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Product Recall

Six Models were recalled e. The laptop’s internal fan comes on more than it used to. The computer shuts down or restarts. We don’t know what classes as extreme pressure. Acer laptops overheating problem has some following symptoms:Computer feels hot when you put your hand against the underside. Most of the times overheating created by either over time dust and other particles clog the vents. But the main problem in six Acer models stems from a microphone cable which runs underneath where your left palm would normally sit on the laptops. AS3410. Computer maker Dell said it would recall 4.000 laptops. Same recall happened with Acer 22. AS3810T. 2006) These are the faulty products which are rejected or not well suited with customer needs and all. fan and exhaust port or radiator of the system thus restricting air flow and cooling. The computer shuts down more quickly if you turn it on again after it has already switched itself off once. 2010) PROBLEM Overheated Acer laptop form underneath can be in many ways like the problem is that over time dust and other particles clog the vents. In this history of such recalls. The implication of such problems in Acer laptops can generate the “Quality Loss”.1 million laptop computer batteries because of a potential fire hazard. fan and exhaust port or radiator of the system thus restricting air flow and cooling. AS3810TG. and also because of overheating battery. On the other hand customers who buy the Acer laptop they will switch over to other brand because of quality issue in Acer.INTRODUCTION Recalling the laptops because of overheating problem has been a long issue form many years. In that situation one question comes into the mind “what happens if quality is not there” and what are the implications for the same. but to have a recall means it can’t be that much force. This quality loss is severe for both parties whether it is Acer Company or customer. Such problems are the reasons for depreciating Acer laptops quality and reputation in customer’s mind. You will know it is happening as the laptop case will become deformed and if your palm is touching the laptop then it may get burned. Many a times. overheating problem is caused by battery default. AS3810TZ. Dell’s laptop recall in 2006 was largest recall till date.g. 1 . All models has almost same problem of overheating underneath near palm. Directly or indirectly it’s going to increase the cost of production or to damage reputation of Acer. (Humphries. (IDG Service News. And then they create Quality Issues. AS3810TZG. The overheating occurs if “extreme pressure” is applied repeatedly to that area of the laptop. which were recalled in October 2009 across multiple retailers. or burns your legs when you have it on your lap.

How a company like Acer can benefit by managing these costs:Prevention cost: Acer should design the internal components like CPU. Because of the lack of ventilation under the laptop. sparking the fire that eventually killed the man. less than an hour later the lithium-ion battery overheated and burst into flames. Graphics Card. If Acer analysed and understood these costs. For the same all parts should be received from good suppliers. plugged in and turned on. QC methods and some other mistakes proofing methods. QUALITY-COST ANALYSIS This analysis is very much necessary to reduce overheating problem. But at this stage company also needs to re-work and re-check the things before delivering to the customer. 2009) THE SOLUTION To solve this problem only Acer Company needs not to take correction steps. but customer also. causing it to overheat and set the mattress on fire. Appraisal coat.(CBC News. Laptop is a machine which is made by so many parts in a very congested way. 2012) Another incident took place in 2009 in Canada where person died by burning laptop. (Israel National News. This is the cost where Acer needs be concentrated more than other costs. After the Prevention cost this cost should be focused before remaining costs. All employees should be well trained enough. In between the process laptop should be check to know whether it meets the standard like Fan in laptop ok or not. Appraisal cost: There should be very stringent standards to follow. Internal failure cost and external failure cost. But company can reduce this problem up to large extent by taking care of many things like Quality-cost analysis. After investigation they found the fire started after the computer was left on a couch. causing the quick death of the victims from asphyxiation. Fan and all in this way so that they do not get overheated.g. then the problem of overheating would have been mitigated enough. Some 2-3 examples I can give where people died by overheating in laptops like: Last year in Israel a burning laptop on the bed resulted death of six people. 2 . If Acer focuses more on first two costs then this cost will be reduced automatically. The burning mattress emitted great heat and a large amount of smoke and soot in a short time. still some scraps left out. Also the material which is coming that should be inspected again whether it accepted or not. Internal failure cost: When laptops are manufactured completely.There have been very severe accidents of burning laptop by overheating caused the death of human. Prevention cost. As we know there four costs e. After investigation they found that the laptop computer had been placed on a bed's mattress.

Graphics Card and Fan are designed well. place and machine. Pareto Chart By this tool Acer as a company can gauge which particular activities have more importance than others. Flowchart Company can use flowchart method a graphical representation of all processes. men. By this method a place can be identified where company needs to improve upon. If all internal parts like CPU. QC TOOLS These tools are very much essential to avoid such overheating problem in laptop. Fan and all parts in laptop so that overheating problem can be mitigated. then decision to be taken yes or no. Graphics Card. more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. There are many quality control tools which are relevant to apply here in this case like Pareto Chart. quality of laptop’s part like Fan which is not good. This is a systematic approach to making the organization's workflow more effective. then they will not get overheated very early. Flowchart and Cause and Effect diagram.External failure cost: This cost is dependent on the rest three costs. In this case of overheating laptop I think design is main factor which controls the better quality laptop. so I think this overheating problem has the reason of material. because it specifies quality problem caused by various things like production methods. Because if Acer does not have proper designing. In this case Acer can use Design processes. This will reduce human error and miscommunication and focus on the problems of overheating. Reasons for this problem can be many like men are not trained properly. In this way company can analyse activity. Acer should have a best planning and controlling into place. In this case problem is overheating laptop. A business process is an activity or set of activities that will accomplish a specific organizational goal of Acer. machines are not efficient and material is not up to the mark. Because it said that many a time 80% of the problem attributed to 20% of the causes. As we know Acer is known for its machines and methods. measuring. evaluating and rechecking then this cost will be higher. training. PROCESS MANAGEMENT This is very crucial to reduce the problem of overheating for Acer. planning. Cause and Effect diagram This method may be efficient than other tools. there gets obsoleted after some time. There may be like. Like where and how to adjust the CPU. 3 . In this particular process all products specification will be defined. Like company can see overheating problem caused by Fan (yes or no) or by very congested parts (yes or no). Customer may put many complaints for Acer low quality laptop if other costs are not managed.

To mitigate this problem there are some cautions which should be taken care of by customer as well. All methods and techniques e.html Humphries. REFERENCE CBC News. (2012. Using a vacuum may cause ESD and damage the components to your laptop. Simply add the spare wire grill tray from your toaster oven or even your regular IDG Service News. Retrieved from pcworld. pcworld. customer has to be satisfied all the times as well.cbc. Israel National News. process management. Use a lap desk. (2009). Jan 11). carpeting or pillow.geek. Retrieved from http://www. Retrieved from geek.aspx/155816#. Be sure to clean out your laptop thoroughly once in a while to avoid dust particles entering in places they are not needed.israelnationalnews. but cannot be avoided at all. Following are some tips for a customer to mitigate overheating problem in laptop:Don't use your laptop on soft surfaces such as a sofa. quality control. Acer products are the laptops which are used by customer all the times. Use a can of compressed air on your fan once in a month so that any dust or unwanted particles get cleared for the smooth functioning of the fan.CONCLUSION One thing is apparent to us that such problem like Overheating Laptop can be mitigated to large extent. tray table or even a wooden cutting board to provide a solid. not only company. ( quality assurance.UQf0ymfgbko 4 . Then only Acer can reduce the Product Recall. Aug 14). M. Acer recalls six laptop models due to overheating problem. flat surface to allow proper airflow.g. ( QC tools and many more are should be in place to mitigate such problems. Retrieved from http://www. Any vents located on the bottom of your laptop will be blocked and airflow will be reduced causing it to overheat. we can say that to have a better product in the quality management is very much required. Balance is perfect and air circulation is just as perfect. Mar 15).