How to Judge Diseases

Before we begin, I would suggest going through some of the good books on Medical Astrology.Medical Astrology, A Rational Approach is a good book, so is Jyotish Aur Rog ( और र ), written by Pt. Kisanlal Sharma. This book is published by Manoj Pocket Books and should be available everywhere. The language and style of writing is very good. These books have a table for planets/rashi/bhava in relation to most common diseases and it makes for a good reference. This is how we should start the study of a horoscope for diseases. Look up the reference body part, study the association with an agent and then predict diseases during the dasha period of all the planets involved. Reference body part:     Understand that organs and body parts are referenced by a house (bhava), rashi and a planet. The planet representing an organ in their natural tendencies are the Karakas. The planets that represent an organ through house ownership are the Lords. Bad aspect/association of both these type of planets shows up as a disease. E.g. Sun is the natural Karaka for heart. In a horoscope, 4th house represents heart. Hence to judge for heart disease, we should look at influence on both Sun as well as lord of 4th house. If one of these factors is strong, the effect of the disease are not likely to show up. If both are weak, then the problems will be worse. Agents causing disease:  In a horoscope, association of the Lord of 6th house with any of the planets will show up as a disease. If both the Karaka and Lord are associated with 6th lord, then problems will be magnified.     Position of planets in 6th house in the horoscope causes problems. The planet Mars signifies wounds and injuries due to accidents, etc. Rahu is responsible for suddenness. Saturn represents chronic diseases.

Please note that association and aspect by an agent is essential. Weakness of the Karaka/Lord is important. General Weakness, but not amounting to disease should be looked at very carefully. If a planet is debilitated or is associated with other inimical houses, e.g. 12th and 8th, it will not cause disease by itself. However, it will signify general weakness and lack of development for that body part.

That has encouraged me to write a second article for this astrology site. who would like to discuss it with me. diseases are denoted by sixth house. the person would suffer from hernia. Persons whose liver does not function properly should have an afflicted fifth house.Diseases and Sixth House Author: Nitin Kashyap I would like to thank one and all for the overwhelming response that you had given to my last article. patient. must have a strong sixth house. a person should be careful during the dasha of Mars. but it would not be considered for marriage. Mars becomes ruler of both sixth and eleventh house and hence becomes a double signifactor of disease. it should be considered good for health. shows the ability to face trouble and fight diseases. That makes some people less prone to infections. Anyone with a long term disease. When a bhava. is requested to send me an email at . being sixth from sixth. which would happen for Scorpio lagna. According of Maharshi Parashara. eleventh house would also denote diseases. Saturn. Doctors. would give a cronic disease. In this case. On the other hand. If sixth house gets strong by having a malefic positioned there. Sixth house shows the immune system . According to Vedic astrology. Benefits of a strong Saturn in sixth house.the inner strength to figth against diseases.B. its ruler and the rashi gets aspected by malefic planets. Leo and Sun. For example. its ruler and the karaka of the sixth house. Following the principles of bhavat bhaavam. tuberculosis is a communicable and infectious disease but some people do not catch the infection even after staying with a T. Everyone in this world has a tendency to fall ill but some people have a better immune system than others. According to medical science. You could also write to me at my address: . In case of Gemini ascendant. who spend a lot of time between patients treating them. Rahu in sixth house gives a longer life. when a horoscope shows an afflicted sixth house. a debilitated Saturn in sixth house. virgo and its ruler Mercury. however there are certain confusing and contradicting mantras given by various astrologers. the person gets the disease of the body part denoted by the particular planet. its lord.kashayap_nitin [at] rediffmail dot com.

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