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Tax Money Give Away

SSI Give Away

Over the last couple of decades, the money of hard working people (tax payers) has been given away by our Government to many who have no desire to work, to people who scam the system with false illness or one of the largest growing groups; single parents. The illness claims are rising, one only has to find the right doctor and get him to write the correct findings, after all; you will probably become one of his clients after you get your benefits started. The most sought after awards are back injuries, mental disorders, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and mental disease with adults. The knowing parent will quickly take in their child or children for mental disorders. I have met a few single parents who have attempted to use their children to receive SSI checks, after all, its free money that the Government gives out, it hurts n o one, its not like its your money. I knew a little boy for three years and never heard him speak, then one day when I gave him a piece of candy he said thank you. I stopped, looked at the kid amused, I told the mother that I did not think her son cou ld speak all these years. This woman restricted the child from speaking with anyone so as to receive a SSI check, or at least she hoped to do so. The kid went to school, playing with other kids he slipped and forgot the silent rule, the teachers notified the proper authorities. The same woman also had a record of fraud with food stamps, housing and welfare.

Housing For Free

Housing today has gone above and beyond. For the working individual who cannot get proper housing for their families because they do not make enough money and do not qualify for housing assistance because they insist on working. If you give up work, or worked less you could afford that overpriced place with the aid of a housing program. Simply put, the rental rates are overpriced today because many rental properties accept public housing vouchers; after all, this is guaranteed rent income for them. The rental properties that have no desire to rent to low income persons will raise their rents so as to keep out their unwanted (low income)

renters. This example can also be applied towards homes. An incident in Tampa showed a woman purchasing her home with public housing funds. The owner of the property did not care where the money came from, here again; the property owner knew it was a guaranteed payment monthly.

Welfare Money
The Welfare System in America has come a long way. It was initially designed to help women with children provide for their children. Case workers would often visit their residents to assure there was no man around, meaning the man could not leave clothes or personal male items at the resident, as this would mean they would no longer qualify for assistance. The queer part (funny part) here is that if they had another child, it would not mean they would void their benefits. I often wondered if they were given instructions and rules as to where they could copulate. Today the system says that it promotes the idea that single women with children meet men, this means that they can have overnight bed guest, even if overnight means 365 nights, unless their best back stabbing friend turns them in. The question that is presented here is how many men can a woman with three plus kids meet that will stay with her and baby daddies kids? Too often the final result here is another kid is produced, but then that is okay because it would mean she will have an automatic extension to her present benefits. Today, the Welfare system says it will help families. This is a good thing if you are lucky enough to win such benefits (let me know). There was a time when the building was labeled women and children, not families. That in itself lets you know that the systems idea was to separate the parents, an easy task, just offer the woman everything free, food, housing, check, stipula tion; get rid of the man. We hear often of the single mother today, how men just abandon them and their children. Too often the truth here is that the womans design is to keep her benefits coming by having another child. The sad part is that usually these women do very lousy jobs in raising their children, who often have different fathers; who too often have varied men and women around their sons and daughters. These children are taught and experience many adult facts in life at very early ages (sex, drugs, hustling). Many of us complain about the Welfare system, many of us attempt to place the blame on a certain group of people as the Social, Political, Racially Motivated Propaganda spreads untruths or lets the slander go unchecked with a new nation of non thinking people. Go over to Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, or Publix and check out who has uses the good old fashioned food-stamp card, you may be surprised of the diversity. Now follow some of them outside, watch and see what car, suv, and truck they get into. If you could follow some of them home, you would surely scratch the hair from your head.

Medical Benefits
We talk and hear so much today about the Presidents health care reform, although most of us show no clue as to understanding what it means. Put simply, it means that ALL people should be able to go to the hospital and receive medical care, people w ho may not have medical insurance (homeless, prostitutes, elderly, junkies, parents, children, preachers, etc.). For some of you less enlightened citizens, there have been a group of people in America who have gotten these benefits for decades, NO, President Obama did not initiate these programs as many imply, they were in place when he was a kid, I know that is a shocker to find that our Political Think Tank has had all of these programs in place for so very long.

I am certain you have figured out by now who these fortunate recipient s are, yes, all of those spoken of thus far get FREE medical care. Now you will hear loudly that we must take care of the children, but this care takes care of the adults as well. Are you, working tax payer, able to take your child to the hospital or doctor office for free? Your answer is probably NO! The fact that you will receive a medical bill after treatment is a sure thing, should you not pay the bill you will find your credit report at an all-time low. The catch 22 here is that we never run short of poor kids, in fact we have more now than ever before, and the numbers each year are growing at an alarming rate, but then what is poor? Have you ever been to a poor persons apartment looked at a 40in + flat screen TV and surround sound system and wonde red how they could afford it? I have lived in countries with Socialized Medicine, countries where ALL people were given medical treatment, and countries where poor were a common word, where few knew where the next meal was coming from. I have traveled to countries that the people would gladly take the food we threw out, but here in the land of plenty we have been duped into thinking that we should pay extra for medical care, that we should thank you for having to take care of those who have no reason or desire to take care of themselves.

Tax Refunds
The beginning of each New Year there is a mass rush of people filing income returns. Tax returns gives us a money boost, it affords us a new TV, new clothes for the family, new furniture and for some a new car. I find this amusing each year as I watch certain people enjoy so much money that they did little or nothing for.

As a RF (telecom) consultant, I averaged $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 a year. My income was taxed between $40,000.00 and $50,000.00 a year, some years they would ask for a few thousand more after I filed. My girl-friend made $14,000.00 to $16.000.00 a year, she averaged a return of $3,000.00 to $3,500.00 a year. Now some would say this is okay, today I still feel it unfair for a person to bust their butt and seem to have to pay more and receive less. If you look at my girlfriends returns, they equal to 1/3 to of her annual income, meaning she received more back than what she paid in. I was a single parent, and as such I worked my way into earning a nice annual salary, I worked hard to give my daughters more in life, to assure that they never went without anything. As a hard working single parent male, I was entitled to nothing t he system had; such as food stamps, child care, etc. Although my tax dollars were being used to help others on these programs, I was ineligible because I began to work too hard and was spend thrift with my money, besides being a Male single parent. How many single men with kids do you know, of these men, how many receive any social entitlements (food-stamps, section 8, etc.)? If you said 0, then we know the same people or it shows the system still has its ways of discriminating against men, famili es led by men. During the tax rush period, go to varied tax prep offices and take note of those who are filing taxes in a hurry. Somehow it seems the Government decided everyone should have a return, provided they have children, no I did not mention a job, I simply said children. This would mean that if you have a child, you will get a check annually for having children. It varies from year to year as to how many of the little tip-bits you can file, but that is no problem because you can let a family member or friend file your extra bundles for a piece of the cash, and yes dear readers this is common practice. If you work hard to increase your income, after a certain limit you are penalized if you are not with children as well as if you are not married. The Government seemingly feels that a hard working single person does not deserve the same benefits as those with no jobs receiving taxes, or those with jobs and a spouse receiving taxes. This is also one of the reason that the Gay, etc. community needs and wants to make it legal for them to get married, it then becomes financially feasible to be Gay. I am a firm believer that taxes should be across the board, that a set percentage should be placed on all income earned. Close your mouth! This would mean, for example: $100.00 * 20% = $80.00, $1,000.00 * 20% = $800.00.(take the 20% away from the earned income) This would mean that for those go getters, their tax amounts would increase or decrease based upon their annual income, meaning they would pay more in tax than those who are satisfied with their earnings, or earned less.

This would also mean that for those who do not work there would be no bogus returns, as returns would be eliminated, dont worry, there would still be work for those great people at IRS, after -all, someone has to make sure you are paying your 20%. This set tax amount would be more than enough money to pay those surreal folks in politics, local, state as well as federal. This switch would also make us be more aware of those extra bucks that politicians seem to suddenly have, or should I say mysteriously have. Have you ever wondered how a job that does not place you into super rich status seems to create mega millions? Can you say kick-backs? Today, as Tax Payers we must concern ourselves where I bucks are going, where our Social Security payments are spent, why we are constantly hearing that Social Security benefits are in danger of dis-appearing, yet we seem to always have New Free Programs for those who seek NO employment, how so many people need our dollars who reside outside of our country, how we must die and support people who do not want our help nor do they wish to become the sheep that we have become. Hopefully this will make you think about where your tax dollars go, that it will make you think about how you work so hard to provide for your family, yet find so many living very comfortably off your hard earned dollar. Bring one or more of these topics up with friends, family, perfect stranger and get their view-point. Phil B