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College Library Information Systems : Status and Recommendations for Development to Meet Vision 2021 for Digital Bangladesh
M. Abu Sayeed Deputy Director, Documentation Economic Relations Division Ministry of Finance Government of Bangladesh

The paper basically prepared based on a sample survey to understand the college libraries and librarians’ situation in Bangladesh. Thirty three colleges have been taken from different areas of Bangladesh as sample. Activities, technical works, expected library services, clienteles intention towards use and not to use libraries in colleges were trying to find out. The low paid librarians’ problems and unavoidable situations were discussed. Reasons why libraries in colleges are not being used effectively and attitudes of authorities towards library development, problems and prospects were dealt. Identified problems stated by producing tables and charts with necessary data. Since the vision 2021 of digital Bangladesh an announcement by the Honourable Prime Minister of the Government of Bangladesh were declared training imperatives have been found out to meet the challenge. Finally some recommendations were made to develop and organize college libraries in Bangladesh as information resource centre and to making colleges as knowledge cultivation centre for educating nation in organized way intending production of ethically honest and intellectual planners, state leaders and policy makers for the future responsibilities to the nation.

There are near about more than 4000 colleges including madrasa , technical and vocational educational institute in Bangladesh. As a member of Least Develop Countries (LDC) college libraries ‘development does not keep pace with development of other socio-economic units in the community. Besides, education in Bangladesh for earning degrees does not keenly feel importance of library services for receiving knowledge although it is an essential concern for an academic as well as educational institution. College libraries development closely related to the development of value of college education while colleges offer certificates and degrees form Higher Secondary to Postgraduate level. Libraries are said to be the heart of educational institutions. It is true when education of an academy

goes well to cultivate knowledge rather than only awarding certificates. Whether most of the colleges are playing proper role to educate its population and practicing cultivation of knowledge has become questionable. Role of libraries has come out as a principal issue in creating a study friendly environment encircled libraries. It has been observed that library development towards effective services was not taken into consideration as it could have been. This article was prepared by a sample survey taking 33 college libraries with the author’s 25 years of professional experience, that tried to find problems and recommendations for solutions.Vision 2021 of digital Bangladesh found a national awareness building topic. Proper education can make human ethically sound. Colleges are such place where the future leaders can earn education to meet the challenge of vision 2021 Bangladesh. Ethical knowledge with technology may make students and community a responsible entity. By the use of libraries in colleges in various ways including information technological activities education obviously will be a healthier experience for a student. A nation should utilize this opportunity for greater interest.

Students awarded: In Bangladesh colleges do not have any scarcity of students. Percentage of certificate awarded students is more than 70 per cent now in Higher Secondary level (Higher Secondary Certificate course of 12 years). A remarkable number of students are obtaining Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5 out of 5. About 60 per cent students are being graduated in graduate level and almost cent per cent students are being graduated at postgraduate level. A statistics of public universities and colleges of awarded students may be seen in the Table 1 (excluding private universities): In the year 2009 HCS examination 70.43 per cent

43% - students have been awarded for certification. This percentage may vary between colleges of city and rural areas. The survey found that 8. Only three libraries have 20 per cent users and 6 libraries have 9 per cent. Students do not find itl necessary to use library to sit for Examination.4 75% 62. Although there are a very negligible number of requests. College-for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Other than university many colleges have undergraduate and post graduate courses. Practically there is no existence of this type. Some are called University colleges. The rest of the libraries’ users per day found 1-5 per cent.5% 56. Expected Functions of college libraries in Bangladesh In College libraries.82 per cent. Unofficially these are called university colleges.only for higher secondary certificate course . These are actually called Intermediate or Higher Secondary colleges. Users analysis: Out of 33 college libraries about 8.7 88% 59. We may identify college libraries which are offering education in pre-graduate. The survey found. like library orientation. 3. Of course this situation is almost similar in all public sectors’ job. (Jugantor 26 July. run education from class six to class twelve. Guide book available in markets are good enough to have preparation for examination d. undergraduate and post graduate level for general and technical education.7% 91% 51. Reluctance of use: During the survey it was tried to find reason why students and teachers are not willing to use library frequently.graduate programme 2. Some are called Secondary and Higher Secondary schools in which courses are offered from class six to class twelve. In many . to popularize library services to the clienteles.18% 63. librarians have to perform almost all supervisory as well as technical works with a limited number of technical and non-technical staffs. book exhibition etc.4% 93% 62.74% 80. It includes technical and vocational educational institutions.42% 47. bibliography and current awareness list for services in anticipation or on request. Many colleges are up to eleventh and twelfth class. being offered. the working environment does not allow librarians to arrange any extended service programme in advance. pre. library day observation. availability of facilities could have made librarian enthusiast. Without consideration of the quality of education it may compare to use of libraries in colleges. The colleges may be classifieed as follows: 1. Clienteles do not have much time during college hours c. The findings came out as under: a.60% 49.SPB-2008).1 per cent students and teachers use college library.92% 72. 2009) The average percentage of last five years is 65.97% 70. What is College Library College libraries are the libraries that are housed in a college. ABU SAYEED 69 Table 1: Percentage of awarded students in different level Name of Courses offered and Year Higher Secondary Certificate Graduate level(pass and Honours) Postgraduate level Percentage of awarded students in different year 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 28. Due to lack of logistics. Higher Secondary College. Most of the librarians are drawing money equivalent to 130-150 US Dollar per month while the per capita income of Bangladesh indicates 470 USD as per world economic indicator (WDR2009).STATUS OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIES – M. But is can be assured that this difference will not exceed more than two per cent.1 per cent clienteles found users per day. Librarians’ remuneration: Librarians of the sample college librarians are not well paid.e. sufficient reading materials and manpower librarian are not in a position to open up the library and activities to clienteles desirably. Teachers do not search for necessary reference books for more study e.. It is obvious that most of the students and teacher need not use college libraries. b. Problems of Library Functions: Librarians in colleges do not have necessary facilities to prepare catalogues. In these educational institutions. New text and reference books as recommended are not collected regularly g.7% 84. Students are not advised to consult reference books available in college Libraries f. These are unofficially known as university college for post-graduate and undergraduate programme. In Bangladesh there are about 5000 colleges of the above kinds (BBS. education from undergraduate class to post graduation is given in Bangladesh. Secondary and Higher Secondary School-for secondary and higher secondary certificate courses offer .i.

performing job behind the scene process and doing work to make those reading materials available for use) 4. Political persuasion and zeal. Other extended services to popularize library to its users. For the same reason in many college librarians have become disregarded to professional work and find skills deterioration. Librarians are compelled to do some other job as desired by the college authority or the head of the college. low quality guidebook available in the market and maintain relations with influential people that is helpful for earning money or to get a good job in near future.70 ICAL 2009 – VISION AND ROLES OF THE FUTURE ACADEMIC LIBRARIES undergraduate colleges this limited number of staffs are not more than two in number. Circulation service (that includes charging and discharging) 7. and library is the central point to coordinate teaching and learning for gathering knowledge that makes objectives of a college fulfilled. Obtaining degree from college at graduate or postgraduate level seems political influence. In recent years college authorities have started employment of professional librarians that is librarian with library science education. Theoretically the equation is accepted by everybody. students to read and study. But it is unfortunate that the college authorities in many cases . Reference service 5. As a result the library and the librarian both become unpopular. It is recognized that college is a kind of knowledge earning centre. In most cases only one professional librarian is working and has to perform almost all jobs relating to a library system particularly in non-government colleges.classification. preparation of bibliographies. Enrichment of collection is not positively encouraged. Necessity of college library As general people understand education. Processing of books (that includes cataloguing . Students interested to earn degree or certificate rather than receiving knowledge. Situation that makes College Librarians unpopular: Most of the college libraries in Bangladesh exist in a small room with a small collection (except in some cases). i. Reading room service 6. National university is an affiliating body to open any course at graduate and postgraduate level in colleges. In these circumstances a college librarian can not work purposefully. to some extent political party influence is more effective than knowledge and quality education. Manpower Structure in College Library in Bangladesh Most of the colleges had non-professional librarians. M A in Library Science/Library and information science/Information science and library management. indexing. 5. 3. Acquisition/Ordering of books 3. Students may obtain very good results without using their college libraries. 2.e. particularly to teachers and students. In this situation students do not have courage to study more by using libraries in colleges. 5. It means from making approval by the college authority and arrange collection of books including purchase to process and make them available for use and keep proper management. 3. Learners’ unwillingness to use library because it is not a must for their study. 2. 4. Graduate with six months Certificate course (Certificate) in library science. Students study does not deserve to use library to sit for final examinations for higher marks. It is fortunate that creating a post of librarian is mandatory now to establish a college under the National University law in Bangladesh. Graduate with Diploma in library science. This environment means the following: 1. MA in any subject with certificate in Library Science. pass the degree even with higher score and obtained certificate. All concerned consider library in a college a central depository of knowledge. M A in any subject with Diploma in Library Science. On the other hand knowledge is not always found important to enter into a job in many cases. Rather they depend upon senior students notes. The unfortunate happening is. Teachers feel better to private tuition rather than self-explanatory classroom lecture. People undoubtedly understand and realize the importance and significance of knowledge. Most of the teachers need not bother about studying reference books for preparation of lecture note. These ways do not help environment to fulfill the objectives of a college library. they easily understand the activities of college in enhancement of education. 4. It may be distinguished as under: 1. Approval by the authority (that depends upon the desirability of the authority concerned) 2. 6. without use of college library a student can successfully complete the course. Because whatever the quality and the knowledge is requisite qualifications provided with certificates easily allow somebody to obtain a job if political influence works. So common equation is college means teachers for lecture and guide to use reading materials. Unfortunately librarians of this type of library can not perform their professional work due to lack of a suitable environment. Now in many colleges have librarians with following qualifications: 1.

of books Basic initial pay of librarians Qualifications of librarians Balirkandi Degree College.3300.500 4.5100.3300 Tk.00 Tk. MA in LSc. Chittagong Fateh Nagar Wadudia Fazil Madrasa.3100.00 Tk.00 Tk.00 Tk.5100.5100.B.3300. Chittagong Moazzem Hossain Chowdhury Degree College Dasadi DSIS Fazil Madrasa Masud Memorial College (graduate) Misbahul Ulum Kamil Madrasa.000 24.DLSc. MA in LSc.000 4. Dhaka Textile Engineering College.DLSc.DLSc.6800 Tk.100 3.Sc in LSc. MA. Noakhali Syed Esha B. Khulna Kashipur High School and college. of teacher students (other staff) 20(12) 283 25 285 No. B.00 Tk.DLSc. Khulna Politechnic Institute Government Science College.00 Tk. Kamil.STATUS OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIES – M. of No. BA.5100. BA.00 Graduate with DLSc HSC with certificate in LSc Kamil. Kamil Madrasa. Jessor MA Majid Degree College. College Library Situation (A Sample Survey) There are about 5000 college level educational institutions in Bangladesh.DLSc.00 Tk.00 Tk.00 Tk.5100.5100.DLSc MA. . Lakshmipur Teachers’ Training College. Patuakhali Alaipur Degree College. Jessor Madrsa-E-Tayabia Islamia Sunni (Fazil) Ghior Government College (gradiate).5100. As a result those colleges are working without professional librarians and well organized libraries.DLSc. Dhaka Kethuri Fazil Madrasa.5100. BA. B.M College.5100.5100.000 4000 3100 36. BA.000 600 600 200 500 750 600 1000 600 500 750 750 800 250 2205 2600 5000 3000 29. of Books and Users as Per Survey Name of College Users No.5100.000 3.6800. Khulna 1500 1700 *Tk.U.00 Tk.3100. pay scale. Kurigram Sundarban Mahila College Kalaroa Alia Madrasa.DLSc.00 Tk.00 Tk. BA.5100.6800.DLSc. Tk. Dhaka Jhaudanga Fazil Madrasa.DLSc.000 Tk. MA.A with DLSc.6800.A with DLSc BA.5100. BA.100 10.5100.00 5100 Tk.00 Tk.3100. Manikganj Asmat Ali Khan Cllege.00 Tk.00 Tk. Mymensing Baldia School and College. For the survey 33college libraries in different areas of Bangladesh were taken as sample.DLSc.00 Tk.Certificate in LSc MA in LSc B.Sabur mahila Fazil Madrasa (Model). BA. ABU SAYEED 71 do not follow the rule.000 3350 3500 2.A with certificate in Sc.5100.5100.00 Tk..000 3.00 Tk.000 7. Rangamati Hill Tract 34(7) 26(10) 33(7) 22(4) 21+7 16(10) 40(30) 25(15) 70(55) 26(40) 72(40) 22(6) 41(12) 20(5) 18(4) 28(15) 24(6) 75(15) 33(8) 18(5) 40(30) 24(12) 40(17) 25(6) 40(10) 30(12) 24(11) 40(17) 28(14) 35(25) 17(6) 500 705 700 125 300 700 3000 850 2000 650 1500 500 862 800 750 700 350 2.00 Tk. Girls College Coxe’s Bazar Mymenshing Politechnic Institute .5100. BA.255 800 2. BA. The situation of those college libraries in terms of there librarian’s qualifications. BA.DLSc. collection number of teachers and students may be seen from the following table: Table 2: Financial Status with Qualification and Number.00 Tk.DLSc.00 Tk. Noakhali Rabita Model College.DLSc. Satkhira Porsha Degree College Delwara Jahan Memorial School and College.DLSc.DLSc.000 12.00 Tk.500 2.DLSc. BSc. BA.00 Tk.5100.6800. BA. Rajbari Kaputachsha Shammaloni Degree College.DLSc. Dhaka Teachers’ Training College. MA in LSc. BA.5100.000 1700 4.00.DLSc. BA.Mymensing Khan A.5100.00 Tk.000 4000 5000 3227 3.00 Tk. Khulna Cox’s Bazar Govt. Satkhira Hogladangi Kamil Madrasa.00 Keshabpur B. B.5100.000 21. MA in LSc. Barishal Ideal Commerce College.00 Tk.500 7.Com MA in LSc.

They keep it in mind . Service only can be ensured by appointing a qualified information professional or a librarian.00. It is true that Bangladesh is facing a job crisis. It is universal that talent never be suppressed. As a result actual information service will not be ensured and unfortunately this is happening in Bangladesh. the y usually do not receive support by the authority. If salary is not higher. not interested to use libraries. But there must have a system to raise the salary gradually in days to come. Otherwise all the time a librarian will be thinking about looking for the ways to give up the job for a better one. it is not a programme at al. Many opine and support qualifications and salary structure of a library should be based on the number of collection.06 per cent found active. . 2 33 6. When the librarians of the sample libraries were asked how to do it they were unanswered. of sample 33 Percentage of performance 12. They do not have any other facilities to stand financially. A library Service is more important than its collection. Present Status of the Activities of Sample Libraries In the questionnaire there was an idea that whether the librarians of the sample college libraries follow the activities. standardization of a library or information centre or documentation centre should be determined based on the purpose of the service and appointment of information professional or librarian must be with higher salary structure. In most libraries. It seems. Librarians do not feel encouraged. The basic pay mentioned in the Table is the gross payment received at around 9-10 thousand per month. equivalent to around US $130. The objectives of the host organization or the intention of the body will be hampered. The percentage of the item activity is very lower.e. students and teachers visit . The answer was they usually kept display some books in a glass door shelves for long time. Appointment of a qualified librarian needs handsome salary structures with remarkable yearly increment. This situation is also disregarded on the other way round. librarians work without supporting professional staff. A qualified information professional may joint in a lower structure scale for the time being. It seemed they have an idea to introduce about libraries activities to the users selecting a specific day but they do not have the chance. This opinion can not be wise in the information service perspective. But professionally sound job seekers will not work with lower salary structure. Even then 6.It means authorities concerned do not take care of an organized library systems Librarians do not have logistics to prepare CAS for user.33 Measurement of Standardization There are many researches to standardize libraries setup based on the size of the collection.09 Book display programme 11 33 33. Although a limited number of users visit libraries. It seems higher percentage.06 00 33 00 7 33 21. of college perform 4 Total no.i. It is placing most of the books or rare books in glass door shelves so users usually are not allowed to use them.72 ICAL 2009 – VISION AND ROLES OF THE FUTURE ACADEMIC LIBRARIES The Table shows the poor pay scale of college librarians. They usually do not avail sufficient logistics or any other user-friendly assistance for making a college library service oriented.librarians take the chance to have a chat with the visitors .they know its importance but.12 Performance Remarks Most of the libraries do not have cataloguer and cataloguing tools Demand is very poor. appointment of a qualified librarian will not be justified. The sample librarians were asked about it. So.21 Library Day observation 3 33 9. The activities and their answer about performance gave result as under in the table: Table 3: Status of Basic Functions as per Survey and Performance Remarks Item of activities Library catalogue preparation Preparation of Bibliography Current Awareness Service Users’ orientation No.

2:Percentage of users per day 1% 1% 1%2% 1%1%2% 1% 3% 0% 0% 1% 12% 1% 1% 1% 2% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 1% 1% 2% 3% 2% 4% 14% 2% 3% 2% 1% 2% 2% 8% 1% 3% 6% 3% 3% 3%2% 3% 11% 7% 1% 1% 1% 2% 0% 0% 1% 1% 2% 1% 1% 0% 0% 1% 3% 8% 12% 24% 1% 1% 1 30 2 31 3 32 4 33 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 . The percentage of users per day as per survey may be seen from the following Table and Chart: Chart. Though it is not uncountable. College authority may have necessary positive reactions towards library use by the clienteles.STATUS OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIES – M. Teachers should use library and deliver lecture in such a way that can persuade students to use library. Teachers’ demand of reference books and additional text books may activate librarian for more collection and service orientation. The survey says 1912 out of 26984 users use library everyday. This is not remarkable findings of a college library use. Library Users Per Day It seems that the number of users is not negligible. Teachers are basically supposed to guiding students is addition to their scholarly activities. It means students and teachers are not used to availing library facilities for their study.1:Percentage of basic work in a college library Library catalogue preparation 0% 15% 7% 0% Users’ orientation Library Day observation 26% 11% Book display programme Preparation of Bibliography Current Awareness Service 41% Teachers’ Encouragement to Students to Use College library There should have such ways of classroom lecture so that students are compelled to use library. Teachers need to study reference books along with concerned text books. due to lack of suitable environment in their room to study mostly use libraries. Right with this situation librarian might take active measure for enrichment of collection. ABU SAYEED 73 Chart . facts gathered by queries that students who live in the dormitory (based on availability).

Dhaka Jhaudanga Fazil Madrasa. Khulna Keshabpur B.5% 9.2% 1.3% 4.3% 9.M College.74 ICAL 2009 – VISION AND ROLES OF THE FUTURE ACADEMIC LIBRARIES Table 3: Percentage of Users Per Day Name of College No.984 No.6% 4% 16% 10% 6% 7.U. Jessor MA Majid Degree College. of teacher( other staff) 20(12) 25 34(7) 26(10) 33(7) 22(4) 21+7 16(10) 40(30) 25(15) 70(55) 26(40) 72(40) 22(6) 41(12) 20(5) 18(4) 28(15) 24(6) 75(15) 33(8) 18(5) 40(30) 24(12) 40(17) 25(6) 40(10) 30(12) 24(11) 40(17) 28(14) 35(25) 17(6) No.3% 4. students 283 285 500 705 700 125 300 700 3000 850 2000 650 1500 500 862 800 750 700 350 2. Girls CollegeCoxe’sBazar Mymenshing Politechnic Institute. Chittagong Moazzem Hossain Chowdhury Degree College Dasadi DSIS Fazil Madrasa Masud Memorial College(graduate) Misbahul Ulum Kamil Madrasa. History of libraries and recognition of its necessity are also proved indispensable though recruitment of skilled and qualified manpower for college libraries was not taken into consideration.8% 2. Dhaka Kethuri Fazil Madrasa. Kamil Madrasa.Chittagong Fateh Nagar Wadudia Fazil Madrasa.Dhaka Teachers’ Training College.000 600 600 200 500 750 600 1000 600 500 750 750 800 250 of Total no.3% 21% 8.7% 2. Khulna Politechnic Institute Government Science College. Particularly in the recent years some changes might have taken place .% 16% 9.3% 5% 9. Noakhali Syed Esha B. Khulna Cox’s Bazar Govt. Kurigram Sundarban Mahila College Kalaroa Alia Madrasa. of users 315 310 541 741 740 150 328 726 3070 890 2125 716 1612 528 915 825 772 743 380 2090 641 623 270 536 807 631 1050 642 535 807 792 860 273 26.1 % Balirkandi Degree College. Rangamati Hill Tract Total number of users and percentage Reason Why System does not Work With a little change from time to time the present education system has been working continuously for about last 200 years in this sub-continent including Bangladesh. Noakhali Rabita Model College.Patuakhali Alaipur Degree College.3% 9.4% 15.1% 13. Dhaka Textile Engineering College.5% 9% 6.5% 9.Lakshmipur Teachers’ Training College.6% 6. Jessor Madrsa-E-Tayabia Islamia Sunni (Fazil) Ghior Government College(gradiate).Sabur mahila Fazil Madrasa (Model).2% 3. Khulna Kashipur High School and College.3% 5.Satkhira Porsha Degree College Delwara Jahan Memorial School and College. Mymensing Khan A.2% 1.Satkhira Hogladangi Kamil Madrasa. Barishal Ideal Commerce College. Mymensing Baldia School and College.Rajbari Kaputachsha Shammaloni Degree College.7% 2% 6. Even then libraries in colleges are not that much developed and well run due to non-employment of library information professionals. of users per day 55 65 25 30 120 15 20 55 300 60 55 40 100 20 20 55 55 100 58 25 12 12 45 50 35 60 1000 600 50 35 40 80 60 1912 Percenta ge of users 18% 20% 4.6% 7.Manikganj Asmat Ali Khan Cllege.

Obtaining degrees became easier without using libraries. This may help to cultivate students’ knowledge and h. No continuous pressure on students for the whole year in completing a semester or course. k. It can make the library more useful and enriching to all concern. p. for college libraries digitization might have become more important and effective by using this technology. Many college libraries now are running by librarians holding at least a postgraduate diploma in Library Science. Teachers is many cases feel comfortable with private tuition for subsidiary earning. not to realize and implement accordingly. knowledge centre. Many colleges can not run their program without political influence.( Where there in no respect to merit there is no merit produced at all. g. Training Imperatives to Meet the Vision2021 of Digital Bangladesh Libraries are said to be information resource centre whatever the place they exist. For this reason the information professionals or the librarians got the chance to be more enthusiastic with best endeavour to promote library services in every respective corner. c. It is also called . m. This training includes effective use of recorded knowledge of any general necessity concerned in addition to books. Information technology is being used by information professionals over the world. In spite of that in most cases intention to educate students based on library resources does not exist for the following reasons: a. Dependence on guidebooks and notebooks is found suitable for students to obtain higher marks and grade. periodicals. It can be done by opening or making existing computer department of a college functional. Students of colleges undoubtedly like to receive knowledge such a way so that they can easily get themselves ready taking accountability on their own shoulder in future for the sake of nation’s well-being. Many students have to think of earning money during students life due to poverty. It might have happened by the advent of new technology in some cases. general people everybody believes knowledge is power. policy makers have studied in colleges. Inadequate library professionals for library works. r. Right to information may partly be implanted by this way which may ensure public right to information as well as people’ accountability. politicians.). l. College libraries may be enriched by digital information resources relating to community based information service in addition to its academic objectives. j. Problem is. i. Students . Importance of obtaining degree is more desirable than receiving knowledge. Libraries are the prime place to initiate new ideas and share knowledge with scholarly activities. With the help of information technological equipment and their effective use for information services training imperatives should have been given priority. o. Lack of professional as well as information technology training . s. Discouraging enrichment of library collection. Socio-economic conditions do not encourage teachers to teach very attentively. This earning leads to take responsibilities in future to run own country relating to anything that works for well being of the nation. Almost all future planners. This basically relates the earning of knowledge and their implementation by using information technology. Confidently the aspiration made by the Prime Minister of the Government of Bangladesh has given information professionals more dynamism in their routine work. Less payment does not encourage brilliant teachers to put more labor in teaching. . College authorities are more careful about good results rather than quality production of students. d. n. q. Library development in colleges is comparatively neglected.teachers. Bangladesh. ABU SAYEED 75 towards development. College libraries can be one of the most important information recourse centres for the college as well as the community concerned. Lack of ICT –friendly environment. f. policy makers. Size of the class does not allow teachers to deliver lectures in a noise free environment. Obviously their intention is to earn and receive knowledge. its colleges and students with teachers are not beyond that meaning. To use the new technology like computer systems and internet training for librarians as well as students and teachers has also become necessary. Students-teacher ratio is lower. magazine and other reading materials including audio-visual information resources manually and digitally. e. b.STATUS OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIES – M. People in the society like early earning than early education. state leader. As digital information has got popularity by their usefulness and archival value. The concept of Digital Bangladesh thrown by the Honourable Prime Minister of the Government of Bangladesh is to bring people under one network to make the national activities accountable and transparent to all concern. Overall quality of education and intelligence do not have opportunity to contribute properly by their merit without political and elite groups’ influence in most cases.

Formulation of problems by teachers for students’ solution for term papers or exam must be comparative study based so that students are compelled to search information in books and other reading materials available in libraries. The Commission. 4.2009. Recommendations Students and teachers are the main clienteles of college libraries.22 . Lecture and guide to students should be library oriented 2. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics(BBS). Dhaka. To meet the vision 2021 of the country college libraries in different areas in Bangladesh can play a vital role in implementing the objectives. The Daily Jugantor. Education system should be knowledgeprovocative so that students and teachers primarily search knowledge in books and libraries in addition to other sources. Libraries may remain open until certain hours after the teaching time. 34th annual report Dhaka. p.C.352. (2009) World development report 2009. College libraries should have extended library service programme for well utilization of its holdings 11. 2. Encyclopedia Britannica. University Grants Commission of Bangladesh. In this context following recommendations may be taken into consideration for better use of and organization of library: 1. The New Encyclopedia Britannica.365. (1985). (2007).1.Dhaka.col. v. The authorities have to be careful about information technology friendly environment 9. Bangladesh. p. There must be sufficient number of students’ orientation programme for college libraries. Ministry of Planning. Ways of assignment and preparation of study paper for examination must be library based 3. 10. They do not find it essential to use. p.76 ICAL 2009 – VISION AND ROLES OF THE FUTURE ACADEMIC LIBRARIES implement objectives. Ways of development of syllabus and curriculum must be reference books based 4. Chicago.3. 6. BBS. World Bank.Washington. As the study shows this clientele do not use library willingly.Statistical pocketbook of Bangladesh (2008). D. Through these activities librarians will be able to earn knowledge on the technology and users will be able to become technology oriented that will be to the advantage of users of information by technology. 5.26 July.55. Libraries must have modern facilities including information technology for use 8. 12. 5.p. 3. Libraries must have a good collection References 1. Skilled information professionals must be appointed with handsome salary 7.