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Week 28

Kindergarten 2
MARCH 26, 2012


Jesus Time
Jesus is the Good Shepherd We will see that Jesus provides for His sheep. List the blessings God has given to you. Keep the list in a special place to review your blessings at sad or frustrating times. Matthew 28:20 I am with you always. Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem We will see that Jesus was welcomed as our Savior and King. Psalm 103:1 Praise the Lord.

ck, gl, pl, sl, -nd, -ft , sp, sk, fr, st, dr, th, un


Read a story Mini Book #25 Review sight words on, off, lot, not, got, red, yellow, blue, a, the, can, why, with, me, I, see, from, to, do, in, may, at, like, two, it, if, is, my, little, up, cant, Ill Review nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs Review fact/fiction take time to discuss with your child when it is appropriate to tell a story, when is it appropriate to tell the truth Write letters, name Word themes

This week in Math we will:

Compare numerals more than, less than, the same Write 5s Write 1-20 Identify small, medium, large tangrams Measure objects in non-standard units (cubes, paperclips) ABBC sound patterns

Monday You may bring non-food treats for Easter Egg Hunt on Friday Thursday, March 28 Maundy Thursday worship 5, 7 pm Supper at 5:30 Friday, March 29 Good Friday Children sing at 2PM Parents pick them up after the service at the classroom Deadline for Pine Car Derby Easter Vacation MarcH 31April 7 Sunday May 5 K1-K2-sing at 8:45 Practice at 8:30 am.

School Phone: 408-578-4800 Miss S: School & Church:

Homework Review work. Practice writing numerals. Read two of your childs stories. If they are ready to be independent, listen to them read. If not, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. Read the story slowly to your child Read the story with your child slowly.

This week in Reading and Writing we will:

WELS (church group) website:

Look for K2 blog at http//:

Spell words to review a, i, e, o, u Finish assessments in reading and writing Review the sounds qu,

Music Studies/Science
Songs: Practice song for Good Friday P.E.



Please wear comfortable shoes for running.

M, W: Review the continents and introduce the ocean names T, Th: animals with skin, fur, scales Metamorphosis F: Scholastic News

Have your child read to you Monday: Read two stories to your child before bedtime. Tuesday: Read two stories to your child before bedtime. Read the words on the eggs. Wednesday: Read two stories to your child before bedtime. Play a game. Build something with your child. OR Make a craft with your child. Thursday: Read two stories to your child before bedtime. Friday: Return folder. Chapel-Children are invited to bring money to help others learn about Jesus.