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1. Interesting Clause 1 (d) of the Media Code of Ethics ...

a booklet few media guys read or even possess reads in part; ".....Journalists while free to be PARTISAN, Should distinguish clearly between comment, conjecture and FACT" then on Section 2 on Indepence part f reads, "journalists should refuse to allow the interests of ownerdhip or management to influence news, judgement and content inappropriately" On that last bit I can almost see a media owner smile or a senior editor laugh at the theory am advsncing.....Media Code of Ethics is a great booklet, but in this country people rarely read after the school text....March 22, 2013-03-22 2. SENATOR Mike SONKO Responds to Daily Post: "I would wish to respond to Kenyan Daily Post for abusing me. If you have been keen enough during the campaign period i concentrated so much with Presidential campaign and i did little about myself.I wish you questioned me why i didn't concentrate campaigning for myself in Nairobi that Time. I'm a leader to all Kenyans and as a senator i will not only concentrate with Nairobians but to all Kenyans in this country. Don't forget i have not been sworn in as a Senator,Please stop judging me before i have entered even into senatorial office .But i appreciate your observation but resist that abusive language..." The thing is this whoever who owns the Kenya Daily post, Presidents and even President Elects choose who should be around them, by choosing Sonko the statement goes beyond Sonko the person, he represents something that even political analysts do not understand he appealed to youths across tribes without a single campaign, The President Elect is simply saying "It is not your dressing, or how people view you your bling or your stud, its your value, your social intelligence and your ability to perform that will count" My brother Sonko you owe no-one an apology... March 21 3. Thank You good people for all your encouraging messages on this wall, via twitter, inbox and even on phone, be assured of this I shall not waver, this is an attempt aimed at intimidation, if the aim was a credible investigation then at least the content of the complain should have been disclosed - If NCIC has evidence my challenge is lets meet in Public, table your accusations and I will answer each of them, Go through my wall and show me a single update, just one that is threatening any tribe as you allege.....Be assured of this I will remain committed to Fact, First and Fast..... 4. KENYA and ICC - A confirmation that ICC is not necesssarily independent... /cm130320/halltext/130320h0001.htm 5. Media Alert
President Mwai Kibaki will tomorrow Friday 22nd March 2013 officiate a Kenya Defence Forces farewell parade at Moi Air Base, Nairobi County. The President is scheduled to arrive at Moi Air Base grounds at 11.05 a.m. On arrival, the President who is the Command-in-Chief of the Defence Forces will be received by former Minister of State for

Defence/Senator-elect Yusuf Haji and Chief of the Defence Forces General J.W. Karangi. PPS March 21, 2013 32

6, So all I need to do to have Mzalendo Kibunja recieve a letter from NCIC for hate speech is write a
complaint and without a single effort at investigation he will get a letter from NCIC? Anyway time to move on, I will await your response to my challenge to host a public grilling and table the alleged complaints and I will face them head on... 1

7. Listen good people, I will remain committed to Truth, Fact, Fast and First, you know nothing stops the Truth and to that I remain committed, Trust me i will defend every Update, photo, comment and Note, I consider this a chance to prove what I have always said I only write the Truth as backed by FACTS....However ask yourself, can you do the same for every update and comment? is your conscience clean?If not then begin a path towards intellectual interpretation of every update... As for NCIC Iets fasttrack the investigations and I have offered myself for a Public Hearing where you table the complaints you claim to have and I will respond make it the earliest date...tomorrow morning? 8. TNA affiliated Ministers and Assistant ministers to resign today, in compliance with directive 9. The National Council for the Defense of Democracy--Forces for the Defense of Democracy (CNDD-FDD) from Burundi will today (12.00 pm ) sign a cooperation agreement with Kenya's Jubilee Coalition . The New pact will set out rules and structures of engagement. This is the beginning of a process where the nascent coalition (Jubilee) seeks structured regional social ,economic and political engagement with her neighbours . 10.. Newly elected leaders (Ministers and Assistant Ministers) from the Jubilee side will resign from the executive arm of the government in readiness to join the legislative arm of government in line with the presidential directive to do so. They will not take the unnecessary posturing adopted by Cord leader Raila Odinga. 11. Thank You Idah Asin and Jetlink for dropping the hacking charges and the Court for acquitting me of the charges.....Now lets move on.....Cheers to my Lawyer Moses Chelanga Advocates its been great man... 12. FOR It is written..."Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest,
whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

13. EXPOSED: WHO IS KPTJ, The Group that brings together 30 Civil Societies and who funds
them, a Comprehensive exposure - link below

14. Well I may not agree with the article entirely But it captures the point largely –Foreign Policy Magazine – 15. WHAT OBSERVERS SAY: "ELOG has verified that the IEBC results fall within our projected range for all the eight presidential candidates.ELOG is confident the Election day processes have been generally credible..." Now something is cooking here...Elog is the National platform for Civil Society and Faith Based Institutions and they were absolutely clear the elections and the process from June 2012 to Election day and Tallying was clean......the names and partners to be unveiled in a few... 16. The National Alliance has written a protest letter to The European Union over Unprofessional and
Partisan Conduct of two of their below.. 2

17. Executive Summary of Uhuru Kenyatta Affidavit

18. "As will emerge from the relief sought, the Petitioner seeks to effectively set aside not simply the results as announced by the First and Second Respondents and their aforesaid declaration on 9 th March, 2013, of the Third and Fourth Respondents as President elect and Deputy President-elect respectively,BUT the whole of the electoral process leading thereto for reasons that will emerge hereunder..." Uhuru's affidavit 19. The National Cohesion is slowly falling into the same trap that the Media Monitoring Committee
fell into, Now they say Four will be prosecuted for hate speech updates and comments, but decline to name them, But then again the Standard Media headline is disconnected from the story, Headline says will be arrested, story says may be arrested after investigations are completed, either way the level of hate speech needs to be handled and urgently especially online - For the record, whatever is Factual and True will always be posted here, as for how you interpret it and comment you bear personal responsibility, I will attempt moderation but remember that hate speech in the law includes insults be advised as you comment, however the information will always be accurately updated 20. RAILA: MINISTERS to remain in office until new President is sworn in;

opposes Kibaki directive that those elected to other posts resign.......

21. Clarification: President Elect and Deputy President elect have adopted a joint strategy - They will have Three Lawyers on the Record in Supreme Court of The Republic of Kenya (SCORK),Fred Ngatia, Ken Ogeto, Katwa Kigen.... 22. United Nations (NY). The Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists is now accepting applications from professional journalists from developing countries for its 2013 fellowship program. The application deadline is Friday, April 5, 2013. The fellowships are available to radio, television, print and web journalists, age 25 to 35, from developing countries who are interested in coming to New York to report on international affairs during the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The fellowships will begin in early September and extend to

late November and will include the cost of travel and accommodations in New York, as well as a per diem allowance. The fellowship program is open to journalists who are native to one of the developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and are currently working full-time for a media organization in a developing nation. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in and commitment to international affairs and to conveying a better understanding of the United Nations to their readers and audiences. They must also have approval from their media organizations to spend up to two months in New York to report from the United Nations. In an effort to rotate recipient countries, the Fund will not consider journalist applications for 2013 from nations selected in 2012: Argentina, Liberia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia. Journalists from these countries may apply in 2014. Four journalists are selected each year after a review of all applications. The journalists who are awarded fellowships are given the incomparable opportunity to observe international diplomatic deliberations at the United Nations, to make professional contacts that will serve them for years to come, to interact with seasoned journalists from around the world, and to gain a broader perspective and understanding of matters of global concern. Many past fellows have risen to prominence in their professional and countries. The program is not intended to provide basic skills training to journalists, as all participants are media professionals. For full fellowship eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, the application form and submission directions: 23. It is true all participants warned not to prosecute the matter outside the court, BUT come on, only the petitioner has been saying its a political the warning was clearly to him none of the respondents has been talking about this matter outside court only the petitioner....The warning was clearly to him...IEBC, The President and Deputy President Elect have been silent on the matter....The petioner on the other hand has even offered figures in public....basic facts 24. Media allowed to prosecute fairly and in accordance with code of conduct – SCORK 25. Desist from prosecuting merit of case in any forum other than this court - SCORK
2 26. The Civil Society web becomes even more intricate ..add Keith Kilonzo

appearing together with Harun Ndubi and there is the connection to the Raila Odinga Petition...Let Supreme Court unfold

27. If Raila knows/believes he won by 5.7 m votes, why hasn't he pleaded the same in his affidavit at The Supreme Court Of The Republic of Kenya (SCORK)?
28. Cool @HonMosesKuria and yes we will be bound by SCORK pronuncement 29. The Petitioner has just recieved one response three more to the way

Cord is not a complainant, so the media is factually wrong, there is only one Petitioner.....

30. In essence by the way Ahmed Isaac is saying BVR was not an IEBC issue, it was a Govt. to Govt procurement that skipped all laid down procedures and the process as we know was announced by the Prime Minister and his PS led the initiative - mmmh - Supreme Court here comes... 31. 16. The Petitioner through this petition seeks to roll back in toto all the events that occurred in the country in the past (8) months and that culminated in the election of 4th March 2013. In essence, the Petitioner is seeking the validation of the court to overturn the will of the people and be allowed a second bite at the cherry and to contest the presidency afresh while the people have spoken loudly against that result. This attempt to scuttle the important provisions of the Constitution through the petition before the court cannot and should not be validated or countenanced to by the Supreme Court - Ahmed Isaac response to Cord Petition 32. The procurement issues raised by the Petitioner are not issues for determination by the Supreme Court. The same in any event has no effect whatsoever on both the integrity of the election process, and the results declared. The Government of Kenya through the office of the Petitioner and the Treasury in any event did the procurement of the equipment now sought to be impugned. The Petitioner cannot seek to benefit from what would, if his argument is to be accepted, be his own wrongdoing." - Ahmed Isaac in his response to cord petition 33. You know when someone says there is nothing wrong with the Closed door meeting at Bomas and
I read....Simba Arati saying: "We’re only expecting two things from the SCORK;Declare Raila the 4th President of Kenya or Call for a Run Off·" (So what happens if they lose???? "Bishop Wanjiru: saying, This country can’t remain with one or two tribes,it must be all inclusive." ...No one not even the PM differs or criticizes their comments..come on.... 34. I totally love the programming on K24, The two programmes so far are

brilliant, The logo has also been improved after our complains yesterday.....The News studio is still too busy reduce on the animation..but Programming is on point... 35. From the Closed Door Meeting in Bomas – Notice esp. MP-Elect Simba Arati
36. Bishop Wanjiru:This country can't remain with one or two tribes,it must be all inclusive.

37. KJ:You know the govt has banned us from engaging in any political or prayer gatherings,let's be creative and innovative and achieve the same

38. Raila:When the final results were released,I wanted to concede but my sixth sense told me not to… 39. Raila:My bro Uhuru has asked me to stop politicizing the petition.The petition is a political process... #DemocracyOnTrial - well so its no longer Judicial - Meanwhile mention at Supreme Court tomorrow at 9am 40. PM Raila Odinga files fresh application seeking to compel IEBC to allow forensic audit of its IT system before hearing of poll petition proper..... 41. Dear United Nations, I write to ask that you investigate and consequently review the role of your Special Rapporteur Maina Kiai, who has now been accused by Samuel Kimeli Kosgei of being part of a plot to bribe and compromise ICC witnesses so as to give false evidence, settling the matter via credible investigation will be good for your reputation as an International body, Much appreciated.. 42. ICC Judges tell Prosecution their announcement on dropping of Muthaura case will have consequences on the Kenyatta case...I have always said the ICC cases are a sham, vindication still coming..... 43. Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto have won the election and now its time to build the Nation...My Congratulations and promise to keep them in check......This two guys have gone through alot even now ther are still people attempting to stop them...Kenyans have decided..Congrats 44. Good Friends....Recently Makau Mutua predicted a military coup should Jubilee be elected, with a Deputy CJ absent and the CJ raising fears about his life and stating he can travel without informing anyone is someone setting the Nation in a state where The People have Decided but we cant swear in a President? connect the dots... 45. Willy Mutunga's Email to Orengo, Salim Lone and Miguna, Monday, August 30,2010 at 13:15pm 46. Cord, Through Raila’s Petition raise various issues including Voter Register in petition

Randomly from 2012

47. December 23, 2012 via mobile
I will never write anything against any tribe in Kenya, I will therefore not entertain a bunch of individuals whose only role is to shift every debate into tribal chat,we would rather be 10 on this space...than Thousands preaching hate,what I post here is my decision that why Facebook asks "what is on your mind?" Not Our then allows you to either like or comment,please note there is not button to dislike,in commenting facebook realizes there are people who may want to go off and therefore provides each of us with the delete button and other measures to moderate conversations...disagreeing within context is healthy...but spreading falsehoods and commenting off topic will be resisted. Crucially though,the tribal hate I have seen here from supporters of both main coalitions will be resisted with a firm hand and I will not shy from employing the fullness of Facebook Options on such intolerance,lets differ not insult,lets argue not Shout,after the politics we have dreams to chase and aspirations to nurture,besides whoever is sworn in will be our collective President,not a President of those who vote for him...we must keep our eyes on Kenya...God bless Kenya

48. October 25, 2012
Nov.26th 2007 the gals who attended the State Meeting with Kibaki and who ICC claims are Mungiki....Photos do not lie...let them speak 49. September 20, 2012 near Nairobi BREAKING NEWS: Kismayu Falls to KDF, what Americans and Ethiopians could not do, we have done, Congrats Emmanuel Chirchir 3wks needed to secure the large Port City... 50. TANARIVER


by Dennis Itumbi (Notes) on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 4:50pm
I will not pretend to know much about the Tana Delta, but from listening, interviewing and reading many people and as verified by several other high ranking contacts i summarize the Tana Issue as follows; RANDOMLY FROM 2011 51. DID Kenyan journalism fail in somali coverage, i explore the question at