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Energy Conservation Measure implemented in 2006-2007

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Heat Recovery from MP Decomposer vapours in Urea Plant by installation of Pre-concentrator.

Technology: M/s CASALE.

Description of the energy conservation measure:

In Urea Plant the vapour from MP Decomposer was earlier cooled from 120ºC to 75ºC & condensed in MP condenser before recycling back to the reactor. In the process the useful heat of condensation of 9.396 Gcal/h was being lost in Cooling Water. By installation of Pre-concentrator, it has been possible to recover 60% of the useful heat. The vacuum concentrator, as per CASALE design, has been installed in 21 stream of Urea Plant. Preconcentrator is an additional vacuum stage utilizing heat of condensation of Carbamate vapours coming from Medium Pressure. In this scheme, the first vacuum concentrator has been replaced with modified Heat Exchanger in which, in the upper part, heat of condensation of Carbamate vapour coming from the MP decomposer is used for heating Urea solution & in the lower part, Low Pressure steam is being used. LP steam saving to the tune of 210 kg/MT steam, against guaranteed saving of 195 kg/MT Urea, has been achieved. Moreover, Prill quality of urea has also improved.
Drawing before modification

MP Decomposer vapor to MP condenser. Here the heat was lost in CW.
Carbamate Solution from P3

Vacuum Evaporator using LP steam to heat 72% concentrated Urea solution.

Ammonical water from waste water section

To Vacuum 1st Concentrator (MV-6) To E-9 Condensate outlet Air vent E-14 1st Vacuum Evapora tor

Urea solution from stripper

MP Cond enser E-7 MP Deco mpos er (E-2) CW out Vapours from MV-I Urea solution to LP decomposer CW in

MP Conde nser (E-7) LP Steam Inlet TO Carbamate pump (P-2)

Solution outlet from LP Decompose

: 450. Rs/ kL - Gas Nm3 - Oil (kL) - Naphtha (kL) 6996.: 1480 Lakhs First year other savings. A HE with two parts E-14 A & E-14 B. To 1st stage vaccum concentrator To E-9 Condensate outlet Air vent LP Steam Inlet Urea solution from stripper MP Condens er (E-7) MP Decomp oser (E-2) CW out Vapours from MV-I To LP Decomposer To MP Condenser after recovery of heat in Preconcentrator. Rs.36Gcal/Annum.: kWh Coal On annual basis 000’ (Tons) Energy consumption before Energy consumption after Savings due to the project Energy tariff. we had been forced to use Naphtha.88 21149. MP Conden ser (E7) CW In TO Carbamate pump (P-2) Urea solution from LP Decomposer PROPOSED SCHEME OF PRECONCENTRATOR IN UREA PLANT Agency that executed the project (with complete address and email): Total investment. Heat of MP Decomposer is used in E-14B. Pre-concentrator.Drawing after modification Carbamate Solution From P-3 MP Decomposer vapor to Preconcentrator for heat recovery.00 Lakhs Year of implementation: 2006-07 First year energy cost savings (annual): Rs. Hence. .67 (for the year 2006-07) The saving in energy due to the implementation of above project is 52507. In view of NG limitation from M/s GAIL. Rs. above energy saving has been shown in terms of equivalent Naphtha.

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