These creatures look exactly like humans except for one important detail: their faces are on their chests. Some of them do have heads, which they carry around with them under their arm. The Acephali are said to have once been human, but they rebelled against the gods and to punish them the gods removed their heads.

The Afrit are from Arabia and are the most powerful type of Djinn. They can take any form they desire, and are inherently evil. Their name translates as "unclean spirits". Afrit is also spelled Afreet, Affreet, or Ifrit.

Aigamuxa are creatures that plague the Hottentot tribe of Africa. They live in the desert, and feed on the flesh of men. They are easily beaten, however, as their eyes are located in the insteps of their feet. In order to see their victims they must get on their hands and knees and hold up a foot. Other than their misplaced eyes they look like men.

Al Burak
The Al Burak is a mule with the head of a beautiful woman and a tail and mane of peacock feathers. It is a Arabian symbol of Purity. The Al Burak flew the Prophet Mohammed around Arabia and to the seven heavens and brought him back before the water glass he knocked over had the chance to spill onto the ground.

The Alicanto is a bird from South America that eats gold ore, which causes his feathers to reflect light. He cannot fly, being too ladden with metal, so he scuttles around on the ground.


Amalthea is the goat who suckled Zeus when the god was an infant. Out of one of her horns flowed nectar, and out of the other, ambroisia. After Alamthea died, Zeus took her horns and kept the golden apples of the Hesperides in them. Amalthea is also spelled Amaltheia or Amalthaea.

The Amphisbaena is a two-headed creature. One of it's heads holds the other at the neck, bending the creature into a circle. It moves by rolling itself like a hoop, and can go in any direction in this way. The Amphisbaena is the first creature to come out of hibernation in the spring. It has very poor eyesight and likes to eat ants. According to the Roman writer Pliny, the skin of the Amphisbaena can be taken as a remedy for cold shivers. The word Amphisbaena means "to go both ways" in Greek.

Angels are the messengers of the gods and are far more ancient than either Judaism or Christianity would suggest. They are made of light itself, and are protective creatures of ultimate good. The word angel means "messenger" The Angels of the ancient Hebrew people were separated into ten classes: 1. Bene Elohim 2. Cherubim 3. Erelim 4. Hashmalim

5. Ishim 6. Malachim 7. Ophannim 8. Seraphim 9. Sishanim 10. Tarshishim The Angels in the Koran have different jobs: nineteen deal with Hell-Fire, eight support the throne of God. Several others take the souls of the deserving to Heaven when their physical bodies die. Two stay with each human during their life. One recording good deeds, the other bad deeds. The ancient Syrians had nine types of Angels separated into three classes: Upper Class: Cheribum Thrones Seraphim Middle Class: Lords Powers Rulers Lower Class: Angels Archangels Principalities

Angiras are angels from India. They carry messages between the gods and men. Angiras is sometimes spelled Angiris.

Apsaras are water nymphs from India. They are described as beautiful women with wide hips and red colored toes. They wear gauzy clothing that mimics the movements of water as they dance.

Argus was a Giant with 100 eyes that were placed all over his body. He never closed all of his eyes at once, sleeping with at least half of them open. For this reason he made an excellent guard. The Goddess Hera had him guard the maiden Io, a lover of Zeus who had been turned into a white cow. Zeus sent Hermes to rescue the maiden, which the god was able to do by singing to Argus and getting him to close all of his eyes. When Argus was completely asleep and unaware, Hermes killed him. In return for his service and sacrifice, Hera placed his eyes onto the tail feathers of the peacock, a bird which from then on has been sacred to the Goddess.

The Arimaspians were a race of Scythians with only one eye. They were the mortal enemies of Griffins, and the Arimapsians were always attempting to steal gold from them.

Arion was the son of Poseidon and Demeter. He looked like a giant white horse with two human legs. He was as fast as the waves and was capable of human speech.

The Aspidodelone was the whale/turtle sea monster that swollowed Jonah. His giant stomach was described as being as dark and dank as Hell itself. Aspidodelone was one of the Zaratan.

These two immortal twins are the heralds of the dawn in Hindu stories. They have golden skin and bright eyes that have the power to melt away the chill of the night. They travel through the skies on a chariot with three wheels pulled by a flock of birds. They are excellent healers, and can heal the injuries of both humans and the gods. The Nasatyas are also known as the Aswins.

Pantheon: Norse Titles: Alternate Names/Spellings: Audhumbla, Audumla Gender: Female Audhumla is the divine cow whose milk made up the four rivers that nourished Ymir. She sustained herself by licking the salty ice. Audhumla existed in Ginnungagap before the begining of the world, and was the first creature. She was born from the mists created when the warm winds of the south warmed the northern ice fields. In old German her name means "dark void".

The auki are mountain spirits from Peru and the Andes Mountains region. They have the ability to heal the sick, and local shamans called brujos have the ability to channel their power through themselves. Auki only come to the shamans when they whistle to them.

Bacchae were the female devotees of the Roman god Bacchus. In Greece they were known as Maenads.

This Arabian creature is a type of Behemoth. It looked like a gigantic shining fish swimming in the deepest waters of the world. He carries all of existance on his back.

Balius and Xanthus were the immortal steeds of Achilles sired by the West Wind and one of the Harpies. They originally had the gift of both prophecy and speech, but speech was taken away by the Erinys so that they would not warn their master of his death at Troy or share any godly secrets with humans.

The English Banshee (Irish "Bean Sidhe") is a fairy woman who wails when death is approaching. They do not cause death, only mourn it. Banshees are almost always female, and are usually seen with long, dark, black hair and pale cheeks. Their eyes also are usually red from crying.


Baphomet was a form the Devil could take, and in this form he was supposedly worshiped by the Knights Templar. Baphomet was a half woman, half man creature with two crescent horns on its head.

The Barometz is a creature that is half plant, half animal. It is roughly shaped like a sheep. When it is picked it lets out a horendous screech, and blood wells from its severed stems. Because is has blood flowing in its veins, it is thought that wolves like to eat it. It may be related to the Mandrake. Another name for the Barometz is the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary.

Basilisks are truly frightening creatures. They were described by the ancients as being large snakes with stingers on the end of their tails. Later stories says that they have the head of a chicken, the body of a large reptile, and a stinger on the end of their tail. The breath and glance of a Basilisk are deadly, with the power to not only kill all animals and plants that come in contact with them, but to split rocks as well. The only creature immune to the glance of a Basilisk is the weasel, which is also the animal that is able to harm a Basilisk. Needless to say everywhere the hissing Basilisk goes turns into a desert wasteland incapable of supporting life of any sort. The only known way to slay a Basilisk safely is to get it to look at its own reflection. The Basilisk is born from an egg laid by a chicken and incubated by a frog. The name Basilisk comes from the Greek word basiliskos, meaning "Little King". Egyptians called Basilisks Ouraions.

The Behemoth is a creature as old as time itself. He is one of the strongest things ever to exist.

Berserkers are the half-mad warriors who serve Odin. They are thought to be men, and they wear the skins of wild animals such as wolves and bears. They are extremely strong and very cruel due to their wild nature.

Sasquatch is large, hairy, man-shaped creature that live in the forests of North America, especially around the border of the US and Canada. Like their cousin in the Himalays (known as Yeti) they have been glimpsed at by many, but no proof of their existance has been found except the odd fur and footprints. Perported video tapes of the Yeti and Sasquatch do exist, but the scientific community refutes them as concrete evidence. Sasquatch is also known as Bigfoot.

Blue Hag
The Blue Hag, or Cailleach Bheur, lives in Scotland. She is the bringer of winter. She carries a staff with her that freezes whatever it touches, and prevents flowers from ever growing on that spot again.

Blue Men of the Minch
This variety of Mermen is very rowdy, and have the ability to cause storms at sea. They differ from ordinary mermen in appearance in that they are totally blue. They can be found from Scotland to the African coast. Though difficult, it is possible to get by them by distracting them with riddles and rhymes.

Bogies are short, dark, and furry goblins who like to scare children (who are they only ones who can see them). They have red eyes that occasionaly glow with mischeif. Their quick wit and mischievous dispositions make them very dangerous to those who get on their bad side. The best known Bogie is the Boggie Man. Bogies are also known as Cucui, Cocos, Boggles, and Boggarts.

Brownies are helpful household spirits who, like their name suggests, like to dress in brown. They are humanoid, but are much smaller than humans. Brownies love to help humans, but if you anger a brownie it will destroy anything it desires. They will also disappear if seen by a human. Brownies can be befrended by offerings of bread and cream. They have a special friendship with bees, though they are friendly with all animals.

Blue Hag
The Blue Hag, or Cailleach Bheur, lives in Scotland. She is the bringer of winter. She carries a staff with her that freezes whatever it touches, and prevents flowers from ever growing on that spot again.

The Caladrius was a large bird with pure white feathers. It had the ability, if it desired, to cure any sickness by sucking it out of the person and spitting it into the sky. If the person was unworthy of saving the Caladruis refused to look at them. The Caladrius comes to us from Medieval Europe.

This creature lives in the mud flats of Ethiopia. It looks like a gigantic buffalo with scaly skin, wings, and boar tusks. Like the Basilisk, it can kill any creature merely by looking at it. Being a large creature, it is not very fast, and holds its head down low, making it easier to escape from than many other dangerous creatures.

Centaurs were horses with the upper-portion of a man's torso where a head would normally be. They were generally considered to be uncivilized, and that was why they were part beast. All centaurs were male.

Famous Centaurs:
Cheiron--"The Great Teacher". He was more humane and civilized than most men, and taught many of the great heroes including Herakles, who accidentally killed him. After his death he was put into the sky as the constellation Sagittarius. Nessus--He tricked Herakles into letting him carry Deianira accross a river, and planed to abduct her before Herakles could cross. Herakles found out, and shot Nessus with an arrow. Before Nessus died he told Deianira that when applied to a cloak, his blood would make the wearer of the cloak love her forever. She believed him. She put it onto one of Herakles' cloaks, but instead of making him love her, it burned his skin, and to escape the pain he was forced to kill himself. Deianira hung herself after finding out what she had done. Pholus--While chasing a boar, Herakles stoped at his house and ate dinner there. All was fine and dandy until Pholus hesitated to serve the Centaurs' common wine with the great hero. Herakles insisted, and Pholus served the wine. The other centaurs smelled the wine, and fought Herakles for it. He killed or chased away those who attacked him. Pholus died in the battle, having droped one of Herakles' poisoned arrows on his own foot. Eurytion--He tried to violate king Dexamenos' daughter, but Herakles rescued the girl and killed Eurytion. Elatos--The Centaur that Cheiron was protecting when Herakles shot Cheiron. Abas--A skilled hunter.

The Cerastes is a type of serpent that lives under sand. When submerged beneath the surface the only part of it showing are four horns on the top of its head, which it uses to lure small animals in for the kill. Anyone lucky enough to catch a Cerastes can use its horns to detect poison.


Cerberus is the three-headed dog who guards the gates to Hades' Realm. He has a serpent for a tail.

Charybdis takes the form of a large whirlpool in a once calm sea straight. On the cliffs overlooking Charybdis is Scylla, a many-headed monster that was once a lovely young woman.

Changelings are fairy children that fairies leave in the cribs that they have taken a human child out of. Changelings are usually small and pale, and tend to die very young. The stolen human children, when touched by the fairies, become fairies themselves.

Chi Lyn
The Chi Lyn (or Ki Lin) is a type of Unicorn from China. The male is called a chi, and the female a lyn. They have the body of a deer, the head of a dragon, the tail of an ox, and, like European Unicorns, a single horn in the middle of their foreheads. Each Chi Lyn is about the size of a goat. The skin of a Chi Lyn has hues of blue, black, green, red and white, the colors of the five Chinese elements. They are the gentlist of all creatures, not even bending the grass when they step on it. The Chi Lyn will also not eat living things, prefering instead to eat things that have already whithered and died. They live for one thousand years, but only appear when a worthy ruler is born or is about to die. The last confirmed Chi Lyn was seen in the time of Confucius. Back to Creatures Page


The Chimaera was a frightening creature with the front of a lion, the middle of a goat, the rear of a dragon, and the heads of all three creatures. This Chimaera was capable of breathing fire from

its mouths, and its breath was like the fumes in a volcano. It lived in the mountains of Lycia in Greece and roamed the mountains of Asia Minor until it was slain by the hero Bellerophon.

The Cimmerians were a mysterious tribe of people mentioned by the Greek poet Homer. The land of the Cimmerians was a land of fog and darkness, for the sun never rose upon it.

Like the Phoenix, the Cinomolgus is a type of bird that makes its nest at the top of a tree. The Cinomolgus prefers the Cinnamon tree, which is how it got its name (Cinomolgus means "Cinnamon Bird"). People wishing to collect cinnamon sticks throw rocks at the nest of the Cinomolgus, and down fall sticks of Cinnamon. This causes the bird much distress, and it often chooses Cinnamon trees that are very far from human settlements.

Cockatrices are related to Basilisks, and may in fact be the same creatures.

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Cock of Dawn

The Cock of Dawn is a magnificent golden three-legged chicken that the Chinese believe lives in a tree in the Land of Sunrise. His call awakens the dawn. It is believed that he is the ancestor of all roosters. His red comb is a symbol of the coming dawn.

The Corybantes are the male priests of the Phrygian goddess Cybele. Like Maenads and Bacchae their worship can become wild, even to the point where the Corybantes will castrate themselves in order to show their devotion to their goddess.

The Crocotta is a wild animal that lives in India and Ethiopia. He is the offspring of a hyena and lioness, and has parts of both creatures. His mouth is forever open, showing off his one tooth that stretches the length of his entire mouth. His backbone is one long inflexible bone that is on the outside of his body. His voice is like that of a wild man howling at the moon.

This strange bird is a friend to those working without light; he has lights on his head and wings which he will sometimes use to help humans see in dark places when they have no lights of their own.

Cu Sith
Cu Sith is an evil fairy dog whose appearance portends death. He looks like a large dog with yellow eyes and wet paws.

The cyclopses are giants that have only one eye, which is located in the center of their forehead. In Greek mythology there are two types of cyclopses: those born from the earth and the heavens, and those born from other gods. The three cyclopses born from the union of the earth and the sky were friends of the gods. They stood with them against the titans in the titanomachy. It was also because of this friendship that the cyclopses made great things for the gods,including Zeus' thunderbolts, Poseidon's trident, and Hades' helm of invisibility. Their names were Arges ("brightness"), Brontes ("thunderer"), and Steropes ("lightning-maker"). They were also a part of the Roman mythos, and they served the god Vulcan at Mt. Etna. The other type of cyclopses were savage, lawless, and often cruel. They prefered to live in the wilderness, but would harass men in search of supplies. This variety of cyclops was not known for their brains. One cyclops named Polyphemus, was the son of Poseidon. He captured the hero Odysseus in a cave and was blinded by him in order for the hero to excape from Polyphemus' cave. The cyclopses are portrayed as giant men with one eye. Being a generally savage race they did not wear much clothing, usualy only a loincloth and sandals.

The Cenocephali are men with the heads of dogs or dogs with the heads of men. They live on deserted islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They protect themselves from humans by laughing at them, which causes a typhoon to carry the humans away.

A Daemon is the spirit given to men by Zeus to protect him and guide him away from evil. It acts much like the Christian Guardian Angel, differing in that it is a part of each man, not sent by a god. The Romans called this spirit genius.

A Demon is an unholy or unnatural being. Demons are usually, but not always, malevolently evil. Christian Demons are considered to be either Fallen Angels or the souls of the human dead. They are God-haters and can appear in a variety of different forms including as humans, cats, and goats. Christian Demons have the ability to posess people. This posession can result in the host

foaming at the mouth, screaming obscenities against God, vomiting strange objects, and posessing super-human strength. Demons must be driven out of their host through exorcism. The Egyptians, Chinese, Koreans, and many other ancient cultures also had their own forms of demons. Traditional ways of keeping demons away from you include: hanging green branches over the doorways leading into your home, scattering bean flowers through the house, wearing a necklace made of peach pits, and holding a tamarisk branch and scattering the leaves.

Devas are rather new to the realm of magical creatures, being introduced through several of the modern New Age philosophies. Devas are nature guardians and come in every shape and size.

Devil Dogs
Many types of unholy dogs exist: Black Dandy Devil Dogs from England run wild through the moors and across the skies on stormy nights. They drive mad anyone who touches them. Like the Banshee their cries foretell death, especially death that they may be the cause of.

The Djinni are (mostly) evil spirits from Arabia. They came into existance before the world was fully formed and are made of black fire. Magicians, if powerful enough, can summon one, but if the magician shows even even a hint of weakness the Djinn it summoned can escape and wreck havoc on both the Magician and the world at large. Shooting stars appear when the Djinni are too many and the gods throw things at them in an attempt to prevent them from becoming too powerful.


Domovoi and his wife, Domania, are hairy Russian Brownies.

Dracs are river spirits from Europe who are unable to have children. Instead, they lure pregnant woman into the water by disguising themselves as golden rings and pulling the woman under when she reaches out to catch them.

There are two main types of dragons: European Dragons and Chinese Dragons. The European Dragon is a malevolent creature that looks like a gigantic serpent or lizard with wings. They have thick scales like either a fish or a snake. Dragons generally also have short legs, which they use to get around on foot. They use their leathery wings to fly long distances and over mountains and large stretches of water. They will destroy anything in their path by crushinging it or burning it with their fire-breath. The breath of a dragon has also been known to cause plagues. They typically live in caves and frequently guard treasures. Chinese Dragons are benevolent creatures that are friends to humans. They are symbols of power, strength, and virility.

Dwarves are the guardians of the minerals and precious metals of the Earth. They are gifted not only as blacksmiths, but as tailors, bakers, and fortune tellers as well. Dwarves have the ability to become invisible whenever they desire to do so. In Norse mythology the king of the dwaves was named Alberich. He was the guardian of the Nibelung treasure, and owner of the Tarnhelm, a helmet which made its wearer invisible.

Echidna is the mother of all Greek monsters, including the Chimaera, Cerberus, the Sphinx, the Hydra of Lerna, and Orthros. She has the upper body of a human woman, but her torso and legs are serpent-like. Her spouse is the monsterous Typhon.

The Ellerwomen are Fairies from Scandinavia that look like beautiful, normal-sized women, though inside they are completely hollow (as are their hearts). They live in abandoned buildings dance to music played by invisible musicians.

Elves are immortal, tiny, human-shaped magical beings. Male elves are thought to resemble old men, while female elves are considered to be beautiful and young looking. Elves live in kingdoms ruled over by a King and Queen. They are mischevious creatures, and delight in enchanting and playing tricks on humans. They come out after sunset to work their tricks, which include stealing babies, cattle, milk, and jewels. Elves are related to Pixies, Brownies, Fairies, and Leuprichauns, to name a few.

These creatures are the devotees of the goddess Hecate. They can assume the shape of any animal (even human), but whichever shape they take they always wear golden sandals. They devour the living, leaving their bones at crossroads to frighten unwary travellers. In their human form one of their legs is that of a donkey and the other is made of brass. One way to get rid of the Empusae is to insult them.

The Ercinee are birds from Germany with feathers that glow in the dark.

The Erinys
The Greek Furies, these ladies are not to be messed with! Even Zeus himself can do nothing to stop them from punishing the wicked and any unnatural act. They avenged crimes, driving their victims mad as they pursued them. Among those they tortured were Orestes, Oedipus, Meleager, and Agamemnon. The Furies are also sometimes ironically known as the Eumenides, or "the kindly ones".

Alecto--"The Relentless" Megaera--"The Grudge-Bearer" Tisphone--"The Blood Avenger"

Evil Eye
The Evil Eye is a large floating eyeball cast by a magician to curse someone. It follows the unlucky person and attacks them with evil intent. The Evil Eye can be averted by certain hand gestures, and blue glass beads. Blue eyes were also said to ward off the Evil Eye, and those with them were thought to be able to bannish it.

Fairies are popular magical creatures who have a long history in many cultures around the world. Fairies look like tiny humans with butterfly-like wings. They are quite unpredictible and can change shape or become invisible at will. Fairies are creatures of nature, and make their homes in the untamed forests in trees. They are shy around humans and hide quickly when they come near. Though they have wings, many fairies prefer to ride on the backs of insects and birds to using their own wings. To the Christians, fairies were fallen angels come to live on the earth, and were evil creatures. African fairies are thought to be the souls of the dead, and aren't necessarily evil.

Fauns are much like Satyrs, excect they are more childlike and live in the Roman countryside. They have the legs of goats, the upper body of a human, and pointed ears.

Feng is a Chinese Phoenix with three legs. He and his wife are immortal and live in the heart of the sun. Together they are symbols of eternal love.

Pantheon: Norse Titles: Alternate Names/Spellings: Fenrer, Fenris, Hrodvitnir Gender: Male Fenrir is the wolf offspring of Loki ad Angrboda. He was chained to a rock on the island of Amsvartner by Tyr, who lost his hand in the process. Fenrir will remain chained to the rock until Ragnarok, when he will break free and devour the sun.

The Formorii were the original rulers of Ireland and the sworn enemies of the Tuatha De Danaan. They were portrayed as violent and misshappen, and were the personifications of the powers of evil and darkness. Their cheif god was Balor, the god of death. The Formorii were defeated by the Tuatha De Danaan and they fled to live beneath the sea.

These creatures live in the waters of Scotland. They are generally green and have the mane and tail of a yellow horse. Fuaths have no noses, but they have very keen eyes, which they use to find humans lurking in their watery homes. They will pull the unsuspecting swimmers underwater to their deaths using their webbed hands and feet.

The Gandayak are Native American fairies that are the protectors of fish. They are very small and dwarf-like, and live in the the water, where they get around by being carried by the fish they protect.

Gandharvas are like Angels in that they are spiritual beings that live in the heavens. They are part human part horse or bird and come from India. They are said to guide human souls towards their next incarnation. Gandharvas guard the elixer of life, called the Soma, and distribute it to the gods. Also like Angels they enjoy making music, and often play songs for the Apsaras to dance to.

Gargoyles are monsters carved onto the outsides of stone buildings. Their purpose is two-fold: to scare off evil things and to funnel water off of the building into the street. A Gargoyle that doesn't funnel water is called a Grotesque.

Garuda is a giant, golden vulture man with red wings. He carries the Indian god Vishnu on his back. Although not a god himself, Garuda knows the secrets of the universe and can fly faster than the wind.

Pantheon: Norse Titles: Alternate Names/Spellings: Garme, Gamr, Garnr Gender: Male Garm is the wolf-dog who guards the underworld and watches over the dead. During Ragnarok he will leave the underworld and fight Tyr. Both Garm and Tyr will be killed.

Genie is a single Djinn. Though easier to control and deal with when alone, Genies are still quite formidable opponents.

The Djinni are (mostly) evil spirits from Arabia. They came into existance before the world was fully formed and are made of black fire. Magicians, if powerful enough, can summon one, but if the magician shows even even a hint of weakness the Djinn it summoned can escape and wreck havoc on both the Magician and the world at large. Shooting stars appear when the Djinni are too many and the gods throw things at them in an attempt to prevent them from becoming too powerful.

Geryon was a monstrous man with three bodies, three heads, and wings all together in one body. He owned a herd of man-eating cattle that the Greek hero Herakles had to capture for one of his labours. The cattle were guarded by Orthros, Geryon's two-headed dog. Geryon was killed by Herakles.

Ghosts are the restless spirits of the dead. They appear on Earth because they have unfinished business here, or they were otherwise denied access to the normal afterlife. When ghosts are present they usually make the area around them cold. Traditional ways of keeping ghosts at bay include: keeping dung in the house, eating wolf meat, planting lilies in your garden, carrying with you a rowan (ash) wood cross strung together with red thread, and planting bay trees in your yard.

Ghosts that live in graveyards are called Ghouls.

Giants are found in the stories of almost all cultures. Giants are simply large versions of human beings, though most are more savage and less civilized. The most famous giant was Goliath, who was killed by the youth David. In Mayan mythology four giant brothers called the Bacabs held up the Earth at its four corners. The Bacabs could also help control the winds and the rain.

Gnomes are Earth elemental spirits, and are the guardians of the treasures of the Earth and the Earth itself. They look like small, stocky old men, and wear brown robes that resemble the habits of Monks.

Goblins are small, grotesque, and malevolent creatures. They are knee-high to men and have thick grey hair and beards. They prefer to live in human homes, and act like Poltergeists, causing much trouble and making a general nuisance of themselves. Unlike Poltergeists, however, they will protect and give gifts to children. Goblins generally dislike adults. Goblins often have misshapen features, though they are generally human-looking. When they talk it is said to sound like dust travelling through cracks in the rocks or like mud being squished under a rock. Goblins are generally not very bright, but they are excellend thieves.

Gog and Magog are giants. They led the Aryan hordes that plagued the Middle East in Biblical times. It is said that they will be killed by the Israelites and their graves will be so big that they

Golden Hinds
Golden Hinds are sacred to the goddess Artemis and live in Cerynea in Greece. They have antlers and hooves of gold or brass.

Golems are creatures made by a Rabbi out of clay and wood. They are brought to life by a variety of means. Once they have come to life they become an extension of their creator's will, and the two are bound together physically forever, in that what ever happens to one will happen to the other.

Gonafo is the king of all magical creatures in West Africa. He looks like a giant bird and likes to eat fish.

The Gopis are the Nymphs of the Hindu religion. They are the shepherds of the cattle of the gods and can often be found in pursuit of the god Krishna.


The gorgons were three monsterous sisters, the most famous of which is Medusa. The sisters all had teeth and claws or brass, and had wings on their backs.

The Graiae are three hag sister from Greece. They have appeared old since birth and have but one eye and one tooth between them, which they share. They are the sisters of the Gorgons and are the only ones who know where to find them. The names of the Graiae are: Enyo, Pemphredo, and Deino.

Grant is a black English horse with burning red eyes. He runs on his two hind legs, waving his two front legs in the air in front of him. His arrival is a portend of disaster and misfortune.

Gremlins are Brownies that live in airplanes. Unlike Brownies, Gremlins are malevolent, not helpful. The only way to get rid of a Gremlin for good is to bring a pigeon onto the plane, as pigeons are the mortal enemies of Gremlins. They can be trapped inside of an empty beer bottle left near the place, but once released will come right back to the place where they were captured.

This monster from the North was part Ogre and part Troll. He lived in the marshes of Northern Europe with his mother until they were slain by Beowulf.


Griffins have the head, claws, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. Griffins make their nests in the highest mountains and line them with gold. They hate horses, but occasionally will mate with them; the resulting offspring is called a Hippogriff. Griffins represent the wealth of the sun, and are popular heraldic figures.

Grotesques are monsters carved onto the outsides of stone buildings. They serve to scare away evil things. If a Grotesque funnels water off of a building it is called a Gargoyle.

Pantheon: Norse Titles: Golden Bristled Alternate Names/Spellings: Gullinborst, Gullinbursti, Sildrugtanni Gender: Male Gullin-Bursti is the mechanical, golden boar made for Freyr by the dwarves. He can travel through the air, water, or earth as if it were not there at all.

Hags are very old, very powerful women. They appear wrinkled and shriveled, but are in actuality very stong and dangerous. Wherever they go winter follows and they can freeze things by breathing their icy cold breath on them.

Hare of Jade
The Hare of Jade is the rabbit that lives in the moon. He was an incarnation of Buddha, and offered himself as the dinner of the Emperor of Jade. After his death in the pot the rabbit was sent by the gods to live in the moon and create the Elixir of Immortality under the shade of the Cassia tree.

The Harpies are Greek bird-women who delight in thievery and spreading pestilence and famine over the land.

These large beings were the brothers of the Cyclops in Greek mythology. They had 100 hands and 50 heads. It is said that some earthquakes and thunderstorms are caused by the Hecatoncheires wrestling.

Pantheon: Norse Titles: Alternate Names/Spellings: Gender: Female Heidrun is the goat who provides mead and food for all who reside in Valhalla. She eats from Lerad, Yggdrasil's highest branch. Heidrun belongs to Odin.

The Hesperides are the beautiful daughters of the Evening Star in Greek mythology. They live in a garden at the end of the world in the land of sunset that is filled with apple trees with golden apples. The trees are guarded by a Dragon who allows only the gods and the Hesperides to touch the apples. Herakles went to their guardian to complete his last labour.

The Hippocampus is an aquatic creature that looks like a fish with the head and front feet of a horse.

Hippogriffs (also spelled Hippogryphs) were creatures born from the union of a mare and a Griffin. They have the head and front legs of an eagle, and the back end and feet of a horse. Hippogriffs are only found in the highest of the Northern mountain regions prefering ice and snow to anything else. Hippogriffs were thought in heraldic times to be a symbol of the sun.

Hobgoblins are more like Brownies than Goblins; they like to look after children and will do household chores when no one is looking. Hobgoblins look like Brownies but are more ragged and disheveled as they prefer to live in forests instead of houses.

Hombre del Saco
The evil "Sack Man" of Spain and Spanish territories. He looks like a ragged and shabby old man who carries with him a large, bumpy sack. Hombre del Saco wanders down dark alleys collecting children who have wandered off. Once he has taken a child they are never seen again.

These beings are made by alchemists in their laboratories. The Homunculi look exactly like human beings, except that they are no more than a few inches tall. They are incredibly wise, knowing all of the knowledge that can ever be known, and they know it before they are born. If the mood strikes them, the Homunculi can share some of this knowledge with their creator.

The Horae are the Greek deities that control the changes of the seasons. They appear as three beautiful women. The Horae also guard Mt. Olympus from mortals and protect children and the innocent from abuse. Their names are: Eunomia ("Order"), Dike ("Justice"), and Irene ("Peace").

The Houris are the 72 beautiful women that serve each man when he goes to the Islamic Heaven. They are said to have dark hair, dark eyes, and skin fairer than the moon.

Pantheon: Norse Titles: Early Waker, Frost Mane Alternate Names/Spellings: Arvak, Arvakr, Hrim-Faxi, Hrimfaxi Gender: Male Aarvak is one of the horses that pulls Sol's chariot. He pulls the chariot during the night, and brings frost and cold with him. It is said that the morning dew is the sweat and froth coming off of Aarvak when he stops his journey at dawn.

The Hulderfolk are a type of Fairy from Scandinavia. They look like humans with monkey tails. If they can marry a human they lose their tail and have gifted human children. The offspring of a human and one of the Hulderfolk are gifted prophets, seeing the past, present, and future with perfect clarity.

Humbaba was an Assyrian mountain Giant who lived in and guarded the cedar forest. He was very large, with fires kindling in his cave-like mouth and trees growing on his back. Humbaba could cause earthquakes just by breathing heavily. It was said that Humbaba's voice sounded like the roar of a cracking iceburg. He was killed by the hero Gilgamesh.

The hydra was a fearsome nine-headed dragon that inhabited the swamps of Lerna. When one of its' heads got cut off, three new ones grew back in its place. The only way to prevent this was to cauterize the wound before the heads could grow back in. The Hydra of Lerna was killed by the Greek hero Herakles and his nephew, Iolaus. The name Hydra comes from the Greek word for water.

The Hyperboreans are an ancient race of people with pale blue skin. They live on an island far to the North, and they have the ability to fly through the air. In their land the sun never sets, and the air is filled with feathers. It is said that the Hyperboreans are more gentle, civilised, and noble than humans, and generally try to avoid contact with them.

These creatures are the Centaurs of the ocean. They have the top half of a man, and the bottom half of a dolphin. They are closely related to Tritons.

Ikezuki is a magical white horse from Japan who can swim exceptionally well. He represents miracles.

Illuyankas was a Hittite Dragon. He was the mortal enemy of the storm god. Illuyankas was tricked by the gods into overeating and drinking, and was then too big to fit into his lair. Left unprotected, he was beheaded by the god of the Winds.

Imps are a very ancient creatures, but they have pecome infamous thanks to Christianity. They are portrayed as looking like babies with horns and wings. They delight in causing trouble, and are very mischevious.

These demons are the male verson of the Succubi. They attach themselves to a sleeping woman disguised as a part of their host's body (a mole, birthmark, hair, etc.), only appearing in their true form and size after their host has fallen asleep. They send their victim horrible dreams, and during these dreams they are able to reproduce. (An Anglo-Saxon Method) 1. Collect: Bishopwort, Hops, Wormwood, Lupin, Ashthroat, Henbane, Harewort, Viper's ugloss, Heathberry Plants, Cropleek, Garlic, Grains of Hedgerife, Githrife, Fennel. 2. Put them all into a large jar and place the sealed jar under an altar. 3. Sing the Mass over them nine times. 4. Boil them in butter and sheep's grease. 5. Add salt. 6. Strain the mixture through a cloth. 7. Throw the worts into running water. 8. Anoint yourself with the salve on the eyes in the sign of the cross.

To Protect Against the Incubi:

The Innua are spirits of nature to the Innuit people. Everything has its own Innua to guard it and keep it safe. It is said that the Innua of especially holy people become stars when the person passes from this life.

Jaculi are serpents that live in dried up trees in Africa. They attack people without warning for no other reason than the thrill of killing.

The Jinshinmushi, which means "earthquake beetle" in Japanese is a gigantig beetle with ten spider legs, the head of a dragon, and a scaly body. It lives under the ground of Japan, which it carries on its back. Its movements are said to be the cause of all earthquakes in Japan.

The Jormungard is a snake so large that it completely surrounds the world. Like an Ouroboros, Jormungard bites his tail in his mouth to form a circle with his body. He was thrown into the ocean by the god Odin. Jormingard will swollow the world on the day of Ragnarok.

The Jotuns are the scaly frost giants of the Norsemen. They live in the frozen fjords and mountains of Northern Europe.

Kachinas are spirits from the western mountains that have the ability to bring rain and life to the Hopi people. They visit the Hopi for half of the year, returning back to their mountain homes for the other half. Some Kachinas are friendly, and they delight in dancing and bring presents to children. Other Kachinas haunt those who have done evil deeds and punnish them mercilessly.

The Kappa is a water demon from Japan. He looks like a green monkey with a turtle shell on its back. on Kappa's head is a dent that holds magical water. If he spills this water he loses his power. He delights in drowning people, especially children. He eats melons and cucumbers and knows how to set broken bones.

Kelpies are Welsh fairies who appear as seals with bulbous noses, horse manes, and duck feet. They generally avoid humans. Kelpies have been known to eat their own kind, but this is not common. They are also known to protect water fowl. Kelpies are known as Uisges in Ireland.

This Innuit spirit is very helful to humans, but very elusive. He is very small, but will sing when someone comes near him. He lives in the remote ice lands of the Arctic Circle.

Kobolds are helpful spirits from Germanica. They are related to Brownies, and delight in helping people. Kobolds live in barns and cellars. They look like small, wrinkled men with pointy hooded capes. They will do all manner of work for a bowl of milk. If the house owner forgets to give the house Kobold his milk he will play tricks on the family until they give it to him.

The Kraken is a sea monster that looks like a giant squid or octopus, and, like those sea creatures, has a lot of tentacles and can send clouds of ink into the water. It can grab people with its tentacles, and is often mistaken for a small island when it is at the water's surface and doesn't move. When Kraken dives to the bottom of the ocean from the surface it is so massive that it can cause a whirlpool big enough to sink ships. Kraken likes to stay off the coast of Scandinavia, but will move South when the weather gets cold.

Krampus is a Goblin who travels with St. Nicholas when he visits Austria. Krampus has horns and a tail, and can fly. He and St. Nicholas visit the homes of Austrian children on Christmas Eve and leave things in their shoes. St. Nicholas leaves toys and candy for the good children, while Krampus leaves rocks and coal for the bad.

Kubera is the King of the Yakshas, the Demons that guard the treasures of the world. He is the ugliest of his people, and has three legs, pallid skin, and a is very small in stature. Kubera is also usually very drunk. He has a chariot that travels through the skies, and wherever he travels in it gets sprinkled in jewels and other earthly riches.

Kujata is the giant bull that holds the world on his back in Islamic cosmology. He stands on the back of the fish Bahamut. Kujata has too many eyes, ears, noses, and mouths, and has knowledge of everything that has, does, and will happen in the world.

Ladon was the Dragon who, in Greek Mythology, guarded the golden apples in the Garden of the Hesperides. He was placed in the sky as the constellation Serpens after he was slain by Herakles.

Lamassu are the Assyrian guardian spirits of humanity. They appear in the shape of a winged bull with the head of a bearded man.

Lamed Vuv
The 36 Lamed Vuv are Jewish Holy men. Their purity is what allows the sorld to survive. The Lamed Vuv appear when tragedy and hardship threaten mankind. They have the ability to help the people through these tough times and then disappear before they can be thanked.

The Lamia was once the beautiful Queen Lamia of Libya. Because of cruelty she was turned into a creature with the head and breasts of a woman and the body of a scaly goat. She is the fastest runner in the world, and is immortal. The Lamia delights in luring men to her and then tearing them to pieces. She also likes to steal children and eat them. Another type of Lamia has the top half and head of a beautiful woman and the bottom half of a serpent.

These small beings are both animals and plants, and can look like either, depending on how one looks at them. Their skin is poisonous to lions. Lions know this and will step on them with the pads of their feet, the only part of the lion's body that is immune to the Leontophontes' poison.

Leprichauns are some of the most well-known creatures from Celtic mythology. They appeared as small old men with grey beards and twinkling eyes. They originally were thought to wear red coats with silver button, brown pants, black shoes with silver buckles, and a green pointed hat. Leprichauns often wore white aprons and a hammer, stemming from the belief that Leprichauns were shoemakers. The modern dress of a leprichaun is in all green, stemming from his association with St. Patrick's Day. Leprichauns love to play tricks on humans, especially those humans who search for their hidden pots of gold. It is said that if someone can catch and hold onto a Leprichaun then the Leprichaun will give his stash of gold to that person. Leprichauns are related to faries. They are excellent secret keepers and will never tell a lie, although they don't always tell the whole truth.

The Leshy is a guardian of the forest in Slavic lands. He has blue skin, a long green beard, bulgy eyes, and wears his clothes insideout and backwards.


The Leviathan is a Hebrew/Phoenician serpent, and it is the strongest of all living beings. Its name means "coiled", and one look could knock a man down. Leviathan wears a double breastplate and has a back like a row of shields that are so close together that even sair cannot pass through. The breath of Leviathan is so powerful that it can kindle coal. Smoke pours from his nostrils and sparks shoot from his mouth. His heart is as hard as stone. Leviathan is so powerful that only a god can kill him. His spirit exists in all people, and he is very persuasive. He comes from Chaos, and is as old as time itself. He was created by God on the fifth day of creation with a female version of himself. God soon destroyed her so that they could not reproduce and destroy the entire world.

Linchettos are Italian fairy-horses that live in the Alps.

Lorelei is the beautiful young daughter of the Rhine River. She sits on rocks in the cataracts of the river combing her golden hair with a golden comb and singing. It is said that no man can resist her song, and once they've heard it they will go towards her only to drown in the swirling currents of the water. In this respect she is much like the Sirens of Greece.

The Lotophagi are the "lotus-eaters" in Homer's Odyssey. They live on the northern coast of Africa. The Lotophagi eat lotus blossoms, which gives them the feeling of floating, and the desire to do nothing but sit and enjoy the feeling of lethargy. Odysseus forced his men to leave as soon as he realized where they were, for once you eat the lotus blossom you lose all desire to return home, and Odysseus did not want to forget his wife and kingdom home of Ithaca.

Lung is a Chinese Dragon who travels along the same path a migrating birds. He controls the wind and rain, and guards the paths to hidden treasures, especially the Sun Pearl.


Mab is a Fairy Queen from England. She is the bringer of dreams to light sleepers. She distributes them in her Hazelnut Shell chariot that is drawn by flying ants. Mab has a beautiful cloak made of an orchid petal.

Maenads are the followers of the Greek god Dionysus. Most, but not all Maenads are women. They would drink wine and dance across the Greek countryside celebrating sex and fertility. Occasionally they get driven mad, and in groups can tear apart human beings. Orpheus was one person who was killed by Maenads driven mad. The Maenads were known as Bacchae to the Romans.

Magog and Gog are giants. They led the Aryan hordes that plagued the Middle East in Biblical times. It is said that they will be killed by the Israelites and their graves will be so big that they will take sev


Makara is the mount of the Hindu moon god Varuna. He is part elephant, part crocodile, and occasionally is said to be part deer and part fish as well. He can walk on the land, swim in the water, and fly through the air.

Manatee is the grandmother of all Mermaids. She looks like a manatee with the face of a human woman. Like most creatures she enjoys music, and will even dance if the mood strikes her.


The mandrake is actually a the root of a plant with animal characteristics. It looks like a perfectly formed and anatomically correct human being, but it grows in the ground at the foot of a gallows tree. When plucked from the ground, mandrakes emitt a high-pitched wail that can drive even the strongest person insane. Male mandrakes are usually white, while the female variety is either red or black. Mandragora is another name for the Mandrake.

Manticores are creatures from the Indies. They have the the body of a lion, the tail (with a stinger) of a scorpion, and the head of a man. Manticores have blood-red (or sometimes flaming blue) eyes and three rows of teeth. Their voices sound like very shrill flutes, and they are capable of basic human speech. Manticores are capable of jumping very great distances and use this to feed their ravenous hunger with a diet of human flesh.

Medusa was one of the Gorgons. She was the only one of them who was mortal. Medusa was once a beautiful woman, but was turned into a monster by the goddess Athena because of Medusa's great vanity. Instead of hair, Medusa had a head covered in snakes, and all who looked at her turned immediately into stone. Like her sisters, she had wings on her back and had brass teeth and claws. She was killed by the Greek hero Perseus. The winged horse Pegasus sprung from her decapitated trunk. Medusa's head is mounted on Athena's shield.

She was a golden-haired Fairy and Mermaid woman from France. She married a mortal man named Raymod of Lusignan, and the only condition of their union was that he never look upon her on Saturdays. For a long time he kept his promise, but one day it grew too much for him and he looked at her one Saturday to discover she was not human on that day. She immediately left him, coming back only to greet the heirs of their succeeding generations. Melusina is also called Melusine.

Mermaids are women with the tail of a fish instead of legs. It is said that each mermaid has a girdle, and if a man can find it and hide it, then the mermaid who owns it must grant the man any wish he desires. If she manages to find her girdle and take it back then the wish she has granted will disappear. Mermaids have no souls when they are born, but can get one if they marry a mortal man. Mermaids make excellent wives, but they must always content with the call of the sea; if it becomes too loud the mermaid will return to her watery home and leave her life on land behind. Mermen are the male equivalent of Mermaids.

A Mermecolion is a short-lived being that is half ant and half lion. It never eats, for what one half lives on the other will not eat. Eventually it starves to death.

Men with a fish tail instead of legs. They are the male equivalent of Mermaids.

These people live on dry land under the seas off of Ireland. They all wear red hat, which is the source of the power that allows them to safely travel between their homes and the land. If a mortal is able to take the hat of a Merrow they can marry them. While male Merrows are ugly and female Merrows are very beautiful, both sexes have green skin, hair, and teeth. Male Merrows also have large red noses, short, stumpy arms and legs, and scaly bodies.

The Minotaur
The Minotaur was a man named Asterion with the head, horns, and tail of a bull. He is the result of a union between Queen Pasiphae of Crete and a bull. The Minotaur lived in the Labyrinth beneath the city of Knossos and feasted on human flesh of young men and women. He was killed by the Greek hero Theseus.

Mirror People
Long ago the Mirror People used to walk the earth. They were captured by the Yellow Emperor of China and imprisoned in mirrors. In the future the silvery Mirror Fish will swim free of his mirror prison and lead the Mirror People back into the world which they will then conquer with the help of those who live in the water.

The Moirae are the fates in Greek mythology. They were responsible for spinning, measuring, and cutting the thread of life for each living being. No one, not even the gods, could escape the destiny that they wrote. Oedipus tried to escape his destiny, that of killing his father and wedding his mother, but by doing so fulfilled it. The Moirae are: Clotho --> Spins life's thread Lachesis --> Measures life's thread Atropos --> Cuts life's thread

Moloch is a Demon with a fiery furnace in his stomach. Because of the fire in his belly he eats almost constantly, and was especially fond of children. The only way for people to appease Moloch is to feed all of the children in the village to him and hope he goes away.

Monopods are one-footed people discovered in Africa by and explorer named Mandeville. They hop around on their foot during the night to hunt, and sleep on their backs with their foot in the air during the day to shield their bodies from the hot sun.

Muryans are cursed Pixies from Cornwall, Great Britain. They are born tiny and never die, but get smaller and smaller as they age until they are completely invisible to the human

The Myrmidons were the ants transformed into people by the Greek god Zeus. As an army they were unbeatable, as they would do anything their commander told them to do. They lived on the Greek island of Aegina.

The Nagas were the immortal snake men of India. They were special to the gods, and were often sent on errands for them. The lower half of a Nagas was a snake while the top half was that of a man, sometimes with cobra heads also sticking out of their trunk. Nagas can assume any form they desire, though they usually desire to appear in their original form. Female Nagas are known as Naginis.

The Naginis were the immortal snake women of India. They were special to the gods, and were often sent on errands for them. The lower half of a Nagas was a snake while the top half was that of a woman, sometimes with cobra heads also sticking out of their trunk. Naginis can assume any form they desire, though they usually desire to appear in their original form. Male Naginis are known as Nagas.

Nasnas is half man and half demon and lives in the Arabian deserts. He was born with only half of a body, and so avoids humans as much as possible.

Nessie is the creature who lives in Loch Ness in Scotland. She is described as a large green sea serpent, and is very camera shy, so no clear pictures of her exist.

The Nethelim were Giants of fire and air. They were born from the union of mortal women and of Angels thrown out of Heaven by God. They looked like giant men covered in thick, white hair, with red eyes. Because of their semi-divine status the Nethelim posessed great knowledge and were excellent magicians. The Nethelim are also known as The Nephilim.

Nia are nature spirits from Africa. Before any journey is undertaken they must be appeased if one wants their help. To appease: Air Nia: offer leaves Earth Nia: offer a ball of red mud Water Nia: offer freshly picked flowers Forest Nia: bury a white egg under the forest's sacred tree Offerings must be made by a virgin woman for them to be effective.

These Dwarves guard the treasure of King Nibelung. They are led by Alberich.


This Danish Brownie brings good fortune to those who give him presents.

Nixies are German beautiful spirit women who enjoy singing while combing their hair on river banks. Their song is so melodious that any man who hears it gets driven mad with desire for the Nixies. If the man reaches a Nixie she will take him in her arms and drag him beneath the surface of the river to drown.

The Njorns are the fates of Norse mythology. Like their Greek counterparts the Moirae, they spin the thread of life for each person, and paint the future of the earth in their magical book. They know all that was, all that is, and all that will be. Even the gods must obey the fate given to the by the Njorns. They live in the roots of the tree of life that runs through the middle of all creation. The Njorns are named thus: Urd --> controls the past Verdandi --> controls the present Skuld --> controls the future

The Nuckelavee is a sea monster who terrorizes the coasts of Scotland. He looks like the grey sillouette of a horse bearing a man on his back. He smells like things rotting on the beach, and can roam the Scottish coasts on misty and rainy days.

The word literally means 'young maidens'. Greek nymphs were nature spirits, and are not considered to be immortal by all authors. In the case of the tree nymphs, by cutting down a tree you kill the nymph who lives in it. One could only escape the revenge of an angered tree nymph by begging for her blessings before cutting down her tree.

Dryads (Hamadryads)
Oak Tree Nymphs. Fresh Water / Fountain Nymphs. Naiads lived for a long time, but were mortal. They had healing powers, but they would bring madness to those who angered them. Ash Tree Nymphs. Meliads were formed from Oranos's blood as it fell onto the earth after his incident with Cronos. Fruit Tree Nymphs. Mountain / Cave Nymphs. Ocean Nymphs, they are the daughters of Oceanus and Tethys. Glen / Valley Nymphs. Sea Nymphs, they are the daughters of Nereus and Doris.


Meliads Melids



Nephaeae Nereids

Oberon is the king of the Fairies that live in the British Isles.

Og was the only Giant to survive the flood sent by Yahweh. He survived because he was able to convince Noah to save him by promising to become the man's servant once the flood was over. Having no room inside the ark Og sat on the roof. He was killed 500 years later for attacking Moses.

Ogres are Giants that are always hungry. They are not very intelligent, and are even uglier and stupider than their cousins, the true Giants. They live in families and kill and eat humans whenever they can. Ogres look like giant human beings with big, pointy teeth.

The Oni are Demon-Giants from Japan. They have two horns sticking out from their head like a goat, and red or green skin. They are responsible for taking evil people to Hell. Though they also spread plagues they are not evil. The Oni will help those who show them kindness and respect, and never do things without reason.

Ooser is a Demon from Dorset, England. He walks through the countryside dressed in cowskin rags with a pair of pincers which he uses to spread fear in children and adults, leering all the while. Like most Christian Demons Ooser has two horns on his head, long rumpled hari, and protruding eyes. He gets his strength from the terrified wailing of those he torments.

Orc was a gigantic Roman fish that was so greedy and hungry that if, given the chance, he could swallow up all of creation.


No information at the present time.

Orthros was a giant two-headed dog owned by Geryon. He guarded his master's herd of maneating cattle. Orthros and Geryon were killed by Herakles.

The Ouroboros is a snake that is eating its own tail. To the alchemists it symbolized the eternity of life and energy unending. The Ouroboros is also waid to encircle the Earth, protecting it from the Chaos beyond.

Painajainen are Swiss fairy-horses that live in the Alps.

The Parcae were the Roman version of the Greek Moirae. They had control over the life, death, and destiny of every living being.

Pegasus is a beautiful white horse with large white wings. He sprung from the decapitated trunk of Medusa. Pegasus symbolizes poetic inspiration.

Perytons are the souls of men who have died far from their homes. They look like green feathered deer, but their shadows are human, revealing their original form. They lived on the island of Atlantis. The only way for the soul of the dead person to be freed was for them to kill someone and trap that person's soul in their Peryton's body.

The Phoenix
The Phoenix is a giant bird that feeds only on air. It lives for 1000 years and then flies to Phoenecia where it builds a funeral pyre on the top of the tallest palm tree it can find and dives into it. After nine days the Phoenix is reborn from the ashes. Since very ancient times the Phoenix has been seen as a symbol of resurrection.

The Physeter is a large whale-like creature that causes whirlpools, water spouts, and all manner of ills at sea. Its name means "blower" in Greek.

Ping-Feng is a black pig from China. He has two heads, one on each end of his body. Ping-Feng lives in the Land of the Magic Waters.

Pisachas are evil Demons from India reated to the Rakshasas. They appear as Goblins. During the night they enter cemetaries, dig up the corpses burried inside, and eat the flesh of the dead.

Pixies are pale, child-like faries with red hair, up-turned noses, and pointed ears. They can be mean to humans, but they will help out humans who befriend them. Pixies are excellent metal workers. The dust that their metal working produces is magical, and is commonly called "pixie dust" by humans. Pixies are drawn to blooming flowers, and like to live under toadstools.


Polyphemus was a Cyclops, the son of the god Poseidon. He lived alone on an island in a cave with his sheep. Odysseus, in order to escape from Polyphemus' cave, blinded the Cyclops. Odysseus then tied himself and his men to the underbellies of Polyphemus' sheep and escaped when the Cyclops let his sheep out, feeling only the sheep's back to see what was leaving his cave.

Poltergeists, (German for "noisy spirits") are very restless, usually malevolent Ghosts. They typically prey upon one person or one family, and tend to quiet down around strnagers. Poltergeists are capable of making sounds and moving objects, and are shapeless. They are very difficult to get rid of.

Pookas are Irish animal fairies. They look like small horses with goat heads or small goats with horse heads. They delight in spooking humans and stealing their unharvested food in the autumn.

Poreskoro is a creature from Transylvania. He is the son of a fairy woman and a demon man. Poreskoro has eight heads: four cat heads and four dog heads. He has a viper for a tail. Because of his evil nature, Poreskoro delights in spreading epidemics to those who unlucky enough to cross his path.

Pretas are Hindu Ghosts that live in graveyards.

Puck is the precocious son of a Fairy man and a mortal woman. He likes to help people, though he also likes to play tricks on them. He can take any form he desires. Puck lives in the forests of England. Puck is also known as Robin Goodfellow and Robin Hood.

These Hindu Demons are quite evil indeed, and they delight in capturing and torturing human beings. Although they can appear in any form they desire, their true form is one that resembles a misshapen Troll. Ravana is the king of the Rakshasas.

Ravana was the Demon king of the Rashasas. He had twenty heads each head having a pair of fangs sharp enough to cut through anything and everything. Ravana also had more arms than any mortal could count. He was killed by the Hindu hero Rama.

The Remora is a fish that attaches itself to a boat in order to get across the seas. It tends to delay things however, and is very difficult to detach from the hull. Remora can be used as a love charm, but be warned that this charm may backfire and delay your desire from coming to you.

Rishis are Hindu holy men. The wisdom and knowledge of the first seven Rishis was so phenominal that they were put into the sky when they died and formed the constellation Ursa Major. They were said to be even wiser than the gods themselves about some things. The god Indra's thunderbolts are said to be made out of the ground up bones of the Rishis.

Puck is the precocious son of a Fairy man and a mortal woman. He likes to help people, though he also likes to play tricks on them. He can take any form he desires. Puck lives in the forests of England. Puck is also known as Robin Goodfellow and Robin Hood.


Rocs are bird-like creatures that are so huge that they can lift an elephant off of the ground. It eats whatever meat it can find, and kills its prey by lifting it high into the air and then dropping it. Rocs have appeared in the writings of Marco Polo and in 1001 Arabian Nights. Rukh is an alternate spelling of Roc.

Rumpelstiltskin is a magical Dwarf from Germany. He wanted a son, and tried to trick a princess into giving him hers. She was trapped in a tower by her prince, and could only come out if she could do certain magical tasks for him. Rumplestiltskin did these deeds for the lady, and in return she would give him her son unless she could guess his name. She did this on the final day of her captivity and Rumpelstiltskin in his rage stomped his foot on the floor and split it in two.

Magical Salamanders are Fire Elementals. They are born in and live in Fire. The skin of a Salamander is cold to the touch, so cold in fact that if the Salamander desires it can put out a fire. Salamander skin is fireproof.

The Sandman
The Sandman is a flying man who comes at night to sprinkle sand into the eyes of children in order to make them sleep. If a chil has been ezspecially good he may take them across the skies with him, wrapped safely in his cloak until he returns them to their bed the next morning.

Sasquatch is large, hairy, man-shaped creature that live in the forests of North America, especially around the border of the US and Canada. Like their cousin in the Himalays (known as Yeti) they have been glimpsed at by many, but no proof of their existance has been found except the odd fur and footprints. Perported video tapes of the Yeti and Sasquatch do exist, but the scientific community refutes them as concrete evidence. Sasquatch is also known as Bigfoot.

Satyrs are men with the legs of goats, and sometimes have the tail and ears of a horse or donkey. They are followers of the god Dionysus, and are often drunk. They live the the untamed woodlands of Greece and the surrounding area.

The Scolopendra is a multi-armed creature that lives in the ocean. It has scales and is strong enough to swim in even the stormiest of seas.

Scorpion Men
The Scorpion men guard the gates to the mountain of the Messopotamian sun god Shamash. They are large and part scorpion, part man. They can show men the way to immortality.

Scylla was a beautiful woman, but was turned into a giant monster by Circe. Scylla the monster has six heads with three rows of teeth each and a long, whip-like tail. She sits on a sea cliff overlooking another monster, Charybdis, and whatever sailors are lucky enough to escape Charybdis will be caught and eaten by Scylla.

Sea Lions
Sea Lions are creatures of the deep seas and oceans. They are fish with the head, mane, and front paws of a lion. Their paws are webbed in order to aid in swimming.

Selkies are a type of Celtic fairy who appear as seals. They are able to assume human form by shedding their seal skins, and in this way can trick humans into following them back into their world.

The Simurgh is an immortal Persian bird similar to the Phoenix. He is very wise, and it is said that he as knowledge of everything. The Simurgh lives at the top of a mountain that is impossible to get to unless you have already been there. As such, no one searching for an answer to their question has ever reached him before they found their answer hidden within themself. The Simurgh is also called the Senmurv.

The Shee are Irish Fairies who are like humans but fairer and more nobler. They are beings that exist outside of time and space, for their world is one of illusion. Their clothes are white/green, and they ride white horse with silver bells on their necks. They will dance in the moonlight if no humans are about.

Shopiltees are small Scottish fairies that ride on the backs of seahorses.

The Sileni are the drunk but wise men who accompany the Satyrs and Maenads in the orgyastic rites of the god Dionysus.

The Simurgh is an immortal Persian bird similar to the Phoenix. He is very wise, and it is said that he as knowledge of everything. The Simurgh lives at the top of a mountain that is impossible to get to unless you have already been there. As such, no one searching for an answer to their question has ever reached him before they found their answer hidden within themself. The Simurgh is also called the Senmurv.

Sirens were part women, part bird. Their beautiful voices drew sailors towards their island, where they either perished when their boasts crashed into the rocky shores, or the men became so taken with their voices that they forgot everything and just listened, and starved to death. The sirens threw themselves to their deaths out of frustration after Odysseus had his men stuff wax in their ears, making them immune to the sirens' song. The sirens in the Odyssey were Leucosia, Ligeria, and Parthenope.

The Si-Si-ootl is a sea snake magical to the Kwakiutl tribe from Canada. Though it is a snake, it can change its shape to be whatever it wants to be, though a small human head is always visible in the center of its body. Someone lucky enough to get some skin from the Si-Si-ootl will be blessed with good fortune.

Pantheon: Norse Titles: Alternate Names/Spellings: Skinfaxi, Skinfaxe Gender: Male Skinfaxi is the horse that draws Dagr's chariot. His name means "shining mane", and it is his glowing mane that spreads light throughout the land at dawn and throughout the day.

Sky Pinto
The Sky Pinto is a blue horse with white spots. His hoofbeats as he races across the sky represent thunder to the Navajo people. The Sky Pinto carries the souls of the dead to the next world.

Pantheon: Norse Titles: Alternate Names/Spellings: Sleipner Gender: Male Sleipnir is Odin's eight-legged horse. He has supernatural strength and speed.

The Sphinx
There are two types of Sphinxes told about in ancient tales: The Egyptian Sphinx and the Greek Sphinx.

The Egyptian Sphinx is a very powerful creature that is associated with the god Re. It has the body of a lion and the head of a man. The most famous version of the Egyptian Sphinx is the statue of one at Giza, but many smaller versions with the head of the Pharaoh du'jour have been found all over Egypt. It is sometimes referred to as the Androsphinx. The Greek Sphinx was a winged lion with the head of a woman. She posessed the secrets of the universe but refused to reveal them, and was associated with death. The once besieged and terrorized the city of Thebes, but was defeated by Oedipus when he correctly guessed the answer to her riddle. The Riddle of the Sphinx: What has four legs in the mourning, Two legs during the day, And three legs in the evening? The answer is "Man"

Spirits are creatures that, in some cultures, have no form, and are only recognized because of the influences they have in the world. Each person has their own spirit, and in that sense, it functions as a soul, or as life energy. Spirit is also a generic term for anything magical that is indefineable. The Spirits of Solomon The Spirits of Hell

Sprites are creatures that have no set form or shape of their own. They can posess things, and by doing so, assume the shape of whatever they have possessed. This possession isn't evil, as in the case of Demonic possession, but is generally harmless. Sprites are gentle creatures, but they are playful and like to play tricks on people and animals just like Pixies.

Stymphalian Birds

The Stymphalian Birds are creatures that lived in Stymphalia in Greece. They have feathers of bronze and claws of iron, and killed any living thing that came ito their territory. Herakes, for one of his labours, scared them out of Stymphalia by crashing bronze cymbals together, and they have not been seen since.

The Succarath is a creature that has the head of a woman and a body that is half wolf, half tiger, and has a green palm leaf for a tail. It lives in the mountains at the tip of South America. The Succarath will kill its young rather than surrender them to humans, which is why you will never see one in a zoo. The Succarath is also known as the Su.

These demons are the female verson of the Incubi. They attach themselves to a sleeping man disguised as a part of their host's body (a mole, birthmark, hair, etc.), only appearing in their true form and size after their host has fallen asleep. They send their victim horrible dreams, and during these dreams they are able to reproduce. In Medieval times, Princess Nahemal, who roughly corosponds to the goddess Lilith, was thought to be the leader of the sucubi.

Swan Maidens
The Swan Maidens are Norse swans that have the ability to turn into women by removing their swan feathers. If a man can steal her feathers he can bind a Swan Woman to him and she must obey his every wish. Occasionally they will fall in love with a man on their own, and can marry and serve him without losing her magical abilities.

Sylphs are the elementals for air. Because they are made entirely of air it is almost impossible to see them, but by all accounts they appear as tall, thin, transparent human beings.

Talos was a Giant with a body of bronze. He was the last living member of the race of bronze men. Talos guarded the Greek island of Crete. He was killed by Medea, who pulled out the bronze stopper in his ankle which allowed Taols' live force to flow out of his veins.

Tarasque was a Dragon from Tarascon in France defeated by St. Martha during the medieval era.

Taraxippos was a Cornithian man who used to feed his horses human flesh. He was killed by his own horses, and his Ghost now haunts racetracks. Taraxippos delights in scaring horses into panic and throwig their riders during races. Taraxippos means "horse scarer" in Greek.

Tengu is a Demon who lives in the mountains of Japan. He has wings, and perches like a bird in the tops of pine trees fanning himself with a fan while he waits for people to pass by him. If someone is unlucky enough to encounter him, Tengu will swoop down and kill them with either his sword or his cudgel. He can be bribed, however, and will teach warriors who pay him enough the art of swordfighting.

The Thugi are worshipers of the Hindu goddess Kali. Like Greek Maenads, their wild wanderings through the countryside sometimes leaves severe destruction and death in their wake.

Tiamat was the giagantic Babylonian chaos Dragon. After she was killed by the gods her body was turned into the heavens, the waters, and the earth.

The Titans were the rulers of the world before the gods in Greek mythology. They were bigger than the gods, and they reigned over the golden age of man. The Titans were defeated by the gods, and those that fought against them were locked in Tartarus.

Tommyknockers are the helpful spirits of coal miners who have died in a mine. They make tapping noises to show living miners where veins of oar are or to warn them about cave-ins and other dangers.

Tomes are Brownies from Sweeden. They are very friendly, and can often be found riding in the clothing of humans. Humans that treat their Tomes well will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

Tonttus are Brownies from Finland. They are very friendly, and can often be found riding in the clothing of humans. Humans that treat their Tonttus well will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

These creatures have the bodies of men and the head of an elephant. They live in Africa, but it is unknown what type of habitat they prefer to live in.

Trolls are malicious beings that can be either very large or very small. In Scandinavia they are potrtayed as men with fir trees growing on top of their heads. Trolls live in the untamed wilderness, especially in mountains and forests. Mountain Trolls look like large piles of stone. Cave Trolls look like a man-shaped pile of dirt. Forest Trolls resemble pine trees. Many Trolls have tails, though this tail is not always visible as such. If exposed to sunlight, Trolls will turn to stone or explode, depending on the variety of Troll that they are.

Tuatha De Danaan
The Tuatha De Danaan, or "The People of Dana" were the gods of light in Irish mythology. They were decended from the goddess Dana. They came from the country north of Eire, and conquered the Formorii. After the Tuatha De Danaan were in turn conquered by the Milesians. Dana's son, Dagda, took his people to live underground, where they are still living today.

Typhon is an immortal Greek monster who has 100 heads with snake tongues. He tried to kill the gods during the Gigantomachy, but they defeated him and burried him under Mt. Aetna where he continues to belch fire from his many heads.

Uisges are Irish water fairies who appear as seals with bulbous noses, horse manes, and duck feet. They generally avoid humans. Uisges have been known to eat their own kind, but this is not common. They are also known to protect water fowl. Uisges are known as Kelpies in Cornwall and Wales.

Undines are the elementals for water. They are made entirely of water, and resemble beautiful naked women. They are not born with a soul, but they can get one by wedding a mortal man.

Unicorns are one of the most popular of all magical creatures. They are white animals whith the head, body, and tail of a horse and the hind legs of an antelope. They have the whiskers of a goat, but perhaps the most noticable feature of unicorn is the long horn located on the forehead. Unicorns live in the forests of Europe and are among the fastest animals on the planet. Unicorns use their horns to detect poison in water and other liquids, and can use them to dispell any poisons that they find. Ground unicorn horns are said to be a cure for all poisons. Unicorns only come to beautiful young virgins, and even then are quite skittish.

Urchins are a Fairies that are exceptionally naughty.

In Norse mythology the Valkyries are the magical women warriors who take male warriors who die in battle to Valhalla. Those souls taken by the Valkyries to Valhalla will eat, drink, and enjoy themselves until they are asked to fight for the gods during the time of Ragnarok.

Vampires are some of the most studied of all magical creatures, and there are many different types from all around the world. The Western Vampire: Western vampires are known by many names, including Vampires, Nosferatu, Strigoi, and Dracul. They are the most studied of all vampires. Western Vampires have no real need for rest, but when they do sleep they do so in a coffin with soil from their homeland. They drink human blood, and need it to survive. Vampires from the West cannot exist in sunlight. They do not have reflections, and do not cast a shadow. Many of the conceptions for the popular modern vampire legends come from stories about a man named Vlad Tepes, "The Impaler" who lived in Transylvania during the 15th century. Asanbosam: African vampires that have hooked feet. They drink blood from their victims' thumb. Bajang: Malaysian vampires that appear to mortals as skunks. They tend to prey upon the same family for generations, and can be controlled by a sorcerer. Baobhan Sith: The Baobhan Sith are the old Scottish form of vampires. They appear as beautiful young women who kill men by dancing with them until the men are too weak to resist their powers. Ch'ing Shih: A Chinese vampire that has poisonus breath. One can escape the Ch'ing Shih by spilling rice on the ground; the Ch'ing Shih has a need to count any spilled rice that it comes across. Dakini: A type of Tibetan vampire. Dracul: Vampires from Austria. Empusa: The Empusa are vampires from the Mediterranean region, and are related to incubi and succubi. While they hunt they appear to be beautiful young women. When they have finished feasting on the blood of their victims they turn into hags. Jaracara: Jaracara are snake-like vampires from Brazil. They do not drink blood, but instead drink the breast milk of sleeping women. Khadro: A type of Tibetan vampire. Krvopijac: Vampires from Bulgaria. They are most easily identified by the fact that they have one nostril. In order to destroy a Krvopijac a magician must capture its spirit in a bottle and then burn it. Kwakiytl: A type of vampire from North America.

Mulo: The Mulo are vampires from Serbia. They can travel in sunlight and darkness, and drink not only their victims' blood but their flesh as well. Muron: An ancient type of vampire from Wallachia (the old name for Romania). Nosferatu: A name for Eastern European vampires. Ogolgen: Bohemian vampires. Strigoi: Vampires from Romania. Wampir: Wampirs come from Russia. They do not use fangs to drink the blood of their victims, but use a special stinger that is located under their tongue. The Wampir can walk around in the daylight, and must be burned in a special way to be killed. Vampires from India are said to look like old women, but have two heels on each of their feet.

Ways to Kill a Vampire:
Driving a stake through its heart Shooting it with a silver bullet Getting it to go into the sun Decapitating it Burning it Drowning it in salt water Coercing it into a corked bottle and then burning it

Things that will Ward-Off a Vampire:
Christian Cross Holy Water Bells Garlic

Ways to Keep a Vampire in its Grave:
Surrounding the grave with iron filings (or any iron items) Putting garlic on the grave Driving nine spindles into the grave three days after the person had died Putting a fence around the grave Buring tow on to of the grave Making a pile of stones on top of the grave Pouring boiling water onto the grave

Ways to Keep a Corpse from Becoming a Vampire:
Breaking its spine Putting lard from a hog slaughtered on St. Ignatius' Day onto it Decapitating it and putting the head in a strange place or destroying it Disolving the corpse's heart in Vinegar Putting a stake into its heart Putting a nail into its skull Covering the grave with a wild rose bush Burying it at a crossroads (but onl if it was a suicide victim)

Ways to Become a Vampire:

Being bitten by a vampire Drinking the blood of a vampire Being burried with ones mouth open Comitting suicide and not being buried at a crossroads Dying excommunicate Dying unbaptized Dying while recovering from being a werewolf Comitting sucide Dying from a fall off the left side of a wagon Having a mother who slept with demons

The Vasily are fairies from Eastern Russia. They live in old barns in piles of hay. They care for horses, and though they do not like humans they have never caused one harm, prefering to avoid contact with humans at all costs. They make themselves known by ringing sleigh bells.

Vilas are fairies from Poland. They look like extremely beautiful women. Vilas live in forests, and hide when men approach. They love dogs, and have been known to lead canines to men lost in the woods.

These malevolent fresh water spirits come from the Slavic lands. They can take any shape they desire. The Vodyanye are immortal, but their age waxes and wains with the cycles of the moon. They do not drown humans, but save them so that they may serve them in their crystal palaces beneath the waves.

Volva is an ancient and dead woman who can come back to life by magical means. She has the gift of prophecy when alive, and after she tells the future she dies again, waiting until she is called back to life again.


Vritra was a Demon from India who brought drought and famine. Through personal dedication and sacrifice he became as powerful as all of the gods except Shiva. He was defeated by Shiva, and for a time he left the world. He reappears sometimes and brings his evils back with him, upsetting the balance of good and evil until Shiva defeats him once again.

Wendigos are from North America, and may be related to the Sasquatch. They are said to be half phantom, half beast, and they like to prey on humans, especially children. Like Bigfoot, Wendigos live in forests, espicially those in the Northern United States and Canada.

Werewolves are humans changed into wolves. This change can be total, with the person being completely wolf-like, or it can be a partial change, with the human growing hair all over their body and growing a snout and claws, but still retaining their basic human shape. This change usually takes place around the full moon. A person can become a werewolf by being bitten by a werewolf, or by stabbing a fallen tree with a copper knife and reciting an incantation alone in a forest. Werewolves can be killed in several ways, including shooting it with a silver bullet, hitting it over the head with a cold iron rod, forcing it to eat salt, making it drink Holy Water (this only works if the werewolf was/is Christian), or submerging it in salt water. All cures are most likely fatal. Werewolves are also known as Lycanthropes, Gerulphus, Loup-garous, and Orborots.

Will-o'-the Wisps
Will-o-the-Wisps are said to be the souls of the damned that have come to damn the souls of the living. They appear as lights glowing in a marsh. It is best to avoid the Will-o'-the Wisps, and to do so one should aviod whistling at or near them. If they start to attack you, throwing a needle at them is said to drive them away. Will-o'-the-Wisps are also known as Jack O' Lanterns.

Winged Bulls
Winged Bulls come from Mesopotamia. They look like a winged bull with a human head crowned with a tiara. Another type of Winged Bull is sacred to the Christian St. Luke. This creature is very well versed in medicine and is rumoured to be able to prevent death.

Winged Lions
Winged Lions look like lions with the wings of an eagle. They symbolize strenth, courage, and dominion over the entire world. In Christianity, Winged Lions are the symbol of St. Mark.

Wraiths are the Ghostly images of people that are not dead. Some wraiths are actual Ghosts, being the souls of people trapped on earth, though others are the shades of people who have not yet died.

Wyverns are related to dragons. Wyverns are serpents with two legs and the wings of a bat or bird. Wyverns symbolize war and pestilence.

Xanthus and Balius were the immortal steeds of Achilles sired by the West Wind and one of the Harpies. They originally had the gift of both prophecy and speech, but speech was taken away by the Erinys so that they would not warn their master of his death at Troy or share any godly secrets with humans.

The Yakshas are Demons from the Hindu religion. Although they look ugly and deformed, they are actually a force of good. They are the guardians of the world's treasures in the Himalays, and are led by King Kubera.

Yale is a deer with black mottled skin and the nose of a boar. His antlers are like antenae, moving in any direction at any time at the direction of Yale. He attacks things by adjusting his horns to face one towards the front and one towards the back. He spears his enemy with the forward facing one while letting the backward facing one protect his back.

This Dragon from Japan was the cause of great strife through storms. It was killed by Susano-Ono-Mikoto, who took the sword that was contained in its tail.

The Yeti are large, hairy, man-shaped creatures that live in the Himalays. Like their cousin in the Americas (known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch) they have been glimpsed at by many, but no proof of their existance has been found except the odd fur and footprints. Perported video tapes of the Yeti and Sasquatch do exist, but the scientific community refutes them as concrete evidence. The Yeti are also known as the Abominable Snowmen.

The Yllerion are two magical birds that are much like the Phoenix in that they live their life and then die. They live for sixty years, lay two eggs, and then dive into the sea to drown. They are reborn from the eggs they have left behind. All of the birds of the world journey with them on their death flight and then take care of the two eggs and two hatchlings until they are able to take care of themselves.

Zaratans are large, lazy sea creatures that many people mistake as an island, as they often will stay in one place for years at a time. Those unlucky enough to land on a Zaratan's back and light a fire will be drowned when theZaratan dives beneath the waves to put of the flames on its back.

Zarathustra's Ass
This mythical donkey belongs to the god Zarathustra. It has pure-white fur, three legs with large hooves, six eyes, nine mouths, and one golden horn, which sticks out from his forehead like the horn of a Unicorn. It is said that his horn, like that of a Unicorn, can clean contaminated water. It will fight for Zarathustra, helping the god to punish evildooers and sinners.

Ziz is a giant bird that came from chaos at the begining of time like the Behemoth and the Leviathan.

Zombies are truely creatures of magic. They are mortals who have been cursed and thus turned into the "living dead". They are not truly dead, as they can be revived, but the victim usually dies soon after revival. Zombies are popular figures in the Voodoo religion, and can only be summoned by a Bokor (a voodoo sorcerer). Ways to prevent someone from becoming a zombie: Strangling their corpse Beheading their corpse Cutting the corpse open Shooting bullets (especially silver ones) into the brain of their corpse Poisoning their corpse Allowing their corpse to decompose before it is burried Burying their corpse on its stomach with a dagger in its hand Sewing closed the mouth of their corpse Putting things into their coffin to distract their corpse if it was ever summoned by a bokor