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Automated Intelligence for the Oracle e-Business Suite

Opening and Using the Br100 Configuration Document


Produce a BR100 -1- .


Select a printer icon at the level you want to produce a BR100 Selecting the printer icon at the ORACLE RESPONSIBILITIES level gives you a full BR100 for all modules [BEWARE : the final result may be TOO big to view – depending upon the number of modules and data volumes] -3- .

Enter the filter And press start -4- .

When complete a link will display Click on the link and download this to your local computer -5- .

Once the download finishes OPEN the zip file And select EXTRACT -6- .

Select the FOLDER of your choice and click EXTRACT -7- .

A folder “generation” has been created Open that folder -8- .

Select the BR100….html file -9- .

The BR100 is now open.10 - . .

11 - .Open the TABLE OF CONTENTS and drill down through the menu system until you locate what you want to view. Select the link and it will take you directly to the table .

The configuration values are now visible. It is also possible to make configuration changes in the excel sheet and upload it back into the knowledgebase.12 - . . Click on this icon and EXCEL will be launched. Exactly the same values are now available in excel. To the LEFT of the table name is an icon. The values can now be sorted or manipulated as you wish.