spiritual aspect) whereas another
is left (physical aspect), which is expected soon. FIERCE FIGHT: Similarly we also avoided to write
some other related quotes in this regards, because they might be unacceptable by some readers,
including analyst, though what will going to be happens it will happen, none could stop or even
change the FATE, only can delay (through praises) it for some period of time but couldn’t removes
the written (May Allah protect us from his wrath). Second, about Ghazwa, so as we bind it with
some stipulations in last article, they are following;

1. Sultan-e-Islam, communally agreed [*] personage upon whom all takes oath as their Sahib’e Amr
(Ou’lul Amr).

2. Darul Islam, state must be sovereign & Muslims populated and Islamic Laws [^] were

3. Alat’e Harb [”], state must have its own producing resources as well as sufficient strength.

These stipulations were also or can be or even does fulfilled by other Muslims Countries but only
distinction for Pakistan (Mominan-e-Gharbi) is because of revelations (Qaseedah Naimatullah Wali)
and boundaries; that Pakistan (Mominan-e-Gharbi) borders or say actually a Part of hind, even East
Pakistan (Mominan-e-Sharqi) now Bangladesh [lost territory mentioned as severe punishment]
also lay under Hind but it will be neither Bangladesh because fate has been written (seems to be
solely) for Pakistan (Mominan-e-Gharbi) therefore whenever Ghazwa-tul-Hind happens in future
once again, it will be from or say led by Pakistan (Mominan-e-Gharbi), In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu.

FOOTNOTE: As we mentioned in last article, “Until all stipulations (Shara’it) of Shari’ah aren’t met
completely or fulfills it will not be the Ghazwa-e-Hind . . . however its response is also indispensable”
hence if in response Pakistan Armed Forces along with other assistances (meant from or with
allies) conduct the operations and conquered successfully then it can be also accept as Ghazwa-tul-
Hind, and in that case one who will leads consider as “Ameer and Fateh” but not necessary he will
be Shah-e-Gharbistan (Sultan’e Islam). And second, it means the event (proving repetition of
events) will happen again because Qaseedah Shareef express different scenario# which reveals
utterly under Shah-e-Gharbistan (see above, Shah’s Stipulation also) that would be conduct once
before Imam Mahdi Muhammed bin Abdullah al-Hasani (Radhi Allah Anhu). Allah knows the best.
NOTE: We’ll present baba sahab compressed bibliography in next article, refraining due to length of this article.
[*] Masha’ikh wa Ulama, and in their follow through common Muslims.
[^] Though Pakistan is sovereign Muslim Country but unfortunately we are following British Laws not Islamic
Laws, only for some particular matters we have Islamic Laws otherwise don’t have completely. However, Ulama
dealt or gave solutions of all public matters from Shari’ah.
[”] Pakistan is a self reliance country showing capability but still not comparable (lacking) to some foreign
powers, even cannot match (requires further assistances) with India in context of Quantity. Whereas Muslims can
and will join from around the world that will increase the strength further. In-Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu.
[#] First change of system (taking charge), then arrival of assistances, then internal progress, then chaos
(intrusion) and so on forth.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 72


We (Tanzeel Bukhari ghafaralahu)

Stated in our last Article*, an awaiting personality will be definitely on one side (Right: Haqq) and it
is upon Mazhab-e-Haqqahu Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah, we mean The Great Sultan, by birth
a Wali, have the rank of QUTUB, Imam (a Reviver: Mujaddid) of the time, al-Hanafi in Shariah, al-
Qadiri in Tariqah (Junaidi Mashrab), an affirm MAULVI Sahib and Kamil DERVISH or we can say
just like Beloved Sultan Nuruddin Zangi al-Hanafi al-Qadiri (Qudussurahul Aziz).

FOOTNOTE: O’Dear remembers that, we have extracted all these attributes from various foretelling and signs of
eminent Sufiya’e Kiram for instance, Sidi Hudhrat Nai’matullah Shah Wali al-Bukhari (Quddussurahul Aziz),
Allama Muhammed Iqbal al-Hanafi (Quddussurahul Aziz), Sultan’ul Awliyah (Quddussurahul Aziz), Baba Sahab
(Quddussurahul Aziz), and some others. Allah knows all the best.

Allah and his Rasul (Alehe Salat O Salam) know all the best (Bhe’tr).

SUMMARY: O’Dear finally would like to say few words upon all Topics discussed in this article
stepwise. Religion Islam: Remembers, that Infidel(s) and Polythiest(s) even ^Deviator(s) can live
under Islamic Sultanate (or Khilafah) and even practice their Religion (but in limitations, only
Infidel or Polytheist not Deviator), if allowed (not necessarily) by Ulama upon signing Terms and
Conditions (Peace Accord with Sultanate), in which bind to pay (Arabic: Dhari’bah) the Sultanate as
well. Therefore don’t think neither we mean from punishments (executions) that raised sword and
begin slaughtering Infidel(s) and Deviator(s) under Muslims Premises (Neighbors) or Jurisdiction
(State) or Territories (Region), until or unless it wasn’t declared by Ulama to do so (and it is Islamic
Army work or group to whom giving authorization or permissibility) otherwise NOT. Because
ORDER (say Qital or Jihad) applied upon affirmation or confession or reports proven from reliable
or valid resources (esp. through Ulama), that blasphemy or anarchy or revolt was or being planned
by them (any or both, Infidel and Deviator). However, only to whom about that it would known
giving shelter or allowing them to enter can erect Chaos or Anarchy or Astray in Muslims Land so
they shouldn’t be given permission, and if can eliminate them (have adequate resources and
strength) then shall do by the Sultan’e Islam for protection of Muslims to be fall inn or preventing it
from penetration otherwise acquired defensive mode. Honor (Fadhilah): Also remembers that we
will reject Views or Rules or Acts of Tariqah as well as liberal perspectives which refute or collide
or contradict with Islamic Laws (Sunnat’e Muhammediyyah | Mazahib Arba’a) because Shari’ah is
honorable then Tariqah (or say Sufism) whereas Tairqah (Sufism) is a part of Shariah’s Rules for
inner or inward purification and training for or to gain (way of) divinity proving correlation hence
not to be ignored (Tariqah) either, and that is also Ulama’e Kiram responsibility to highlights or
addresses nor common Muslims because we are only bind (ordered) to obey and follow. Religious
System: It was a popular saying that in ~SOCIALISM, Government is Rich but Public (Middle and
Lower Class even Higher becomes as well) are Poor (compares to State, second if not provided
services and facilities adequately) whereas in CAPITALISM, Government is Poor but Public (High or
[*] Title of an Article, “Glorious Destiny of UMMAH subtitling Islamic Republic of Pakistan”, see section 5.2
[^] Only if their astray is not of severe level or reaches the peak upon which Hadd’e Sharaee is inevitable or say
become must, although it is better to expel them. Second, it is better to restrict them (Infidels and Polytheists) if
possible and not allowed to do Worships publicly or made their Worship buildings in Muslim State.
[~] Socialist’s Political Layout (Design or Model) is no doubt very near to Islamic Sultanate therefore after some
Modifications or say Ammendment, we can easily convert it for our Use (implementation), which Libya has did
therefore their Model is perfectly fit. Second model is, Morocco’s, In-Sha Allah discuss it in next article.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 73


Elite Class) is Rich (Compares to State, second if Wealth being used in only their self benefits or
interest avoiding masses benefit or interest). “Though in any case Government resources cannot be
compares to Public or Private, until public (shared all together) or private businesses would not grow
or becomes itself or equals to State Resources (State within State)”. However, actually both concepts
have been taken upon inspiration from ISLAM, which provides a Solution to both systematic faults,
and that is a MERGER, How? In Sultanate (or Khilafah) based System, where Politics and Social
welfare are Centralize (Under Sultan or King Command and Control) therefore Economy converge
Centralize (For Private doers, sharing through Mudhar’bah or Mushar’kah, “though not necessary
and they can carry on or do the business alone as like, and State can acquire these forms of investment
either do partnership or provides only sufficient fund to public for establishing economic activities”,
amongst Higher and Lower Class or State and Public, and applying restrictions to interfere in
Sultanate level decisions, “better to keep them away and left it upon Ulama or Fuqarah to handle”, if
not eligible or insincere or mean-full, “however *advises can be taken from them and if Muslims says
or gathered then could let them in to political structure”) as well only to sustain natural balance for
the benefits of both, State and Public (Elite, Middle and Poor). Advise: O’Dea, we also wanted
peaceful change, like Ulama, and it is possible too without flowing of single drop of blood, therefore
we advised that, Ulama shall be given complete control and authority, transformation of power,
restoration of Qadh’e Shari’ah (Mazahib Arba’a | described in Books), let Ulama to decides and
handles the issues and matters, though under these Bogus Systems or Circumstances they are still
doing and performing their duties with complete responsibilities and best abilities but sadly it is
not completely materialize because of “hold” or say “Power” hence some interferences in their
decisions cause trouble (persistence of Anarchy) rather than resolution. Ummat’e Rasul: The only
need of time is UNITY as one NATION (Ummah) in all aspects, Political, Economical, Social,
Territorial, and Military etc, whether called it Khilafah or Union or else, but should be based upon
Khilafat-e-Rashidah Model. According to one Dervish (his child is a Wali by birth, and living in good
health and conditions) the main reasons of devastation and humiliation of Muslims around the
world is only because we (Muslims) contain several identities like Malayans, Turks, Arabs, Hindies
(Pakistanis), Ifriqiyans (Africans) and so on forth upon which divided but we are not getting united
as one Muslim Nation (Ummah, actually meant politically united at one platform say Khilafah or
Sultanate) and in all these various identities majority are Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah (Mazahib
Arba’a) besides claimers (meant Munafiqoon). Role: However there are many names of Ulama, who
had tried and still many are trying to Unite Ummah at one platform but still due to some reasons
not succeeding, and amongst it Political System, for which right Education is necessary, is seems to
be one obstacle, because as we said majorly govt. are problems nor whole nation is responsible for
not letting unitation and that is due to governments interests especially serving the Masters
(specific lobby) will be badly hit or sabotage. Islamic Nations: After Fall or Collapse of OTTOMAN
EMPIRE (Khilafat-e-Uthmaniyah) they’ve been disintegrated and then made slaves by Kuffar
through Munafiqoon but after fall of Colonialism most of the Nations formed (founded) upon
Nationalism (al-Qaumiyyah) which is though condemnable (if completely refuting) and against the
concept of one nation (Ummah) in ISLAM, but it didn’t proved that these Muslims countries
haven’t hold any Secrecy (Divined Personalities) and Sacredness (Divined Places) contrary they
also have the most finest and respectable, Masha’ikh wa Ulama-e-Haqq (Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-
Jama’ah | Mazahib Arba’a) as well as Divined Signs and Shrines. Thus just like PAKISTAN they are
also divined states although due to Allah (Subhanahu) own WILL (Mansha’e Elahi) they are not
awarding status to Lead that will give to PAKISTAN in future, even not to Turkey (no need to mind,
[*] Advise (Arabic: Masho’rahu) is Sunnat’e Rasul, therefore not be avoid or left and opportunity shall be provide to
Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 74

we are all one), otherwise what will one say about Makkah Moaz’zimah and Madinah
Munawwa’rah, and first Qibla Bait-ul-Muqad’das, Is Pakistan sacred (divined place) than these Holy
and Respectable Places …? Solution: There is a lot of disbelieving and doubt even rejection can be
seen or found nowadays in Muslims (if Infidels or Deviators do arguments so we can say or accept
that they are the refuters) about “Foretelling or Predictions” and it existence is due to many reasons
but majorly because of own weaknesses like in faith and acts, in pure knowledge, uncertainty
(whether happen or not, don’t know) or seem impossible and so on forth, and it also becomes
further complex and unrealistic (mean goes to refusal about its physical appearance) when it will
not happen (due to any reason), or delayed from its specification (Date and Time) if given by
anyone whether consciously, therefore Faqeer Bukhari (ghafaralahu) would like to say that kindly
do not refuse nor dishearten or become hopeless if nothing happened or give any argument upon it
contrary always be positive and hopeful. However Sahib-ul-Waqt (May Allah protect him) is
present amongst us and seeing or say noticing everything, bi’iznillah, therefore be patient and hold
your grounds and prepared yourself for future because changed wouldn’t come in air or virtually
(from PCs or Laptops) but will be from physical acts too for which have to come on ground when
Sahib-ul-Waqt (May Allah protect him), after consensus of Ulama, will calls us.

Addition: Here would like to unveil few things. In which one is odd observation and all our
recipients have complete rights to throw in to dustbin or refused it if seems to be irrelevant,
because it is just a speculation (taken from sources) and might be didn’t have any relation with
realities. Reason: Actually many people were talking about it, including analysts, and gave many
speculations and analysis based upon specific lobby previous conspiracies revelations that has
caused and still undergoing many immoral havocs, especially upon Muslim World (targeted
specifically), though all (analysts) gave safety precautions as well and that is, better to avoid rather
than participating or going to event otherwise pressurize UK Govt. not let anything happens like
propagating (or being depicted), because expectations were very high that might be something
suspicious would going to be happens in London Olympics 2012 due to complete involvement and
controls of this lobby over the games, though nothing had happened and so whole event has passed
successfully, especially it was guessed upon 3rd August 2012, only due to their special “NUMBERS”,
for instance 3+8=11; 12-3=9, (2012)20-11(2+9)=9 (highlighting incident like 9/11 might happens)
and so on forth. Odd Observation: However, whether nothing happens, if someone noticed, then
Olympics opening and closing ceremony has actually gave (delivered) the message already, which
was based and designed especially and called (or say whole event was dedicated to) “Spirit of
Zionism” and also said as revival (“Rise of Paganism”), and so if one event has passed without any
odd happening then remembers they have still one ahead in their pockets, that is *London
Paralympics 2012, starting from 29th August 2012 and finishes on 9th September 2012, and if we
look so they have their special numbers hidden in it too; [29, 2+9=11], [9-2=7 whereas (2012)20-
7=13], also [2+9=11 whereas (2012)20-11(2+9)=9] and [9 Sep., 20(12)-9=11] so on forth
(highlighting same as above mentioned, 9/11), however we hopes that nothing will happen in it
too. Sources: These figure works was actually extracted from some online sources that are working
on or say analyzed critically the specific lobby, perceptions and numbers (correlations). Although
event(s) have passed and nothing reported strange hence what we hoped is fulfilled (no false-flag
plot). FACTS: It was very much familiar that before doing or to conduct any big havoc (chaotic
[*] The only advantage seems to be possible that this event is for special people, disabled (esp. from legs) persons
whether male or female, and so they can exploit it by gaining huge sympathies (terrorists didn’t care these people
either) that will give benefit (to execute) to put blame conveniently on anyone (false flag allegation), and so guess by
yourself. Although it’s just an Odd Observation not necessary they do neither we are expecting.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 75


event) they do first propaganda on large scale to create justification, and before that used Media
(and nowadays including e-medium), for instance, Journalism, Movies, Ads, Magazines, Games
(including Card n PC) and so on forth, to spread or gave messages that we’ll going to do or conduct
something suspicious in future (or say ahead), and it is only to achieve some specific goals (one is
keep everyone, esp. Muslims, in intense pressure as well as in miseries). Proof, before 9/11 they
made several movies and cartoons, in and during 70s to 90s, depicting fall of twin towers hit from
airplanes or pilot has saved luckily the Twin Towers from destruction (foiled the plot) etc, and so
in-real it happened, and amongst many objections one is which they hide on Media (or never talks
about it), as per some sources, is that on 9th of September 2001, it was announced official holiday in
all offices (nearly 4000 Jews were on leave) means all were actually closed (then how come such
large number of casualties happened …?, but still they claimed and repeating the same crocodile
cry). Second, remember this, they have always Plan A, B, C etc if or whenever they wanted to do
any false flag event for creating justification, either to invade or to gain some political or economical
benefits (exploitation), hence if they are thinking or eager to wage a new war on any territory then
might be they do any else (besides Olympics and Paralympics) false flag plot (31st December, 2012)
or might be without any justification (without false flag plot), because in present era no one is
giving them *originally tough resistance on all physical grounds that is needed (requires to control
or dump them forever) therefore all lands (including Pakistan) are naturally opens for them.

ADDITION: As mentioned already that can be thrown into dustbin, because an odd
observation, and nothing has happened as expectable severe yet, however later on after
publishing of this article (via email), another angle that is also looking quite possible, that
might be it is a signal towards any preplanned move or event later on after London
Olympics 2012 (in short period, or far but before coming of new Olympics), because as we
stated “… if someone noticed, then Olympics opening and closing ceremony has actually
gave (delivered) the message already, which was based and designed especially and
called (or say whole event was dedicated to) “Spirit of Zionism” and also said as revival
(“Rise of Paganism”) ...”
Praises for all that may Allah saved from the satanic evil plans, and its
severe aftereffects. Ameen Thum’ma Ameen

SOLCITATION (Arabic: Ar’dh | Farsi: Guzarish): Once again, leaving knowingly (only due to
length) some useful discussions and information in nearly every topic (esp. Muslims and Non-
Muslims new territories under Nations), though try best to complete (or say wrap-up)
“Sectarianism” discussion, although still few points left hence if feels necessary then illustrate in
next article otherwise halt (discontinue). Actually, some matters (excluding sectarianism) are
complex in nature hence contain huge complications (esp. recognition) therefore to illustrate all of
them would be required tremendous efforts and resources which can be put but then Article(s)
become might be boring or too much lengthy or take us away from purpose that’s why left it
although since first Article in all topics tried best to write closest to the matter and issue and
articulate nearest possible solution. Links: In other words can say “Disclaimer” that first, by saying
that, “Ask or Asks (advisable) Ulama” so it means Muslims Ulama (Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l-Jama’ah) not
[*] Including change of System means implementation of right model (Khilfat-e-Rashidah) and unification, building
up of strong Nation upon Ideology (Islam | Sunnat’e Muhammediyah) along with strong defense then remembers In-
Sha Allah wa Rasuluhu no one will dares to meddle (thinks thousands time before to do). However, many nowadays
are giving some resistance through e-Media but still physical efforts is required in this regard to gives it final
shape (which is not very much far). Think on it

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 76


Deviators Zulama (Munafiqoon-Khawarij) therefore we will be not responsible for your astraying if
asks from incorrect creed Scholars (Zulama) and they mislead or misguides you, normally they hide
the orders or present it with baseless and incorrect modification. Hence we are providing some
links in this regards for your own safety, see “Links” on page 78, to whom you can ask blindly,
whereas E-mail Addresses are also available see “Acc”. Applicable: Providing Jurisprudence
Narrations, are only for or as nearest possible solutions, explicated by A’eymma Kiram, about that
particular issue and matter, which was unfortunately suffering or faces by Ummah nowadays,
however laws are valid (whether applied in current situations or not) in their perspective and can
be seen in Jurisprudence Books, but kindly don’t considered them applied because their declaration
is solely depends upon Ulama’e Kiram consensus, their responsibility, upon certainity. Abuse, they
are mentioned for Ulama (in context of depicted statements) and few Analysts (not all), however
misuse or say abusing of these rules by opponents (Munafiqoon-Khawarij), so it will be neither
acceptable nor considers applicable, which usually they do whenever gain power (take control) and
impose or applies these laws upon Muslims after declaring them Infidels or Innovators (considering
Murtad too), so in that case shall be restrained (Farsi: Bar’dasht) however if can fight then it is
better to fight until to their complete elimination, otherwise if can immigrate, avoiding to collide or
cannot fight (due to insufficient resources), then migrate towards any safer place is better option.
Claim: Since 1st Article till this one and may be few more ahead will present, so in any
interpretations or statements, if someone feels that we are claiming to be something (Highly
knowledgeable, Wali Allah or related) then kindly ignores it and we also regret (or say retreat:
ruju), because “what is not ours then why we claim for that is our” means all explanations and
interpretations are taken from Ulama’e Kiram works (including Spiritual intrepretations), we just
try to summarizing and then translating in to English, in respect to current scenarios especially.
Rights: All recipients has rights or say reserved naturally, whether to accept it or not, all our
explanations regarding current scenarios and upcoming expectable changes, as well as
demographies of every region(s) and their particular States, but please do not contradict with
religion because it’s a matter of “Next Day (Aa’khirah)” and another(new) chance will not be given
to anyone once left this world (without right creed), therefore it is better and advisable too, ask
Ulama before to do that, however all those whom are already connected or say bind properly with
Masha’ikh wa Ulama (Right Creed | Sunnat’e Muhammediyyah[Mazahib Arba’a]) are exempted from
this caution, Masha Allah & Allahu Akbar.

ADDITION: We presented these few words not for money neither for fame, even faqeer Ustadh
(Barakallahum) and then later Baba Sahab (Quddussurahul Aziz) instructed that “be quiet” and no
need to express anything, but we bypassed it before to execute on said time, however wishes that
Allah (Subhanahu) will fogive this mistake because it was did in keen love to Ummah of beloved
Nabi al-Kareem (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) only for pin-pointing (so that may not betrayed in the name
of Islam and try to reach upon some sort of right Solution) and nothing else motives behind all
these articles. Second, on several occasions you have read “due to high rank of Sultan Awliyah we
will not disclosed everything” and “we are impeding here and not going in to detail” so it is only
because of tight instructions, several postulates exists and restrictions (fate) that was bind us not to
disclosed everything but shall be quiet (which we are going to now). CONTRIBUTION: All these
words if look divined or touching to hearts then remember, it is Allah (Subhanahu) mercy and
graciousness that guide us towards his beloved ones, Masha’ikh wa Ulama (Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l –
Jama’ah), theirs blissful and embellish descriptions [mentioned in References] including present
era personages, their assistances (spiritual), especially Sultan al-Awliyah (Rehmatullah Alehe), Taj
al-Shariah al-Shaykh al-Kareem (Da’mat Barkatahum), Baba Sahab (Quddussurahul Aziz) and Sidi

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 77


Shaykh Saeed Effendi (Quddussurahul Aziz), contrary if hit brains rather than touching hearts as
well as seems dubious or incorrect; then remember it is our rigidness towards enemy of Islam
(Sunnat’e Muhammediyyah | Mazahib Arba’a) hence regret for that (if feels not pleasure) and
definitely I am a body made of soil which is a loader (and Donkey is very much famous or hired as
loader, in Karachi, don’t know about other places) therefore could do errors or mistakes, hence
praise that May Allah forgive us and grant us repentance if made mistakes. PATIENCE: Don’t feel
disappointment or dishearten upon further odd or opposite occurences rather than good and
positive happens in present time, be optimistic because when Masha’ikh’e Kiram has revealed such
alterations then definitely all will happened in their respected time, whenever written for, though
Time is hidden but changes were also relied upon our physical efforts too rather sitting back and
waiting for it to be happens by itself, and that is perform obligations (Faraidh, Wajibat, Sunnan
Wagheiy’raha) as per teachings in to yours best capacity and then spread Islam under available
resources. THINK: First, be reminiscent that wherever we stated “Think on it” or “Thinking” since
1st Article till this one so it means “Tafak’kur yani Ghour-O-Fikr”.

POSTPONED: Since first article, mentioning about a Transcript, so we have postponed it

again for while (some period) because found some furthermore necessary amendments,
only because its content topics are complicated and complex in nature, though will tries
best to complete it and dispatch, though remember we don’t fire any new arrows but
illustrated some basic Solutions taken from Ulama Kiram explications. Second, nearly all its
contents have been unveiled gradually in articles especially in last two including this one
hence it is perhaps unnecessary to circulate.


Bench of Qualified Ulama (Fi’qh al-Ahnaf) from Jamia al-Azhar

Hidaya Research Foundation, U.A.E

Bench of Qualified Ulama* (First have to sign in as member, then could asks queries)

Al-Shaykh al-Shari’ah wa’l-Tariqah Muhammed Said al-Effandi al-Shafa’ei al-Chirkawi

(Quddussurahul Aziz)^

Hudhrat Mufti Hafiz Dhiya’uddin al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi (Da’mat Afdhalahum)

Abul Hasnat Islamic Research Centre, Hyderabad Deccan, India

Shaykh al-Shariah wa’l-Tariqah Shah Turabul Haq al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Da’mat Afdhalahum)
Jamat Ahlesunnat, Karachi, Pakistan
[^] We added sidi Shaykh before incident while reaching to article’s completion, however we hope that someone
knowledgeable (Alim’e Deen) will respond upon behalf (authorized).

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 78


Al-Shaykh al-Shariah wa’l-Tariqah Mufti Akhtar Ridha al-Azhari al-Hanafi (Da’mat Afdhalahum)
Jamiat-ur-Raza, India

Al-Shaykh Mufti Muhammed Afz’al al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Da’mat Barkatahum)

Tanzeem-e-Ahlesunnat (Member S.I.C)
Mararian Shareef, Gujrat, Pakistan


One faqeer praise, “O Sidna Rasul Allah (Alehe Salat-O-Salam), do not look towards our Sins, be
covered (Arabic: Tah’tul-Hijab) it, because that will give your eminence (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) pain
(Arabic: Eza), whereas to us Hell forever, hence your eminence (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) remembers
us in blessing (Shafa’at), because aren’t we yours (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) innocent poor sheeps”.

O Allah do not punish us because your beloved (Alehe Salat-O-Salam) has said “Your Mercy
(Rehmat) is above your Wrath (Azab)” hence we are hopeful to your Mercy (Rehmat) that our sins
will be ignored (Dar Guzar Farma) and forgive (Bakhsh dey) and will be abolish under cover
(Tah’tul-Hijab), either we will not going to be examine severely because couldn’t have ability to
sustain or bares [We repent (Taubah) | Astagh’firullah], thus send us your Mercy (Rehmat) rather
than Wrath (Azab), because we fears. Ameen Thum’ma Ameen.

Labaika Ya Sayyadi Ya Rasul Allah


Adna Faqeer Tanzeel Bukhari al-Hanafi(ghafaralahu)

The Qadri Sword Team
Karachi, Pakistan

24th, Shawwal al-Mubarak, 1433 Hijri

Tuesday, 11th September, 2012 A.D
22nd, Ramadhan Sharif, 1436 Hijri
Friday, 10th July, 2015 A.D
[2nd Review]

“… See ‘Maktubat al-Nuriyah [Vol.1]’ for alterations details | Pg.85 …”

[*] Currently Allama Shah Turab-ul-Haq al-Hanafi Sahab (Madde Zillahu) is ill (request for praises), however
queries can be asked and it will be respond by Ulama’e Kiram bench.
[^] All revision has been done under [Revised Note], in gray color.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 79



Quran Majeed (& Tafasir):

“Tafseer Ibn’e Abbas”

Mufasir-e-Qur’an Hudhrat Sidi Abd’ullah bin Abbas (Radhi Allah Anhuma)
Translation by Qudwat-us-Salf Hudhrat Allama Mufti Muhammed Muqtadir al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Quddussurahul Aziz) and
Simplification (Tas’heel) by Hudhrat Allama Mufti Muhammed Aziz Ahmed al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Quddussurahul Aziz)

“Tanwir al-Miqbas min Tafsir Ibn Abbas”

Mufasir’e Qur’an Hudhrat Abd’ullah bin Abbas (Radhi Allah Anhuma)
Al-Shaykh Muhammed Ibn Ya’qub al-Shafa’ee Al-Firouz’abadi (Rehmatullahi Alehe)
English Translation by Mokrane Guezzou
Edited by Yousuf Meri, Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute of Islamic Thought, Amman, Jordan

“Kanz’ul Eman fi Tarjuma’tul Qur’an”

Imam Ahl’al-Sunnah Sidi Muhammed Ahmed Ridha al-Hanafi al-Qadiri (Quddussurahul Aziz)
English Translation (mentioned as Mafhoom) of Kanz’ul Eman (with respect to pointers accordingly) is taken from

“Khazain-ul-Irfan (Hashiyyah Alal Kanzul Eman)”

Imam Ahl’al-Sunnah Sidi Muhammed Ahmed Ridha al-Hanafi al-Qadiri (Quddussurahul Aziz)
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(Quddussurahul Aziz)

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“Nuzhatul Qari Sharah Sahih al-Bukhari”

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Qad’ri (Quddussurahul Aziz).

Fi’qh & Tasawuf:

“Ghun’yah al’Tualibeen”
Ghawth-ul-Azam Sidi al-Shaykh Muhammed Abdul Qadir al-Geylani al-Hanbali (Quddussurahul Aziz)
Translation by Hudhrat Allama Muhammed Siddique al-Hazarvi al-Hanafi al-Chishti (Da’mat Barkatahum)

“Ahya’ul Uloom’ud Din” and “Kee’miya-e-Sa’adat”

Imam Sidi Muhammed Muhammed al-Ghazali al-Shafa’ee *al-Farmadvi (Quddussurahul Aziz)
Translation by Hudhrat Allama Muhammed Siddique al-Hazarvi al-Hanafi al-Chishti (Da’mat Barkatahum) and Hudhrat
Allama Muhammed Saeed Ahmed al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandsi (Rehmatullahi Alehe)

[*] Sidi Imam Abu-Hamid Muhammed al-Ghazali (Rehmatullahi Alehe) was a disciple of Sidi Shaykh Abu Ali
Muhammed al-Farmadi (Quddussurahul Aziz), and Sidi Shaykh Abu Ali Farmadi (Rehmatullahi Alehe) was one of the
most famous and pious Sufi saints of Al-Tariqah Al-Naqshbandiyah, see golden Chain of Sultan Al-Awliyah, that’s
why menitoning “al-Farmadvi” to Sidi Imam Muhammed al-Ghazali (Quddussurahul Aziz) name.
Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 80

“Bahar’e Shari’at”
Imam al-Fi’qh Hudhrat Mufti Muhammed Amjad Ali A’azmi al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Quddussurahul Aziz)
Correction (Proof Reading) by Hudhrat Allama Mufti Muhammed Amin al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Rehmatullahi Alehe)

“Al-Ibriz (al-Malfoozat’e Ghawth’ul-Waqt Sidi Shaykh Abdul-Aziz al-Dabbagh al-Maliki [Rehmatullah

Imam Sidi Ahmed bin Mubarak al-Maliki al-Salj’masi (Quddussurahul Aziz)
Translation by Hudhrat Allama Muhammed Muhiyuddin Jahangir al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Da’mat Barkatahum)

Seerat & Other:

“Hujjat’ul Lahil Ala’meen fi Moaj’zaat Sayyadil Mursaleen”

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Imam wa Khateeb, Jama Masjid Madni, Khushab, Pakistan.

“Khasais’ul Kubra”
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“Mashal’e Rah (Book is upon British Rule over India and their extortions, tremendous research)”
Written in Urdu Language by Hudhrat Allama Abdul-Hakim Akhtar al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi (Rehmatullah Alehe)

“Tareekh’e Najd’O Hijaz”

Written in Urdu Language by Hudhrat Allama Mufti Abdul-Qayyum al-Hazarvi al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Rehmatullah Alehe)

“Sawanah’e Hayat Sidi Allama Shah Ahmed al-Siddiqui al-Noorani”

Composed (Murat’tab) by Hudhrat Maulana Muhammed Amin al-Hanafi al-Qad’ri (Da’mat Barkatahum)

“Awliyah Rijal al-Hadees”

(Extorted from several Kutub al-Rijal al-Ahadith, esp. Tehzeeb-ut-Tehzeeb by Imam Zah’bi)
Written in Urdu Language by Hudhrat Allama Abdul-Mustafa A’azmi al-Hanafi al-Naqshbandi (Rehmatullah Alehe)

NOTE: There are several other Books and Transcipts being also used, written by several authentic and qualified
religious writers, esp. Sidi Imam Ahmed Ridha al-Brahechi al-Hanafi (Quddussurahul Aziz), but despite all these
efforts some Books (Religious) are not available (or say in our hands) otherwise present furthermore strong
references in every topic of this article.

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 81


Internet Sources:

Various e-media sources have been also used in preparation of this Article regarding Geography and Present Conditions in
regions, including conflicts and political trumoils, however most statistics have been taken from people (includes traditions
from Ulama).

Major Source (Websites)

Sufilive (Cyprus, Turkey), Haqqani Soul (Cyprus, Turkey), Harun Yayha (Turkey), Brasstacks (Pakistan), Zaid Hamid
(Pakistan), (Russia), Dar-Sirr (Morocco), Hidayah Research (Mesir & Turkey), Islamic Education (Holland), Faizan-
e-Attar Library (Pakistan) and some others related to it.

Sites & Videos

Other Sources: Wikipedia, Tourism and Travel Websites of every respected State and Region [*], Blogs, History Websites,
Youtube (Documentaries and Affairs) and some other concerned websites.

DENOTE: Remembers, all information from various NEWS SOURCES were only a NEWS (Kha’br) not necessary CONFESSION
(Shaha’dah), and there is a big difference between “NEWS: to heard from sources [electronic medium^]” and “CONFESSION:
examining by yourself or met someone (~many) who examined the reality”. WHY? Only because NEWS (Kha’br) can modify or
orchestrated or replicate whereas examining by yourself or you met someone (many) of that locality would definitely depicts
the difference. For instance, what happened exactly in LIBYA is not known to us because nearly all NEWS that has been
telecast or revealed, by various CHANNELS, were mostly orchestrated whereas when we heard from people or if a pious and
truth speaking person provide the information than one will find entirely different scenarios to the reality (had been

Therefore, due to feature (ability) of deception or propagating lies, e-Media isn’t reliable, meant not 100% valid, especially
when reporting away from your region or territories even could say about neighboring State, in context of NEWS, therefore it
is advisable to contact your local sources (people or friends in your social circles for verification, mainly if have in that
disturbed area) whenever any event happens or issue arises rather than relying completely on e-Media (including
Newspapers), we have did the same and so not relied completely upon e-Media, that’s why mentioned caution on many places,
only to avoid disinformation (so that couldn’t become a source or part of spreading lies). Therefore after getting verification
then shared it with others.

For instance: Egypt Today (Mesir al-Youm), Pakistan Today, Russia Today, China Today, Chechnya Today, Muslims Today
(Daghestan, Caucasian region, Russia) and several others. (All has been taken from Today nothing from Tomorrow :).

News Channels
Those who are the best in spreading Propaganda against any State, regime or affairs or portfolio, are the following; CNN
(USA), Fox News (USA), CBS (USA), BBC (Britain), “Russia Today (Russia), Press Tv (Iran), Al-Jazeera (Doha, Qatar), Al-
Arabiyah (UAE), Geo Tv (Pakistan), Reuters (France) and others. To the point, they gave coverage of every event or change
taking place but to some particular extent they depicts or telecasts as per interests lay in it or according to some specific
goals, that’s why when it comes up to defame any state or topple-up her government, they don’t lose a single chance or waste
moments to participate producing fake news (on beginning) or presenting negative reports (while carry-on assaults for
justification) or finally blurrs the reality (in case if their side or interest loses).
[*] If reader thinks (or knows) understanding or information illustrated (or depicted) about state or region is
incorrect but the reader has better understanding and information of that state or region than it is advisable to
follow correct information. Thanks
[^] Internet, Television, Radio, Cell-Phone, and so on forth.
[~] At least 2 shahadah from Adil Saleh Ra’julan.
[“] Remembers, Russia Today is not a complete propaganda machine because they only focuses as well as
promote or say emphasize upon Russian Policies and Interest in or for every region, can say itsy bitsy (Sixty Forty,
but less blurring or confusing compares to others) however in case of Libya they (including Iran’s Press Tv) were
involved (actually could be forcibly) in propaganda, when Tripoli was left (withdrew) by regime and then Colonel
Qazzafi’s Death news being orchestrated and then spread (they confirmed it too, rather than denying, as RT were
defending Qazzafi’s Regime in early reports, like Syria’s Asad Regime).

Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 82



Knowledgeable[‫ ]ﻋﻠﻤﺎء‬say, History information (or events | past or present)

based upon self examinations (or reported by else), newspapers, letters or
books (literature), therefore reliability or outcomes (end results) of analysis
totally depends upon it. Therefore, if any individual or group or nation,
thought they were harmed through this without solid proof(s)/evidence(s)
hence matter would be then research or review again until not get
satisfaction, therefore Dar-Haqq is not responsible for accusation(s) that it
is blaming us without proof through such material in form of texts
(literature) or speeches (audio/video).

Also, readers are hereby to inform that in any case of reproduce or misuse
of this document is strictly prohibited, an only distribution is permissible,
hence Dar-Haqq shall not accept any liability (reproduction) neither claims
(abuse). Thank you. [‫]ﺟﺰاﮐﻢ ﺧﯿﺮة‬


Dar-Haqq | Mazhab Ahl’al-Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah 83