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Caesar Herod Nexus Ahmad Imran

While Neo-Colonialism is not inherently incorrect in assessing the Post WWII relations between France, US and their former colonies. Neo-Colonialism has been tainted due to its over use by the leftists like Marxists, socialists and democratic socialists and thus both Dependency Theory (1) and Neo-Colonialism (2) must be re-visited only because the world is increasingly affected by Neo-Liberal and Neo-Conservative run United States in the absence of any other global power making it the only super power in a Unipolar world. Thus the an explanation of what is the nature of the relationship that explains developed and the developing world must be revised towards a more right leaning paradigm to accommodate a global and US shift towards the right of center politics. In essence the United States has become the Persian Empire of the Classical times, however, the two differ greatly in their styles of governance. .The relations being exercised between US and the Developing World specially the Broader Middle East can only be explained by what we will call the "Caesar-Herod Nexus".

Assumptions: We know how democracy evolved in Greece and the concept of people's rule became popular in its simplistic notions. We also know the Jews in the Levant lived under Kings bolstered by councils. The evolutionary aspects of those Greek notions culminated into Rome with elaborate populists elections and a Senate which was ultimately Caesar centric model of governance where the Senators feared the ruler. The assassins of Julius Caesar were the last of the libertarians and the system decayed into strong Caesar centric despotism. We will call these leaders "democratic despots". Not only Rome, not remain a republic but became an empire. Greece adopted democracy and immediately went into a wave of murder and mayhem in its neighborhood to become dominant since democracy is inherently a weak governance, which is abundantly seen in the weakening of the state in contemporary developing nations, and thus seeks dominance abroad and at home.

The central idea is that in both, notions of the Levantine Jewish and GrekoRoman example, there were noble principles of governance in place but Rome and its occupation of the Levant under the Herod and his descendants were aberrations of the norms of their respective notions of governance. The leaders of the corrupted Roman republic in their imperial overreach were in collusion with corrupt Herodian kings and the relationship continued until the cessation of the local rule when Rome took full control. Thus, Herod and his ilk were local indigenous governors of foreign rule and interests when it was clear that direct rule would be resisted. The relations between Rome and Levant was biased in favor of Rome in all aspects : political, economic and cultural. One can see Pax Americana reaching Tripoli, and the surrounds of Islamabad directly and indirectly. The US has been demanding American boots on the grounds complete access and immunity on Pakistani soil. The generals whether Kayani or Tantawi, military rulers like Zia ul Haq, secular or religious, Mubaraks, or Musharrafs, or Islamists whether Moroccan, Tunisian, or Turkish, all further the interests of a pseudo-Republic that has more than 500 military bases spread across the globe and more smaller bases called "lilipads" are under construction. This collusion of local military, kings, religious or secular ruling elites with an over stretched pseudo-republic with a "highly leveraged foreign policy visa-a-vis the Broader Middle East" in context of an aberrant Zionist centric "Passionate Attachment" is what we will call the " Caesar-Herod Nexus" !

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