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org -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DAILY NUGGETS FOR JOYFUL LIVING Wednesday, March 6, 2013 The LORD shall open unto thee His good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand Deuteronomy 28:12 KJV GODs GRACEFUL OPENINGS In this verse of the scriptures, there are three types of openings the Lord shall open unto you. The first opening is of Gods good treasure, the second opening is of the Heaven to give rain unto your land in his season, and the third opening is an opening of His blessing to all the works of your hand. Firstly, He shall open unto you His good treasure. What an opening. This type of opening is all inclusive. You will be highly regarded and treated as a precious jewel of inestimable value. Heaven will so cherish you that no harm will ever come near you. You will become greatly valued and highly prized all because of this opening from God. The opening will involve wealth, soundness of mind and body. Wealth and riches will be accumulated and stored up for you because it is God that opens His good treasure unto you. The treasure is far above earthly treasures. To use earthly treasures to compare with what God will do for you is the poorest of comparison. However, earthly treasures are the radiation from this opening from God. This opening is an orchestration from God Himself. Beloved, youve got to be excited because of this opening. I believe that God is telling you to rise and eat what you did not cook. Believe this word by stretching forth your hands in faith and receive. It is yours indeed from God. He has surely opened unto you His good treasure. Dont you see it with me? When you emerge from this great openings, you life will be different from others. Heaven has singled you out for this opening. It is an opening that cannot be mistaken. You will become a sort after by your environment. Glory to Jesus! It is His good treasure. Not ordinary treasure so that no man can fake it, but His good treasure. That tells me how much God regards you. You are not an ordinary gem but one that have become a partner with the Divine. Secondly, the Lord shall open His Heaven to give you rain in his season. That talks of abundance. You shall be abundant in all your endeavors. This abundance shall be in his seasons. When you are to explode, you will. When you sow, it shall grow and you shall reap with a great reward. The works of your hands will never go without blessings. You will always be predicted with blessings. Like Isaac, you will sow in the land that is under a severe draught and reap a hundred fold. Global economy will not impact your prosperity because Heaven has been opened unto you. You will lend to many people, and you will never lack. Whatsoever you embark upon shall be under Heavens illumination. You shall become a centerpiece of hope to your generation all because of the rain that comes down from Heaven upon you. Beloved, cease this moment and receive this pronouncement from God today. All that is necessary is for you to open up your heart and with an outstretched hand you will receive the rain of Heaven. The third is an opening of blessings upon the work of your hands. Do you remember what David, by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost said in Psalms 1:3? Hear him repeat himself today, and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. Our scripture reading toda y interjects a tremendous account of His opening, to bless all the work of thine hand God will not filter and bless the works of your hands; He will bless ALL the works of your hands. Just imagine that. Nothing should be difficult for you to do beloved. When you embark upon a task and it seems difficult for you, all that you need to do is to remind God of this word and ask Him to bless ALL the works of your hands. Are you a business tycoon trying to experience a breakthrough? Now is the time to speak to Heaven and watch God respond to you speedily. Are you a student struggling to get the middle grade? You can change your destiny like Jabez because God promised that he will bless ALL the works of your hands. I want you to pray a simple prayer of faith right now. Whatever it is that has kept you from your Excellency, I rebuke it now. May these threefold opening hit you enough to redeem you from everything that has kept you from flourishing and may your eyes be opened to live out the blessings of these openings and may you experience from today the glory of Joyful living in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Pastor Chris Akpama

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