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Performance Appraisal-2013

Agenda of Meeting What is Performance Appraisal Process of Performance Appraisal Component of Performance Appraisal Guideline for effective assessment for team members Timeline for Performance Appraisal 2013 Responsibilities for Performance Appraisal Q&A

What is Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal is review, discussion and evaluation of an employee's performance of assigned duties and responsibilities, personality for specific timeframe. This is key process to: Assess past business and behavior performance. To review the performance of the employees over a given period of time. To help the management in exercising organizational control. Helps to strengthen the relationship and communication between superior subordinates and management employees.

Process of Performance Appraisal

This process is applicable for all employees. Increment will be set based on performance and service tenure with SCL Increment process will not be applicable for non confirmed employees

Planning & set target deadline

Departmental Evaluation
Management Approval

Approval Submission

Discussion & Rectification

Detailed Documentation & Reporting

Component of Performance Appraisal

Total Weight (100%)

Business Achievement (60%)

Behavioral Qualities(40%)

Sample Form

Guideline for effective Performance Appraisal

Business Achievement (60%) Highlighting points
Assigned Responsibility Target Achievement Quality of delivery and perfection Core Competence Work /Task Plan Resource planning and follow up Customer satisfaction

Definition & Highlighting points

Behavioral Qualities (40%)

Highlighting points
Communication & right attitude Professional qualities Managerial qualities /Team work Leadership qualities Values Compliance to code of conduct

Definition & Highlighting points

Guideline for effective Performance Appraisal

Behavioral Qualities (40%)
Communication & Right Attitude

Highlighting points
Written & verbal business communication with stakeholders (Management, Customer, team members etc.) Knowledge on relevant scope of work Responsible & Dependable Attendance and Punctuality Comply with IT Policy Problem identification & solution Quality of work and focus on quality Engagement & Commitment Planning & Execution capacity Team work Setting strategy and target Coaching & Training team member Inspiring & motivating team members Compassion & care for team member

Professional qualities

Managerial Qualities/Team Work

Leadership Qualities


Integrity Creativity
Comply with corporate etiquette Ethical practices

Compliance to Code of Conduct

Assessment Rating
(6)Outstanding performance compared to the expectations to the position Excellent Performance (5)Performance exceeds expectations to the position

(4)Performance meets expectations to the positions Good Performance (3)Performance meets most expectations to the position

(2)Performance is below expectations to the position

Low Performance (1)Performance is significantly below expectations to the position

Sample Form

Timeline for Performance Appraisal-2013

Task/Days Orientation of line Managers Orientation of employees Kick off Performance Appraisal Planning, Architecture & Designing Implementation O&M Region-1 O&M Region-2 NOC Marketing Regulatory Affairs Administration Revenue Collection Billing Treasury Accounting Gateways IT 18-Mar- 19-Mar- 19-Mar- 20-Mar- 20-Mar- 21-Mar- 21-Mar- 22-Mar- 22-Mar- 23-Mar- 24-Mar- 25-Mar13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 Orientation of Performance Appraisal process of 2013

Line Managers
Finalization of Team wise performance Appraisal Tabulation finalization(HR Part) Management Approval

Responsibilities of Performance Appraisal

HR Designs the performance appraisal system. Establishes and monitors a reporting system. Facilitate performance appraisal process for all respective divisions. Perform necessary activities for the management to take decision. Safeguards performance appraisal records.

Line Managers/Supervisors Evaluate Employee performance. Completes the appraisal documents and forms. Reviews appraisals with employees

Management Evaluation of feedback from Line Managers for their team members. Assessment of managers performance appraisal.