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Company Product & Services
6.1 Description of Products Jazzy le’ Dessert Sdn. Bhd. produces the following product: i. Trifles

Our trifles will be made using local fruit based consisting of various types of fruits such as apple, mango, durian, pineapple and many more. To get the supply of fresh fruits, we will collaborate with Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA). Our selections of trifles are as follows with more to come: o Chocolate Strawberry Trifle o Caramel Apple Trifle o Mango Trifle Pudding o Kiwi Trifle o Durian Trifle o Chocolate Pineapple Trifle o Mixed Fruit Trifle



Our waffles will be crispy as you like it served with ice cream on top where you will feel the warmness of the waffle and the coolness from the ice-cream. Below are some of our selection flavors of waffles: o Strawberry Waffle o Chocolate Waffle o Caramel Banana Waffle o Yogurt Waffle o Blueberry Waffle

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iii. dinner. Pancakes Our pancakes will be served regularly with multiple choices of syrups or even with an icecream on top as you like it. and other utilities used in making our products are readily available from a variety of manufacturers who can meet our quality standards. with natural flavors and tastes. cutleries.2 Production and Delivery Presently. Our desserts are unique because of our own recipe of desserts. snacks by just dropping by at our shop. Desserts will be cooked. stored. customers could have it whenever they want. decorated and served to the customers at the highest standard. lunch. eating them for breakfast. great looking and a great all round dessert eating experience. Page | 2 . Subsequently. Our dessert makers. We plan on having this dessert house to introduce to the public the new line-up of desserts that could have been the perfect after-dish meal. Desserts are made and baked by hand and decorated with handmade decorations using finest ingredients and extra special care and attention to give customers the great tasting. in the kitchen where the recipe will be followed by our chefs and produced instantly. Our desserts are manufactured in-house. Below is some of our selection: o Chocolate Pancake with Vanilla ice-cream o Apple Pancake with Apple syrup o Chocolate Chip Pancake o Banana Pancake with melted chocolate o Mixed Fruits Pancake 6. refrigerator. Critical factors in the production of our desserts are time management to produce the ideal desserts to the likings of our customers and creativity in producing new types of desserts to add new flavors and more variety. one of a kind to the customers. our desserts are in the introductory stage where we have started in a small scale production. It will then be freshly made by our workers.

6. customers need to pay additional charges for it. we plan to organize special offer sales to celebrate our loyal customers support towards Jazzy le’ Dessert and to promote our products to future customers. but at the same time produce desserts with high quality of taste. decoration and combination of flavors and colors of the dessert are pleasant and look delicious so that customers cannot wait to have a bite of it. Unique packaging features will create a memorable moment when customers eat our dessert products. we plan to provide more services to the loyal customers. Special gifts and treats also will be given to customers who buy our products in a large number. texture and appearance. colors and design that can suit any event and occasions. 6.3 Product Benefits and Features Our trifles.Furthermore.4 Future Products or Service Offerings In the future. we also offer catering service specifically in nature of desserts for some gathering since we provide a variety of unique desserts to our customers. we make sure the design. Besides that. For that service. to promote the green environment concept. Page | 3 . For further destination. waffles and pancakes are unique from others because:  Definitive style and beauty Our dessert house gives a chance to the customers to customize their dessert if they want to order the dessert for any occasions or events. In addition. Besides that. It is our company concerns to offer products that are healthy and good for body. Jazzy le’ Desse rt will try to reduce the sugar contents and usages of coloring. we encourage customers to reuse our packaging material to get discount for next purchase. our company will offer free delivery service specific covered area.  Green Packaging Jazzy le’ Dessert provides attractive yet environmentally-friendly packaging for each dessert in various sizes.

Our target market specifically includes people who have a higher level of discretionary income and willing to invest in luxury. Page | 4 . Therefore.000 people excluding students. Perak area that has a population of 702.1 Target Market Jazzy le’ Dessert target market is a diversified market that including people of all ages in the Ipoh. Geographic segmentation is simply studying the demographics and needs of consumers by region. Generation X Generation Y 7. then tailoring a specific product offering to that region. We focus on Ipoh. Besides that. 7. Our trendy company emphasizes its marketing efforts towards the Generation X (born 1964-74) and Generation Y (born 1975-95). our company will try our best to distribute different flavored snacks that cater the needs of people in Ipoh. Station 18 and Seri Iskandar areas who engaged in a special events that require a tasty dessert to impress their guests for all occasions. premium products. a small dessert manufacturer may find that people in Kuala Lumpur have different flavor preferences that people in Ipoh.464 people and a nearby area which is Seri Iskandar that has about 30. as well as they can get discounts for every purchase of dessert’s products.2 Market Segmentation • White collar workers • Couples with or without childs • University students • High school students Our focus for customer-driven marketing strategy is the geographic segmentation. we also plan to organize a dessert making class for customers that interested to learn and those who want to open up their own dessert shop.The top management of Jazzy le’ Dessert also proposed the idea of making a membership customers card so that the customers can get more points in order to gain rewards. Marketing Strategy 7. For example.

throughout the last few years. small dessert shops and in – house production is appearing at an increasing rate. Although. this tactic will be used sparingly as a supplement where necessary. is completed.7. no price resistance and the need for a more frequent and visible presence. and we expect that the market will grow tremendously over the next few years due to our adaptability to our clients’ dietary needs. which is Each a Cup Company. Our most important tactic will be "word-of-mouth" and in-store marketing. The last promotion effort will be utilizing local media. We believed that the market for dessert showed strong demand for the product.3 Market Growth and Trends The specialty dessert market is about to experience enormous growth. where they sell waffle only. 7. this will be the most costly. In addition. There is currently only one sources for desserts in Ipoh. Jazzy le’ Dessert joins this specialty market with something new and different to offer its customers. We believed that our product is adaptable to a wide variety of occasions and specialty events. The trend of desserts shops growing rapidly since the fall of cafes which gradually reducing lately. The second tactic will be local store marketing. which will be implemented by the best possible firm when funded. Throughout the country. Using word-of-mouth promoting strategy is the cheapest and most effective of our marketing programs because of the high traffic in targeted shopping locations.4 Promotion Jazzy le’ Dessert has developed a comprehensive advertising and promotion strategy. Page | 5 . Unsurpassed customer service and our unique products will help develop strong word-of-mouth advertising and in turn help extend the company brand. These will be low-budget plans that will provide community support and awareness of our facility. the market for dessert such as trifle. waffles and pancakes has greatly expanded. No longer are they only a fun birthday party treat that can be purchased at any grocery store or bakery. They have expanded to become a multi-million dollar industry with specialty designs to adapt to any occasion. We will deploy two different advertising and promotion tactics to increase customer awareness of Jazzy le’ Dessert.

and will therefore be tempted to try the “best dessert” in town. Page | 6 . The price of our desserts will be cheaper compare to if we used intermediaries to distribute our product. we offer a fixed discount rate for students so that they can get our premium dessert with affordable price. •Merchandising items. history and news. This pricing strategy builds on Starbucks’ positioning of charging a premium for relatively low cost “feel-good” items. We believe that the consumers in the target market are willing to pay for quality. •Design and layout concept. •Grand opening promotion.5 Pricing Our dessert product’s prices are positioned at the high end of the dessert niche.In-Store Marketing •In-store brochures containing our concept and philosophy. 7. Local Store Marketing •Participating on food fairs in downtown •Brochures •Flyers Local media •Direct mail piece – containing brochures sent to surrounding addresses. Figure 1 : Promotion strategy 7. •In-store viewing of making desserts. we can serve our potential customers better and tailor the desserts towards their preferences. •Party catering.6 Distribution Strategy Our company used direct distribution channel where reach our target consumers directly without an intermediaries. However. •Wall posters. •Web page – containing company philosophy. We believe that by using this strategy. Besides that there is no need to share the profit margins with others and we have complete control over the production and sales process.

Location will also play a crucial role in marketing and promotion. including theatre. large universities. and busy downtown areas. This location will have a high degree of car traffic. Perak known as the Station 18. and a high concentration of the demographic and psychographic' target customer. movie. upscale shopping centers. Jazzy le’ Dessert is expected to develop a successful dessert shop because of its variety of locations nearby. Jazzy le' Dessert Target customers Figure 2 : Direct distribution channel Page | 7 . or music venues. Our business will be located in high-traffic industrial area in Ipoh.

and generally position themselves as partners with the restaurants they serve. switching costs for buyers are relatively low.8. Second. Secret Recipe Well known franchise. King’s confectionary Diversities of dessert. suppliers are generally providing commodity goods. so a successful competitor must differentiate their product/service offering and build customer loyalty. Page | 8 . THEY CAN Have thousands of people walking in their business every day. we do share similarities. waffle and pancakes with several different flavors. Well located business. First. The dessert restaurant industry presents ample opportunity for an upscale dessert restaurant to carve out an attractive niche. Unique trifle. THEY CAN Unique trifle. barriers to entry in the dessert business are relatively low. Competition Analysis Although Jazzy le’ Dessert is creating a new niche in the food service industry. waffle and pancakes with several different WE CAN’T DO. And lastly. first mover advantage in core markets is critical to success. Below is the analysis of our competitors: COMPANY WE CAN DO. Delivery services. and therefore compete with several kinds of quick-service dessert businesses. Each a Cup flavors. Customize dessert based on customer request. As a result.