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ars Star W

30/3 8pm


Music Director & Conductor

LEE Shu-sing

Concert Master & Conductor

Pirate s of the Carib bean

WONG Cheuk-nang


P ie c e

Su pe r M ar io Br ot he rs

Associate Music Director & Conductor

FUNG Ka-hing


Sat 8pm

Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall


Symphonic Suite from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace


Keroro Gunso (Sergeant Frog)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char s Counterattack

Dragon Ball

Highlights from Spirited Away



Japanese Grati XV Animated Heroines Medley

Chibi Maruko-chan

One Piece

Super Mario Brothers

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl House Rules :

In order to make this performance a pleasant experience for the artists and other members of the audience, please refrain from recording, lming, taking photographs, and also from smoking, eating or drinking in the auditorium. Please ensure that your mobile phones and any other beeping device are switched o during the performance. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

About HKSW

held all over Hong Kong, bringing the joy of music to every home by visiting every district. The repertoire includes masterpieces from both the East and the West.In 2007, the HKSW held the 20th Anniversary Celebration Concert at the Hong Kong City Hall. Students whom WONG trained over the decades came and supported, not only the concert but what HKSW has been doing in the past two decades. Everyone in the house, no matter on stage or not, celebrated the long history of the HKSW in music making and sharing. In 2008, two concerts were held to pay tribute to Leroy ANDERSON. With the permission of ANDERSONs family, the HKSW re-arranged his piano concerto for piano solo with wind band accompaniment. Not only were the concerts a debut of great success for his masterpiece in Asia, but they were highly acclaimed with full house audience. In 2010, HKSW held a childrens concert and attracted a lot of children with their families to enjoy a night of music and laughter. On 31 December, the HKSW was invited to perform at the New Year Eve Countdown Carnival 2010, bringing up and sharing the joyful atmosphere of a New Year Eve to the crowd through each note we played genuinely. The HKSW has built its reputation and has received much recognition for its music making in diversi ed industries. In 2011, a prestigious international company invited the HKSW to produce its corporate song with world-class multimedia teams. The recordings have been used in its multiple corporate events. Since 1998, the HKSW has published over 10 professional live recordings, both audio and video, including live performance of anniversary concerts. The HKSW was determined to o er our members live records for internal educational use, enhancing music thoughts sharing and communication among members.


The missions of the Hong Kong Symphonic Winds are to promote wind band music and to nurture local talented wind instrument performers.

LeroyAnderson 2010 CDDVD CDDVD


Founded by Dr. Wai-hong YIP and Mr. Alfonso WONG in May 1987, The Hong Kong Symphonic Winds (HKSW) is the rst amateur band in Hong Kong with considerable size and structure. WONG has devoted himself to promoting music education in the community. He dedicated 21 years of his life to teaching at Central Conservatory of Music - the national leading music school in China. His devotion and contribution to music and teaching, especially wind band music development, have deeply in uenced all band members. His works were also recognized by the Chinese authoritative media, namely Peoples Music. Members are the greatest assets of the HKSW. The HKSW has evolved into a house of music, nurturing hundreds of talented musicians, with a majority being WONG students and even students of his students. This adheres to our principle and core value - Passing the Torch. Among all our members, some are distinguished professional players actively performing on local and international stages, while some are making their great e orts and contributions to music education and performance. Thanks to the inspiration and cultivation of WONG and the HKSW in the past 25 years, our missions have been transformed to all these achievements.

{ Highlights of Overseas Exchange }

Our missions are not bound by any geographic or national boundaries. Music promotion and sharing have been taking places beyond the borders. In 2001, the HKSW was invited by the Macau Band Directors Association to perform at the 2nd Macau Band Festival Opening Concert. In 2002, the HKSW was invited to Guangzhou, performing at the International Wind Band Performance Convention, by the 12th Band Conference of Asia & Paci c Band Directors Association (APBDA). In 2006, the HKSW was invited by the Guangzhou Band Directors Association to conduct several demonstrative performances in Guangzhou. In August 2006, the HKSW performed 2 concerts in Shanghai under the invitation of the Shanghai Zhouzhuang



{ Highlights of Local Promotion }

Since the debut concert in Shatin Town Hall on 20 February 1988, the HKSW has started to work with the former Urban Council and the LCSD (Leisure and Cultural Services Department) to promote music among people from all walks of life in Hong Kong. Over 300 concerts have been

12 World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles

Government and the Shanghai CCTV. In 2011, the HKSW participated in the International Band Festival of the 15th WASBE (World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles) Conference held in Chiayi, Taiwan. Those concerts were highly accredited for all the great successes. The HKSW has built its reputation and gained musical growth and development through overseas exchange. With all the encouragement received, especially from some international professional players, the HKSW continues to bring music everywhere throughout our lifelong pursuit of promoting wind band music.

M u s ic D i r ector L au r eate

{ Local Composition & Chinese Wind Band Music Works } {}

Apart from nurturing local talented wind instrument performers, the HKSW is also actively engaged in encouraging local compositions and Chinese wind band music works. Our Music Director Laureate, Mr. Alfonso WONG, composed and adapted numerous music. His remarkable works include Stepping by the Stream - Trumpet Petit Concerto and Hong Kong Symphonic Winds March. Between 1998 and 2004, WONG adapted a series of art pieces of Mr. Wen-hsien CHOU, including four pieces of the Old Songs with New Compositions Suites, Crossing the Ling Ding River and Mulan Rhapsody. The performances of these music works have been well received, both locally and internationally. Composed by the teacher of WONG, Mr. Zhi Qiu XIA, Nostalgia for Home is arranged by Yuen-hing YAU for wind band. YAU was also commissioned the Prelude to a Celebration to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the HKSW. In the fall of 1999, Dr. Brian Chatpo KOO, the internationally eminent composer, was commissioned by WONG and the HKSW to compose a great wind band music, Rainbow, debuted in Hong Kong in January 2000.

WONG Alfonso
(Timofei Dokshitser)

ONG Alfonso, born in the Philippines in 1931, began learning the trumpet at the age of 9. Filled with passion for music, WONG decided to move to Beijing in hopes of furthering his studies at the Central Conservatory of Music. As the Conservatory was newly built, it was in desperate need of brass teachers. Under the advice and encouragement of his elders, Wong took up the job as a teaching sta in the Conservatory. On one hand, he taught trumpet performing, while on the other hand, he furthered his knowledge by attending classes such as music composition and music theory. In 1954, Wong became the assistant lecture of the Father of Trumpet in China, Mr. Xia Zhiqiu, at the Conservatory. During his stay at the Conservatory, Wong received performance techniques trainings from the renowned Russian virtuoso trumpeter Timofei Dokshitser. Wong returned to Hong Kong in 1974, and taught at the Department of Music of the Hong Kong Baptist College (now known as the Hong Kong Baptist University). In 1975, Wong started to teach in the St. Bonaventure College and High School Band and has led them capturing many championships at the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, including a signi cant record of Six Consecutive Championships which has never been broken every since. In 1978, Wong joined the Hong Kong Music O ce as Assistant Music O cer I and had taught trumpet for 9 years. After his retirement, Wong formed and taught in the Hong Kong Chinese Womens Club College School Band. In May 1987, together with Dr. YIP Wai-hong and the Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra, Wong founded The Hong Kong Symphonic Winds, taking the position as Assistant Music Director, and acted as Music Director in 1992. For the past 25 years, Wong has led the band in performing all over Hong Kong with brilliant achievements, and had trained large numbers of performers and conductors of public recognition. Wong has had over 300 students. Starting from 1999, Wong had been leading The Hong Kong Symphonic Winds into performances and inter- ows outside Hong Kong, places included Macau, Guangzhou and Shanghai. All performances were highly accredited. In August 2001, Wong was appointed by the Chinese Art Education Promotion Association as a committee member of the Asian Student Band Music Council. This had showed that his in uence and attributions in wind music were highly recognized. Wong also had a passion for music compositions. Throughout all those years, Wong had composed over 100 trumpet studies, over 20 band music and over 10 trumpet solo pieces. Wong also transcribed several renowned music written by Dr. CHOU Wen Hsien into band music. This has encouraged the fusion of Chinese and Western music.

M u si c D ir e cto r & C o n d u ct o r

raduated from the St. Bonaventure College & High School, LEE Shu-sing began his rst wind instrument lesson at the age of 11 with Mr. Alfonso WONG. At 16, LEE had already been appointed as Assistant Bandmaster of two secondary schools. He was then appointed as tutor of the Sai Kung Children Choir Percussion Ensemble. His commitment to nurturing future generations of musicians in Hong Kong has begun ever since. LEE took part in several Hong Kong Music O ce bands as First Clarinetist. He was also a member of the Hong Kong Childrens Symphony Orchestra and the Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra. Studied at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, LEE has always been enthusiastic about music, devoting himself to music education, the promotion of band music and the pursuit of new heights of musical excellence in the wind band industry. In 1987, LEE joined The Hong Kong Symphonic Winds as Principle Clarinetist. He is currently Music Director and Conductor of the HKSW, and is actively involved in wind band education and conducting. LEE has conducted more than 300 concerts in his music career, a considerable number of performances as Conductor in the wind band industry. With his dedication to the local music development in Hong Kong, LEE has long been endeavoring to achieve his ambition of promoting music with diversi ed approaches, participating in music educational programmes presented by the District Council and the Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), and writing music column in the Economic Daily News. His overall contribution in arts and cultural promotion in Hong Kong, besides music making, is apparent by various means, creative writing in short stories, ction, column, screenplay, to name a few.

A ss o cia t e M u si c D ir e cto r & C o n d u ct o r

LEE Shu-sing

FUNG Ka-hing

Mr. Laurence Gargan Mr. Jonathan Clarke Professor James Thompson

UNG Ka-hing, a Hong Kong bred trumpet performer, is currently Principal Trumpet of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. He began his lessons with Mr. Kenneth FUNG at a tender age, and went on to nish his Diploma, Bachelor Degree and Professional Diploma at the HKAPA, where he worked under Mr. Laurence GARGAN and Mr. Jonathan CLARKE. During his training, FUNG was keen about participating in a range of youth music camps such as Asian Youth Orchestra, Aspen Music Festival and Summer Academy (US) - with full scholarship from the Asian Cultural Council and also the Canton International Summer Music Academy 2006. Upon graduation in Hong Kong, FUNG was awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund, for which he commenced his Master Degree at the Eastman School of Music in the United States, where he studied with the acclaimed Professor James THOMPSON. In 2006, he completed his Master Degree and was awarded the Performers Certi cate for outstanding performance upon graduation. FUNG Ka-hing is at present active in orchestral, chamber music and solo performances, giving solo recitals and contributing to various groups as a soloist in his career. He is an alumnus of St. Bonaventure College & High School (SBC). He joined the HKSW while studying with Mr. Alfonso WONG at the SBC and has performed with the band ever since.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

The clarinet has the largest range of all woodwind instruments, it can play over 3 1/2 octaves

Flutes are considered as one of the earliest instruments and date back to Germany over 35,000 years ago!

Concertmaster & C o n d u ct o r

P ro g ram m e No t es

WONG Cheuk-nang

Sym pho nic Suite from Star War s: The Pha ntom Men ace

Compose d by John Williams arr. Robert W. Smith

ong Cheuk-nang Clement is currently Conductor, Concertmaster and Principal Clarinetist of the Hong Kong Symphonic Winds. He has also been performing as tutti clarinetist in the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong since 2010. Clement started his rst wind instrument lesson at the St. Bonaventure College & High School with Mr. Alfonso Wong. He furthered his studies in clarinet with Mr. Martin Choi at the Hong Kong Baptist University and obtained his Diploma and Advanced Diploma at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), where he studied with Mr. John Schertle, Acting Principal Clarinetist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. He was chosen to join the Asian Youth Orchestra and toured many Asian countries in 2001. In 2006, Clement was selected as Principal Clarinetist of the famous Broadway Show Phantom of the Opera for the Hong Kong session staged at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre's Grand Theatre. In 2007, he won the Concerto Competition at the HKAPA performing the Copland Clarinet Concerto. Upon graduation from HKAPA, Clement received a scholarship to study at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where he studied with Mr. Ben Freimuth and Mr. Luis Baez, members of the San Francisco Symphony. In 2011, he enjoyed taking part in the professional recording of the English Recorder Concertos with eminent recorder player Michala Petri. The record has been released in mid-May 2012, distributed by the Worlds leading classical music label Naxos.

197 7
Star Wars is a lm series created by George Lucas in 1977, and has always guaran teed the box-o ce success all around the world. The recogn izable origina l soundt rack, written by John William s, has scored much critical acclaim and has left audien ces an indelib le impres sion, especia lly with the glamor ous and resplen dent main theme. Tonigh t, we shall presen t you the highlig hts of Symph onic Suite from Star Wars: The Phanto m Menace , drawin g all of you back to the cinema by recallin g all the excitem ent and tense from the Star Wars in the concer t hall.

Kero ro

Keroro Gunso (Serge ant Frog)

Composed by Kan Sawada/ arr. Yamashita Kunitoshi

K 1999 2004 20 11 358

written by Mine Yoshizaki, about a platoon of 5 frog-like Serialized from 1999, Keroro Gunso is a comedy anime and manga series, with comedic failures. The manga was originally ended always but aliens from Planet Keron determine d to conquer the Earth it has captivated a large number of children. Thus, the comic anime, an to adaption the after However, readers. adult at targeted 2011, it has a total of 358 episodes, meantime , 5 animated style has altered according ly for children. Broadcast ed from 2004 till lms have been released.

Fun Facts

Although the saxophone is made of brass, it is still considered as a woodwind instrument since it uses a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet.

Fun Facts

Trumpets are the highest sounding instrument in the brass family!

ck Mob ile Suit Gun dam : Cha rs Cou nter atta

Comp osed by Shigea ki Saegu sa

19 79 19 88 --
Since its initial Japane se broadc ast of all time, accom panied numer ous adoles cence. Mobile Suite Gunda m is a series of animat ion ionized the whole of the mecha revolut largely referre d to be the rst one which run in 1979, the mecha anime series has been spawne d numer ous televis ion series, has pon thereu m Gunda Suit Mobile robot. genre, bringin g forwar d the realism of real the Gunda ms worldv iew, captiva tions (OVA), all sorts of mercha ndise, broade ning feature -length lms, and origina l video animat ing nearly all age groups from all over the globe.

Japa nese Graf fiti XV Anim ated Hero ines Med ley

Music by Asei Kobayash i, Tetsuya Komoro,Yasuo Kosugi arr. Takashi Hoshide

196 6 1969 1992 20 04

Magic al Girl has long been the most popula r role in fantasy anime and manga genre. Iconog raphies and themes are largely associa ted with magic, beautif ul costum e, romanc e and advent ure in which audien ces may have fantasi zed. Tonigh t the magica l girl archety pe Sally the Witch (1966), Secret Akko-c han (1969); the eternal Sailor Moon (1992) and Pretty Cure (2004) shall lead us to a fantast ic journey . Premie red in 1988, the main storylin e has been incorpo rated into the Char s Counte rattack , seemin gly markin g the end of the rivalry betwee n Char Aznabl e of the Princip ality of Zeon and Amuro Ray of the Earth Federa tion. The concer t band adaptio n of the three main themes , in the form of Allegr o - Andant e - Allegro , by Shigea ki Saegus a will be staged tonigh t.

seemin gly markin g the end of the incorp orated into the Char s Counte rattack , Premie red in 1988, the main storylin e has been The concer t band adapti on of the tion. Federa Earth the of Ray Amuro of Zeon and rivalry betwee n Char Aznabl e of the Princip ality tonigh t. staged be will a Saegus ki te - Allegro , by Shigea three main themes , in the form of Allegr o - Andan

Dragon Ball

Composed by Takafumi Iwasaki ,Yamashita Kunitoshi arr. Osamu Tozuka, Sawako Yamasato

Chibi Maruko-chan

Composed by Tetsuro Oda/ arr. Yamashita Kunitoshi

198419954 22 Z
Dragon Ball is a masterpiece written by Akira Toriyama about the adventure of dream, friendship and ght, a stor y of the protagonist Son Goku and 7 mystical orbs known as the wish-granting Dragon Balls. From 1984 to 1995, it was published into 42 volumes and has been sold over 200 million copies worldwide, an astonishing number and record. The anime series has been aired in more than forty countries among Asia, Europe and America and was adapted to movie in Hollywood. We shall present you all this piece combining the T V theme songs of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Kai.

1986 19 90 39.9% (Dancing Pompokolin)

Serialized from 1986, the nickname of the key character, Maruko, of Chibi Maruko-chan shares the same as the author s. The stor y depicts the trivial things happened in her daily life with laughter and tears, and was adapted into an anime T V series from 1990, aired till now. One of the series attained a T V viewer rating of 39.9%, the highest rating ever attained in the Japanese T V animation histor y. A live action series was adapted in 2006 to commemorate its 15th anniversar y. The recognizable theme song is titled Dancing Pompokolin. So are you ready to dance?

Highlig hts from Spirited Away

Composed by Joe Hisaishi, Yumi Kimura/ arr.Eiji Suzuki

Youm i Kimura
Spirited Away is the most popular animated lm of Hayao Miyazaki. Not only has it made a great success in box o ce, it has also won numerous lm awards in Japan and overseas. Besides the movie, the soundtrack composed by Joe Hisaishi and the theme song written by Youmi Kimura and Wakako Kaku (lyricist) have also received several music awards. The piece, adapted by Eiji Suzuki for wind band, to be per formed tonight is composed of 6 catchy lm scores, namely, Always With Me / One Summer s Day / Sootballs / Its the Hard Work / The Dragon Boy / Reprise. These shall draw all the audiences, not only kids but ever yone, back to the Miyazakis world by recalling all your childhood memor y.

Arr. Sawako Yamasa to

One Piec e
3 6 8 30 1999 5 79 11

ide, and has also been transla ted into the highes t-circu lating manga series worldw One Piece has becom e the most popula r and copies in total. 9 volume s have set a million 300 almost selling now, until s volume over 30 langua ges. It was publish ed into 68 episod es since 1999. Thus, plenty 579 aired has series OVA g ongoin The adapte d record of the highes t initial print run in Japan. songs from swing to samba , theme its of 11 feature release d. Tonigh ts concer t shall of its theme songs and charac ter songs were energy ! presen ting all of you a 6-minu te suite full of


D oubl e Ba s s

Supe r Mario Broth ers

Compo sed by Koji Kondo/ arr. Takashi Hoshid e

Co n c er t b a n d i s a p er for mi ng en sem b l e usua l l y c on sistin g of several mem bers of th e wood w ind , b r a ss, a n d p er cu ssion f a mi li es of in str umen ts.

T e no r S a x o p ho ne

Super Brothers is de nitely one of them. Ever since its launch in 1985, Who are the most popular video game characte rs? Super Mario has game The e. worldwid copies million 40 than of all time, selling more Mario Brothers has always been the best-sell ing video game the game. Besides this, its played has on generati every almost hence and Wii, to undergo ne the video game developm ent from NES theme song has become timeless and cross-ge neration al.

Fl ute

S o p rano S a x o p ho ne

Al to S ax o p ho ne

985 1 Wii 4

T i m pani

Trom bon e


B ass Cl arinet

Pirates of the Caribb ean: The Curse of the Black Pearl featur es hands ome boys, beauti ful girls, adven ture, action , comed y, myste twistin g plots and dazzlin g visual e ects, ry, with all big-bu dget Hollyw ood iconog raphie s. Despit e mixed review s receiv ed, it has one of the greate st box-o ce succes ses of ranked all time, being the third lm to gross over USD 1 billion worldw ide, after Titanic and the Rings: The Return of the King. Undou Lord of btedly, its symph onic suite shall go down a storm by bringi ng every one a dark and night! stormy

Al to C l ar inet



P iccol o

Pira tes of the Car ibbe an: The Cur se of the Blac k Pea rl

Trum pet

Compose d by Klaus Badelt arr. John Wasson

Dr um set

Gl ockens piel

Xyl op hone

slide unlik e slide back and Trom bone uses a push and pull the uce soun ds. You use valve s to prod g. leng th of the tubin forth to chan ge the

lly d of a larg e bow l, usua Timp ani are com prise ed by a drum head , and mad e of copp er, capp al mec hani cal ped adju sted in pitc h by a They vary in size and or rolle r chai n syst em. of four. are ofte n play ed in sets

C on c e r t Band

Fun Fac ts

C himes

whic h nts ume instr s othe r mos t bras

larg est tub a mea sure s an imp ress ive 2.05 met res and wei ghin g in at 50k g, was mad e by 20 inst rum ent mak ers!

Fun Fact s

Percu ss ion A ccess ories

2.05 The wor lds

Fun Fact s

Ma rim ba

C l ar inet

Cond uctor

B assoon

Sea ti ng Plan of Toni ght s Conc e r t

D o u b le b as s b e lo ng s t o t he st ri ng s fa m i l y, it w ill p re s e nt in t o nig ht s co nce rt t o o !

E up h oni um

T uba


Member List
Piccolo FONG Sin-yiu Flute # LI Kwok-fai # LAM Po-yi LAU Ming-cheung LEUNG Chun-yin LEUNG Wai-to LIN Ka-chun Mak Shuk-yan WONG Kit-ying Oboe CHAN Yuk-man B Bb Clarinet # * WONG Cheuk-nang # * CHUNG Tsz-pong KWOK Candice LUI Ka-chun TSE Wai-kwan WAN Tsz-chun WONG Siu-chung WONG Kin-cheong Alvin YEUNG Hiu-ying YIP Ka-wai E Eb Alto Clarinet LEE Shu-sing B Bb Bass Clarinet LING Tsz-ching Bassoon # LO Yu-kwong # TSANG Lok-yee


LEE Shu-sing FUNG Ka-hing WONG Cheuk-nang

Concert Coordinator
LAU Ming-cheung

Executive Committee

Honourable Life Advisor

Dr. CHOU Wen-hsien, OBE, JP

Artistic Design

Stage Manager

YIP Sin-hang Natalie

Honourable Music Director

Dr. YIP Wai-hong, MH

POON Wai-wan Vivian WU Sin-yee Isabel

B Bb Soprano Saxophone YIP Sin-hang Natalie E Eb Alto Saxophone # YIP Sin-hang Natalie # CHENG Lan-yan Grace KEI Tsz-ching TSE Wai-kwan B Bb Tenor Saxophone LAU Ka-yi LEUNG Yat-to Horn # HO Kam-hang Richard # CHAN Wai-ping FOK Chung-wing KWOK Siu-ting LAW Yuen-wing POON Wai-wan Vivian TING Ching-wan YUE Man-keung Samuel YUE Man-wai Alan B Bb Trumpet # FUNG Ka-hing # CHEUNG Ho-sing JIM Ho-ming LI Siu-cheong MA Amanda Yuen-shan TANG Oi-ling TO Chi-ho Vincent TO Hau-suet Venus WONG Cheuk-fai YU Wai-yin Trombone # NG Chung-pang # CHEUNG Lok-on CHIU Hon-kuen LI Shuk-ting LO Terence TSANG Kai-chun WAN Chi-kin ZHANG Jin-tian Euphonium # LIU Siu-kwok Scott # CHAN Kam-yan KO Wai-chun Alex Tuba # CHAN Pak-hang # CHAN Tsz-fung CHAN Tsz-tat Percussion # TSE Hei-man # MAK Tak-wai SHEK Wai-ping TAM Ka-yi TO Wing-king WONG Mei-ting WU Sin-yee Isabel Double Bass LAW Nga-ling * # Concertmaster Principal

Honourable Advisor
Mr. CHAI Jian-zhong

Music Director Laureate

Mr. WONG Alfonso

Music Director
LEE Shu-sing

Associate Music Director

FUNG Ka-hing

NG Chung-pang

General Committee
Treasurer POON Wai-wan Vivian Project Manager LAU Ming-cheung Project Manager WAN Chi-kin Marketing Manager YUE Man-wai Alan Logistics Officer CHEUNG Ho-sing Information Technology Officer LUI Ka-chun Music Score Editor LO Yu-kwong Administrative Officer MAK Shuk-yan Librarian MAK Tak-wai General Affairs Officer TSE Hei-man

Artistic Committee
Music Director LEE Shu-sing Associate Music Director FUNG Ka-hing Concertmaster WONG Cheuk-nang Section Leader - Woodwind WONG Tak-chiu Section Leader - Upper Brass CHEUNG Ho-sing Section Leader - Lower Brass NG Chung-pang Section Leader - Percussion TSE Hei-man


Sy m phon ic ba nd i s a per for m in g en sem ble c o n sistin g o f sever al m em b er s of th e w oodwin d, br a ss, a nd per c u ssion f am ilies of in str u m en ts.

The Hong Kong Symphonic Winds wishes to thank the following parties for their unfailing assistance and support:

Ti mp a ni

E u p honi u m

Tu b a


Mr. CHAI Jian-zhong Mr. P. Y. CHOW Mr. CHOW Chung-kai, OBE JP Ms. WONG On-cheuk Ms. CHEUNG Fanny St. Bonaventure College & High School Principal CHUNG Wai-leung Mr. LO Chiu-keung Mr. CHOW Lok-man Hong Kong Chinese Womens Club College Principal WONG Ming-hau Ms. CHUI Tsan-ling Mr. HO Albert Mr. LIU Siu-kwok Scott

Te nor Sa x op hone

A l t o Sa x op hone

Dr. YIP Wai-hong, MH

Fl u t e

Sop ra no Sa x op hone

D ou ble B ass


A lt o C l ar i n e t

G l o c ke n s p ie l

X y lo p h o n e
Join us on Facebook The Hong Kong Symphonic Winds Tel: Fax: Email: +852 9613 7160 +852 2893 8818

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