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I the undersigned hereby do solemnly declare that the work presented in

the dissertation/ project on “An-In Depth Analysis Of Ambassador Retail
Segment with Special Reference to CNG Ambassador in Delhi Region”
submitted for the fulfillment of summer training program, does not breach
any copyright nor has been previously submitted to any other university /

Mr. Prashant Chaturvedi

PGDM 3rd SEM (2007-2009)
Master School of Management


I would like to Sincerely Thank Mr. Amar Singh Rathore (National Head, Sales)
who allowed me to do My Summer Training in Hindustan Motors Ltd. at Delhi

I sincerely acknowledged the guidance provided to me by Mr. Rohit Verma

(T.M Delhi) without his constant support, encouragement and valuable input
this work would never possible.

I would also like thank to Ashok Motors and Rajiv Motors (Delhi) for giving me
such an excellent opportunity to know how the Dealings take place.

Finally, I am grateful to HINDUSTAN MOTORS LTD. for giving me such an

excellent opportunity to do my summer training in this company, which will
enhance my experience and provide a vital thrust to my career.

I would also like to extend my heartful thanks to Mrs. Aanchal Amitabh for her
guidance in our course which help us getting this project completed by the
knowledge given by her.

I would also convey our sincere gratitude to all the respondents who gave me
their precious time and for cooperating with me to make this study possible.

The project gave me immense exposure to the industry and I gained knowledge
about the practical side of a Research Study.

Prashant Chaturvedi
PGDM 3rd Semester

As a part of course requirement and to give exposure to get familiar with the
various activities taking place in organization, my institute “MASTER SCHOOL
OF MANAGEMENT” granted to do summer training in HINDUSTAN
MOTORS Ltd. On the topic “An-In Depth Analysis of Ambassador Retail
Segment With Special Reference to CNG Ambassador in Delhi Region” by
interacting with Taxi Drivers and Fleet Owners and Other Major Taxi Operators.

The valuable experience gained during the course of the project gives me an
insight into a Retail segment of the CNG Ambassador.

This project gives me the knowledge about how analysis is done from the raw
data and emphasizes the strategic importance of market information to business.

Such an analysis will provide a clear picture of the competition going on in this
Car segment among various Companies and the factors that are important for
the Dealers as well as marketers. This project gave me the opportunity to find out
the HM’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities available as well as the threats it
will face from its competitors in this particular CNG’s Retail Car segment.

I hope that this project is comprehensive and provide realistic insight of

competition prevailing in this Car Segment.

Executive Summary
I had undertaken a Marketing Project to have the In Depth Analysis of the
Company’s Sales in Ambassador Retail Segment with Special Reference to its
CNG Ambassador Model and to know the reasons why the Sales of CNG
ambassador is not gearing up and loosing the Market as compared to its

For the same I focused on Mainly the Taxi Drivers, Tour Operators, Fleet
Operators and Places where CNG Ambassador is being used by the Customers.
For the same we had a target of 100 Respondents which consisted of all the
persons like Taxi Drivers, fleet owners, Taxi Stand owners, and govt officials.

To get the responses from the Respondents I adopted the method of

Structured Questionnaire.

The Findings of the survey were, As a Whole most of the Respondents

were using the Ambassador for than 8 Yrs or 10 yrs, which means that maximum
of the Respondents were well known and have the better knowledge about the
Car and the Problems being faced by them in the present Model Of the car. Many
of the Car owners or Users were having strength of Ambassador on an average
of 5-6 cars.

Most of the Respondents look for the Maintenance Cost, Initial Price,
Comfort as the main factors while purchasing any new vehicle, and they look
these things in the Ambassador Car as their advantage over the Cars in the

Most of the respondents have their View that in Ambassador Car is

having the Safety as the biggest advantage in Comparison to other cars in
Passenger car Segment.

Some of the Problems being Faced by the Users at Regular intervals which
is making them to face the Critical Situations many times, The problems Include
Problem with Suspension, Fast heating Of Car With A/C, Sound problem From
various Parts Of the car.

Maximum Respondents Wants Some Engine changes In the Car at the

priority level, and then they also demand some Shape Changes to be there So
that they could have the new looks on the road.

Respondents See CNG Vehicle as the most important Factor to reduce the
Pollution Problem in Delhi Region, and it is Cheaper than other Fuels Available
in the market for the Cars. Problems being faced by user of the CNG vehicle
include mainly with the Filling of the CNG at CNG filling Stations Where they
have to Stand in long queues to get their chance and get the fuel, with this they
also face problems with the Pressures in the Cylinders which creates the problem
and does not let the gas to be filled to the full capacity of the cylinder.

Most of the Respondents have their CNG kits fitted from the Company
and they are happy, but new Technology of Valve is creating the problem for

Many of the respondents think that present prices of the Ambassador are
high as compared to the Features being provided and also as compared to other
models available in the Market.

Respondents are fine with with the response of the dealers and they are
getting their delivery of their cars on an average of 5-6 days.

Most of the respondents find the Availability of spare parts easily but they
say that they are little costlier.

Most of the Respondents also get the After Sales Service like Service
Camps, Festive Offers etc.

Many of the Respondents are not Happy with the Service Showrooms and
they had a complaint with Their Services, they are not satisfied with the Quality
of the Service Provided by the Service Centers.

Based On the Findings, I Could Recommend that:-

• The Company Should Focus on the Shape and Engine Problems Which
Customers are Complaining a lot, and company should improve those
• The Company Should Work upon the better marketing of the Ambassador
Model, in New Looks and With Some New Features.
• The Company should improve their Dealer network and instruct them to
Give and Proper service to Customers so that no customer would remain

Introduction 7

Brief Outline of Hindustan Motors Ltd. 9-15

Research Methodology Framework 17-19

Research Analysis & Findings 21-43

Findings 46

Marketing Strategies 48-49

Recommendations 51

Bibliography 53

Annexures 55-58

As the Automobile Industry in India is growing with the rate of 15% on an
average, and every year in India the number of vehicles are increasing day by
day. This leads to much better market for all the Automobile Companies in India.
With the increasing number of Population there is a subsequent increase in the
Vehicles also whether private or public. Need of both the modes of transport is

Out of the Total Growth of the automobile Industry the growth of the Taxi
Segment is 15% of the total Market growth of Automobile Industry. Which
means that need for public is great in India, these Taxis basically include Cars
like Ambassador, Esteem, Indica and many others.

On an Average in Delhi Region only 1000 Vehicles Come on Road Daily

and out of that around 250 gets registered as Taxis in Delhi region,

In India the around 763 people out every 1000 are capable of Buying a
vehicle, but only 120 could at last convert their capability to actual Potential and
ability to buy the Vehicle.

The share of the Hindustan Motor’s Ambassador Share is 0.5% to 0.9% of

the Total market of Automobile Industry.

After doing all this Analysis I had taken this Marketing Research and
Decided to make An in Depth Analysis on the ambassador retail segment with
special reference to CNG Ambassador in Delhi region. And find out the reasons
That why the market of the Ambassador is not Growing with so much growth in
the Automobile Market and also such a wide scope of Taxi segment.

Thus, the main issue is to know the reasons behind the Problems being
faced in Maintaining the Growth of Sales of the CNG Ambassadors in the Taxi
segment in Delhi Region.

This Study will help in identifying the weaknesses and the problems
regarding the Retail Segment in taxi Segment in Delhi Region.

Brief Outline of

Automobile Industry

While automobiles were introduced to India in the late 1890's, the manufacturing
industry only took off after independence in 1947. The protectionist economic policies of
the government gave rise in the 1950’s to the Hindustan Motors Ambassador, based on a
1950’s Morris Oxford, and, are still ubiquitous in the roads and highways of India.
Hindustan Motors and a few smaller manufacturers such as Premier Automobiles, Tata
Motors, Bajaj Auto, Ashok and Standard Motors held an oligopoly until India's initial
economic opening in the 1980's. The maverick Indian politician Sanjay Gandhi
championed the need for a "people's car"; the project was realized after his death with the
launch of a state-owned firm Maruti Udyog which quickly gained over 50% market
share. The Maruti 800 became popular because of its low price, high fuel efficiency,
reliability and modern features relative to its competition at the time. Tata Motors
exported buses and trucks to niche markets in the developing world.

The automobile industry in India is the eleventh largest in the world with an
annual production of approximately 2 million units. India is expected to overtake China
as the world's fastest growing car market in terms of the number of units sold and the
automotive industry is one of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors in India.

Founder’s profile
Birlas are not only known as India's premier industrialists, they are equally well
known for large philanthropic endowments in the country. These include Research and
Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Rural Development Programmes, Recreation Centres,
Museums, Art Galleries, Planetariums, Temples etc.G.P-CK Birla Group was established
by late Mr. Braj Mohan Birla, a great visionary and one of India's most outstanding
business leaders of all time. The mantle of his rich legacy is presently being carried
forward by his grandson Mr. C.K. Birla, son of Mr. G.P. Birla.

The group has a track record of successful partnerships and collaborations with
global technology leaders like General Electric (GE), General Motors (GM), Caterpillar,
Mitsubishi, Isuzu Motors, NTN, to name a few.

The G.P - C.K Birla Group: Companies & Institutions

• National Engineering Industries Limited
• Birlasoft Limited
• Hindustan Motors Limited
• Orient Fans
• Rivers Vegetable Oil Company Limited, Nigeria
• Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi

• BM Birla Science and Technology Centre, Jaipur

Company Profile
Hindustan Motors was the first Indian Car Company to start production In India.
Hindustan Motors limited, pioneers in Indian automobile sector is one of the C.K.Birla
groups of companies. The company came into existence in 1942 at port Okha, later the
company was shifted to Uttarpara (West Bengal), near Kolkata.

It started production of the Landmaster in 1954, and in 1957 began the production
of the Ambassador. At present, it is a one billion turnover company manufacturing
Passenger Cars, Utility Vehicles, Power Products and Earthmoving Equipment.

The manufacturing facilities of the company are spread across India: Uttarpara in
West Bengal, Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh, Thiruvallur and Hosur in Tamil Nadu, and
Pondicherry. The latest model, Mitsubishi Lancer, is manufactured in their state - of - the
- art manufacturing facility at Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu.

Hindustan Ambassador has a vast service network. The Passenger Car and Utility
Vehicle market is being attended by a 115 strong dealer network, 50 Service and Parts
dealers and additional 60 exclusive Parts dealers. 4 Regional Offices and Nation-wide
Territory Offices support it. Two dealers serve the Earthmoving Equipment and Power
Products market from 25 locations spread across the country.

In a bid to streamline the after sales service, three divisions have been made,
namely red, blue and green. The Red will handle the new Mitsubishi Lancer, Blue, the
Ambassador and Contessa Classic, while the Green caters to the rural market with the
Trekker and the HM RTV.

Hindustan Motors Limited has been the pioneers in the manufacture of factory
fitted CNG/LPG vehicles in India. CNG/LPG as fuel is approved, economical and
absolutely safe due to its low inflammability. The latest version of the Ambassador is
perfect for those on an economy drive.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a substitute for gasoline (petrol) or diesel fuel.
It is considered to be an environmentally "clean" alternative to those fuels. It is made by
compressing methane (CH4) extracted from natural gas. It is stored and distributed in
hard containers, usually cylinders.

In subsequent years it kept on giving different models viz., Hindustan-10,
Hindustan-14, Baby Hindustan, Hindustan Landmaster, and Hindustan Ambassador
Mark-1 to Mark-4, Ambassador Nova, Contessa Classic and Rural Transport Vehicle

The Automotive Research Association of India, Pune set up in 1966, is a

cooperative industrial Research Association of the Automotive Industry. The objectives of
the Association are Research and Development in automotive engineering for industry,
product design and development, evaluation of automotive equipment and ancillaries,
standardization, technical information services, execution of advanced courses on the
application of modern technology and conduct of specific tests. Developmental testing
and certification, especially as per Euro norms is one of its major activities.


Hindustan Motors Limited's (HML) collaboration with overseas automobile

manufacturers has brought models in keeping with the present trend in the automobile
arena. Besides vehicles,

HML has entered into collaboration with foreign companies for its manufacture of
automobile parts and transmissions as well.

Chennai Car Plant (Tiruvallur, Tamilnadu)

Collaboration: Mitsubishi Motors Japan in the year 1998
Products: The Lancer and Pajero range of cars

RTV Plant (Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh)

Collaboration: OKA Motor Company Australia in the year 1998
Products: Road Trusted Vehicles

Past Collaborations: Isuzu Motors Ltd. Japan from 1983 –1993

Vauxhall Motors U.K. from 1980 - 1990
Ricardo Consulting Engineers Ltd U.K. from 1989-1993

HM’s Product Line
1) Ambassador
i) Petrol
(a) 1800 ISZ MPFI
ii) Diesel
(a) 1.5 E2 DSL
(b) Classic 2000 DSZ
iii) CNG/LPG
(a) 1.5 E2 CNG/LPG
(b) 1800 ISZ with CNG/LPG
2) Avigo
3) Contessa
4) Grand
5) Pajero
6) Lancer
7) Cedia
8) Pushpak
9) Trekker

Ambassador Model
The Hindustan Ambassador is a model of car manufactured by Hindustan Motors
of India. It has been in production since 1957 and is based on the Morris Oxford model
first made by the Morris Motor Company at Cowley, Oxford in the United Kingdom.
This car made by Hindustan Motors at its Uttarpara plant near Kolkata.

When the Birlas wanted a new model to replace their already old Hindustan
models, they scouted for the then-new Morris Oxford Series III. The Amby, as it is
affectionately called, has been in continuous production since its inception, with very few
changes to its frame. In 1957 all the tooling of the British Morris Oxford Series III was
transferred to India. The car was renamed the Ambassador and series-production started
in 1958.

Styling changes from the Morris Oxford series II (Landmaster) to Morris Oxford
series III (Ambassador) included deep headlamp cowls and small rear wing "tail fins" --
all the rage in 1956. The dashboard and steering wheel were completely redesigned. The
Landmaster's flat-plane two spoke steering wheel gave way to a stylish dished steering
wheel with three spokes made-up of four wires per spoke, for the Ambassador.

In the early 1990s, the old petrol engine was replaced in favour of an Isuzu 1.8
litre engine and became the fastest production car in India, beating Fiats, and the Maruti
Udyog cars at that time. The engines currently available are a 75 bhp petrol engine and a
80 bhp (59.8 kW) Isuzu turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine.

All the cars manufactured by Hindustan Motors conform to Euro-1 emission

norms. This has been achieved by the upgrading of the Ambassador 1800 ISZ with multi
- point fuel injection. The Ambassador was always in conformance with these norms.

Product Classification


Diesel Petrol CNG LPG

1.8 MPFI 1.8 CNG
1.5 DSL 2.0 DSZ
Classic Grand
Classic Grand

Classic Grand
Classic Grand

All Models are available in BS II & BS III version

Sales and Market Share of Automobile Companies

The above Pie Shows that Maruti is the Market Leader in the Automobile
Segment in India, whereas, Hyundai takes the second place in the market 17.1% share
of the Total Automobile Market, Rest 31.65 market is Fulfilled by 9 companies which
include many Overseas companies like GM, Mercedes Benz, Skoda. Among these big
Players Hindustan Motors is having only 0.8% Share in the Total Automobile

Industry, which shows that how the pioneering Company of India is being smashed by
other Companies.


1. Title of the Research Project:

An in-Depth Analysis of Ambassador Retail Segment with Special

Reference to CNG Ambassador in Delhi Region.

2. The Issue

Inspite of a growth in the Automobile Industry Ambassador is loosing

its stake in the market to other competitors.I choose this subject to analyse the
reasons behind theDecrreasing sale of CNG Ambassador in the Retail Segment
where it is one of the Most liked Cars among others.

3. Research Objectives
1. To find out the reasons behind the reducing market share.
2. To find out the reason as to find out why CVI of ambassador have
gone down.
3. To find out whether there has been any shift in user driven.
4. To understand the consumer perception from the vehicle and which
brands fulfill which needs.

5. To suggest marketing strategies to be followed to tap the potential
market segment.
4. Assumptions of the Study

• Consumers of the Delhi Region are well known about the CNG Ambassadors
• The Products of the Competitors are also in Competence with all the Norms
required for Taxi Segment in Delhi Region.

5. Research Design:

Descriptive research design has been used.

6. Research Plan
a) Data sources:
i) Primary Data: Primary data has been collected from dealers, Taxi
Drivers & Tour Operators.
ii) Secondary Data: Secondary Data has been collected from Internet,
Brochures and Earlier Reports.

b) Research Approaches: Type of research approaches used is:

o Survey Research

c) Research Instruments:
i. Questionnaires (closed end as well as open
ended Questions have been used)
ii. Interviews
iii. Schedules

d) Research Technique:
i. Pie Charts
ii. Bar Graphs
7. Sampling Plan:
(b) Sampling Unit: Taxi Owners, Our Operators and Car owners.

(c) Sample Size: The total Sample Size of 100 respondents was been taken,
36 were Taxi Drivers, 27 were Tour Operators, 20 Fleet Operators, 17
Govt. officials.

(d) Sampling Area: Delhi City

(e) Sample Type: Stratified random Sample

(f) Time Taken For Research: 8 Weeks

(g) Geographical Area: The Study has been Carried Out in Delhi City,
Especially in These Areas.

(a) Cannaught Place

(b) Bhikaji Cama Place
(c) Indira Gandhi Airport
(d) Palam Airport
(e) New Delhi Railway Station
(f) Old Delhi Railway Station
(g) C.G.O Complex
(h) Taxi Stands at Hotels like-Hyatt, Le Meridian,
Shangri La, Oberoi,
Intercontinental, Taj
Palace, and Taj Mansingh.
8. Contact Methods:
1) Personal Interactions with the Dealers and Fleet owners.
2) Interviews with the Taxi drivers and the Tour operators.
9. Survey Research has been used because of the following Reasons:
1. Can accommodate large sample sizes and generalize results
2. Ease of administering and recording questions and answers
3. Ability to use statistical analysis
4. Factors and relationships not directly measurable can be studied

10.Limitations of the Study

• As the information was collected from different source the data gathered
sometimes vary.
• Certain potential location may not be covered due to lack of time.
• Disinterest of respondent on answering the questionnaire.
• The findings of the survey may not be true representative of actual market.

Research Analysis



Q1. From how long you are using the ambassador car?

No. of Years No. of

8-6 yrs 79
6-4 yrs 16
4-2 yrs 3
2-1 yrs 2

2-1 yrs 2
No of Years

4-2 yrs 3

6-4 yrs 16

8-6 yrs 79

0 20 40 60 80 100
No of Respondents

The above Graph Shows that 79% of the respondents are using the CNG car from
last 8 to 6 years or more than that, 16% of the respondents were using from last 6 to 4
years, and 3% and 2& respondents are the users from Last 4-2 years and 2-1 yrs

Q2. No. Of cars do you currently have?

No. of cars % of Respondents

1-4 cars 38%
5-9 cars 27%
10-14 cars 21%
15-19 cars 7%
More than 20 cars 7%

1-4 cars
38% 5-9 cars
21% 10-14 cars
15-19 cars
More than 20 cars

1-4 Cars: Maximum respondents are having car strength of 1 car to 4 cars, 38% of total
Respondents are having the no. Of cars ranging from 1 to 4 cars at the max.

5-9 Cars: Then the next big strength is of those respondents who are holding the cars
ranging between 5-9 Cars. This group comprising 27% of all the respondents.

10-14 Cars: 21% of the respondents hold Ambassador Car ranging between 10-14, this
group includes fleet operators and other Taxi Stand Owners.

15-19 Cars: 7 % of the Respondents have got the Strength of Ambassador car between
15-19 cars.

More than 20 cars: Only 7% of the Respondents holds car more than 20, these include
majorly Govt. Dept, and Institutions.

Q3. Which make/model of ambassador car do you currently have and which you purchased last?

Make/Model % of Respondents
Petrol 33%
Diesel 11%
CNG 56%

Ambassador model

56% CNG


The above graph shows that 56% of the respondents are using the CNG Model of
Ambassador which include mainly the taxi Drivers and tour operators, while 33% of the
respondents were using the petrol version of the Ambassador that is MPFI model these
were mainly the Government Official and Fleet Operators, whereas, only 11% of the

Respondents were using the Diesel Version of the Ambassador which include the general
people and tour operators.

Q4. What factors do you consider while purchasing the new vehicle?

Factors Initial Comfort Safet Brand Space Fuel Average Maintenance Others
Price y Type Cost
% of 73.5% 77.76% 75% 49.73 67.5 35% 74% 84% 35%
Respondent % %

Others 35%
Maintennace Cost 84%
Average 74%
Major Factors

Fuel Type 35%

Space 67.50%
Brand 49.73%
Safety 75%
Comfort 77.76%
Initial Price 73.50%
0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Percentage of Respondents

• Initial Price: It is the Factor, which is considered 73.5% times while purchasing
the vehicle, it means that Indian consumers are very price consciousness.
• Comfort: Another factor which respondents highly consider while purchasing the
vehicle, it is shown that
• Safety: 75% of the respondents have their view that Safety is the most important
Factor, which they consider while purchasing the vehicle.

• Brand: For around 50% respondent’s brand is not that much important in taking a
buying decision of any vehicle.
• Space: For the customers like taxi Drivers and tour operators Space is
Considered as the one of the important factor, it is showed in the above graph that
67.5% respondents take decision in keeping view the space n the vehicle they are
• Fuel Type: 35% of the Respondent consider the Type of fuel while buying any
vehicle, they look for CNG, Petrol, or whether they Taking the diesel vehicle.
• Average: Average of the vehicle is considered as the most important factor while
purchasing any new vehicle, 74% respondent represents this that they consider the
factor of Average while purchasing any new vehicle.
• Maintenance Cost: 84% respondents were very conscious about the Maintenance
Cost to be incurred after purchase. They look for less maintenance cost vehicle.
• Others: There are other factors also considered while purchasing the vehicle by
35% respondents like Demand of Tourist, Govt. officers Liking Etc.

Q5. Had this model not been available which other model you would have considered and what
are the reasons to buy that?

Other Model % of Respondents

Indica 22%
Esteem 24%
Indigo 12%
Innova 16%
Tavera 14%
Omni 7%
Others 5%

Other Preferences

5% Indica
7% 22%
14% Indigo
16% 24%
12% Others

Apart from Ambassador People preferences lies in these Cars. Out of which
people mostly like the Esteem(26%) and indica(24%), these cars are the preferences of
Taxi drivers and tour operators, others like fleet operators and other tour operators like to
have Innova(17%), Tavera(15%),Indigo(13%),Maruti’s Omni is also one of the
preferences by the customers, and apart from these cars others cars are also liked such as

Q6. What are the advantage ambassadors has over the other models available?

Advantages Safety Engine Luggage Seating Maintenance Mileage Others

Capacity Capacity Capacity Cost
% of 82.5 26% 30% 53% 19% 13% 30%
Respondent %

90 82.5
No. of respondents

60 53
40 26 30 30
30 19
20 13
it y




















• Safety: 82.5% respondent sees safety as the major advantage in the ambassador
due to its Strong body and Shape.

• Engine Capacity: 26 of the respondent have the view that the engine of the
ambassador is very good and very powerful as compared to others.

• Luggage Capacity: As compared to other vehicle Ambassador has more luggage
space is what 30 of the Respondent say.

• Seating Capacity: Advantage of rear seat comfort and overall comfort in seating
in the car is more people feel in the ambassador as compared to other.

• Maintenance Cost: Only 19% of the respondent feels that maintenance is low in
ambassador and see it as the advantage over the other vehicle.

• Mileage: Only 13 respondents out of 100 feel that mileage of ambassador is

better than the other cars.

• Others: 30 out 100 respondents has their own view and they other things as
advantage of ambassador over the other cars like-it’s an OLD vehicle, it is
regarded as the status symbol by the Govt. officers, it is smooth.

Q7: What are the problems Faced with the Ambassador cars?

Problems % of Respondents
Suspension 55%
Water Seepage 37.5%
Poor Door Pads 23%
Defenser 13%
Improper Working 7%
of Wipers
Compressor 2%
Fast Heating of Car 42%
Malfunctioning of 27%
Gear Box Problem 2%
Sound From various 27%
Others 5%

Others 5%
Sound from Various Parts 27%
Gear Box Problem 2%
Malfunctionong of A/C 27%
Faast heating 42%
Compressor 2%
Wiper 7%
Defenser 13%
Door Pads 23%
Water Sepage 37.50%
Suspension 55%

• Suspension: 55% of the Respondents had a problem with Suspension of the

Ambassador Car, which they are facing, at regular intervals. This is the most
common and frequently occurring problem, which customers are facing.

• Water Seepage: Water seepage problem is being encountered by 37.5%


• Door Pads: Another Problem, which customers are prompting, is of the Bad
quality of Door Pads. This gets torn in short span of time.

• Defenser: 13% respondents who are using the ambassador car also face Problem
with the Defenser.

• Wiper: Improper Working of the Wiper is also being reported by the 7% of the

• Compressor: Only 2% of the respondents facing the problem with Compressor.

• Fast Heating: It is another Major Problem faced by the customers, 42% of the
Respondents reports that their cars gets Heated sooner when use to be with their
A/C working.

• Malfunctioning of the A/C: 27% of the respondents are not satisfied with their
A/C, they are continuously facing the problem with A/C.

• Gear Box Problem: 2% of the respondents say that the gear Box of the
Ambassador is very hard and it creates a problem for them. They face problem
with the Working and while changing of the Gears.

• Sound from various Parts: 27% respondents say that Ambassador creates
Sounds from Various Parts after some days of the Purchasing the new Vehicle.
They are not happy with the Sounds Coming out from the Various Parts.

• Others: 5% respondents are unhappy with the Other problem regarding the ambassador
which they Frequently faces like less average as compared to other cars, Hard Clutch,
Plastic Bumpers, Weak Shaft, Bad Lock Quality, High Maintenance etc.

Q8: What more you Expect (Features) you want from the current model of Ambassador?

Expectations % of Respondents
Shape Changes 55%
Engine Changes 70%
Price Changes 43%
Others 30%

Custome rs Expe ctations

Price Changes

Engine Changes

Shape Changes

0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

Percentage of Respondents

Shape Changes: 55% of the Respondents are in favour of Changing the Shape of the
Ambassador Car, they get bored and Expects Ambassador in a new look so some Shape
Changes should be brought, and Ambassador should be repositioned in New Shape and

Engine Changes: 70% of the Respondents are not happy with the regular problems faced
by them frequently, so they demand the Engine Changes in Ambassador Car.

Price Changes: 43% of the respondents expect some changes in the prices of the
Ambassador car.

Other: 30% respondents Expects some other changes in the Present Model of the car like
There Should be Better A/C, Average Should be better, and same old Steel Bumpers
Should be kept on.

Q9: How do you compare CNG driven vehicles with petrol/diesel vehicles?

Comparison factors % of Respondents

Mileage 63%
Smoothness 2%
Less Power 33%
Engine Life 3%
Emission rate 73%
Limited Availability 67%

Others 75%

Others 75%

Limited Availability 67%

Comparison factors

Less Emission 73%

Longer Life of Engine 3%

Less Power 33%

Smoothness in Engine 2%

More Mileage 63%

0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Percentage of Respondents

• More Mileage: 63% respondents say that CNG driven cars give more Mileage
than the Petrol/Diesel driven cars.
• Smoothness in Engine: only 2% of the respondents feel Engine of the CNG cars
smooth than the Petrol/Diesel cars.
• Less Power: 33% respondents have their view that CNG driven Cars have Less
power than Petrol/Diesel Driven cars, they feel that CNG car gives less Power
with A/C on than Petrol/Diesel cars.
• Longer Life of Engine: only 3% of the respondents feel that CNG Driven
Vehicle has longer life of their Engine than Petrol/Diesel cars.
• Less Emission: 73% of the Respondents feel that CNG vehicle is best Suited for
the Environment because it gives Less Emission than Petrol/Diesel Cars.
• Limited Availability: 67% of the respondents told that Availability of Gas for the
CNG vehicle is very limited than Availability of Petrol/Diesel.
• Others: Maximum Respondents Told about the Cheapness of the CNG for the
CNG Vehicle, 75% of the respondents feels that CNG is more economical than

Q10 (A): what all problems do you face with CNG vehicles?

Problems % of Respondents
Leakage problem 0%
Filling problem 63%
No Proper Supply 33%
Reduction in Mileage 12%
Affects Engine 20%

Others 74%

80% 74%
Percentage of
20% 20%
Leakage Filling No Proper less Affects Others
Problem Problem Supply Mileage Engine
Problem With CNG Vehicle

Leakage Problem: No respondent faces any problem regarding leakage of the gas.

Filling Problem: 63% respondents have the problem regarding filling, according to them
CNG Cylinders Could not Contain the Gas to its full capacity.

No Proper Supply: 33% respondents who have bought new Standard vehicle faces the
Problem with Proper Supply, they had a problem with the Valve System which is being
kept in newer models which hinder the proper supply to the engine.

Less Mileage: 12% of the respondents feel that CNG vehicle give them Less Mileage.

Affects Engine Capacity: 20% respondents feel that CNG affects the Engine capacity.

Others: 74% of the respondents face problems at the CNG filling Stations, because they
have to stand and wait in long queues to get their vehicles CNG filled.

Q10 (B): Whether your car has CNG fitted from company or is it retrofitted? Which one you find

CNG Fitment % of Respondents

Company Fitted 74%
Retrofitted 26%


Company f itted

Retro f itted


74% of the respondents have their CNG KIT fitted from the Company, and they
are very much satisfied with that. These respondents feels that Company fitted CNG Kit
is Convenient for them as they don’t have to again get the work done in their vehicles and
Company fitted CNG kit engines are well tuned as per the CNG kit. But at the same time
they face problem with New Valve technology which is being put in new vehicles as it
hinders the proper supply to the engine.
On the other hand 26% OF the respondents have their RETROFITED CNG KITS,
Which were installed in old Cars, in which they were regularly facing the problems with
engine or the other things.

Q11: Are you getting your value for money by the present models of ambassador car, if not then
what extra features you want to get your value for money? Are present prices high?

Yes 62%
No 38%



62% of the respondents Thinks that present prices are high and they needs to be
Changed and they feels that they are not getting their Value for Money, and they want
some Changes in the present Model of the Car which will make them more happy and
make them feel their Value for Money, Some of the Common Changes which maximum
Respondents Wanted was that Change in technology and introduction of some new
features like Air Bags, ABS, Defogger, Better A/C, MP3 Player.
Then On the other Hand 38% respondents don’t think that present prices are high,
but they also need Some Technical Changes that could be useful for them like Engine
should be much better than now, More power should be there, Average should increase,
Regular faults which they are facing must be corrected, than apart from all these things
other changes like better quality of Door pads must be there and availability of Better
Parts Should also be look after.

Q12: Are you satisfied with the procedures followed by the dealers in completing all the
formalities from the time of Booking till the Final Delivery?

Satisfied 46%
Unsatisfied 54%

46% Unsatisfied

54% Satisfied

Its only Around Half of the respondents were happy with the Procedures followed
by the Dealers in completing all the Formalities from the time of Booking till the date of
Delivery, Its only 54.5% respondents who are satisfied with the proceedings of
Dealership in Delhi region, otherwise Some of them were complaining about the lateness
of the Delivery of the car, some say that Dealers do not provide After Sale Service To
them, some of the Respondents were not happy with Work Done by Authorized Service
These are some of the Basic problems faced by the customers and they are turning
towards other Models of the car in the Same Segment.

Q13: How much time Dealers usually takes in completing all the formalities till delivery?

Time Taken by dealers % of Respondents

0-5 Days 36%
6-10 Days 30%
11-15 days 20%
15 or more days 4%



41% 0-5 days

6-10 days
11-15 days
15 and more days


Maximum Respondents get their Delivery of their Cars on Time or within 5 Days of their
Delivery, 41% of the respondents were happy with the Delivery process Of the dealers they get
their cars within 5 Days of time, or On the Spot They being Given Delivery.

33% of the respondents get their delivery in 6-10 days of period due to some Formalities
or Some Extra Work to done by the customers it or this Delay is also due to unavailability of
22% of the Respondents are Getting their delivery In period of 11-15 days of time, this
Delay is due To unavailability of Stock with the Dealers, which must be look after and Corrected
that Dealers Must have the Sufficient Stock and Customers do not turned back.

4% of the Customers are not happy with the Delivery Process because they got their
delivery in more than 15 days of time from the time of delivery.

Q14: Can you cover more places outside Delhi with your CNG model of Ambassador?

Yes 88%
No 12%



89% of the respondents have their View that they could not cover more places outside
Delhi with the Present model of CNG Ambassador Car, they are complaining about the in
availability of CNG outside the Delhi and they are not getting the sufficient Average so that they
can cover more places outside the Delhi.
12% of the respondent who could cover more places outside the Delhi say that they can
cover outside Delhi only till Gurgaon or at the most till Faridabad, or if they could cover more
places outside Delhi than they could do so with the help of 40 Liters of petrol tank which is being
provided in the present model.

Q15: Do you get any service/offers after sales also?

After Sale Services % of Respondents

Service Camps 65%
Regular Check-ups 12%
New Scheme Information 19%
Festival offers 4%

Percentage of Respondents

70% 65%
20% 12%
10% 4%
Service camps Regular Check-ups New Scheme Festival offers
After sale Services

Service Camps: 65% of the respondents are happy and they get regular Service camps at their
Sites by the Company, these respondents include mainly the Taxi stand owners, tour operators,
and many govt. officials and their departments.

Regular Check-ups: 12% of the Respondents are getting their cars regularly checked up by
company official and mechanics when and ever they wanted that.

New Schemes Information: Company’s New Scheme Information is reached only to 19% of the
respondents, rest they are not aware about the new scheme information.

Festival Offers: only 4% of the respondents Get festival Offers from the Company, which needs
to be increased as compared to the Competitors offers to their Customers.

Q16: How do you compare Ambassador’s CNG model with other CNG driven Models?

Comparison Mileage Smoothness Engine Cylinder Others

factors Capacity Capacity
% of 46% 45% 57% 56% 0%

others 0%
Comparison Factors

Cylinder Capacity 56%

Engine Capacity 57%

Smoothness 45%

Mileage 46%

0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Percentage of Respondents

Mileage: 46% of the Respondents have the view that Mileage of the CNG Ambassador Is below
Average than other CNG driven Cars.

Smoothness: Respondents also doesn’t feel in the CNG ambassador as compared to the other

Engine Capacity: From the above graph it could be clearly inferred that Respondents feel that
CNG Ambassador’s Engine has more capacity than other vehicle in this segment.

Cylinder Capacity: In respondents view 56% rating is being given to the Cylinder capacity as
compared to the other Vehicle.

Q17 (a): How you find the spare parts in terms of availability and cost?

Availability-Easy 79%
Availability-Difficult 21%

Availability Of Parts



Customers are satisfied with the availability of the spare parts of the Ambassador in the
market. This could be inferred from the above graph that 79% of the customers find the
availability of the spare parts very easily or nearby.

Q17 (b): How you find the spare parts in terms of availability and cost?

Cheap 37%
Costlier 63%

Cost Of Parts



From the above Graph it is clearly arrived that respondents feel that the Spare parts
available in the Market are little Costlier than the Spare parts of the other cars or than the spare
parts of local quality. They are getting the spare parts at comparatively higher prices which need
to be concentrated upon.

Q18 (A): How you find the service showrooms for maintenance in terms of availability of service?

Far 65%
Near 35%

Availability of Service Showrooms





Availability of showrooms is being rated as 65%, which means that Service showrooms
are far away from the most of the customers from their point of parking or their place of Work.
Respondents have to travel for long to find the service showrooms in the Delhi city. Being In
Delhi with Long Distances Customers have to travel a lot in search of Service Showrooms of
CNG Ambassadors.

Q18 (B): How you find the service showrooms for maintenance in terms of quality of service?

Excellent 46%
Poor 54%

Quality of Service Showrooms

46% excellent
54% Poor

Respondents feel that service given by the service centers is not good, and they are not
satisfied with the services which they experiences after getting the car. They complaint that they
have to make certain rounds to service centers for getting the small fault corrected.54% of the
respondents had a bad experience at service centers.

Q19: Are you satisfied with the CNG cylinder provided with the Present Model of 12 Kgs? If
not then what should be the size of the cylinder?

Yes 22%
No 78%



Maximum Respondents are not at all satisfied with the Present Cylinder Provided by the
Company in the Present Model of The CNG Ambassador Car, They had a complaint that with this
much Capacity the can not cover more places and they have to wait in long queue for filling the
CNG.On an Average they Demand for Bigger Cylinder Than presently provided, Respondents
have a View that They Ned a 15Kg-16Kg cylinder on an average. Only 22% Respondent is
satisfied with the present capacity of Cylinder being provided by the Company.



Strength Weakness
 Oldest Car in the Market.  Pricing Policy, comparatively
 Most Trusted in Government higher price of products.
Institution.  Few advertisement
 Customer Satisfaction  Need improvement in designing
 High Brand Value part of the product.

 Only car with dedicated CNG  Regular Faults being faced by

engine. Users in engines.

 Status symbol for Government  Poor spare parts and service

officials. network.

 Only car suitable for Bullet  Non availability of features i.e.

Proofing. heating, defogger, ABS, Air Bags,

Rear wiper etc.

Opportunity Threat

 By just Improving Few engine  New and Better model in

Problems Company can tap a comparison to Ambassador.
larger retail market.
 New models are being approved
 Company should improve its for Taxi Segment and also in the
service station so that customers Govt. Departments.
could get better service and HM
can earn from there.  No change in model looks and
engine making it outdated in the
 With slight changes in its pricing eyes of customers.
Policy and providing better and
improved fault free model to  Introduction of new technologies
customer, HM will i.e. CRDI Engine, Automatic gears
Certainly rule the market. etc. by competitors.

 Discontinuation of Maruti Esteem

in due course.


After having the experience of the whole present scenario and competition
prevailing in the market, I can recommend some Marketing Strategies so that the
Ambassador’s Retail Segment could increase it’s in the automobile market.

I would like to recommend Some Strategies on the basis of 5P’s, i.e. -

Product, Price, Place, promotion and process.

Product: -
• On the basis of product I would like to recommend that Company should
go for product differentiation by changing the model a bit and giving some
new features in the CNG Ambassador model.

• As HM is the is only company giving the Company fitted CNG kit till now
so Company should also focus to differentiate its CNG product on the basis
of Its Performance Quality by emphasizing on the performance and provide
better and consistent Performance Quality to Customers.

• On the basis of prices, I would like to recommend that Company should go
for low interest rate financing for their customers especially for the Taxi
drivers who are using the CNG Ambassadors for taxi purpose.
• To gain the market share in Taxi Segment Company needs to adapt the
Price reduction policy as other competitors are having their Products at
lower costs.

• Company should go for proper Advertising and marketing of CNG
Ambassador Should be done those areas where CNG as a fuel is available
like at some places of Rajasthan, and in U.P also.

• As Ambassador is a well established brand and everyone knows about it,
but people have its old image in their mind which needs to be changed with
its presently changed model, so for that there is a strong need for some
good Advertising of the Product and proper awareness about the CNG’s
present Ambassador Model in the minds of People. Presently there is very
less promotional activities are being carried on by the Company. so that has
to be emphasized and More promotional activites should be encouraged by
the Company.

• As the Customers are not satisfied with the responses which they are
getting from the Dealers and Service Centers, so that has to be monitored
and company should provide better training to their Workshop mechanics
so that they could provide better services to the customers.
• Company should ensure that Dealers are having a proper stock every time
so that customers won’t turn back.


 Company should focus on the Car’s design and engine to remove the
regular faults.

 Company should strengthen and improve their dealer network to give

prior satisfaction to its customers.

 Company should add some new features like Defogger, ABS, Air bags to
compete better with competitors. So that customers could get their Value
for money.

 Company should revise their Prices According to their Competitors Price

to capture a good Market, Especially in Taxi Segment.

 There’s a Strong need of good marketing of Company product, though it’s

a well known Brand and trusted by people but to attract new and
untapped customer company should increase their Advertising through
various modes like through newspapers, Television, Glow signs. Personal

 Company should attend their customers in much better way so that a

good word of mouth could be spread and benefit of that could be

 As per the Requirements of the Customers company should think on

increasing the size of CNG cylinder to on an average of 15 kgs.

 There should be Ready stock with Dealers Always so that Customers Get
on time Delivery and he don’t get turned to Competitors cars.

 Company Should Reposition their BRAND and Product in the Market

with new and improved versions of the present models, to attract the

customers and give the Ambassador same old Grand and Sturdiness
image in the market.


Websites Visited

Books Referred
Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

Other References
Company Brochures
Previous Reports
Company Presentations



TOPIC: - An In-Depth Analysis of Ambassador Retail Segment with Special

Reference to CNG Ambassador in Delhi Region.

NAME : ____________________________________________

AREA : ____________________________________________

OPERATOR: ____________________________________________

MOBILE: ________________________

Q1: From how long you are using the ambassador car? Which Model?
a. 8-6 yrs
b. 6-4 yrs
c. 4-2 yrs
d. 2-1 yrs
e. New Customer

Q2: No. Of cars do you currently have? (Ambassador Car)

Q3: which make/model of ambassador car do you currently have and which you purchased
1. Petrol A. 2005-2006
2. Diesel B. 2006-2007
3. CNG C. 2007-2008
D. Recently

Q4: what factors do you consider while purchasing the new vehicle? (On scale of 1 to 10)….
(1 for least and 10 for highest)
a. Initial price ………………………
b. Comfort ………………………
c. Safety ………………………
d. Brand ………………………
e. Space ………………………
f. Fuel type ………………………

g. Average ………………………
h. Maintenance cost ………………………
i. Others__________________

Q5: Had this model not been available which other model you would have considered and
what are the reasons to buy that?
a. Indica
b. Esteem
c. Indigo
d. Innova
e. Tavera
f. Omni
g. Others ______________________
Reasons: -______________________________

Q6: what are the advantage ambassadors has over the other models available?
a. Safety
b. Engine capacity
c. Luggage space
d. Seating Capacity
e. Maintenance Cost
f. Mileage
g. Others ________________________

Q7: What are the problems Faced with the Ambassador cars?
a. Suspension
b. Water seepage
c. Poor Quality of Door pads
d. Defenser
e. Improper working of wipers
f. Compressor
g. Fast heating of car
h. Malfunctioning of A/C
i. Problem with gear box
j. Sound from various parts
k. Others ______________________________

Q8: What more you Expect (Features) you want from the current model of Ambassador?
a. Shape should Change
b. Engine Changes should be made
c. Price
d. Others ______________________________

Q9: How do you compare CNG driven vehicles with petrol/diesel vehicles?
a. CNG gives you more mileage than petrol/diesel.
b. CNG has the smoothness in the engine performance.
c. CNG has less power than petrol/diesel.

d. CNG makes the life of engine longer then petrol/diesel.
e. CNG has less Emission than Petrol/diesel.
f. CNG availability is limited than petrol/diesel.
g. Others __________________________________________

Q10: what all problems do you face with CNG vehicles? Your car has CNG fitted from
company or is it retrofitted? Which one you find better?
a. Leakage Problem
b. Filling Problem
c. No Proper Supply
d. Reduction in Mileage
e. Affects the engine Capacity
f. Others ______________________

Q11: Are you getting your value for money by the present models of ambassador car, if not
then what extra features you want to get your value for money? Are present prices high?
1. ____________________
2. _____________________ YES -
3. _____________________ NO -
4. ______________________

Q12: Are you satisfied with the procedures followed by the dealers in completing all the
formalities from the time of Booking till the Final Delivery? (Rate on the scale of 1 to
10)… (1 for least and 10 for highest)

Satisfaction- Least______________________highest

Q13: How much time Dealers usually takes in completing all the formalities till delivery?
Time Taken- 0-5 Days
6-10 Days
11.15 Days
More than 15 Days

Q14: Can you cover more places outside Delhi with your CNG model of Ambassador?

Q15: Do you get any service/offers after sales also?

a. Service Camps
b. Regular Checkups
c. New scheme information
d. Festival offers
e. Others ______________________

Q16: How do you compare Ambassador’s CNG model with other CNG driven Models? (Rate
on the scale of 1 to 10, 1 for least and 10 for highest)?
A. Mileage
B. Smoothness
C. Engine Capacity

D. Cylinder capacity
E. Others _____________________

Q17: How you find the spare parts in terms of availability and cost? (Rate them on the scale of
1 to 10)
a. Availability -Minimum______________________________Maximum
b. Cost -Cheap______________________________Costlier

Q18: How you find the service showrooms for maintenance in terms of availability and quality
of service? (Rate them on the scale of 1 to 10)
A. Availability – Very Near __________________________ Very Far
B. Quality - Excellent ___________________________ Poor

Q19: Are you satisfied with the CNG cylinder provided with the Present Model of 12 Kgs? If
not then what should be the size of the cylinder? Give your Suggestions
NO __________________________ (Suggestions)

Q20: Are the Accessories provided with the Ambassadors better and attractive or of other

Q21: Any Advice for future Improvements?