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I have chosen my average audience, two are male and one female.

I have done this as the market for this genre of magazine is predominantly male. I have also got a range of ages from 17 35 as I believe these are fairly close to the target market my magazine I will aim for. They are all from a range of backgrounds who want to go down different paths in life and end up in different places. I believe the range my magazine can offer to I limited in some ways but appeals also to a wide variety as well. Name: Adam Bennifer Age: 19 Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Preferred Music: Metal, Rock and Dubstep Favourite Bands: Asking Alexandria, Stone Sour, Sevenfold, Exision, Parkway Drive, Rise to Remain Interest in Preferred music: Influences: Friends Radio Kerrang Likes the volume Likes the atmosphere Likes mosh pits The music is exiting and fast paced Adept, Avenged

Occupation: Mechanic at a local garage and is studying engineering level 2 at Leicester College Plans for later Life: To get an apprenticeship in engineering. He likes cars and listens to the radio or iPod when working. Favourite colours: Black, Purple Blue.

Name: James Slawson Age: 17 Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Preferred Music: New Metal, Alternative, Rock, Punk Favourite Bands: A day to Remember, Three Days Grace, Hollywood Undead, Arctic Monkeys, Bullet For my Valentine, Asking Alexandria, Atreyu Interest in Preferred Music: Influences: Rock is good when socialising listens to it when out Friends Used to read Kerrang Likes the Culture behind the rock Likes the face autotune is not used Likes music in general, it appeals to him

Occupation: Works at Garden Centre and Pub, listens to radio and phone, studies at college full time doing A-levels Plans for later Life: Want to become a CAD designer and wants to progress to become a project manager. Favourite colours: Orange, Black and Green

Name: Helen Davies Age: 35 Gender: Female Marital Status: In a relationship Preferred Music: Rock, 80s Metal and Punk Favourite Bands: Pink Floyd, UK Subs, Black Sabath, Thin Lizzie, White Snake, Van Haylen, Led Zeplen, Rolling Stones Interest in Preferred Music: Influences: Media Radio Likes the atmosphere Likes music from back when she was younger The music upbeat and lively

Occupation: Full time hair dresser and Mother Plans for later Life: Carry on hairdressing and Caring for family. She hopes to put her daughter through university. Also wants to go to more gigs after daughter goes to uni. Favourite colours: Purple, Green, Turquoise