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English Bean Live CTQs: Marriage Facts April 19, 2012

SUMMARY: Sociologists say most societies officially view men as more powerful than women. In some places, this means men have all the power. But elsewhere, women make final decisions, at least at home. In matriarchal societies like Italy, men are often viewed as weak “little boys” who need female guidance.

INFORMATION: Matriarchy- is a society in which females, especially mothers, have the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and responsibility for property Patriarchy - is a social system in which the males, especially fathers, have central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and property.



Now he starves whenever she works late.Oscar’s wife has done away with ramen from their diet.Banning his favorite food is a symbol of her need to control him. What happens to him whenever she works late? 3. What does banning his favorite food symbolize? What do you think about Oscar's wife? Do you think she really wants to control Oscar? When you tell someone not to do what he loves. is that really “controlling” that person? Ideally. what role should the wife have at home? How about the husband? In what cases should the husband make decisions? Can a woman be successful in her career and also be successful in raising a family? How do you define equality in a relationship? CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS: . What has Oscar’s wife done away with? 2.Do you live on your own or do you live with your family? l Who makes big family decisions in your house? l How long have you been married? l Is your wife working? COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS: Beginner Sentences: 1.Banning his favorite is a symbol of her control.Now he runs the risk of starving whenever she works late. What is banning his favorite a symbol of? Intermediate Sentences: 1.Oscar’s wife has done away with ramen. What has Oscar’s wife done away with? 2. Now what kind of risk does he run of? 3.

a matriarchal or patriarchal way of life inside a family's home? l Who do you think is a more effective educator at home? l Can a woman be successful in her career without compromising her family? . How can equality be achieved in a relationship? Is it possible? 10. How do you define equality in a relationship? 6.Equality in relationships 1. Who is more understanding when it comes to arguments. Are there instances of women being the breadwinners in Korea? 7. 8. How do you describe Korean wo/men in relationships? 9. men or women? 13. When can you say that both parties are equal in a relationship? 11. What's your role in the family? How about your spouse? 14. the man or woman? 12. Who do you think should control. Who has more control in your relationship? 3. What are examples of things couples do to control each other? 4. Are women equally treated in Korean society when it comes to roles in the family? 5. What tasks should be solely delegated to wo/men? Explain. How can couples effectively divide responsibilities amongst themselves? MATRIARCHAL SOCIETY (Focus: Society ruled by women) l What do you think about societies ruled by women? l What is the role of women in a family? l Do you think women should have the right to have the last word in any family decision? l Do women make better 'head of the family' than men? l What do you think is the advantage/disadvantage of living in a matriarchal society? l Should women be more quiet or respected to family values? l Which do you think is better. Should couples share control in the relationship equally? 2.

men or women? l Does gender really matter in raising kids? l Is it 'natural' that women take care of the household. who do you think rules the house. the wife or the husband? l What are some important decisions that your wife made in the past? l How did they turn out? l How do you think your coworkers would react if they find out you have a controlling wife? . and raise the children . the mother or the father? l In what instances should husbands make final decisions? SHE'S THE BOSS OF ME AT HOME l Does your wife control your eating habits? l What would you do if your spouse were to forbid you from eating your favorite food? l Should men be threatened by the sudden increase in power of women in society especially in decision making? l What would be your life like if you will let your spouse control big decisions in the family? l Should women be given bigger power if they are earning more than their husbands? l What do you think is the advantage/disadvantage of having a controlling spouse? l In Korea. and that men provide for the family income? l Who should spend more time with the children.l Who do you think is better at raising children.

WRAP-UP QUESTIONS: l Would you want to live in a society where women are more powerful than men? Why? l Can men and women ever be equal? l How long do you think you can last if the roles between you and your spouse were reversed? l If you could choose between working in the office and doing all the housework. which would you prefer? l How would you feel if you switch roles with your spouse regarding household chores? 석훈 .