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The Internet, Section 1

Internet Search tools

Search engines
1. Individual search engine-uses computer programs called
“spiders”, “crawlers” or “robots” to match key search words with
the web pages that contain them.
a) The results returned are lists of web pages.
b) Dos not search the Internet itself, but instead, search
databases of information about the internet.
c) Google, Yahoo, Live
2. Meta- search engine-sends requests for information to several
search engines and compiles the results. Dogpile, AltaVista.
3. As the results are compiled, duplications are eliminated, thus
yielding fewer results.
4. A time-saber compared to a regular search engine.
5. Examples: Google Custom Search allows users to control their
search by specifying
a) Mane of the search engine, Description, Language sites.
6. Subject directories- search databases that are developed and
maintained by human selection of sites to search broad
categories and descriptions.
a) Used in research and often linked to library systems,
research databases
b) Mostly made up of searchable databases, such as library
c) Searches for non-HTML formats(PDF, Word, Excel,
d) Results in more reliable pages than search engines.
e) compiled by academic librarians
f) – Librarian internet index
7. EBSCOhost-premium online information resources for institutions
a) Colleges and universities, Hospitals and medical
institutions, Corporations
b) Government, K-12 Schools, Public Libraries.
1) of EBSCOhost
2) ERIS(education resources information center)
3) CRIS(Current Research and information system)
6) Google Scholar
8. Internet search methods.
9. Keyword-Unique phrases or terms, synonyms or word variation
a) Field- Search parameter, such as a title, date of
publication, useful for drilling down and focusing on
specific content.
10.Boolean search- =,-,(), and or not
a) Uses operations with keywords to narrow search
b) AND narrows results by searching for pages that contain
both keywords
c) OR expands results by search for pages that containing
either of the keywords.
d) Quotation marks narrow results by searching for phrases
instead of verbs.

11.Boolean is implied in may search engines, but still a valuable

method for narrowing searches.

Operator Search String Result

1. AND Movies and Movies and
advertising advertising
2. + +movies+advertisi Movies
ng+Sales advertising and
3. OR Jam or Jelly Jam and jelly or
either term
4. OR Jam or Jelly Or Documents or
preserves websites
containing one
or all of the
5. And/Or Orchids growing Or Orchids and
Planting either the term
growing or the
term planning or
both terms
6. “ “ “President Clinton” President
And “foreign policy Clinton and
“ foreign policy