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Samantha Bledsoe 1290 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy Henderson, NV 89012 (702) 279-2916 SKayBledsoe@aol.


To CCSD Human Resources: I am currently seeking full time employment as a high school English teacher, in grades 9 through 12. Upon graduation from Nevada State College, I will hold a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in secondary education. Similarly, from Full Sail University, I have an Associate of Science degree in film and television production. I maintained a high grade point average at both schools and excelled in applying learned concepts in creating practical assignments. Both fields of study have helped me foster a deeper understanding of the writing process, symbolism, adaptation, development, storytelling, and other aspects of literary study. My educational experiences have afforded me many opportunities to learn through hands-on training. Working on a film set helped me to learn how to work in a team. Each person on a set has a specific job, and the entire production is halted if one person does not do his or her job. While working in a classroom, I learned how to work with a diverse student population and with school faculty, such as co-teachers and paraprofessionals. I am very familiar with the school district, having completed all of my K-12 education in Las Vegas. Professionally, since 2005, I have worked for CCSD in various positions. I started as a Support Staff Substitute, before becoming a Guest Teacher in 2009. As a Guest Teacher, I spent several months in a long term sub position at Don Hayden Elementary School, in their K-2 Deaf and Hard of Hearing classroom. This led me to work exclusively at Schorr Elementary, for a year, in their K-5 Deaf and Hard of Hearing program. In 2012, I took a vacancy at Sunrise Mountain High School. At SMHS I created lessons based on Springboard and taught five periods of English 11, and one period of 9th grade language. My student teaching was completed at Foothill High School, teaching four periods of English 12 and co-teaching one period of the Senior Writing Proficiency course. The experiences have taught me patience, compassion, and flexibility in working with diverse student populations and school staff. I am excited to continue my teaching journey within the district. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to interviewing with you.


Samantha K. Bledsoe