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The Constitution and By-Laws of The City of Childrenz

Constitution of The City of Childrenz

Article 1: Name
The name of his city shall be The City of Childrenz, here after referred as The Kidz City. This city is also known as the home the worlds finest military base.

Article 2: Purpose
The purpose of this city will be to serve as a safe environment for children / child families and to ensure their future to be successful.

Article 3: Citizenship
The majority of the citizenship of this city will consist of children. Citizenship in the city shall be open to all who are interested in joining the city and those who fit in the following criteria. 1. You must not be or ever been part of any of a gang. If you were you must have to live five years straight after quitting and then you will be permitted to join. If you were ever part of the Chedester Gang, you are not allowed at all. 2. You must be willing to follow the rules of this city. 3. You must have had prior experience in survival skills. [NO WIMPS ALLOWED] 4. You must have had education in some field or the other, even if learned from an older sibling. 5. You must be willing to help out/ volunteer in places/ jobs in the city. 6. At least one person from your child family must serve in the militia. NOTE: You must apply to be part of the city. If your child family is accepted and not denied by the officers, you will then become a member of this city and receive your citizenship.

Article 4: Officers
The government of this city shall consist of seven people. A. President The president of this city will be Lisa Nelson. She will not own this city alone, but, also with the other 6 officers. She shall overlook the city supplying it with loads of new ideas to make our city a better place. She will also make new laws. She has a great imagination.

B. Vice President ( a.k.a VP) The vice president will be Kelly. She shall also give more ideas, but, also think of ways to make Lisas ideas work. As you know, Lisas ideas are not always realistic. Kelly will approve of Lisas laws before finalizing them and taking them to meetings. Lastly, if something happens to Lisa, Kelly will take over. With her intelligence, she makes a great vice president. C. Manager The city manager will be Nirali. She shall make sure everything is running right on track and will help out all over the city, almost like playing midfield in soccer; she is all over the place. She will help in the schools, hospitals, farms, and other places. She will be helping out the other officers will their jobs during tough times. Lastly, she will keep record of new child families and important documents. D. Secretary/ Advisor The city secretary/ advisor will be Archana. She will be in charge of scheduling conferences, meetings, fundraisers, and events. She has all the child families contact phone numbers, emails, and more. Lastly she provides the officers with helpful advice and updates the town website, E. Head Judge/ Executioner The citys head judge and executioner will be Lisa Marie. With the help of her violent and volatile personality, she shall be in charge of the head court and prove people innocent or guilty. If guilty, she will decide the punishment [HINT: USUALLY DEATH]. If it is death, she will be in charge of executing you in the deadliest and most unique way possible. The city is peaceful, but if you do something wrong or are planning to, allow me to give you some free advice. Beware of Lisa Marie. F. Spy The citys secret spy will be Nicole. [I guess that its not much of a secret anymore, but, its not like anyone will remember, right?] She will be appointed to ensure your safety. Basically, she will spy on other gangs and other people in the city to make sure they dont attack and/or follow the rules, depending on who she is spying on. Be careful on what youre up to. You could be next. You never know when shes spying on you. F. Head Architect The citys head architect will be Indra. She shall design new buildings, figure out new ways to make the buildings stronger, and makes sure the moat is working right. She also has personally designed the walls and teaches kids art in the city. She is in charge of all blue prints of the buildings and roads. The team of each office shall be till the officers are unable to work or when they reach age 70. Elections will be held one month prior to the end of their service to our city.

Article 5: Meetings
Regular meetings of the city shall be held once a week on Friday. At least one member from each child family must be present in each meeting unless we require

more people. We recommend it be the oldest child. Whoever attends the meetings will be your group leader. Your group leader will be responsible for attending all meetings unless they are excused. You can only be excused under some circumstances like a death in your child family. If no one will be attending a meeting from your child family, you must inform one of the officers immediately so they can send a messenger to send all the details and updates to you and your family. Special meetings will usually be held during emergencies or for planning special events.

Article 6: Amendments
This constitution shall be amended by a vote of simple majority of the citizenship at any regular or special meeting. You will get an advanced notice of an amendment change in an email notification, announcement, it will be on the city website which should be checked by you every single day promptly at 6PM for new announcements! Date Ratified: 03/19/13 Date Revised: 03/20/13 Date Revised: 03/21/13 Date Revised: 03/22/13 The next day scheduled for the constitution to be revised is 03/19/14.

By Laws of The City of Childrenz

Article 1: Citizenship
The procedure for citizenship is to fill in the application available on the city website, and to submit it in to the city secretary/ the application center. Taxes for this organization shall be 7 hours of community service and 2 new ideas per month. Citizenship will be voided if a child joins a gang or does not complete the requirements to be a citizen which includes following the rules of the city. 1. No explosives allowed. 2. No violence allowed with any other citizen of the city. 3. You may not bully anyone. 4. No stealing or trespassing.

5. No working with other gangs 6. You are not allowed to carry any weapons like knives or guns unless you are in militia training or have the permission from an officer. You are allowed to carry pepper spray which should only be used to defend yourself which you have the right to do even verbally if someone is accusing you of a crime. 7. You have the right to deny someone from entering your home besides on room inspection days. 8. You have the right to make a petition. 9. No littering. 10. You are not allowed to skip school unless you have some good reason and have permission from and officer. 11. You must follow your schedule given to you on your first day at our city. 12. You must where your ID at all times. This way we know that you are not an intruder. 13. On a normal day, you must be woken up by 6:00 and in bed by 10:30, but we recommend that the younger children go to bed earlier around 9:00. 14. You must follow your responsibilities as citizen. More specific rules will be given to you on your first day along with a guide, your ID, a map, and a copy of the constitution and by laws of this city. Remember, your citizenship could be taken away at any time if you are doing something wrong, so control your behavior.

Article 2: Selection of Officers

The selection of officers will be done by voting. The removal of officers will be when they either remove themselves, or are proven guilty of committing a crime.

Article 3: Committees
you must join four to five committees to help run our city. You may be permitted to join specific groups based on your age and hobbies. For example, most of the younger kids will be part of the farming committee. It will be up to you to join the committees you want, but a few will be recommended.

Article 4: Rules of Order

This city shall be ruled by the rules stated in the "rules of order."

Article 5: Amendments
these by-laws may be changed/ revised by a vote with a simple majority. Date Ratified: 3/19/13

Date Revised: 3/20/13 Date Revised: 3/21/13 The next day scheduled for the by - laws to be revised is 03/19/14.

MADE AND WRITTEN BY THE FOUNDING GIRLS: Nirali Patel Kelly Chen Archana Sadangi Lisa Marie Indra Sharma Nicole Tam

Lisa Nelson

Cut out and hand in on your second day!!!

I have read and agree to all terms of the constitution.

Sign above