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Friday, March 22, 2013

Evangelist Verna Linzey and Retired Military Chaplain Jim Linzey in New Bible Movie entitled “Iniquity”
Jeff Stinson

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. (MBA) – How does the saga of David and Bathsheba play
out in modern American society? What relevance does it have for the unchurched American high school or university student? The backdrop is the inner-city of Philadelphia. “Iniquity” tells the story of three inner-city youthful friends who stood together amidst peer pressure, but whose friendships disintegrated due to the ravages of the lure of the sensual—“Iniquity.” The consequences were more than devastating; they were deadly. “Iniquity” the movie has a few twists and turns in contrast to the biblical account, making it more in line with tragic stories one might read in the daily newspaper or what really happens in American inner-cities. Rated PG, “Iniquity” is a major feature film produced by Bishop Janice Hollis and directed by Joshua Coates which will be in Wal-Mart March 26, 2013 across America. It is geared toward high school and university students, starring Brian Jesiolowski (principal co-star with actor Matthew McConaughey in "Failure to Launch") as David, and Cynthia Housel as Beth. The modern version of the saga contains a few surprises for the Evangelical/Pentecostal world, casting Assemblies of God Revivalist Verna Linzey as the lead juror and Southern Baptist retired US Army Chaplain, Major Jim Linzey as a military chaplain in a court Evangelist and Actress, scene. The soundtrack features “The Rose,” sung by Verna Linzey arrives at the recording artist Verna Linzey (duet with Jim Linzey, premier July 2012, escorted with background vocals by the Triumphant Quartet by her son Retired Army and Sisters), written by Amanda McBroom and made Chaplain Jim Linzey in popular by Bette Middler. Both background groups are Philadelphia in July 2012 major award winning groups on Daywind Records. Verna’s rendition of the song is taken from her recently-released record entitled Oh Blessed Jesus. “Iniquity” motivates one to think about consequences for his actions when it comes to unfaithfulness and unexpected results which may forever destroy one’s life. It causes one to think things through before acting. For those who do not read the Bible, this movie can penetrate to the morrow of the bone as a tool of the Holy Spirit to keep young men and women on the right path and, hopefully, come to a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. “Watch it!”