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Hi Angel, *For unit four I would always try to include at least one Teleological theory, one deontological theory

and one Hybrid. Unless the questions specifies something else in which case ensure that you always include at least 2. *It would be absolutely fine for you to do a practice essay, I have attached a paper to this email. If you could please complete this by Friday 8th February, How to get an A at RS A-Level: Use examples- whether religious or unreligious they demonstrate a deeper understanding to the examiner. Recent articles in RE Today magazine have also supported this. Set the scene- putting a theory, belief or concept into the political and social context within which it was conceived shows a more synoptic understanding of the topic Clear and formal writing style- good use of paragraphs, introduction and conclusion. Makes answers clear and also shows to the examiner that you are confident enough in your knowledge to take time over answering your question. Using and explaining quotations- Either from the Bible or primary sources. Simply learning a quote does not demonstrate an understanding of what the person or theory was saying. Relating back to the exam question this shows the examiner that you are relating your knowledge to the question and not just regurgitating everything you know. Tips on intros and conclusions: Your introduction needs to explain the concepts and issues raised in the question and if a specific person is mentioned explain who they are and a little bit about their background. For example: Explain the key concept in Utilitarianism Utilitarianism is a form of theory that looks at how you can best make a moral decision. It is a teleological or consequentialist theory, meaning that it is concerned by the outcome that an action produces rather than the rightness of the action itself. Utilitarianism is often described as a hedonic theory as it is primarily concerned with the happiness or pleasure that can be produced for those involved. Three main ethicists have contributed to the theory throughout history, each developing the theory in a different way. The theory was first developed by Jeremy Bentham in the 18th century and later adapted by John Stuart Mill and Peter Singer. I will go on to explain the specific strands they developed below. Conclusion- this needs to be very briefly summing up your answer so should pick out all the key points or arguments and restate them briefly. If its a 20 marker then you should respond directly to the question. For example if the question says Utilitarianism doesnt work you would have argued for and against in your answer and then you would decide whether you agree or disagree and explain why in your conclusion!