24th March | Jaypee Greens Golf & Resort Spa | Greater Noida

24th March, 2013 (SUNDAY)
8:30am10:15am Epic Gyaan: What we can learn from our mythology A wealth of business advice is housed in India’s epics and ancient religious texts. Several of these traits have unconsciously shaped the way companies are managed in India, and impact the way business leaders run their ventures. Even Western-educated, multinational-bred Indian entrepreneurs are likely to demonstrate these approaches. In this inspiring, insightful discussion, learn from our epics, and outfit your companies with what are natural Indian ways of doing business, rather than force fitting management styles to suit other models. Speaker: Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai, Author – Corporate Chanakya Format: Talk Tea Break India: Still more local, than global? In this session, get an outside-inside view of the challenges and solutions unique to Indian CEOs. How do they fare in comparison to their regional and global peers in context of access to capital, risk appetite, innovation and the opportunities available? Speaker: Franck Hancock, Managing Director, Barclays Capital (India) Moderator: Dr Pramath Raj Sinha, Managing Director, 9.9 Media Format: Panel Discussion

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Decoding Loneliness: Who do you talk to? A defining characteristic of an entrepreneurial journey is loneliness. Transparent processes and engaged teams notwithstanding, often a founder’s dilemma is hers alone. Most CEOs will confess they protect both their family at work, and the family at home from the worst news. In such a scenario, who does a CEO turn to for counsel and impartial, honest advice? More importantly, the lone ranger mindset that most entrepreneurs end up perfecting can come in the way of seeking out a mentor or a coach. This session takes you through the perils of that happening, and how you can break through to get ahead. Speaker: Santhosh Babu, Managing Director, ODA Alternatives & Executive Coach Format: Workshop Lunch Letting Go: Are you coming in the way of building a great C-Suite? That people are a company’s biggest asset is accepted wisdom today. Smart CEOs know that their success depends on being able to build a team that is motivated and primed for growth. Yet, despite best intentions, getting a cadre of professional senior managers is often made inefficient by an entrepreneur’s old habits and work styles. How does a CEO strike the delegation balance? And, what do senior managers need to be truly empowered? This session spot lights the likely speed bumps in getting to that, and shares insights from a range of Indian companies that have undergone this journey. Speakers: Narayan Seshadri, Chairman, Tranzmute Capital & Giri Giridhar, Chief Financial Officer, Wockhardt Moderator: Anuradha Das Mathur, Founder & Director, 9.9 Media Format: Panel Discussion A Bite of Optimism Optimism is a non-negotiable entrepreneurial trait. It’s what keeps business builders going even when convention, competition and cash flows all stack up to become odds. Yet, optimism is a nuanced concept. For example, when does it morph from an advantage into a refusal to course correct? In fact, is it sometimes a bias that needs to be guarded against? Moreover, how does a founder’s optimism impact organisational culture? With the help of video clips and curated readings, this session picks out insights and views from the world’s leading


experts, and gives you much to chew on. Speaker: Anuradha Das Mathur, Founder & Director, 9.9 Media Format: Led by TED talk clippings, and book excerpts

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