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Trailer Analysis: Directed Richard LaGravenese - Beautiful Creatures The first Trailer I looked at is Beautiful Creatures.

. This trailer gives an incite of what the film is going to about, and whether or not is the film going to be interested. The main Actors in the movie are Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich.
From the start of the trailer, the camera starts to zoom into a gate (this is the mise en scene), this gate is shown to have vines and branches making it look mysterious and scary at the same time. The reason why the director started with this was so that the audience can feel that something is not right about the movie and will capture their attention as they would want to find out more about this movie.

Then the trailer does a cut shot and shows a mysterious man who is dressed in white from head to toe standing outside from what seems to be a house however is very old and has not been cleaned as vines have grew over the house. This making the movie seems even more mysterious as the audience starts too wonder who is this man and why is he in a house with vines everywhere. The vines connotation is that there is going to be some sort of mysterious force within this movie as vines are always seen as lethal and dangerous as vines are shown on TV as a mystical plant and how they move around things, in this case gates and doorways as the connotations are that you are forbidden to go there as the vines act as if there snakes as some are very poisons. The denotation of the vines is a woody stemmed plant of the grape family. Some are poisonous like ivy connoting that the film will poison you. As from the very beginning as I said that Vines were on the gates and now on a house shows that this movie will have some dark secrets too share. The man in the white is meant to show the connotation of that he is very peaceful and nothing is wrong as the director is trying to confuse the audience because if the man was so peaceful why is he in a house with vines growing through it.

The mise-enscene in this is of a girl who is faced towards a wall however is looking sideways which where we can see that she is looking like she is about to move and turn towards the audience. This is when Alice Englert is first shown in the trailer. The reason why her body is in this particular side as the director is trying to show the imagery of a innocent girl by her alone in a room with nothing but a poster and pitches with a vase of orange flowers. Her body language gives the impression that she is confused and is thinking about what to do. The orange flowers emphasises that something dark is going to happened as the imagery of them is that they about to die out for the next season to come like how trees change season, and just before they winter they are orange and fall off trees. The SFX of this shot is darkness as there are no light shows to show that nothing good will happen only bad things will happen with in this movie. The narrative of this trailer is through different senses from the film. In this particular shot the women from the last scene is talking about the main character and we hear what her name is Lena Duchannes, with her body language like this and the release of her name the audience can see that there is something not right about her, and would want to know what. What is wrong with her? The next hot is a cut shot zoomed into her side of the face still capturing her body language is on the side as her head is a bit tilted and the mise-en-scene is that we only can see her face and everything ells is bleared out of the shot. This is so that the audience can get a look at the character and make there assumptions on who she is and what she is.

The entry of her in a school is very important as we hear the women in the church talking about Lena and her school history; how when she goes to school its always things go bad there. The school entry is important as the audience start to pay attention on what is so weird about her and

want to see if what the women is saying is true or not. This sense is a multi- media as the scene contains the women speaking and the effect of the scene is very dark to make it mysterious and make her hair camouflage with the door sides, this is so that the audience can question Lena as character as she does not blends with any of the students as they have not shown them however already blends in with objects.

Now within this shot the camera pans through making sure the boy is within the camera shot with a an medium shot of the boy so the audience can see his face and see his reaction to the girl. The audience now will realise that this movie has something to-do with love. The mode of address is that the boy speaks for himself. The boy does not need to be spoken for as he looks innocent to make the audience to feel that he is going to be the hero, the one reason why this girl will survive from whatever bad thing will happen. The denotation of this, is that his innocent looking face makes it as if he just woken up and shows that he has never seen nothing so beautiful in his life before. This emphasises that he likes her and in this film he will be soon to be seen as a hero to this girl. This shot is a long shot, it includes Lena as the focal point of the camera and with the boy at the background as the second layer for the audience to look at however he is a bit blurry and other pears in the class is a blur that is unrecognisable. The directors and the producers thought that by doing this camera effect that the audience can see that the girl Lena is really the one who is in power. This shows that this film is not following the ideology of that in society mens are more powerful than women because in most films its always the mens that have the supernatural powers not the womens. The camera angle effects the way we as the audience see the characters and how we feel. We firstly see that Lena is in charge and she gets angry very quickly which she cant control, which is why her facial expression is very angry. With the focal point being on her shows that she has powers

and you should be watcher her every movement. However with the boy he is bleared out however is still visible to work out. This shows that he does not have much power over her and that he is still in the blur of what she is. The denotation of this is that power is seen in society as that men will always be the ones to have power however now it is on the other side where a female has more power over a man this makes the audience feel very pleased as they see that it is not a film how normally mens are the ones who are supernatural creatures, making the audience want to watch it.

This scene is shocking as the boy who is named in the film Ethan Wate is going through those mysteriously looking evil gates. This is when the audiences mind starts to capture images of what could happen, the music starts and starts to get tense as he walks through the gates. The reason why the producers of the film started the music at this exact scene to show that once he walked through those gates there no turning back. There trying to say from there on Ethan will start to unravel the secrets. This now makes audience shocked as they know that thoses gates are a sign of Evil. Alden Ehrenreich looks very innocent while walking through the enchanted gates. His facial expression looks innocent as he is trying to convey that he is walking into the unknown. His grip to the gates has the denotation of him crossing that fine line of good to evil and he is scared of what might the outcomes be however has to be brave. His body language is crying to show that he is hesitating to go through the gate. Making the reader feel scared for him but exited at the same time as they feel that they will find out a lot of answers for their questions about Lena as he crossed over to that line of evil. Lana and Ethan are both walking into a enchanted place in what looks like an secret chamber. Lana and Ethan both walking side by side to each other. However Lana is walking straight through the doors Ethan is looking around and taking it all in. Alden is told to do this as he is meant too look as if he is walking into the unknown however knows that he is safe as long as he stays close to Lena. Which is the reason why he stays close to her, the connotation of him staying close to her is that he loves her enough to trust her to take him on a supernatural experience. That although he is afraid as long as she is with him nothing can happen. The reason why she is walking straight through the door is because she is showing that she is not scared as she saw much worse. This scene will make the audience cringe as they begin to see what Lena is not acutely a bad character however she dose behold mystical powers.

This scene is very effective as it is of Lena is sitting and reading a book and the doors are closing in the chamber as everyone ells is forbidden from going into the chamber. The denotations of this are that only powerful people can go into the chamber as it will only show those who have powers

The trailer is mainly aimed at young teenagers aged (13-17) who believe in love, and fantasies about how love could be with a bit of adventure. Anyone can watch this film however it is mostly aimed at teenagers as the director and producers know that majority of teenagers are just starting to find their way in life and one of the big things in teenagers life is love. Love is something that all teenagers want, by making a film that is about forbidden love makes teenagers want to watch as they want to find out what happens, and whish that it was them going through the experience like the film. The lighting of the trailer is very dark, so that it could make the audience feel that something dark is going to happen. The connotations of any films lighting being dark is to make the audience be afraid, this is a convention. This trailer uses the conventions because they want it to appeal to teenagers who believe in supernatural creatures or desire to be one. Teenagers minds are very imaginative which is why the producers mainly aimed this film at them because they know that making a movie that is forbidden will sell.

The poster of the film its says dark secrets will come to light this means that evil secrets will be told to people. This is said to captures teenagers, as they will start to question the poster. They will wonder what kind of secrets, as teenagers keep a lot of secrets it is appealing for them to know about this one. Lena (Alice Englert) has direct mode of address to audience to make the audience feel as if she is looking at them. The producers of the film knew that it will be effective as teenagers will feel that the Lana is looking at them to watch the film and that if they watch the film, something similar could happen to them. Lana has a serious face so that it could make the movie look as if it is very serious and evil. Also she is dressed in black. The imagery of black is evil and death, which is why the stylist made her wear a black dress. The dress is a gown so that its could look vintage and old, making things look even more creepy. This is appealing to teenagers as it is in fashion to wear dark cloths, making teenagers think that looks pretty and them making them watch the trailer then watch the film as they want to find out what ells she wears. Also the dress gives a vintage feel as films of 1970s was when scary films started to come out more. Trying to portray that the film is scary through the colour of the dress. The ideology of Lena having very big cheek bones makes her look like a modal. In real life Alice Englert does not have very big cheek bones however the poster makes her look like as if perfect in every way (in how society sees the perfect women) however she is evil. Modals have to have very big cheek bones because they emphasise a modals facial structure and its interesting to look at. In this case is not only to make her facial shape stand out but her facial expression as well. This is because Alice has to look evil to portray that she is a bad person and no one can every love her. All the character are looking mysterious and have direct mode of address however are at the foreground of the poster, behind Lena, This is because Lena is the main character in the film. The donations of all the characters giving eye contact to the audience is so that the audience can feel that they are wanted and they will be apart of something big if they watch the film. The background of trees makes the poster look enchanted affecting the audience to know that the film is something to do with magic and mystical powers, however something bad will happen as the tree branches looks like they are taking over, making it look like a jungle that will take over. Connoting those bad things will happen and how evil will take over.

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