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Title: Author: Lexile:

The Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon Mike Thaler 400

Vocabulary Words: Lagoon1. partly-enclosed area of seawater: a coastal body of shallow water formed where low-lying rock, sand, or coral presents a partial barrier to the open sea 2. small lake: a small lake adjoining a larger one 3. Human-made pool of water: a shallow body of water or other liquid, created by or near an industrial or waste site. Mean1. unkind: unkind or malicious hurt her feelings - that was a mean thing to do. 2. bad-tempered: behaving in an angry, often violent way can be pretty mean at times. 3. shabby: shabby and poor-looking streets full of small mean houses 4. excellent: excellent or skillful (informal) plays a mean sax. Knuckles1. finger joint: a joint of a finger, especially a joint connecting a finger to the hand 2. rounded projection when fist is made: one of the rounded projections above a knuckle that appears on the back of a hand when a fist is made (often used in the plural) Clubs1. thick stick used as weapon: a thick heavy stick used as a weapon 2. stick for hitting ball: a stick or bat used in some sports, especially golf, to hit a ball a golf club Lap1. one circuit of track: a single circuit of a racetrack or running track or one length of a swimming pool 2. stage: a phase in an extended project, enterprise, or journey

The kids are panicking and fears are up to their smallest bone. Anyone touched becomes "it" and is then the player who does the chasing. Beam1. Acrobatic movement: an acrobatic movement in which the body is turned sideways onto the hands. He’s very kind and his name is Mr. Characters: Mr. The most awaited moment come. Other than that. Green. Plot: The kids in the school are all talking about their new gym teacher who came from the Junior High. transitive and intransitive verb move quickly to avoid something: to move quickly and suddenly to one side to avoid being caught or hit by somebody or something dodged the punch. Green . metal. this new teacher is like a monster. transitive verb avoid something unpleasant: to avoid doing something regarded as unpleasant Tag1. He will torture you and make you do impossible things. e. They are all waiting in the gym. GreenKidsNarrator the new gym teacher students of Mr. or concrete that spans a gap and supports a floor. finally returning to an upright position Cartwheels1. either forward or backward. or other structure above Somersaults1.Dodge1. their new teacher is just a regular guy. 2. on the ground or in midair. he’s also very strict that he n ever smiles and says any word. horizontal structural support: a horizontal structural member.g. LEISURE children's chasing and touching game: A child’s game in which one player is chosen to chase the others and try to touch one of them. To all their surprise. feet over head. then over onto the feet again. a long piece of timber. roof. acrobatic rolling over of body: an acrobatic movement in which the body is rolled over. According to them.

optimistic Too much fear of the students Wrong judgments and hearsay of the students about Mr. How do the kids react upon hearing about the new gym teacher? a. Senior High b. none of the above 2. We must try and see for ourselves the truth behind the questions and uncertainties. It also focuses on the real life situation about the behavior of the students when they hear that there is a new teacher. Questions: 1. Where does the student waited to see their new teacher? a. 2. Green Kindness and jolliness of Mr. kids d. Preschool d. They always ask. principal 4. other teachers b. . parents b. an ordinary guy 5. Green came from what school? a. How do the students describe their new teacher when they finally see him? a. handsome d. serious b. Junior High c. classroom c. uneasy d. 3. “Is he/ she a terror one?” The story teaches us that we must not put fear on the first rank. excited c. grandstand 3. Mr. Remarks: The story contains a good moral value especially for the kids who hate their teachers. Before being the new gym teacher of the kids. Green.Themes: 1. Who are talking creepy things about the new gym teacher? a. auditorium b. scary c. gym b. scared b.

without having to worry about money. is discarded for increasingly larger ones. Snug 1. small but comfortable: small in size but offering a comfortable well-arranged space a snug cottage 3. and carries it around on its back for protection and to hide in. cozy: warm and comfortable 2. so that it may change shells several times during its life span. 4. group of animals: a group of birds.Title: Author: Lexile: A House for Hermit Crab Eric Carle 480 Vocabulary Words: Hermit crab crab that lives in empty shells: a soft-bodied crab that takes over an empty mollusk shell. seaworthy: seaworthy because of being well-built 6. sheltered: protected from the weather The fishing boats were snug in the harbor. Anemones 1. or goats that travel. as it grows. sheep. concealed: offering a safe and private hiding place 7. live. 5. close-fitting: fitting comfortably close or too close The sweater was perhaps a little too snug. flowering plant: a perennial flowering plant of the buttercup family with wild and cultivated types. It starts off with a small shell that. or feed together Grazed 1. . Flock 1. transitive and intransitive verb eat grass in fields: to eat grass and other green plants in a field or fields Sea Urchin marine invertebrate animal with spiny spherical shell: a small marine invertebrate animal with a soft body enclosed in a spherical shell that is covered in spines when the animal is alive. financially secure: allowing one to live comfortably and securely. usually a whelk shell.

gloomy: dark and gloomy 2. he discovered some coral and again. Sponges often live in colonies and attach themselves to underwater objects. he wandered into a forest of seaweed.arranged it and built a wall around his shell. He re. Hermit crab had grown his shell. he came upon several sea urchins. He was thinking that his house was so plain. or dirt. hard to see through: thick with fog. Phylum: Porifera Plot: In the month of January. he met some sea anemones and invited one to live in his house too. In October. a smaller hermit crab passed by. Again. He went in and decided that it will be his new house. In February. with strong build: having a well-developed strong-looking body and limbs 3. In August. In April.Murky 1. Hermit Crab asked one of them to stay with him and light his house. He again asked one sea urchin to go with him and protect his house. He started looking for a new one. he asked one coral to go with him too. . MARINE BIOLOGY clinging sea organism: a small invertebrate animal with a shell that clings to rocks and ships and draws food to itself by using slender hairs cirri. In September. he felt that his shell is too small for him and he need to find a new one. and sponging. and difficult to see through Sturdy 1. In March. In December. in November. Hermit Crab left and in the following January. Subclass: Cirripedia Sponge 1. resolute: having or displaying decisiveness or firmness of purpose sturdy defenders of the right to free speech Barnacle . But. he approached a pile of pebbles. he found an empty shell that is enough for his size. In May. cloud. silica. well made: solidly made and likely to withstand prolonged use 2. he passed by a flock of starfish and invited one to go with him and decorate his house. mist. Hermit Crab told him that he’s welcome to live in his house as long as he will take good care of his friends. They see nothing. he came to a group of snails and brought one of them to help him clean his house. In July. a group of lantern fish passed by. In June. smoke. he found again a new house to decorate. His house now is perfect. ocean animal: a chiefly ocean-dwelling invertebrate animal with a porous fibrous skeleton composed of calcium carbonate.

The passion and desire of Hermit crab to make his house look beautiful and perfect. A crab who loves to decorate his house. Helps in cleaning the house. The willingness of his friends to help him and go with him. Coralfriend of Hermit crab whom he met in May. smaller hermit crabthe new friend of Hermit crab whom he left his house and friends to find a new one. Helps to decorate his house. Snailfriend of Hermit crab whom he met in June. Sea Urchinfriend of Hermit crab whom he met in July. Themes: 1. Helps in lighting the house. Lantern fishfriend of Hermit crab whom he met in September. Sea Anemonefriend of Hermit crab whom he met in March. He helped Hermit crab by serving as the walls of the house. Helps in protecting the house.Characters: Hermit Crabmain character of the story. Helps to decorate his house. 2. The story has not ended yet because Hermit crab is again in his new journey to look and decorate his new house. 4. The kindness of Hermit crab to allow the smaller hermit crab to stay in his perfect and beautiful house. Pebblesfriend of Hermit crab whom he met in March. Starfishfriend of Hermit crab whom he met in April. 3. Helps to decorate his house. . It focuses on the resourcefulness of Hermit crab to make new friends so that he can make his house beautiful. Remarks: The story shows to the readers that new experiences are not to be dreaded but are really wonderful opportunities. The love of Hermit crab for his friends whom he considered as a family.

because he had no house yet b. because he will miss his friends d. starfish d. Where can you find Hermit crab and his friends? a. sea anemone 4. sea urchins b. What happened when Hermit crab saw small hermit crab looking for a house? a. on the aquarium b. on the pool 2. on the floor of the ocean d. pebbles b. April 3. on the pond c. When did Hermit crab started to look for his first house? a. February c. because he love’s his friends and consider them already as a family c.Questions: 1. he introduce him to his friends d. Who was the friend of Hermit crab who is very fierce looking and helped him in protecting the house? a. January b. 5. December d. none of the above . he say “hi!” and “good luck!” c. Why do you think Hermit crab is finding a hard time if he will leave already or not? a. he did nothing b. he went out of his house and let the small hermit crab be the new owner of it.

slippery: having a smooth. or slippery surface a slick runway 2.Title: Author: Lexile: Duke Ellington Andrea Davis Pinkney 800 Vocabulary Words: Slick 1. hot and clammy: unbearably or uncomfortably hot and humid 3. suave: smooth or refined in manners or behavior Stride 1. affected by. run easily: to run or move forward easily and smoothly . transitive and intransitive verb take long step over something: to cross or step over something with a long step 3. popular music of the late 19th and early 20th centuries characterized by distinctive syncopated right-hand rhythms against a regularly accented left-hand beat. Romp 1. or able to do things in this way a slick presentation 5. often briskly or energetically 2.S. overtly sexual: involving or featuring sexual behavior or sexual passion (informal) 2. or like steam Ragtime syncopated popular music of early 20C: a style of U. transitive and intransitive verb straddle something: to sit or stand astride something (archaic or literary) Steamy 1. crafty: clever and resourceful but not entirely trustworthy 3. glossy. effortless: done with great skill and apparently effortless ease and smooth continuity. Ragtime was widely popularized by the pianist and composer Scott Joplin. full of steam: full of. intransitive verb walk with long steps: to walk with long regular steps. glib: superficially impressive or persuasive but lacking substance or sincerity a slick sales pitch 4. play boisterously: to run around or play in a boisterous way kids romping in the playground 2.

The horse romped toward the finishing line. talent: a natural ability to do something well. especially creative or artistic ability 2. performed in a restaurant. 3. adjusted. Cabaret 1. club. drop down: to drop. dancing. in raw state: in an unprocessed condition crude ore 4. or altered in any way crude data crude facts Plunk 1. often insincerely or suspiciously so . uncorrected or unembellished: describes numerical results or collected data that have not been organized. smooth and shiny: attractively smooth and shiny 2. suave: smooth and polished in behavior or speech. Crude 1. or bar offering a cabaret Flair 1. heavily or suddenly He plunked down on the nearest chair. elegance: obvious elegance or stylishness Sleek 1. make easy progress: to progress swiftly and effortlessly romped through her final exam 4. pluck strings: to pluck the strings of a stringed instrument. club. or bar 2. or make the sound of a string being plucked 2. approximate: not precisely accurate a crude estimate 5. well-groomed: well-groomed and healthy looking 3. unskillful: roughly or unskillfully made or conceived a crude model of a ship 2. or cause something to drop. win with ease: to win a contest easily (informal) Their team just romped all over us. vulgar: vulgar or obscene a crude gesture 3. and comic acts. especially in an inexpert or inexpressive way. place with cabaret: a restaurant. floorshow: a floorshow consisting of singing.

dumpy in a new way. he formed his own small group of musicians. With the tunes that he and Billy wrote. criticism: a spoken or written attack on somebody or something Lilt 1. Duke composed a special suite he called Black.Jambalaya spicy rice dish: a Creole dish of rice with a mixture of fish and meat such as shrimp. country clubs and cabarets.C. D. homemade bass: a homemade instrument played like a double bass. inclined surface: a slanted surface or position His hat was at a rakish tilt. With practice. they play at the Cotton Club. bouncy step: a light bouncy way of walking.time nightspot. He started playing at parties. and spicy sausage Tilt 1. from the days of slavery to years of civil rights struggle. a musician who wrote songs. Brown and Beige at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Every night.bye. they were broadcast over the was his Orchestra. and the triumphs of black people. often taken as an indication of a cheerful disposition 3. They started playing at Washington.dumpy. made by fixing a stick to an upturned basin and stretching a string along its length 2. a big.C. chicken. act of tilting: an act of tilting or of causing something to tilt 2. halls. But all he wants the people to call him Duke. Duke introduced Black. They grew to twelve musicians and changed their name to Duke Ellington and His Orchestra. Folks said that Duke Ellington’s real instrument wasn’t piano at all. cheerful piece of music: a cheerful song or piece of music. The ragtime music makes Duke back at the piano and trying to plunk out his own ragtime rhythm. But soon made tracks for New York. kind of jazz: a simple but highly emotional style of jazz or blues Plot: Edward Kennedy Ellington was born in 1899. They . His parents enrolled him at piano lessons but he always gets bored and called the sound umpy. Most of the people called his music jazz. Soon. variation in voice pitch: a pleasant rising and falling variation in the pitch of a person's voice 2. Duke hired Billy Strayhorn. he heard that umpy. But Dike called it “the music of my people. 3. It became their regular gig. In 1939. Beige. Then on 1927. Duke painted colors with his band’s sound.Americans had played there before. Brown.” To celebrate the history of AfricanAmerican people. He quit the class and kissed the piano fast good. It sang the glories of dark skin. Washington D. the pride of African heritage. Duke’s fingers rode the piano keys. Few African. Years later. especially one that is easy to sing along with Gutbucket 1. ham.

Not a fiction. James MileyThe horn player of the group. It not only focuses on his life but also to the change brought by his music. 4. 3. The change brought by their music. It is informative in style. Duke had become a master maestro. Otto HardwickIn charge in playing the brass sax of the orchestra. The sudden love of Duke in playing the piano. Sonny GreerOne of the members of Duke’s Orchestra. 1943. Joe NantonHe played the trombone and also a member of the orchestra. He was known as the “King of the Keys” and “Piano Prince. Billy StrayhornThe musician hired by Duke to help him in writing songs. The perseverance and hard work not only of Duke but his whole orchestra. . 2.” Characters: Edward “Duke” Kennedy EllingtonThe man who hate piano but became the “King of the Keys” and “Piano Prince”. Remarks: Duke Ellington was a book with Caldecott Honor. Instead. it was a book which contains true facts and true story of the life of Duke Ellington. The lack of interest of Duke in his piano lessons. fairy tales or a horror book. He played the drums.performed on January 23. Themes: 1. adventure.

Africa 2. What happened when the orchestra played at the Cotton Club? a. Duke and his orchestra became famous because they are? a. 1943 a. Billy Joel b. hard working and dedicated d.Questions: 1. it became their regular gig and was broadcast live over the radio c. Washington D. the crowd cheered d. Billy Strayhorn c. He was hired by Duke to write songs a. Cotton Club b. It is where Duke introduced the Black. Brown and Beige on January 23. Carnegie Hall 3.C b. New York d. the people was disappointed b. they walked. Los Angeles c. Where did Duke start performing? a.out 5. John Elton d. Cabarets c. both a and c . talented b. Country Club d. already famous c. Otto Hardwick 4.

malicious. To suffer acutely. Used of a rope. To move like advancing waves: The fans surged forward to see the movie star. as in sport or derision. A woman regarded as angry or spiteful. Spiteful Filled with. as in pain. struggle. To move with a twisting or contorted motion. 4. especially in bettering one's standing in a competition. a. 3. 2. disappoint. brilliant Astounded To astonish and bewilder. rage. Surging 1. 4. 2. Mocking 1. . interest in the software surged. and Tisiphone. Violent anger. Nautical To slip around a windlass. To frustrate the hopes of. To treat with ridicule or contempt. Violent. To mimic. 2. or embarrassment. uncontrolled action. deride. or progress of. To twist. 3. To imitate. 3. Vivid Perceived as bright and distinct. Writhe 1. 3. prompted by. To roll or be tossed about on waves. 5. 2. Fury 1. or showing spite. who pursue and punish doers of unavenged crimes. b. turbulence.Title : Author: Lexile: Rowan and the Travellers Emily Rodda 560 Vocabulary Words Hampered To prevent the free movement. as a boat. 6. Furies Greek & Roman Mythology The three terrible winged goddesses with serpentine hair. To improve one's performance suddenly. Alecto. To rise and move in a billowing or swelling manner. Megaera. counterfeit. action. To increase suddenly: As favorable reviews came out.

Hovering 1. It turns out that the berries are the smaller and infantile form of big trees growing beneath the Mountain itself. he was prevented to destroy the Mountain-berries. he is very strong-minded and intelligent. To remain floating. After Rowan gets the sickness. Other than that. and can solve riddles easily. suspended. destroyed by their older adult forms. waver: hovered between anger and remorse. A terrible trip to the horrific Pit of Unrin. and Rowan and a couple other heroes and people of Rin. 2. Much of the time he's usually picked on by Strong John. and in that way saving his hometown. and then the same would happen to the town as with the Valley of Gold. and he's in . Its juice lulls people drinking it. as he's called. Rowan must save the town with the help of a potion made of slip-daisy roots. To remain in an uncertain state. into a deep and heavy sleep. an odd quality or characteristic 3. the Travelers is immediately mistaken. Rowan's mother. an odd person or thing 2. After their even more mysterious departure. the condition of being odd Plot: Rowan and the Travelers tells the story about how the tribe of the Travelers mysteriously showed up in the town of Rin. and a man of honesty. a large and beautiful settlement overrun and flowing with the berries. But he can get seriously angry. Here they find out that the sickness originally descends from a dangerous kind of fruit called Mountain-berries brought down from the Mountain next to Rin. is one of the strongest but friendliest townspeople. as he appears to be very brave then it is needed. takes a trip over the sea to seek and find the answer. He's a very brave soul. Characters: Rowan of the Bukshah Rowan is a shy and weak boy of the town of Rin. causing others to dislike him. a sleeping sickness appears. 3. the strongest but friendliest of the townspeople. or fluttering in the air: gulls hovering over the waves. Oddities 1. but nevertheless he is the main character and protagonist. but easy to scare away. and Rowan easily spots that each time they meet. To remain or linger in or near a place: hovering around the speaker's podium. He is both clever and warm hearted. Strong Jonn Strong Jonn. Strong Jonn is in love with Jiller.

Remarks The book. where most of them gave them 10 out of 10. Allun Allun is the baker of Rin. and the series became one of the most popular fantasy series of its time. Ogden The leader of the Travellers. is to drink an antidote potion made of slip-daisy with Jiller. received mixed reviews. The only way to escape the fever and sickness caused by the berries. 2. Rowan's mother. 7. Zeel A Zebak but rose as a Traveller. though most fantasy were in the style of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. new and unique kind of fantasy and story. Allun was the one who brought down the new and foreign fruit of the Mountain called Mountain-berries. Bronden A short but hot-tempered woman. She can get really angry. and all the others in the series. After the death of Rowan's father. He is the companion of Rowan in oing to the Pit of Unrin. who's in love with her as well. Bravery of Rowan The true friendship of the Travellers and the People of Rin The selfishness of the People of Rin The fear of the people The sadness felt by Rowan The excitement of the kids upon seeing the Travellers Love of Rowan for his people . She's in love with Strong Jonn. Sheba The woman who makes potion and was the one to tell the rhyme Themes: 1. and she's stronger than she seems. Their juice puts anyone who drink it. 4. 3. 5. 6. which Rowan spots easily each time they're together. so it was referred to as an original. Jiller Rowan's mother and a kindly soul. into a deep sleep.

Slip. Jiller c. She’s the adopted daughter of Ogden and was the companion of Rowan in going to the Pit of Unrin. from the mountain b. Sweet berry potion b. Pit of Unrin b. Because he love his people and village very much d.daisies potion c. Mountains c. to the sea 2. Spell d. Where did they get the wild berries? a. Because he wants to prove that he’s brave b. Allun d. from the villagers 3. Because he doesn’t want that people will tease him as weak c. Curse 5. Zeel b. What did Sheba made that serves as their armor against the enemy? a. Marshey 4. Why do you think Rowan face the Pit of Unrin? a. a. from the Travellers d.Questions: 1. from the market c. None of the above . Where did Rowan and Zeel went to find the answers to the mysterious sickness? a. Village d.

but when Ella is nearly fifteen. though her mother Lady Eleanor and the family's cook Mandy protect Ella throughout her childhood. Ella is close to her mother and they share the same free-spirited nature.Title: Author: Lexile: Elle Enchanted Gail Carson Levine 670 Vocabulary Words: Torn undecided Lament express sadness. At Eleanor's funeral. grief or regret Lends let somebody borrow something Redemption improving of something Captives prisoner Hapless unlucky Crimson deep red color Heed pay attention to advice Debonair showing elegance Succumb to be unable to resist or oppose something Plot: At birth. Ella meets and befriends Charmont (Char). Eleanor dies. As a result. . she cannot disobey a direct order given to her. Ella of Frell is given the gift of obedience by the well-meaning but misguided fairy Lucinda. the Prince of Kyrria.

Hattie soon discovers that Ella is unable to disobey direct orders and she takes advantage of Ella. and a strong sense of self (as seen in how she broke free from the curse by digging deep down to her real character) indeed win in the end. a jealous Hattie unmasks Ella. Lucinda misunderstands and orders Ella to be happy with her gift. When Char returns to Kyrria. Returning to the manor. Char unwittingly orders Ella to marry him. when she is dancing with Char. Like Cinderella in the original fairy tale. she and Mandy attempt to run away. However. Characters: Ella of Frell Ella is an outspoken. she struggles to fight her injustices by her wit. intelligence. strong-willed girl who unfortunately is given the gift of obedience by the fairy Lucinda. Ella becomes friends with Areida. Unlike the tale. she finds Lucinda at the wedding and tries to persuade her to take back her gift. Dame Olga and her daughters quickly reduce Ella to being an obedient servant in their home. At school. Ella. she loses her mom at a young age and is left by her father at the mercy of her evil stepmother and stepsisters. the daughters of the wealthy Dame Olga. but are thwarted by Char's arrival. Ella renews her friendship with Char at the wedding and they begin writing to each other frequently after Char leaves on a diplomatic mission to Ayortha. Ella and Char fall in love through their letters. Ella refuses to succumb to fate's ill treatment of her--instead. This spells doom for the life of Ella as she is obligated to obey anything that she is told to do. but Ella rejects him when she realizes her gift of obedience could be used to harm him. and they live happily ever after. a girl from the neighboring country Ayortha. Upon returning home. Her unselfish desire allows her to succeed and refuse his proposal. This image of Ella depicts a stark contrast (and a role model) to women who are on the verge of accepting their sad destinies by illustrating that good will.Not long afterward. perseverance. Sir Peter decides to marry Dame Olga in order to pay off his debts. We also see that Ella's ability to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of her loved ones makes her character shine through. Free from the spell. leaving Char heartbroken. causing Ella to will herself to defy the order out of her desire to protect him and the kingdom from her curse. . Instead. Mandy reverses the order upon Ella. When Sir Peter leaves to continue his business. goes to the ball in disguise with help from Mandy and Lucinda. She tricks Char into thinking she has eloped with another man. On the third night of the ball. When Hattie orders Ella to stop being friends with Areida. After various misadventures. Ella's father Sir Peter sends Ella off to finish school with Hattie and Olive. After failing to find a rich husband for Ella. and determination. a three-night homecoming ball is held in his honor. Ella runs away and learns that her father is attending a giant's wedding. she accepts Char's hand in marriage because she wants to. however. who still loves him. even to the point of endangering her own life. who now realizes the terrible nature of her gifts. forcing her to flee.

Prince Charmont. Olive Dame Olga. They are too caught up with worrying about their looks and reputation to let anything--or anyone--get in the way of their goals. The characters of Ella Enchanted and how their personalities mixed to create the simple yet meaningful plot all contribute to making this novel one of the most well-loved adaptations of our favorite traditional fairy tales. trivial. Hattie. Lucinda The fairy godmother who give Ella the gift of obedience. her stepsisters. are the external antagonists in the life of our main character. Ella Enchanted illustrates themes and characteristics that are worthy of emulation--especially those that radiate from Ella. wit. and genuine personality deeply touch the prince. While Ella's father is away for business. too. the prince can be viewed as someone whose character runs deeper than the good looks every other girl in the kingdom is admiring. moneydriven. Faithful to their fairy tale versions. Dame Olga. . Ella's evil stepmother. the three conspire to make Ella's life miserable by utilizing their knowledge of Ella's curse to put her in constant danger. is a picture of a young leader about to take on the helm of a kingdom at a relatively young age.Prince Charmont The prince in this novel is portrayed not as a dashing debonair with a flat personality. Judging from this alone. The obedience of Ella 2. these three personalities' role in the life of Ella was consistent from start to end. Their personalities closely resemble their versions in the fairy tale--rich. and prestige addicts. The selfishness of Dame. His initial hesitation to make decisions for the kingdom show that he. Unlike the fairy tale prince. fears the unknown--just like any normal person would--making him human and realistic. Her humor. Hattie and Olga 3. Themes: 1. The love of Prince Charmont for Ella Remarks: Not just your common fairy tale. and Hattie and Olive. an heir to the throne left by his ill-fated father. Charmont falls in love with Ella not because of her beauty alone.

Because of the love of Ella and Prince Charmont with each other b. none of the above 3. Who is the best friend of Ella? a. Lucinda 4. Hattie d. Frell c. Why is Ella so obedient? a. Because fairy godmother Lucinda gave it as a gift c. Because she wants to d. Frell d. Prince Charmont came from what kingdom? a. Ayortha b. Northern dame d. Areida b. Because her mother raised her to be like that b. Where did Ella came from? a. Kyrria c. Both a and c 5. Olive c. Because Lucinda take it back c. How did the spell broke? a. Ayortha 2. None of the above .Questions: 1. Because Ella reach the limit of the curse d. England b.